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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2004
This movie was Awesome! I saw all the Movies in theatre but this one was my favorite. This movie, as with the other movies had a great message. This one says you're not alone no matter how lonely you feel and that people do care about you. It also says that if you believe in yourself then you will make it through the rough times. It shows tons of new Pokemon and the animation and script were incredible. This movie Rocks You just gotta' see it!
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on July 15, 2004
This is the best Pokemon movie out of the five I've seen, in my opinion. The music is absolutely amazing: if they could make a REAL soundtrack with the ACUTAL music, I'd buy it immediately. You've all heard summaries of it from the other raters, so I'm not going to give one to you here. The voices of the characters match with their personalities, the plot takes a step away from Ash-Please-We-Need-Your-Help-Only-You-Can-Do-It and the 'save the world' junk. Yes, for once, Ashy-boy DIDN'T ride on a mythological being, and he DIDN'T stopped one 'undefeatable I-Am-The-Strongest-Alive' 'Mon from destroying humanity, or whatever. The characters can relate to every-day, real people as well - some are strong, like Entei, some are along a lot, like Molly, and some are so determined it's scary, like Ash...and some are just place ditzy, like James of Team Rocket. This is worth every .5 of a cent, in my view, and I would get the DVD if I could. The character also change in the movie depending on the experiences they went through, much like actual people, instead of shrugging, and saying 'okay, that's over' like a few movies had done.
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on May 14, 2003
In the third theatrical release of the Pokemon series, we are introduced to the "Unown" and their powers and abilities. This was almost as good as the first movie.
If you're unfamiliar with the basics, Pokemon (short for "POcKEt MONsters") are creatures a little like those from this world, but with strange and unusual powers and abilities that they use for their masters - masters that can be either good or evil. Ash and his friends train their Pokemon to fight battles with their enemies. They travel all over the planet to collect new and unusual types of Pokemon. They trap Pokemon in "Poke Balls" - a small device that hangs from a belt. When Ash's enemies release their Pokemon to do their work, Ash and his friends release their Pokemon, and they have a big battle.
The story revolves around Molly and her missing father. Molly's father had been involved in an archaeological expedition to find out more about the mysterious "Unown" - Pokemon that look like letters of the English alphabet. Molly's father accidentally falls victim to the Unown and his remaining work is shipped home. Molly finds the Unown blocks that her father unearthed and begins playing with them and accidentally activates their ancient powers. The Unown, sensing Molly's sadness, make Molly's dreams come true - her home becomes a crystal palace and they create a father figure for her - the enigmatic Entei, a lion-like Pokemon. As Molly's fantasy life becomes more real to her, the area that is affected by the conversion process started by the Unown grows. Soon it begins to threaten to engulf populated areas. Of course, Ash and company are nearby to help. Meanwhile, Molly expresses her desire to have a mother. Mysteriously, Entei responds by capturing Ash's mother and bringing her to the fantasy palace. Ash, along with his friends and Team Rocket (again) must stop the Unown and Entei before Molly's dreams become all too real.
This story is a fine addition to the Pokemon franchise. Its timeless story of what a little girl really wants if separated from her mother and father can foster discussions between parents and children. Molly, of course, finally understands what is important and the world returns to normal. This is possibly the most well done of the movies, although I liked the story and secondary plots of the first movie a little better. The art is top notch Anime at close to greatness, and the story finale with Molly making the final decisions, is not understated nor overstated.
There's also a Pikachu cartoon that younger fans of the TV show will enjoy.
Almost as highly recommended as the first Pokemon film, this deserves a place in a lot of home libraries and some school and counselor's (child psychologist's) collections.
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on December 29, 2002
If you are an anime fan, you should buy this movie. I'm sure that many of you may think Pokemon is a childish, naive type of anime that's only for kids under age 10... however, Pokemon has more themes than just friendships even though it is not as sophisticated as Spirited Away...
Let me begin with graphics. I love the graphics in this anime, they are extremely detailed and varied in colours. There are scenes where 3D technologies are combined with 2D animations, they are rendered well, despite the fact that 2D is flat and 3D is more dimensional. Facial expressions are well reflected through characters' moods.
Next the sound. For North American anime fans, they know very well that almost every single anime is edited in some way so that the lip movements of characters fit the English voice acting. Well, you'd expect the same in Pokemon... As some of the earlier reviews point out, the Japanese version is longer in length and has more stuff to it; however, there is not a significant difference between the Eng and the Jap one. Personally I think the American voice actors and actresses for Pokemon have done a good job! They actually put their feelings and emotions into the anime to make it fit the overall atmosphere. (if you have seen Totoro's English version, that's what I call "bad voice acting"....) Some people hate the BGMs, because they are completely rewritten and recomposed. I love them, even they are miles away from the originals. The songs are cheerful and beautiful, "to know the unknown" for example.
Finally the story. Out of all 3 movies, this one is my favorite. The reason is because it teaches children and even adults lessons about love, loyalty, dreams, friendship, determination are intermixed in this film to make the story more complicated than most people expect. Every anime is childish in some way (except those blood lust ones), but every anime has its meanings and lessons about life incooperated inside... it's up to you to discover them.
Overall, Pokemon 3 is one of the best animes out there, it is not as childish as most people think, so get your hands on this great film before it becomes extinct in stores!!!
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on October 9, 2001
Even though I'm no longer going to subscribe to Nintendo Power anymore (since my subscription is gone for eternity), I totally love this movie just like all of you Pokemon fans out there. However, this movie can be shocking at first, but once you try it enough times, it shouldn't be that shocking. Anyway, this movie contains the following:
"Pikachu and Pichu", a mini movie that takes place in the big city where the Pichu bros. try their best to guide Pikachu back home before Ash Ketchum notices his Pokemon are missing. It's very funny to see those Pokemon fight against 1 obstacle after another. Ha! Ha! Ha!
"Spell of the Unown", a major movie that takes place in the hilariously bizzare wasteland of Greenfield where everything turns to crystal. Sounds creepy does it? But not only that, you get to meet Entei, a legendary Fire-type Pokemon with the best Pokemon voice, unlike Mewtwo and Lugia which are just plain wimps. That's because those other 2 Pokemon that first existed in Pokemon 1 and 2 tend to have bad voices, but this one has a good voice.
What I do like about this movie:
"Pikachu and Pichu" has really huge laughs, unlike "Pikachu's Vacation" and "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure", plus it has more G/S Pokemon, which is superior.
"Spell of the Unown" has really good animation, good laughs, and good voices, unlike "Mewtwo Strikes Back" and "The Power of One", plus it has 3 soundtracks that has you moving and grooving to the beat, along with 2 excellent looking Pokemon (Unown and Entei) and 3 forms of the final boss, Molly.
What I don't like about this movie:
"Pikachu and Pichu" may tend to get annoying and loud at times during the film.
"Spell of the Unown" is a movie that could be too creepy for little kids, plus it's way too loud! Ahhh!
I'm sure this review will help all of you, but I'll see ya in the Special movie, Mewtwo Returns on December 4, 2001. Good luck! You'll need it!
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on October 1, 2001
I was actually very pleased with this film. Many fans were upset with the way the first movie was translated, including Pokémon errors, and also the fact that the second movie's script was rewritten with a short scene removed at the end of it. But even with those two put together, they are completely outranked by this film...
Again, the script translation of this film was pretty much dead on. I even read the producer's success of the third movie, which included going over the small plot holes that may have been in the Japanese version of this film.
The voice acting of this film is also a class of its own. The movie really shines with the performances of Veronica Taylor (Ash/Ash's mother), Rachel Lillis (Misty/Jessie) and Eric Stuart (Brock/James).
The battle scenes may be a bit too intense for younger viewers, and even though it's Rated G, I really don't recommend some of the movie's contents for children under 8. This is also a bonus for those who are fans of the Japanese series, to see that no actual footage from the original film was removed for the English dub release.
Overall, this Pokémon film, even though the trend is dying a slow and painful death, is the best out of the three released so far. Why? Complete and total translation. Japanese to English, with slight grammar changes. That's all 4Kids needs to do, and that's exactly what they did with this film. Hopefully the fourth film will follow the exact same steps as this one.
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on September 13, 2001
Entei's line "You are MAMA!" was probably the corniest line in the entire movie, but still, it doesn't detract from the fact that this was probably the best Pokemon movie yet. I admit, the first movie was kinda lame, but I enjoyed the second one (I'm a sucker for Luiga and Slowking) and I'm pleased to say that unlike most movie series, the Pokemon movies seem to get better with age. Now, I could go on, talking about how smooth the animation has gotten, how great the story is, that Pikachu and Pichu was the best of all the mini-movies or how Team Rocket had so little screen time, but everyone else has already raved about this movie. I want to go into detail about how well done this DVD is. Perhaps the best part is the Commentary by the writer and director of the movies. They talk about the troubles of translating and editing in the movie to appeal (and make sense) to a western audience, about how most people don't really give Pokemon movies any credit, and at some parts even MST the movie! Other bright spots include the original Japanese trailer for Pokemon 4 (which sadly confirms that WB will NOT be releasing the fourth movie in theaters), and the Pokerap GS, which I actually like for some sick reason. But there are still a couple of problems. For one, there's no widescreen version, which really stinks. In full screen, there are a couple of instances of characters speaking, but they've been cut off the screen. Another is the making of To Know the Unknown video. It just feels like filler material, and they could have at least included the actual music video.
Otherwise, it was a groovy movie. It would have been nice to include the original Japanese voices, or even have some early work from the movie development, but there's always the Pokemon 4 DVD...
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on September 10, 2001
I have never really considered any of the earlier Pokemon material to be what I think is true anime. Neither the characters nor the story were strong enough to elevate it above the level of Saturday morning cartoons. The second Pokemon movie showed a great improvement in the story with the underlying theme of man vs. nature, but no improvement was made on the development of the characters except for Delia, Ash's mom. This latest endevour has done a much better job of developing the characters of Ash, Delia, and the little girl Molly. The movie opens, Molly's mother had mysteriously vanished some years earlier and soon her father also disappears while researching the lengendary Pokemon called Unown. Now alone in the world Molly investigates a box of strange tablets sent to her by her father. These tablets turn out to be the Unown in some dormant state. The power of Molly's grief and sadness awaken them and begin to transform the world into an alternate reality composed of her dreams and wishes. I have been a rabid sci-fi nut for many years so this concept was quite easy to grasp - it was done very well in the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage". However I think this would be quite difficult for young children to comprehend, even though it is explained fairly well in the movie. Molly's lonliness, her fear of the outside world trying to harm her is brought out very well - she is very human, very easy to identify with. In many ways she is like the villain Yugi of the third Tenchi Muyo series, but without Yugi's malicious streak. One last thing I really enjoyed was Ash's quest to rescue his mom from Molly, here he shows a very strong bond to his mom. It was so good to see him so passionate about something besides Pokemon! This is what I think sets this film apart from all of the previous Pokemon material, the characters are human, you know their feelings, and they leave something behind in you when it's all over. Finally a Pokemon movie that seems more like true anime.
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on September 5, 2001
The first Pokemon movie DVD that came out was a great deal! Many intresting special features were included that made the price well worth it! However the Pokemon 2000 DVD was a joke. It lacked everything. The only thing you could really say for it was that it had the theatrical trailer (Sad huh?)! However I am pleased to say Warner has gotten this one right! We have the free trading card, a COMMENTARY, DVD-Rom features, and the best part (Or one of the best things to come out of edited anime DVD's that is) THE JAPANESE TRAILER FOR POKEMON 4!!!!!!! This makes me so happy to see that WB is making the Japanese stuff known (That, or mabye they were trying to save some money on making a trailer for the forth movie themselves. Sneaky.)!
However there are still some flaws even though they did MUCH better then last year! For one thing, there's no option for widescreen (Which dissapoints me GREATLY!). No Japanese audio track. They have the making of "To Know The Unknown" music video, but they don't have the ACTUAL music video on the disk! And the Johto Pokerap is TERRIBLE (Even though I already knew it was after listening to the CD)! I never dreamed I would miss the old Pokerap ao much. And the last problem is they still have the mini-movie there (WB, if I wanted to buy the mini-movies, I'LL BUY THE MINI-MOVIES!!!! You DON'T need to put them on the movie disks!).
But even so this is a great buy. A great movie. And a great addition for any Pokemon fan! Highly recomended!
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on September 2, 2001
This is by far the BEST pokemon movie but pikachu and pichu gets a little boring after watching it a few times. But i never get bored of the movie! After the mini movie the big movie starts by showing youa feild and a mansion when you enter the mansion you see a little girl(8 year old Molly Hale) and Her Papa(Spencer Hale)Spencer is reading a book to Molly "These are legendary pokemon" in the book theres pictures of Unkown(the pokemon Professer Hale is looking for) and Entei Molly's favorate pokemon she think Entei is big and strong but still nice like her papa so spencer pretends to be entei to make molly happy, but then spencer is called away to the site where he is reserching Unkown(the ruins of alph)when he finds a box that contains unkown tiles he picks up the "P" tile and an unknown apears behind him(he doesn't see it though then he pick up sevaral tiles and suddenly sevaral unknown start spinning around him and take them into there world as professer hale is falling deeper into the unkown world he shouts out "Its the...UNKOWN!"
when molly hears that her father is gone molly decides to find out what he was doing when he dissapeared and Molly finds the box of unkown tiles(they were brought to her house) when molly spells out mama and papa with the tiles the unkown apear! They sence molly is sad(she has now lost her papa And she allready lost her mama) and so they(the unknown) turn molly's mansion into a crystal palace that no one can get into (because molly does not want to lose anything else)but molly is still sad she picks up the book that her papa would always read to her before she went to bed, and hears her papa's voice "these are legendary pokemon" she starts to cry and remembers her papa say "I'm like Entei am I? well then I am Entei...raaaaarh" just then the unknown start spinning around each other and sing then they create a glowing orb that represents molly's imagination and then Entei is created molly gasps "are you..." and entei replys "i am entei" And molly stares for a moment and then says "papa its you! you look just like the entei from the storybook but its you!" she then runs over and hugs entei,Who replys "papa?....If that is what you wish." thats all i can tell you for now but what will the unknown do? is entei good or bad? will molly ever see her real papa ever again? buy this movie and find out!
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