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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 4, 2005
"Fixed", in all it's glory, is one of the best remix albums I've ever heard by any artist. I've seen a great deal of people complaining about this EP being too noisy and chopped-up. The same people then go and praise Further Down the Spiral, which to me makes no sense at all. Where Further Down the Spiral is more collected, it perfectly captured the essence of The Downward Spiral in all its entirety. However, it was still extremely experimental. I actually found some songs on Further Down the Spiral more "noisy" then Fixed. Broken was intended to be a dirty, menacing, and ugly album. So when it came time to remix it, what did you expect?
This EP is not just "noise", it has song structure, progression, and a great deal of hidden aspects to the music. Thats what makes NIN such a great band to listen to. No matter how many times you listen to a song, you always walk away with something fresh and after each new listening, because of its dense layering.
While I agree that the last few songs are incredibly ferocious and jagged, they are still within NIN's boundaries. If you appreciate the more pop-sound aspects of Trent's music, stick to Pretty Hate Machine or With Teeth. Otherwise, this is an exciting and enticing remix EP.
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on December 5, 2003
I need to counter the mediocre and bad reviews of Fixed. This CD is absolutely worth getting. Broken is about as pure Trent Reznor as you can get and Fixed is a step beyond that. If you like Broken and Fixed, you like the real NIN.
Gave Up is fantastic, perfectly disjointed yet still driving and aggressive. Then there's Wish. It alone is worth the price of the CD. The original was great, this remix is life-altering. It's violent, shrill, jarring, it takes everything that makes NIN what it is and cranks it up to the highest level.
After Wish, the songs get more quirky and less "song-like". This isn't a bad thing, this is Trent Reznor. If you like things even more off-the-wall, the last few tracks might just be your favorites.
Regardless, I consider Fixed and Broken to be the most NIN of all the NIN CD's. If you really want to get inside Trent's head and see just what the world looks like to him, buy these, jack up the treble, jack up the volume, then listen 'til your ears bleed.
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on September 7, 2003
I own NIN's entire discography (and then some), and for whatever reason, I find myself listening to this the most... it was probably my least favorite early on, but after 8+ years of owning it.. there is something so abrasive that once you ease to it there is little to tire of. I listen to the final track (the only one amazon doesn't let you sample) maybe three times a week. my favorite NIN track of all time (with one possible exception, but right now, I'll say it's above it's otherwise #2 slot in my heart). the lack of any real structure actually increase's it's replay value; there is no easy pattern to 'conquer', or wrap your mind around, to just move on. it isn't easily absorbed, but there's alot of aesthetic noise to really keep it advancing in terms of liking it, with each listen, that is.
the other tracks, have too much rhythm once you get used to Screaming Slave, there is no replacing it.
I wouldn't say it's generally 'more hard' than broken. just more 'seething', more twisted and more "insane", it does have a softer, more unconcerned, feel; but it's in the same manner as dementia would be... the last track, however, is much louder than anything on broken. the last track, is truly "broken", and evokes that meaning more than any NIN release.
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on September 7, 2003
Ah, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was listening "Broken" on repeat, and in the local used C.D. bin, I saw a copy of "Fixed"("Broken, "Fixed". Get it? Yeah real funny Mr. Reznor). I decided, "well, 'Broken' rocks, so this outta be good also'". Well, I was wrong. Very, very wrong.
I am a Nine Inch Nails fan, it not a fanatic, and I like to think that I view thngs objectivly. With that in mind, I have to say that "Fixed" is one of the most god awful pieces of trash I have heard. Every single remix here is unlistenable, tuneless rock that actually hurts the origanelly product. The people who did these remixes need to have their mixing boards taken away from them and smashed ritualistically in the parking lot of their recording studios(except Reznor, who really needs a new record about this time.) When did Charlie Clousure come around and save Reznor from himself? Very, very soon thankfully.
So, save your ten dollars for the next NIN record, to be released in the year 2010. Or, if you are having a jones for some NIN remixes, pick up the remix discs "Things Falling Apart"(remixes of "The Fragile") or "Further Down the Spiral"(remixes from "the Downward Spiral"). Avoid this hack work.
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on February 21, 2003
Fixed is probably one of the least accessible recordings by any artist, let alone Nine Inch Nails, otherwise known for making industrial music more palatable to the masses. It isn't unreasonable to assume that a large percentage of the copies of the Broken EP's remix disc are owned simply to complete a collection. There is absolutely nothing on this disc that could possibly appeal to the casual fan.
That being said, you don't have to be a collector to get enjoyment from this single/EP. In fact, the first two tracks are very good remixes, similar to those found on 1995's Further Down The Spiral. However, after track 3, the tracks become more and more experimental, with the final track, "Screaming Slave," lacking anything that remotely resembles a song structure (to its credit, though, it is much more disturbing than anything else on Fixed).
This is not for the faint of heart, and in all likelihood, you won't enjoy the whole CD. However, the risk you take in buying Fixed is more than covered by the reduced price (compared to NIN's other remix CD's).
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on February 9, 2003
Fixed[EP] contains different unique interpretations of songs found on Broken[EP]. After hearing Broken, it's difficult to imagine a recording that surpasses or even matches up to its intensity and cutting edge. As if Broken couldn't get any heavier, Fixed is even less commercial and harder to swallow than its original studio counterpart. The sound is more experimental, captivating yet meaningful. With more layers piled on, the music is less unimaginative and more compelling than before.
Coil's remix of "Gave Up" is more provocative with Trent's voice segmented and recorded backwards while juxtaposed against innovative dance rhythms. "Happiness in Slavery" remix also shines through its intoxicating beats and dark progressive techno approach. My personal favorite is the 9 minute remix of "Wish". With help from J.G.Thrilwell, the song which won Reznor a grammy has been reassembled with a new perspective and purpose. While this track stands out in length, it also stands out in creativity and musical brilliance.
The intention of Fixed was mainly done due to the success of Broken. Even though it comes in an appealing blue package, it's definitely more than meets the eye. Halo 6 is not for the average listener and may be too much to digest initially. However, if given the chance, Fixed will indeed grow on you. I recommend it to all NIN fans or any music lover who will listen to it with an open mind. Although it is portrayed as a remix CD, Fixed has become a personal favorite and is capable and worthy of standing upon its own two feet.
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on January 17, 2003
O.K FIX will cover you with dirt and hatred. it is one of their many albums that i listen to over and over again, and have never gotten sick of there perverse sence. i recommend this album to those who appreciate should also look for RUSTY NAILS which is a compulation of nin. there are so far 4 of them. if you can find them they should be treasured, good luck. the remix for "GAVE UP" starts the album in a unique way that will get your sences going to the point where you want to scream!!! then "BROKEN" starts in a way you feel like your running through the jungle and ends like you got beaten down,next you have the rebirth of "HAPPINESS IN SLAVERY" which is the ultimate anti-conformity balled ever written,you guys will love this one,then you have"THROWN AWAY" it's a mixture of "SUCK" and "LAST". by this time, during the album you should be wrapped up in guilt and on your way to salvation through "FISTF**K" with its continues loops of faith. finally we have "SLAVE SCREAMS" this last track will sum up all of your anger, guilt, and doubts then leave you with NOTHING!!
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on June 13, 2002
One of the more odd remix-EP's NIN has done, but a very cool one that fits within the era in which it was created and released. Diehard fans will end up with this album just to collect the halos, and fans of a certain age, starved for NIN releases in the 90's, own it simply because it came out.
Older fans, and by that I mean actually older, not just longtime fans, might enjoy this more if they came at NIN from the Ministry/Skinny Puppy angle. There's a lot to appreciate in the configuration and chaos of this release, that make it, in some ways, as deep as Broken.
For the casual fan it may be a bit to stomach, and I question how much the casual fan might actually listen to this beyond the first few spins.
That being said, there is a lot of meat to this EP, inso much as it is truly a thematic and textured being of measured chaos, which stretches the limits of sound, noise and pace to really interesting places. This CD is mean for gulping all at once, not parsing into songs, and it will succeed for those curious and interested in experimental works, particularly in perspective on existing machinations like those found on the sister EP Broken.
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on December 20, 2001
I loved broken, and I must say that I had a hard time going through this album at first listen--though that's probably because of the last two tracks and the fact that I was listening to it when I should have just gone to bed.
So many NIN fans,as I have seen, have criticized the title of this album. They argue that this peice in no way sounds positive or "fixed" in regards to its "broken" counterpart. However, one must remember that "fixed" doesn't have to mean "ameliorated" or "repaired." Though it connotates a positive interpretation, "fixed" can be quite a negative thing. Brainwashed spychos are sometimes referred to as "fixed;" "fixed" in regards means something positive there.
I interpreted "broken" thus: Trent was humiliated by what TVT did to him; he created, through thier will and his name, "Pretty Hate Machine," which by far is his most unholy work--ten love songs to the devil--but that's a whole other review altogether--in short, Trent was so ashamed of himself that he felt "broken," and I'm sure some of his personal life added on to this depression.
"Fixed" changes nothing, in terms of theme, from "broken:" the lyrics are exactly the same, except not all the lyrics are voiced (which makes it strange that this CD has a "Parental Advisary" mark and "broken" doesn't!) Lyrics are not an important part of this album; it's mostly music. "Fixed" does exactly as its name portains, it takes the music from "broken" and FIXES it so that it sounds more like techno dance music, and Trent and his affiliates do an excellent. I consider this and "broken" the greatest Nails composition yet.
If you seriously like the Nails, then you absolutely must purchase "broken" and "fixed," and in that order.
I'm not one for dancing, but this album makes me want to throw a party just to see what those whacky dancers come up with for this music.
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on October 27, 2001
This remix ep seems to have a identity crisis. Though the nice blue on the cover may seem to represent hope, you'll find NONE of that on this bad boy. Though this ep is called Fixed, you'll find NOTHING that comes close to that sound on this bad boy. Anyway, on to the review...
The Gave Up remix is a great way to start this out, as it just builds and builds. With a drum beat that makes your head spin, chopped up lyrics, and that great Gave Up guitar riff, this one will stand out to the listener at first listen.
The longest song on the cd is next, the Wish remix. It builds greatly for the first few minutes, then goes to a deconstructed mix of the song. Then, it loops yet has enough differences to make it enjoyable.
My favorite song would be the Happiness In Slavery remix, track 3. It sounds nothing like the Broken version, and truthfully, I find that good. This is a great song,and to think that it's an instrumental!
Throw This Away is a combination of Suck and Last. Certainly the quietist of the cd, this song is above decent, so to speak.
The last two tracks are ones I could deal without. Fist is too boring, and Screaming Slave is just noise, though good noise. With the other songs on this cd though, the last two will be forgotten.
All in all, this is a great attempt at remixing, and a very successful one too. Buy this if you like expermientation.
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