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on November 27, 2003
MS PowerPoint 2002 is a flexible and powerful presentation creator, and as such gets extremely high marks. There is virtually nothing I can't do in a presentation with PowerPoint. While I have no complaints in general about the program, I will say that it is sometimes cumbersome to use, especially in importing charts from Excel (though this is probably more of an Excel issue), and in creating unique formats.
The biggest drawbacks are: the instructions are relatively weak (I strongly recommend "Step by Step MS PowerPoint" if you are a new user to get you up and running); and the extraordinarily steep price tag. I bought it as a standalone product, and I think it is outrageously priced, considering you can get it plus Word, Excel and Outlook in the new 'MS Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers' (which, unfortunately, had not come out when I bought this) for less money than PowerPoint alone.
Overall, I still believe that my title sums it up: Good performance, high price.
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on December 1, 2002
My last contract was with a subsidiary of Microsoft so they gave me MS Office XP, including PowerPoint. I didn't have to shell out the bucks for it. And it's a nice product. There's a little too much autoformatting but it's reasonably easy to say no, stop that, keep it normal. And Clippy doesn't come up.
But before that contract, and since then because I'm used to them, I've used StarOffice and I've used them both and am really impressed, there's actually an alternative to Microsoft Office that's FREE. Well, OpenOffice is free and StarOffice which has a few other files so they charge you a bit for them. But they both open PowerPoint and Word and Excel files, and save back to those formats too, and 9 times out of 10 they do it perfectly.
I've done lots of presentations, including animation and linking to URLs, etc., in OpenOffice and it's really good. FREE really good software. So I don't see why anyone needs to get this product.
A few key things in -- different layouts, so you can look at it as a regular slide, handouts, outline, and in background and layer views too. I've done some great backgrounds since the drawing tools let you put really small gifs or vector graphics in the background once and it doesn't inflate your file size. Plus the file sizes with are spectacularly small. I opened up my PowerPoint presentation for a contract, opened it in, and the file size was suddenly half as big and it looked just the same as it did in PowerPoint.
So basically, here's the deal. I'm really happy doing all my work now in instead of PowerPoint, and while I'm not a power power power user I definitely put it through its paces.
Download before you get PowerPoint, or get StarOffice if you feel like you should pay for your software. PowerPoint ain't your only option.
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on November 29, 2002
It's a lovely product; aside from a little too much automatic formatting, it does what I want it to. However, A) my employer bought it for me and B) I don't do much with it. And everything want to do with it, OpenOffice ([...]) does for me. So I don't see the point. Openoffice opens PowerPoint files, does lots of slide type features, and unless you need to do really spectacular effects, you should be fine with the FREE OpenOffice suite.
You can try StarOffice too; it costs a little more than free but way less than PowerPoint.
OpenOffice has some pretty cool three D drawing effects included, plus all the standard slide effects and object effects for sucking in bullet points from the side, etc. You can print handouts, notes, all that stuff.
Try before you spend your car payment on PowerPoint!
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on April 26, 2004
Powerpoint 2002 really has a lot more and it is much more friendly than the earlier versions. Here's a list of the new features
-A task pane where everything is done instead of dialog boxes. The task pane is a sidebar
-The task pane has
- a clipboard with multiple objects possible
- slide design and layout
- clip art
- help
- templates
- custom animation that allows entrance, emphasis, exit, and motion path effects that give you many more possible for animation
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on January 26, 2003
I've been using Ppt for a while but not anymore. Before I upgraded, that is when I was considering upgrading, I downloaded, the free version of StarOffice, and I was blown away. It opened all my PowerPoint files, and it has most of the same features. I use Impress all the time now, whether my clients need Impress or PowerPoint file formats. Does'em both.
Try Impress first, from the or StarOffice office suite.
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on April 23, 2003
While I've found this product to be quite useful, it is unnecessarily expensive. I used to only use the powerpoint program on the school computers, but I found an alternative. has an entirely free version of office. Impress is the name of the equivalent program to powerpoint, and it works for everything I have needed to do with it. Don't pay the monopoly for powerpoint, it's not worth that much money.
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