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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on January 2, 2004
As far as music goes, I don't listen to a whole lot of new stuff (and I'm a teenager for cryin' out loud). Actually I'm still stuck in the 80's and early 90's when I loved music. This does me some nice relaxation. There are songs that you just don't want to constantly listen to but what CD is totally flawless?
Don't expect to find anything to dance to. This is what R&B needs to be, really. Alicia Keys is highly talented. I love watching her in her music videos as she plays the piano.
As far as her music goes, this album is definitely an ear opener. Who cares if its overrated and what not, doesn't mean you have to hate on Alicia just because this album was really successful. To be truthful some songs never get old with this album. "Fallen" is now one of my favorite songs. I loved it each and every time I heard it. I love it everytime I hear it now. "A Woman's Worth" is another flawless song that you couldn't help but love at times.
Is Alicia Keys the new Queen of R&B? Well, no, you've still got to give her time to develope her music. Her newest album is fantastic and I must say it does stand above this.
Where this album falls is that some songs seem like fillers. Some songs like "Mr. Man" are incredibly dull and filled with little to no emotion at all. Other songs just sort of give you this "Meh..." reaction.
But Keys has a lot of talent. Her voice is gorgeous and the way she plays the piano is to die for! Even if this album isn't pleasing to you, you should at least admit she's talented.
I'd highly recommend the album it is superb in several different ways. Not quite the "Queen of R&B" but it comes close. Very harmonizing and relaxing which I think we could all use in these troubled times.
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on December 6, 2003
The album that introduced the world to the piano playin' R&B singer! With incredible talent, she has demonstrated you don't have to be a $l*t to sell records. She doesn't show her @$$ to get her point across. She is a respectable woman that has a lot to say. The way she sings and writes are outta this world. From the beginning of Songs In A Minor, you hear her piano playin' skills. Girlfriend(02) is a song that many women can relate to. You might trust your man, but you still have your suspicions. How Come You Don't Call Me(03) is a Prince remake. I love the video. Fallin(04), her star creation, is an original. Since the dramatic drop in the quality of R&B, this brings the bar back up to what it needs to be. Troubles(05) is my all time favorite on the album. It sounds like a Fallin' part two. A Woman's Worth(07) is her other signature song. The piano just stands out so much it's not funny. The Life(10) is a song with feeling and passion. I don't say that often, but I have to here. [Import]: I'm sorry yall, but I'm not feeling the Fallin' remix(18) with Busta Rhymes. I have nothing against him but he doesn't sound right rapping with Alicia. She should've had someone else do that song with her or just do a remix without anyone on there with her. She does not need a rapper to accent her. Her voice is too strong to have some weak @$$ rapper trying to compete with her on her own song! The A Woman's Worth remix(19) is what I'm talking about. It has soul, flavor, and a totally different sound from the Album Version. She even talks in Spanish yall! What a woman [End Import]. All in all, she has a rare talent that needs to be shared with the world. Haters just need to stop. Yall just jealous because yall wasted your money on someone else whack @$$ $h*t and can't get your money back for it.
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on December 4, 2003
I know, I know. Alicia Keys writes, she produces, and plays piano. And that's great. But I fail to hear the greatness here. I know back in 2001 Alicia was of a certain creative caliber that was unique in popular music but... The point is, Songs In A Minor has no impressive songs besides the ones released to radio- Fallin'(which has been so worn out it makes me gag now), A Woman's Worth(which I never was a big fan of from the get-go), and How Come You Don't Call Me- that's it. The rest are filler. And THIS won Grammys? Well, it had to have been more about the artist Alicia, whom I really do like. I think she is really talented but doesn't utilize her talent to her advantage. The Grammys usually don't know what they're doing anyhow. Come on, I almost fell out of my chair today when the nominations were announced for the 2004 Grammys and friggin' Fountains Of Wayne was nominated for New Artist and Stacie Orrico was totally ignored! And I actually like F Of W's song ironically titled "Stacy's Mom" but come on... Hey, what about Simple Plan? I'm not even a fan of those guys but they deserve it. But back to Songs In A Minor. I really, really wanted to like this CD but at the end of the day, it isn't that much better than the other R&B crapolla cluttering the music shelves. Just like The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, Songs In A Minor is basically a bird without wings that for some unexplicable reason, the media and the critics wanted to hype up. Like I said, Alicia Keys the artist I like but the CD is a waste of time and money.
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on December 4, 2003
When Clive Davis left Arista, he knew he had to start all over again in music.He knew he had to find somebody fresh and new. As Alicia Keys entered her way into the music industry, she set a whole different tone for the music industry. At the time, the music industry was filled with Corporate and Manufactured Pop Music, from artists like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Sadly, there was absolutely no taste and essence of Soul music anywhere on the charts. It was just an absolute missing piece that didn't fit anywhere. Still, Alicia Keys kicked that door down, and reminded people about the rhythm-like styles of Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin all in one record.
Her debut, and the debut record for J Records, Songs In A Minor is an unbelieveable and dynamic feel of what the true essence of Soul music feels like. Unlike all of those Teen Idols, Alicia puts not just looks, but substance and the ability to write and play the music with the piano and a dash of elegance. The music blends with Hip Hop Soul, and Contemporary R&B in the mix. The songs greatfully range from down and in a storm, with songs like Troubles, Caged Bird, and Goodbye, all the way to songs of love and seduction, with tracks like A Woman's Worth, Fallin', the 2002 Grammy-winning Song Of The Year, and Butterfliez. It is just a beautiful record that everyone really has to listen to. It wasn't until the new record came out, that I listened to the first one first, and boy was it worth the price.
Forget about Britney Spears, forget about Jennifer Lopez and get rid of Jessica Simpson. Those artists are first and most of all, manufactured. Alicia Keys is absolutely the real deal. I definitely think this is one of the best R&B records that is out there at this time, even though it has been awhile since it debuted. Songs In A Minor has to be one as a must-have for anybody who loves definitive and New Old-school Soul.
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on November 3, 2003
If your into the whole 'Neo-Soul/Contemporary R&B' then your probably aware of 'Alicia Keys' work, and if you are familiar, then you'll know how exceptionally talented & gifted a performer & artist she is.....really, this album stands heads & shoulders with the very best in this genre, and is a superb starting point for anyone looking to possibly investigate this genre of music, but are unsure of where to begin. As a Classically trained pianist by the age of 14, and writing songs by the age of 16.....this child prodigy exudes confidence & ability with her song writing, and although a fair portion of the album is build around stylist piano chords and passionate singing, it's when she at her singing/songwriting creative best with the tremendously penned "A Woman's Worth" (Detailing the fundamentally importance & significance of women on our society) that Alicia nudges ahead of her peers, and steps into a field all of her own. And throw into the mix several wonderfully lush Hip-hop/Contemporary piano tracks (courtesy of several Hip-Hop Producers), and you have one of 2001's most impressive debuts
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on August 8, 2003
Now it is perfunctorily hailed as one of the most promising debuts of the third millennium's beginning, but with me it did not looked like that for a while... let me be, please, more subjective in this review.
When I heard "Fallin'" for the first time, I found it interesting, but really nothing special. Alicia's voice is nice and soulful. Her piano playing? Nothing special, really. Actually, this album is not about her piano. One is rather inclined to admire Alicia's songwriting and production skills than piano playing, but...
Then came another single on the radio. It was "A Woman's Worth." I liked it more than "Fallin'", although I hardly found in it anything extra to rave about, either. Then came the Grammies... The hype was raging.
And only then I heard the real bomb. It was the remake of Prince's "How Come You Don't Call Me." Wow. This was really something. So I decided to obtain this album and I do not regret it.
Indeed it came as a blow of fresh air to the urban music scene where numerous girls were showing off their body parts at the time (only sometimes the MUSIC) and it often lacked real emotion. Before that I came to like Jill Scott, after that Aaliyah's last album and India.Arie, too.
Especially refreshing about "Songs In A Minor" are its arrangements. At the same time modern and offering a welcome throwback to the vintage soul era of Stevie Wonder and Barry White.
I still think that "Fallin'" and "A Woman's Worth" are somewhere in the lower-middle of the record as far as quality is concerned. Two definite highlights are the groovy "Rock Wit U" and the latin-esque duet with Jimmy Cozier "Mr.Man". Also very good are the ballads "Troubles" and "Goodbye" and danceable "Jane Doe".
The album gets a little sleepy and drags a bit toward the end but its consistency is much on the positive side. The final word: the hype was justified; the bar is set pretty high to jump over next time, Alicia. We're waiting.
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on July 27, 2003
I absolutley love this cd!! It's probably the best one I own!
Piano & I- the intro which is very encouraging
Girlfriend- one of those songs that just make you wanna dance5/5
How come you don't call me- it's one of those songs I like to listen to on a rainy day 5/5
Fallin'- I like this song, but they overkilled it 4/5
Troubles- This song has very strong lyrics, it reminds me of my depression, but I like this song 5/5
Rock Wit U- a nice upbeat song 4/5
A Woman's Worth- again, overkilled, but like it 4/5
Jane Doe- I love this song! one of those songs that sort of remind me of a relationship, slutty girl tries to go after your guy, but you're like "I don't think so, cheapo!" 5/5
Goodbye- a nice slow song 4/5
The Life- I like this song alot! it makes me just wanna go lay out somewhere tropical, it's got this relaxing touch to it 5/5
Mr.Man- I LOVE THIS SONG! MY FAVE! it has a flirting appeal to it! I absolutley love it. my fave song on the album 5/5+
Never Felt this way/Butterflies- very Romantic, if you every have one of those romantic evenings with your loved one, this is a perfect song, it has that romance appeal 5/5
Why do I feel so sad- this one is ok 3/5
Caged Bird- it's nice 4/5
lovin U- nice fun song 4/5
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on July 21, 2003
Great CD!
Intro- "You always got to try, no matter how long that should take." A great, inspiring song, though short and sometimes pronounced weird. No rating, since only an intro.
Girlfriend- A fun, upbeat song with a great tune. One of her best songs! "I think I'm jealous of your girlfriesd" 5/5
How Come You Don't Call Me- A good song with lots of rythym. "How come you don't call me anymore?" 5/5
Fallin- My favorite song by her! I think sometimes I can relate to it. "I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you" 5/5
Troubles- Too slow. But it is a good song. "If you're troubled, you just gotta let it go." 4/5
Rock Wit U- Not enough singing and too much music. "I wanna rock wit u" 4/5
A Womans Worth- Another one of her better songs. "You will lose if you choose to refuse to put her first" 4.5/5
Jane Doe- My second favorite on the cd, with lots of feeling. "Cause I'd be crazy to let my man go." 5/5
Goodbye- An OK song, yet I like the tune. "How do you find the words to say goodbye?" 4/5
The Life- My least favorite on the cd. "This is the life" 3/5
Mr. Man- One of my favorites! I like everything about it! "I don't wanna be unfair to Mr. Man." 5/5
Never Felt This Way- I like the piano chords in this one. "Never felt this way about love." 4/5
Butterflyz- Drags on a little too much. "You give me butterflyz, got me flyin' so high in the sky" 4/5
Why do I feel so sad?- An OK song. "But in times things must change." 4/5
Caged Bird- Slow, yet good. Talking about how she has no privacy and she's trapped inside her fans' worlds. "Through my smile I cry." 5/5
Lovin U- Great tune, lyrics, and vocals! "Lovin' U is easy!" 5/5
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on July 20, 2003
I simply cannot classify this album. It does have the soul and raw emotion for the Neo-Soul category. But it is also is pretty mainstream/pre-fabricational. Which excludes it from that cateogory.
Okay! now let's get this out of the way. Alicia Keys is my second favorite artist ever! 1st being the glorious faultless & legendary Mariah Carey. But comparing to other artists' albums, "Songs in A Minor" is only worth 4 stars. But I just can't resist giving it a 5/5. Because it has deep sedimental value to me. You see I became a AK fan after she cleaned the 2002 Grammys away. Thru AK's music -I came to discover Lamya and India.Arie. Thru India.Arie, Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill. Thru Jill Scott, I discovered Erykah Badu. And comparing young and only growing AK with Lauryn and Erykah doesn't really seem fair? -eh!
From the beginning of the album, it is just so damn fine! Her intro is great, and sort of reveals the context of Alicia Keys. I don't know whether I loved it or hated it when she used "shit". Firstly we all use that word, and I think it brings a more real vibe to the album, yet it is a bad role model for younger people -especially considering Alicia is a Christian. Okay! But the intro is really beautiful.
Then it's "Girlfriend" -I like it because it reveal a different situation to relationships. But it's the rhythm is so prefabricated mainstream RnB which overlaps and covers the emotion of the song. And also this happens on track 8 with "Jane Doe".
"How Come U Don't Call Me" is the most boring song the album. It is a album filler -definitly not a single! The only reason it was released is because it's written by Prince."Fallin'" -at first I hated it. But now I see it's raw emotions.
"Troubles" -one of the best songs on this album. It's the reason why this album has soul and emotions. "Rock Wit U" is a jazz classic. I honestly love this song. This kills and I mean murders Ashanti's boring and unispiration "Rock Wit U". Then there's the sweet ode to women -"A Woman's Worth". This is the real old-school soul R&B which reminds me of Aretha Franklin.
"Goodbye" & "Why Do I Feel So Sad" are emotion packed and are just so great -they're undescribeable. "The Life" -so soulful and raw, it's food for thought. Those two make Alicia soulful and different from the modern R&B musicians.
But the highlight of the album is "Butterflyz" the song she wrote only when she was 14. It's plain and simple yet full packed with soul! I think this song should've been released -just to testimone the excellence of Alicia Keys. The outro is like her new album's outro "Nobody Not Really" really contradicting, confusing and boring. "Lovin' U" is a "Fallin'" reserection. Now we have to wait paitently for her next release: Diary Of... (Oh it's already released.)
This album is different from her second album because it is more soulful/raw and you can see how songs like "Troubles", "Goodbye" and "Butterflyz" are compelled from childhood experiences.
A great debut for a very young new artist. A lot more growing needs to happen. Anticipate to see the rest of her career. She could B the next Aretha Franklin or Carole King -she's already written songs for fellow soul-diva Christina Aguilera. In twenty years or so, her debut will be a priceless classic.
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on July 17, 2003
If u like good music, buy this cd...Well...If u like 'PERFECT' music buy this cd...I can't believe how such a young woman can express the correct words for every lyric..This CD is good for every moment:In this cd Alicia shows that she's not another Christina Aguilera, another Britney another Mariah...
Now something about each song:
*1º-Perfect intro for a perfect cd.
*2º-Hip-Hop for a really cool song...maybe not the best track in the album but very nice.
*3º-SOOOOOO GOOOOD!! ;)) Strong voice there...One of the best tracks!
*4º-MMmmmmmmhhhh...OMG...Lovely song...I think is the best song in the album and the best song ever!!
*5º-Piano and voice perfect...Strong song
*6º-Sooooo good...Good for a moment of relax
*7º-For me the second best track!! Not only her voice, or the piano...It's the lyric, if u examine it's great.
*8º-Funny song!! I like it very much
*9º-Really beautiful!!
*10º-Strong track...A cool voice here
*11º-Great song!! And Jimmy Cozier also nice!
*12º-Really good interlude!! Soft voice
*13º-I LOVE THIS SONG!!! This song really gives me Butterflyz!! ;)
*14º-Not the strongest song in the album but really fresh
*15º-I like this song because Alicia is telling as how she feels
*16º-Mnn?? How should I call her? 'Alicia' or 'Aretha'?!! OMG!!This song is great!!!!!!!!!PERFECT!!
Thanx a lot for reading this!
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