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4.3 out of 5 stars16
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on August 18, 2003
We meet for the first time the oldest member ever to live in the Valley, going by the name Mr. Thicknose. This character is brought to life by the voice of Robert Guillaume, and does a nice job of filling this part. Usually with The Land Before Time movies there is more than one story going on within the feature, and this one is no exception. The story line consists of snow visiting the valley for the very first time and a herd of Stegosaurus arriving.
The kids start each day learning life lessons from Mr. Thicknose. When he is interrupted while discussing he has to start all over from the beginning. Some of the kids fall asleep or talk amongst themselves and this does not sit well with him.
The kids did not really like this elderly character and the parents and grandparents of the kids thought this man knew everything.
Each movie has one of the kids coming up with a plan to go on some journey and this time it is Ducky going off alone to the Mysterious Beyond after Spike left the Valley and the snow for greener pastures with the new herd. Once the others realize that Ducky is gone they start to go after her. Mr. Thicknose finds them and tags along since he would not allow them to go alone without an adult present.
I noticed right away that the voices of these kids have matured over time from the earlier episodes. Not sure if my son really noticed that or not, but when I quizzed him about it he said he could tell.
The animation is fantastic as usual with the sparkle of the snow and the sound of the wind blowing plus the neat expressions on their faces as they brave the first snow and trek over the mountain.
They all stayed through the season until it all melted and went back to the valley to start a new adventure. The narrator for this edition was again John Ingle, who also does the voice of Cera's grandfather and known in daytime as Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital.
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on March 27, 2004
allo, je trouve sa vraiment plate que la langue de Land Before Time sa juste en anglais sa serai bien plus le fun si il saurai en francais aussi et vous aurriez beaoucp plus dacheteur
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on January 4, 2003
Yes, that's correct! This DVD includes a song instructing the young dinosaur on how to have a temper tantrum. He is instructed to "stomp his feet" and "hold a grudge" and "don't give in."
How stupid is this? Why do I want my kid to receive this kind of message. I am trying to teach him the oppposite. The creators of this series could easily include a message consistent with the goals of good parenting. Instead, this is some silly "new age psychology" message to act out the anger. I want my child to learn to control his anger.
Buy another DVD with a better message. I haven't viewed the other DVDs in this series yet but I was extremely disappointed with this one.
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on December 18, 2001
The gang is back and having another adventure! When I saw the first Land Before Time video I could not have imagined that there would be this many sequels. But, I have to hand it to the producers; the sequels have all been of good quality. This one is no exception. The songs are great for kids to sing along with and the plot, although predictable, is very creative. Global cooling has come to the Great Valley and Little Foot, Ducky and the gang have to try to get Spike back from some traveling Spike Tails that have adopted him. My daughter loves this video and if your kids have liked the previous ones then I think they will like this one also.
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on December 9, 2001
This is one of the best of the Land Before Time sequels.
Our friends are all back (except occasional player Chomper), and they're facing global cooling. But their attention is split by the fact that they may be losing (the most lovable character, IMO), Spike.
The songs in this movie are superior, as with all the movies it teaches a gentle lesson and if you're young enough at heart, it will give your spirit a boost at this time when we all need one.
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on August 13, 2002
I just received my video, "The Land Before Time, The Big Freeze", just one in the animated series of this young dinosaur and his friends. This video, as all of the others, is delightful. I think I like it more than my young grandchildren do. It's, as with all of this series, a "feel good" movie. Wonderful characters, lots of fun and mischief. Inspires me to make sure I own the entire series.
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on August 13, 2002
I just received "The Land Before Time, The Big Freeze", the seventh in the series. This is a great video - and I'm talking for me as well as my grandchildren. This whole series is a favorite of mine, and I could watch this one again and again. Great, clear picture and sound. It's a "feel good" movie, designed for family viewing, but I think I like it more than my young ones do.
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on April 21, 2003
The Land Before Time movies have ALL entertained my two young ones (4 & 3). They will watch them over & over & just never seem to get sick of them. They get to meet new characters, learn new "catchy" songs, and learn a valuable lesson or two about life & getting along with others. Good buy!
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on December 15, 2003
This title can be very disturbing for adopted kids because of the subplot involving Spike leaving his adoptive family and going "where he belongs" (with other spike-tails). Be sensitive to these issues and be prepared to address them if you are showing this film to adopted children. PLEASE!!!
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on June 19, 2002
Nice, non-violent movie that my son loves. He has probably watched it twenty times in the past month. Like all the Land Before Time it has nothing objectionable and is a very family friendly.
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