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4.6 out of 5 stars142
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on February 22, 2004
This is by far the best season in the entire 6 season run. The first season is very entertaining and a great introdution into these amazing characters lives, however in the second season their friendships and personalities really develop and become more dimensional. This season is also hilarious! This is the season that really sparked the rocket take off that SATC experienced. It is amazing and worth every penny!
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on January 21, 2004
I really loved the second season of Sex and the City...we learn more about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, their storylines become a little more elaborate. This season blends the outrageousness with the truly relatable. This season has many memorable and hilarious moments... Miranda talking dirty in bed, Miranda faking orgasms with the eye doctor, Samantha's first relationship on the series, Miranda meeting Steve and Carrie uncovering the true Mr. Big that she only got a mere indication in the first season. Truthfully I like this season better than the first, but just a little. Actually I'll go as far as to say that this is my favorite season of Sex and the City! It's just great!
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on November 26, 2003
Again, great for any man looking to get a gift for their lady. The second season is faster paced, covers more intense topics, and paints a great picture of what the dating scene is like in New York. I love the way this series effectively uses the back drop of New York to support the story line, rather than just having NY in the background because it is about dating in NY. I also like how the series talked about sexual themes plaguing both men and women, but does not become overly serious about it all. Fun, Fun, Fun!
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on November 14, 2003
This show is just funny. There are no two ways about it and it keeps getting better. You care very much about these women and what they will do next. The only character I didn't care for is Samantha--but the writers even endear HER to me--but that's a later season and another review. Sexy, racy, raunchy at times, so be prepared. But, yes, worth watching.
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on November 13, 2003
I love everything about this show and how you can learn alot of things about both men and women.The second season is funnier and better than the first season because there is more depth to the characters.The acting is wonderful by all the leading ladies and the stories are really thought provoking and funny.I would definetly recommend picking this one up to any fan of the show.
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on September 20, 2003
Season 2 is an improvement over season 1. The characters become more realistic. They move beyond lust and drunkenness to show their vulnerabilities and longing for relationships. Sarah Jessica Parker does a great job making Carrie believable and likable.
There's not much for special features, unfortunately.
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on August 24, 2003
Excelent, I love Sarah Jessica Parker and her caracter.
The shoes, the dialogs and the dresses. Simply the best!
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on August 17, 2003
This season of sex and the city is just as great as the others. These dvd sets are a must for any fan.
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on July 8, 2003
This is great, all the seasons are. Good for men and women!
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on June 13, 2003
I'm a sex and city addict, and there ain't nothin' I can do about it.I may be thirteen, and not know anything about dating and sex,but the show goes beyond that, because there's something for everyone here!!It may be hip, and highly stylized, but you can't deny that there's ,lots of craft and heart at the core.First off, the performances and characters are outstanding.I think there's a Charlotte,Carrie,Miranda, and Samantha in all of us!!Charlotte's the most clean-cut,conservative, and girly of them all.Miranda's straightforward,logical,and quick-tempered.Samantha's a slut, but a totally lovable slut.And Carrie' our main character, is just Carrie.But the one thing that all these ladies have in common is that at the core of them all, lies a big heart, and they're truly best friends.I think all women and girls would wish to have such an amazingly tight group of friends!!The other thing which I just love about these characters, is how they're not just one-dimensional.Throughout the show, you see different sides of each of these women, which makes them seem more like REAL people.The dialougue is always cutting edge, whether it be funny, or dramatic.The twists and the plot of each episode makes you forget how good the episode you just watched before was-they're all sooo freakin' good.I have 4 seasons, and I urge evryone to go out and start piling up on the seasons, whether you be man or woman.The thing about this show, is that there is true emotion in it. I mean, the relationships between the people are soo real.For example when Big left Carrie, I CRIED.when's the last time you cried while watching a break-up???I cried because you see this relationship, and you see how happy they are together, how Carrie gives him her absolute all, and to see this fall apart is almost like watching a REAL relationship fall apart.It just breaks your heart.I love what Carrie says when Big leaves her "I had untied myself from the pain, from the exquisite pain, which had made me feel so good for all this time. And now I was free. Except, there was nothing exquisite about it".This show is heartwarming,hilarious,and just plain awesome.Some of the stuff that goes on in there may not always be close to life,but the life the characters add to it is unshakeable.
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