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on June 7, 2004
Despite the fact that I don't like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, I love Motorhead. They give a speed and power that isn't heard in any of the other music. Bassist Lemmy has a talent like no other before or after him. The speed of songs like "Ace of Spades" combine gritty rock n roll with punk and thrash to make a completely enjoyable experience. The guitars are a great pressence on this album. The drums fly with a speed and hit with perfect timing that is mindblowing to most drummers. Lemmy's voice gives a bassy and gutter sound comparable with Metallica and other metal bands.
I suggest this album to any metal fan who does not own it. I also suggest it to punks who would like to open their mind to other types of music. It helped me and I listen to metal like a second language. This album is amazing and not many other albums compare.
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on June 23, 2005
Wow.....More quality from Motorhead. You haven't heard Rock until you've heard this. How do they do it? Avril isn't punk, she's pop. Ihave to get this for all of my band. Motorhead are up top, along with Led Zeppelin and The Ramones. It's a shame that Motorhead are disbanded....I am a young viewer and happened upon Motorhead by chance. A major point in my life,as all 'head fans will know. The moment my CD player got to The Ace Of Spades i was hooked. I can class myself a fan.
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on July 3, 2004
This is a no-nonsense metal album from a no-nonsense metal band. They just want to make gritty, uncommercial, obnoxious heavy metal that will live through the ages as one of THE metal albums. My favorite song on the album is probably the hard driving title track, or maybe 'Love Me Like A Reptile'. This is one of my favorite heavy metal albums of all time. Take it from me.
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on December 6, 2002
ok lets just say you where picked to go on that tv show survivor and you could only bring one cd with you what would it be.well for me it would be motorheads ace of spades.this would make me the first person voted off as i would play this cd at max volume just to ... of my tribe mates.this cd is dirty loud and just nasty.the chase is better then the catch,fast and loose,we are the road crew come on what classic heavy metal songs you know that if this band moved next store to you your lawn would could you not love a song called love me like a reptile and of course jailbait this is motorheads best its one of my top ten lps of all time,and yes it is true lemmy is god
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on August 16, 2002
This is a great album. Motorhead was one of the standout groups of the NWOBHM in the late 70's and early 80's. This new wave of metal was the revenge of the young metal bands who had not been given attention because of punk. Lemmy had done time in Hawkwind and was a Hendrix roadie. He put together a power trio and Motorhead was one of the few NWOBHM bands to become a lasting sucess. Iron Maiden and Def Leppard were the only others who became well known. Motorhead played fast, but they are not thrash. They just used an up tempo style. Thrash was however, influenced by NWOBHM as well as punk. Thrash would end up being hardcore punk, with heavy metal guitar playing. This is Motorhead's best known album. It has some classic tunes. If yu want some real dirty metal, put Motorhead in and let fly. Don't expect quality like DIO, Maiden, or Priest, because Motorhead have not commited themselves to playing great or putting together great records. They are just the worlds best bar-band.
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on January 31, 2003
"Ace Of Spades" must be regarded as a true classic in the line of hard rock. The album was released in 1980, over 20 years ago, and have a blend of heavy metal and punk rock with an obvious rock 'n' roll inspiration. The opening title track is Motorhead's most well known song ever and it points out the direction of what's to follow. At the time this album was released it was probably the heaviest, fastest and loudest you could find, but shortly after we got bands like Venom and Metallica among others, and with hindsight "Ace Of Spades" is a rather melodic effort from the three piece band.
You don't have to be a hard core fan of heavy metal to appreciate this one. In fact this is a record that should be included in any music lover's collection, it can be regarded as a document of the inspiration and development of hard rock as a genre. "Ace Of Spades" is a very important album, and together with "Overkill" it is Motorhead's finest.
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on November 21, 2001
If you like hard music, then you must own this album! Motorhead's early stuff is amazing! The drums, bass, and guitar are really incredible, this cd has good enough sound quality to follow all of it. Fast Eddie's guitar just rips, on many of the tracks he just GOES OFF, and you wish they didn't fade the song out because you could just listen to his jams all day. Philthy Animal Taylor's drum work is so damn good, he is the only Motorhead drummer, he is fast, he hits hard, and some of the cymbal work is so intricate (I know, "intricate" to describe Motorhead???--but it is TRUE) And finally Lemmy himself, the core of the band, when he isn't playing speed metal or bone crushing chords on his bass, he is just smoking all over the thing! Kids, put away the new metal, and check out some real metal.
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on March 30, 2003
A classic - I think Ciaran, my best mate back home, summed them up when we used to see Lemmy (bass playing/vocalist/frontman) at some other show. "'Ere - buy us a pint," was his standard refrain, even to strangers like us! The only difference between Lemmy & his boys & the punk bands were the length of their hair - both lots wore black jeans, black leather jackets, took speed, drank like fish & played similar music - loud, fast & with little sublety! They used to play on a fair number of punk shows in those days, along with the better London reggae bands of the time.
Don't know what happened to Lemmy & his lads (he was really the only constant), but there is no doubt - this is their best - not subtle but fast, loud and great to be drinking to.
I recommend highly!!!
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on June 12, 2003
I first heard of Motorhead through Metallica. I suddenly realized one day that I'd gone a long time listening to Motorhead with zero albums by them in my possession, so I decided to check this one out (seeing how it's their most well known album). This is a balls up, testosterone driven, fun, witty album. I particularily like the sharp, clever lyrics courtesy of Lemmy & co. The riffs that while sounding rock n' roll influenced still sound metalish enough for me. The vocals of Lemmy are also tight. My favorite songs on this classic are "Fast and loose", "(We are) The road crew", "Jailbait", "The hammer", and "Dirty love". Fans of classic metal should most certainly give this this band (and this album) a try.
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on May 23, 2002
Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" is a masterpiece of the genre. There's hardly a melody to be found on the album, but it doesn't matter because the music is tight and the lyrics are sharp. Before the emergence of thrash Motorhead defined what it meant to play hard and fast, and "Ace Of Spades" is a testament to their originality. The album tears along at a propulsive rate, and it is easy to see why songs such as the title track, "We Are The Road Crew," "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch," "Live To Win," and all the others are genuine classics. This is a first rate album by a band in their prime. Along with "No Sleep Til Hammersmith," "Ace Of Spades" is the holy grail of the NWOBHM movement! Get it and play it Loud!
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