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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on October 2, 2001
I saw the trailer for this movie on some horror website and figured it looked alright so I ordered it. The film is your usual run of the mill 80's body count movie. Usual routine - summer camp, counsilors get killed blah blah blah (how come the kids never die?). If your one of these people who expects deep characterisation in horror films, then this is worse than Friday The 13th. The characters here aren't teenagers they look more in their 30's so not only does this stereotype them even more so than your Friday 13th style hormone driven teenagers, it also makes them completely boring. So Nil on that score, acting is pretty pants too. However, a slasher film lives or dies by it's atmosphere and blood n guts rating. Gore is cheap and cheesy as ever, just as one would like. There's no budget like low budget as Bruce Campbell once said, however the films score goes up simply on it's killer. Psycho with an axe farmer 'Madman Mars' is genuinly scary as he is scene very little. There's always something inherently scary about those old farmer types anyway me thinks. But there are scenes when all you see is the outline of Mars walking through the woods, that genuinly are creepy. It's unusual for a slasher film to go that route, but perhaps unintentionally, Madman breaks from the traditional 'gorier the merrier routine' and offers a few genuine spine chills. It's by no means in the same class as Halloween as pretty much every other aspect of the film is laughable, but as summer camp slashers go (no pun intended), it's not too bad. It's one of the old Anchor Bay titles with really bad sound and few features, but this only emphasises how low the budget is. So once again, unintentionally, this ironically helps it seem even more tacky and stupid :o)
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on July 29, 2001
This was probably the most fun I've ever had with a bad movie. It starts off around a camp fire, where the enigmatic "T.P" is singing a pointless song that mentions dripping blood about fifteen times. Then, Max (evidently the camp sage) settles back and begins to tell the story of the Madman Marz. The Madman, it seems, is a big fat zombie farmer that butchered his own family, was hung for his crimes, and eventually rose from his own grave. His name is never supposed to be uttered above a whisper, blah, blah, blah. Well, of course, the camp pimple-head, Richie, screams the name of the Madman, thus summoning the devil of the campfire pantheon. I must also note that both Max and Richie, the two dorks responsible for the Madman's rampage, emerge unscathed at the end of the film.
Everyone else gets croaked by the Madman, Friday the Thirteenth-style, though I suspect that Jason Vorhees was sitting somewhere off camera and shaking his hockey mask in disgust. There is no spuspense, because you already know who the killer is, and every appearance of the Madman is immediately preceded by the nefarious Madman Theme.
The most noteworthy scenes:
T.P. and Max both straining like a couple of sissies trying to get an axe out of a tree stump.
The hot chub chase, where T.P. spends about twenty minutes chasing his less-than-lovely girlfriend around a hot tub. This scene is embellished with the worst "ballad" I have ever heard.
The fireplace scene, where a profoundly unremarkable cast slouches around and spews desultory dialogue that makes me nestalgic for the ballad from the hot tub chase.
The bus ride, where the one remaining protagonist has managed to get all of the camp kids on the bus, on their way to safety, and she actually gets out again to make sure that "everyone is dead."
If you like watching bad movies, as I sometimes do, then this movie is something like the Holy Grail. Its full of clumsy, manufactured gore, horrible dialogue, and acting just a little shy of Manos: The Hands of Fate. I think this movie is great, I've seen it like thirty times. And it never fails in putting a smile on my face.
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on March 3, 2001
The first time I saw Madman was on a bad quality VHS release from a South African backdoor video store. It scared me then and it still scares me now, twenty years later. This is a sound horror flick with creative art direction and cinematography. From homage to direct creative theft, this motion picture is a best-of compilation with the most effective cinema tricks beautifully orchestrated to create a truely horrific motion picture. The down side is the "pornographic" acting and very weak dialogue. The characters all seem a little like clubbed seals and by the end of the flick, you are cheering the villain for putting them out of their misery. In parrallel to the cult classics, bad acting never seems to hamper a film's success or bottom line- especially in the Horror genre. This is a DVD any self-respecting horror fan should own. I would have preferred a better remaster and possibly more special features. The sound quality is fair as is the picture. Hopefully the studio can get it together for a more impressive 25th Anniversary edition.. I'll buy both.
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on January 29, 2001
This is a great film in the fact that it tells a truely scary tale. It begins with a camp head that tells a group of camping children and their guardians a tale of a madman that once lived in the same forrest that they are now camping in. He tells them that one night a farmer went mad and killed his family with an axe, and later walked in to a bar put the bloody axe on the bar and ordered himself a drink. The people found out what happened to the family and found the farmer and hung him, So the story goes. One young camper then asked the farmers name and when it was told to him by the camp head with the following warning "There is a good reason that I have not told you. For if you say his name above a whisper he will find you and chop off your head." Of course the boy yells his name and the slaughter begins once they return to the camp lodges. A good horror film that was thought out, and that I am very glad to see out on DVD. Be warned their is some very good scares but some have gore. One such seen is of a head being cut of and another of a camper loosing her head over a truck.(pun) you'll see what I mean when you veiw this truely good horror film. Why I think this is good Is as follows. Belivable acting by everyone. The film was shot totally at night which gives this film an eerie feeling. The actors and actresses could be living next door to you. In other words they look real and you can feel for their terror. Enjoy
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on September 2, 2003
This is a very origional movie. It has a great plot! Some of the acting is okay and some is very bad! But thats what you have to expect when you watch a stalker in the woods movie. It starts out around a campfire with 7 camp counselors and about 8 kids telling stories. the oldest counselor Max starts to tell the legend of "Madman Marz". It's about a crazy farmer who murdered his whole family with an axe while they were sleeping and then disappearing into the woods forever. Legend has it that if you say his name over a whisper he will come and hunt you down. Then a cocky teen says his name and the body count begins to rise. One by one the counselors begin to disappear. The best death scene is when madman marz cuts of a counselor's head while they're head is under the hood of the truck! Don't bet on who will live or die because you will be supprised. This is a great buy for those of you who enjoyed the Friday the 13th series.
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on February 17, 2002
I was so overjoyed to see this movie on DVD! I am a horror movie fanatic and this has to be one of my top 5 scariest. The acting is amateur to say the least but the star of the movie is Madman Marz. There are no daytime scenes, the old house sends chills up your spine and the foggy silhouettes of huge Madman Marz are enough to frighten anyone. The opening scenes of him murdering his family (including his 2 small children) set the scene and let you know right away that he has no regard for human life. The mystery surrounding him, the slight glimpses you catch of him during the movie, the silence with which he moves about are all enough to keep you tense. Granted, there are several scenes (like the hot tub and the meditation in front of the fireplace) that could have met the cutting room floor, but overall if you could imagine yourself in the situation of these camp counselors, you probably wouldn't want to watch this one alone!
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on December 31, 2002
the acting is pretty bad. If it was better, this could have been a really scary film, but unfortunately the acting took away some of the films atmosphere, but it is still pretty spooky. Not a Friday the 13th rip-off, for one thing, instead of hormone driven teens, we have hormone driven 40 year olds, and that is frieghtening enough. It's kind of like The Fog, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween (sort of), and Friday the 13th. To get scared in this movie, you do have to take it seriously, and try not to crack jokes about it. If you do that, then I'mn sure this will be an experience you won't forget anytime soon. Watch this one alone in the dark. The extra features on the disc are pretty good, and I'm surprised because a film like this usually doesn't get very good extra features. I hope my review has been helpful to you, and I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.
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on June 30, 2001
Madman is a horror flick you should put right next to Friday the 13th and Halloween on your horror shelf. Madman was very well done with some interesting twists that make it stand out from the typical slasher movie. Usually when the killer starts chopping his victims up you can pick which character or characters are going to be the survivors. Madman almost plays on what typically happens in a slasher flick against you. The gore scenes are entertaining as well. I don't believe I've ever heard a skull crack in a horror movie before. Lastly the "Beware The Madman Marz" song at the end was great! While it may not stand up to Friday the 13th or Halloween in terms of originality or pure horror it sure deserves a look.
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on August 31, 2003
Madman was well thought out and well written. Some of the acting is good and some is really bad. But that's what you'd expect when you buy a stalker in the woods movie. It starts out with 7 camp leaders and about 8 kids telling stories around the camp fire. The oldest leader starts to tell the legend of Madman Marz. The legend says that if you say his name over a whisper he will come and hunt you down. Don't bet on who will die or live because you will be supprised. The death scenes are very cool. One of them has one of the counselors getting their head cut off by a car hood! The dvd features a theatrical trailer,subtitles and scene selection. I would reccomend this for those who enjoyed the Friday the 13th series. ...
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on August 7, 2001
I had first seen this movie at the show and i have been looking for it in video stores ever since then (big and small) and nobody knew what i was talking about.So i gave up my search until i just recently found it at Amazon.If you like Michael Myers,Jason,Texas Massacre and so on then you are going to like this just as much.Put this one in your collection,it's worth it.Because besides The Exorcist i have never seen so many people get scared and leave out of the theater (including my dad).And more people left on Madman than on The Exorcist.That is why i give it 5 stars just based on that fact alone.It has an 80's setting but watch it with an open mind and you won't be disapointed.I promise!
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