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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on October 21, 2001
This series of adventures takes place after the initial emergence of the Inhumanoids, sparked by the regeneration of one of Tendrill's tentacles. Once again, the armor-clad good guys are the underdogs. A second Tendrill is born, and partnered with a malevolent artificial intelligence. Metalar, subsequently, is released from his magnetic prison. Those guys in the politically-besieged Earth Corps never get to rest for more than five minutes.
Blackthorne, now a jailbird in a swampy prison, escapes, along with his new fellow villain, Dr. Mangler. But Mangler takes it on the way out, drowning in toxic waste. Blackthorne promises to return for him....
The Russians hatch a birdbrain scheme to flood the earth's core, wiping out Metalar's hellish kingdom. The fact that this scheme will effectively wipe out the earth too seems to have eluded them somehow. The only Russian with brain #1 between his ears rebels against the others, while the Russians mix it up with both the Earth Corps and Metlar. In the aftermath, the Russian renegade is given his own armor made of tank surplus (just call him "Tank") after which he promply splits the scene to go after Metlar alone.
Blackthorne releases D'Compose from his amber prison, and dredges the toxic swamp to find Mangler's remains. When D'Compose gives ole' Mangler the zombie treatment, a hideous abomination is born, the skull-faced Nightcrawler, who is so ugly that even D'Compose gets the creeps. Eventually, both Blackthorne and Nightcrawler start their own dark cult of dimwitted teenagers to be used as D'Compose's zombie minions. Chemical solutions are stolen, and Nightcrawler begins work on a formula that will (or so he says) make D'Compose and his zombie spawn invulnerable against the sun.
Simultaneously, Magnakor, Metalar's personal Ahab, finally gains the power he needs to destroy his nemesis. But Magnakor's polarity becomes reversed, making both Pyre and Crygen evil and Metalar benign. The Earth Corps is forced to aid Metalar and turn on Magnakor, but not before running into a pack of snail-riding green freaks armed with armor-piercing arrows. Now, we begin to see more of the underworld's elder denizens. this is where it's really getting cool.
D'Compose turns on Blackthorne and Nightcrawler when the invulnerability potions turns out to be a big dud. Blackthorne next takes Nightcrawler to a volcano bed, where a gelatinous one-eyed horror is born, consuming all others in its hideous brood. This will be his weapon against the vengeful D'Compose....
Man, man, man, Rhino needs to finish up the last episodes with another DVD. It was a shame to see the show go, but cool to see it rise again. Personally, I had always hoped for a Transformers vs the Inhumanoids kinda a thing. But to see the last episodes released would be nice too. So, rock on, Rhino. Two BIG thumbs up from me.
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on September 19, 2001
My single most favorite animated show from my childhood that I can still enjoy now has to be "The Inhumanoids". I was glad to see the first volume released on DVD (my fifteen year old VHS tape was just about beat), and I was even happier to see that they were going to continue with the series. "The Inhumanoids" is an action based show, with three giant elemental type bad guys, the "Inhumanoids". One master of molten rock and steel"Metlar" one master of the undead "Decompose" and "Tendrill" who is made of plant material. There are also creatures made of granite , and trees who end up helping the "Earth Corps" fight the Inhumanoids. The corps is a group of four men, and one woman who, equiped with highly advanced exo-suits, are the only thing standing in the Inhumanoid's way. The art on "The Inhumanoids" is very cool, the backgrounds are all done with a strange kind of surreal coloring, like lavender skies. The second installment will offer a new bad guy, and some twists on the existing characters. The Earth Corps must now figure out how to right the earth's polarity which has been reversed, causing good to be evil, and evil to be good.
This is a great series and I hope they end up releasing the entire series on DVD.
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