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4.0 out of 5 stars154
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on August 5, 2007
once again death stalks a group of people.if you've seen the first
movie,you know how outlandish the premise know,death stalking
people according to some grand scheme.well,this movie is more
preposterous as they add a few things in order to further the story.the
deaths are much more inventive and in some cases much more graphic.the
movie is better paced,much more intense and suspenseful than the first
one.again,if you can get around the general premise,you'll probably
like this movie.and if you've seen the first one,and liked it,the
premise isn't something that will bother you.i'm not sure this
installment is better than the first.after all, the novelty of the
unique and(as far as i know)original premise only works with the first
one.but,with a few different elements,i.e,more gruesome deaths,more
intensity and suspense,and better pacing,it's at least as good as the,sit back,relax and enjoy.and,once again,just remember to
throw reality out the window. 4.7/5
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on July 15, 2004
This was an absolutley original and breathtaking horror/sci-fi film to watch. It featured some of the best visual and special effects as well as some amazing choreographed stunts. In my view this was a great movie due to its overwhelming originally and script. The horrific opening pileup sequence is so well shot and will leave you with your pulse racing and your mouth on the floor, literally. The movie, although not nearly as dark and sinister as the first film goes much more deeper and more detailed on all of its elaborate death scenes. The originally factor is shown by three different elements. First and foremost, the fact that the entire movie was filmed w/ out the use of night. It goes to show that you do not need darkness to set the eerie tone of a horror movie. Second, this is the fist teen horror film that doesn't resort to using just teens. In the beginning of the film when we were introduced to the four teens going on a road trip, I was reluctant to want to sit through a complete re-run of the first film. It was nice to have a little mix of the age groups in this film. Thirdly, the movie featured some never before heard of actors, which in this case the script, and horrific death sequences were the real stars. All and all, this was a very unpredicatable and fun film to watch. The DVD features the infinifilm featurette , which contains the making of, and some more interactive menu options, My recomendation, GET IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN BEFORE YOUR TIME RUNS OUT!!!!!
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on June 22, 2004
The "Final Destination" film franchise has one purpose: To show a variety of attractive, self-absorbed, brainless young people get snuffed in a variety of very imaginative ways. And trust me, it doesn't get much more entertaining than this. Each movie consists of a succession of elaborately staged set pieces, each of which is designed to toy with the audience until one person's gruesome death finally takes place. These set pieces often have a delightfully "Rube Goldberg" quality which constantly fakes out and misdirects the viewer. And trust me, these people deserve what's coming to them. Show some guy tooling down the interstate in his Hummer, yakking away on his cell phone about what girl he plans to poke next, and you know that he is destined for a horrifying demise. This second installment in the franchise doesn't have a great yell-out-loud shock like the first movie (Think: BIG BUS SCENE), but it's still tremdously entertaining. My partner and I had a ball in the movie theater. We LAUGHED and LAUGHED and LAUGHED ....
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on March 17, 2004
I hadnt even heard of FD when i saw the trailer for Final Destination 2. And when it finally came out, it instantly became one of my favorite horror/suspance flicks of all time!!!!!
The best thing about this movie is the deaths. Instead of one of those cheesy slasher films were they cut away and show a shadow and the blood splatter on the wall... this movie shows you the killing 100%!!!!!! and its absolutly the coolest in that feild so far!!!! completly amazing some of the things! Instead of waiting to see WHO dies next, your waiting to see HOW they die which is a great refreshing thing to do and to finally show some great death scenes!
I saw part 2 before i had seen part 1, and i know alot recomend part 1 more then 2, but even after watching part 1 later, all i got out of that was a few tiny little plot details, i didnt think part 1 was as good as this great seaqull!!!! which is VERY rare for any seaqull to be better then the original!!!!
And with lots of twists and turns its quite good how just when you think you know exactly whats about to happen, it does... but little things unexpectingly pop in in between that completly caught you off gaurd and is really great!
Seeing the way some of these people die is amazing what they have done with dummys and computer effects. I own the "Ultimate Final Destination" DVD which comes with part 1 & 2. but I dont see it here on It might only be a regoin 4 DVD. But take my word for it, there both worth owning IMO!
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on July 18, 2004
From an orchestrated car pile-up that puts just about any action movies of the last 4 years to shame to an increasingly creative and surprising casualty list, Final Destination 2 just plain outdistances the genre's competiton.
FD2 is not blessed with a decent plot that does not see our clavacade of victims simply run upstairs to be slaughtered by axe or chainsaw. Instead, viewers will find themselves gasping at the different, and in some cases, highly unorthodox manner death is visited upon the characters.
Although it's never going to be a film classic, FD2 has carved out a niche as a very creative, well above-par horror/suspense movie that plays by no rules but it's own. 5 stars for being just what it is--a scary movie.
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on February 9, 2004
Clear rivers was gonna fry in this one for sure, ya all saw that one coming right?, Like the movie case said "you can't cheat death twice! This movie in my opinion was pretty good all in all, but as for that opening scene of total carnage candy!, yea baby! gimme a cavity right? ha-ha, it could have been a little more graphic with a few more people getting lit up like a firecracker, god knows i like to see some thourough destruction just like the rest of us! Even though the scenes where each person getting the ax were pretty cool, i didn't like how they would kill someone off and then cut right to the next scene. They could have extended each scene a little! Really now, how many of us would have liked to have seen them pull that glass plate off that kid after it made a red pancake out of him? Or what about the first one to go, the lottery kid driving the sports car. They could have had him fall over the railing and then get impaled right? But relax gore fans, the movie does not bid farewell without a charbroiled arm on someones plate, bon appetite! Other than all that, i must say that this is a sequel done not too badly. If you're looking for some good suspense and some carnage not for the weak stomached one, then this movie is for you!
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on January 20, 2004
In terms of gore Final Destination 2 has plenty that will make even the strongest person twitch. First seeing it in theaters with surround sound and great picture, this was one bloody movie and it's not for everyone. Unlike movies that run to the next clip when someone is ready to be killed, Final Destination 2 shows absolutely everything and leaves nothing to the imagination. You don't know graphic until you have seen this film.
Unfortunately, the bad acting is almost as extreme as the gore. When it comes to bad acting Final Destination 2 has a lot. When someone gets killed the actors and actresses have very little emotion on their faces, they don't act like someone who has seen a person die tragically in front of their eyes and that made me mad. A.J Cook was probably the worst of the bunch. Her acting was in many ways awful and it didn't seem like she was too into the movie. For example, when someone got killed gruesomely in front of her she would turn her head back or cover her eyes and the movie would go to the next scene. She was barely believable as a woman who has experienced horrible things.
As for Ali Larter who plays Clear Rivers out to help, she seems even more disinterested in making this film. It seems like she's thinking to herself "What am I doing here again?" The fact that she was included in Final Destination 2 was ridiculous and overall pointless.
The other members of the cast didn't do such a good job at acting either.
The storyline was dreadful. The writers tried too hard to connect both parts together and failed miserably. It seemed like they just threw anything in the plot like a messy stew. The only thing this sequel had going for it was the extreme amount of gore and suspense. Those were the two things keeping everything together but that's not quite strong enough.
When I saw it in theaters it seemed amazing because of all the visual effects but when I bought the DVD I saw how moronic it really was. I don't know why but for some reason when you're with a whole large group of people in a theater movies seems better than they really are. That was definitely the case for Final Destination 2. The DVD features were pretty good and enjoyable and as far as the DVD features go I have very limited complaints.
My advice would be to watch Final Destination instead of its mediocre sequel. The first not only had more suspense and better acting, but a more interesting and surprising storyline that I knew couldn't be topped by the second. If you're looking for a movie with cheap acting and lots of blood than Final Destination 2 is for you.
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on January 7, 2004
This is a great DVD for splatter film fans who have a sense of humour. It's no classic, but in a time when most studio horror films are bland teen/twentysomething slasher flicks or bloated, soulless CGI extravaganzas, this one stands out from the crowd. This film unashamedly sets out to scare and gross out its audience with a collection of gory setpieces that are sometimes reminiscent of an Itchy And Scratchy cartoon. The filmmakers obviously had a blast making this film and the fun they had really shines through onscreen. Okay, so it may sound weird to some who are reading this that I'm using the word "fun" in relation to a film that features so much violence and death...but longtime horror fans and gorehounds will appreciate what I'm saying. It still resembles a glossy studio film, but has that old drive-in horror movie sensibility that really appeals to me.
The extras are terrific. The usual behind-the-scenes/deleted scenes stuff, a fun card game, etc. My favourites are the documentary about gore in horror films and test subjects reactions to scenes from FD2. Good to see the twisted fun of the film carries over into the special features!
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on January 6, 2004
I didn't have great hopes for this film but I was mildly, and pleasantly surprised. I had expected the first movie, repeated. Admittedly, on the face of it, that is what you get. But FD2 takes things a step further by showing that the events of the second film take place because of the events of the first film. They are connected far more deeply than simply being "another batch of people that escape death".
The effects are well done and striking, as in the first movie, this time focusing on a road accident rather than an air crash. And, of course, death's efforts to "put things right" by offing those that escaped the road accident are the usual level of weird and seemingly impossible twists of chance that we grew used to in the first movie.
Although I welcomed the plot development, linking this movie to the first one, the whole movie was never scary, as such. It's plenty gruesome enough (see the barbed wire scene, for example), but not very frightening. After some thought, I think this is in part due to the fact that I have recently been watching the series "Dead Like Me". Every time in the movie that things seemed to take on a life of their own, I was imagining Gravelings prodding and tinkering. It kind of ruined any suspense that might have been in the moment.
However, the movie is a worthy sequel to the first. Not necessarily better, just worthy of the name. Again this is mostly due to the fact that it progressed the story a little, rather than simply cashing in on the first's success.
If you liked the first movie, this one won't disappoint.
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on January 5, 2004
I expected a lot of this movie. I expected BIG, and all I got was small. I gave it 1 star because of the death scenes, which were pretty gruesome. Besides this, it wouldn't even have deserved one single star. I didn't buy it but borrowed it in order to find out if it's worth purchasing.
It's not. I got the Final Destination DVD, because I love that movie. It's cool, entertaining and scary - all of which the sequel ain't. Predictability isn't always bad in movies, but to FD2 it was a killer. I don't necessarily mean it was predictable how they were gonna die. Yet, where the first movie was startling and surprising, the sequel only proved a boring copy, with actors so unbelievably stereotype and unreal I regret having struggled not to fall asleep.
As another rewiever put it, I also hope they're not gonna make a third movie - because FD2's senselessness and stupidity can hardly be beaten.
If you're really into that kind of movies, you might like it just the same. But trust me - I'm one of those people who get easily taken with all kinds of movies, especially being a fan of thrill/horror. FD2 I despised. They shouldn't have made a sequel. Final Destination was too good for a sequel.
Just unnecessary.
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