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4.6 out of 5 stars115
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 6, 2004
HELLO! This is such a great classic album. my favourite stage of michael is his BAD era. You'll be going crazy. probly my fan mj album.
1)BAD-hes so bad lol. this song..i dont know why..automatically makes u feel tough. LOL u'll be singing "bad bad..really really bad"
2)THE WAY U MAKE ME FEEL- i dont know about u but i'd love for michael to sing this song to me...
3)SPEED DEMON- great song..burn that rubber LOL
4)LIBERIAN GIRL- one of my favourite songs on this album..i agree that its often overlooked and i cant understand why. it is SOOOO SILKY so hot. love it love it love it!!!
5)JUST GOOD FRIENDS- upbeat song, not my fav but its still good. a duet with mike and stevie should never be missed.
6)ANOTHER PART OF ME- yes! all i can say. kill it michael! this song rules
7)MAN IN THE MIRROR- u'll sing with this one..."gonna make that'mon...its gonna feel real good..yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah" LOL
8)I JUST CAN STOP LOVING YOU- such a sweet song. i enjoy it
9)DIRTY DIANA- i think its physically impossible to NOT like this song...amazing. once again kill it michael. oh and he does
10)SMOOTH CRIMINAL- WOW. ALL I CAN SAY. how can u not like this??? and this is the best video mj ever did as well. the long one from MOONWALKER.
11)LEAVE ME ALONE- LOVE IT!!! i love how at the hook mike has "leave me alone" sung in different notes. first highest, then medim, then lowest..and then REAL highest. LOL
The bonus tracks are of course, great. get this album and its VHS companion also available on this site, MOONWALKER. it showcases a lot of these songs in awesome music videos, feauring of course, michaels best smooth criminal. GET IT AND LOVE IT!!! SUPPORT MJ!!!
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on June 4, 2004
Every time I read a professional review of Michael Jackson's Bad, I find that EVERY article compares it to Thriller! Why? Thriller cannot be beaten, even by its own creator! Don't compare the two! Bad in itself is a masterpiece, and DID have much success, with over 25 million copies sold worldwide!
What Thriller has for the entire album, Bad has for each song! Highlights:
Bad-A magnificent song to open the album. Guaranteed to make you want to dance!
The Way You Make Me Feel-Next to Beat It, probably Michael's most well known song. Has an excellent pulse and drive to it. Again, you WILL want to move!
Liberian Girl-An often overlooked and underated MJ ballad. Smooth music and vocals!
Another Part Of Me-Taken from Michael's Captain EO movie. Good song, but the extended version (on the single) is better, as well as Michael's live version in the music video.
Man In The Mirror-Definitely a sing along song! Enjoy the emotional and powerful vocals!
I Just Can't Stop Loving You-A truly beautiful and moving duet between Michael and Siedah Garrett. Would make an excellent wedding song!
Dirty Diana-One of my favorites! Powerful vocals. Rockin' guitar solo. MJ rocks out!
Smooth Criminal-Alien Ant Farm revived this song, but did it little justice. MJ's original is better because he uses darker bass sounds, thumping beats, and powerful vocals. No question; you WILL dance! MY FAVORITE!!
On this special release, Michael includes three "new tracks": the Spanish version of "I Just Can't Stop..." , "Streetwalker", and "Fly Away". I don't see why these songs were cut from Bad; they could have easily replaced the non-standout tracks, like "Speed Demon" and "Just Good Friends". Also be sure to check out the exclusive Quincy Jones interview.
Don't hold back buying this album because it's "not as good" as Thriller-it is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL piece of work!
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on May 20, 2004
"Bad" was Michael Jackson's third adult solo album if we don't count "One Day in Your Life" and "Farewell My Summer love" that are extremly difficult to find. "Bad" was probably the most pop influented album so far but there's still a huge variety on it, he also had more freedom then ever on the recordings cause he wrote all songs apart from 2. Michael also founded his trademark scream, and his private life was on the top of the news papers for the first time. He also become a big girl favorite at the same time all the boys wanted to be just like him and his "Bad" tour was really successful. There was simply alot of things going around Michael during these days. This is almost a flawless album and the best selling album of all time after "Thriller" still Michael was dissapointed with that.
The album starts with the title song "Bad" which it's a classic, both the coreograhpic dance video in the subway when Michael plays a thug in a gang and the song itself which is a catchy pop song that that influented a whole generation. "The Way you make me feel" is a soulish midtempo song where he's stalking a girl and telling her his feelings for her. In the Video also Latoya( his older sister) appeared. "Speed Demon" might not be one of the most well known songs here, however it's not bad. It's a funky MJ trademark song. "Liberian Girl" a smoth beautiful ballad which is both good lyrically and musically. In the video Michael invited friends such as Diana Ross, Steven Speilberg and Weird Al Yankovic that had made some parody songs of him. "Just Good Friends" was one of 2 songs that MJ didn't write, it's a midtempo pop song, decent too. "Another Part of Me" is another trademark song, relativetely fast catchy pop sound and good hook. "Man in the Mirror" was not written by Mj either but it's one of my favorite ballads, the lyrics were intellegent and the song was beautiful aswell, in the video which unfortunately was rarely played, will see alot of injustice and poverty in our society, this was the first time Micheal got into politics and made songs about the problems of the world. He later also started to help children. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" is a powerballad with a female guest singer, very good too. "Dirty Diana" is one of the best songs of this album, "Slash" appeared on it too. It's a intense uptempo pop-rock song mwith great lyrics. "Smooth Criminal" is one of my absolute favorite sogs, the lyrics might be repetitive but the songs was so much more then just the lyrics, it was catchy with good beats with a good hook. But what i remember the most of it was the 13 minute long masterpiece dance video from the movie "Moonwalker" where Michael shows his amazing "Moonwalk" steps for the first time. I also recall the video game of it which i used to play alot back then. The album closes with the angry "Leave me Alone" about all the newspapers and journalists that wouldn't leave him alone. Another catchy pop song nontheless. If you also bought the special edition you'll get 3 unreleases songs, I could live without them actually, the album is a flawless masterpiece anyway.
What more can i add, one of the best albums of all time. That gave us so many good songs that are classics now. All songs are pleasant and good enough even now, almost 20 years later. "Bad" is something for everyone's collection.
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on December 29, 2003
As opposed to the Special Edition of 'Thriller' (whose bonus tracks were edited) and that of 'Dangerous', which is something of a rip-off, the special edition of 'Bad' presents three full-length bonus tracks : the Spanish version of "I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You" (released only on the Latin American market at the time -- thank God, the inept French version was shelved!), "Streetwalker" (great song, but which kind of duplicates the atmosphere of "The Way You Make Me Feel" and even fits the video clip better) and "Fly Away", one of MJJ's best ever ballads, which is presented here in its short version (the long version soon served as a basis for sister Rebbie Jackson's version, who unfortunately spoiled it with her mediocre singing).
Quincy Jones' personal insight and anecdotes (sometimes barely audible), are nice additions, though they kind of spoil the album's listening pleasure and ought to have been featured on a separate bonus CD instead.
Now I can't help thinking it wouldn't have cost Epic/Sony and Jackson a great deal more to add more unreleased tracks, or at the very least the extended versions of "Bad", "The Way...", "Smooth Criminal" and "Leave Me Alone". Disney's "We Are Here To Change The World" would also have made a nice addition, considering the fact that "Another Part Of Me" was already on the album, and that Captain EO is no longer featured at any Disney center in the world... But let's not spoil our pleasure, 'Bad' is Michael Jackson's most coherent and timeless opus, and this new edition is worth your money.
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on December 28, 2003
You've just made the most successful album the world has ever seen. How exactly do you top that? Well, there really is no way to top "Thriller" but that doesn't make "Bad" a bad album at all. It's very entertaining and while Thriller sold more I believe this to be a far more superior album.
What makes "Bad" stand above "Thriller" is more replay of the tracks. Thriller merely had four songs that I listened to everyday, this album has so many more addicting songs and I'm not just talking about the ones made into music videos (though they do stand out.)
Thriller was grand enough, but this album goes even deeper than Thriller does. The beats aren't as nifty or as creative but the lyrics are memorable and it's clear that MJ put a lot of emotion into this album.
There are some tracks that are actually quite scary at times. "Dirty Diana" is a dark track about a woman who sleeps around with many different celebreties. To follow that is "Smooth Criminal". While "Smooth Criminal" has a grand beat you can dance to it talks about a woman named Annie who was apparently murdered. Nonetheless they're great songs. It just brings out a more ruthless side of Jackson.
To follow "Smooth Criminal" is what I consider to be the best track on this album, "Leave Me Alone." This song shows how MJ wants his privacy and how the media should let him be (imagine that). The beat of the song is fantastic and the lyrics are strong!
In short, "Bad" is a great album to behold. Some of the best of Jackson.
Arlando's Picks
1. Bad
2. The Way You Make Me Feel
3. Man In the Mirror
4. Dirty Diana
5. Smooth Criminal
6. Leave Me Alone
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on November 21, 2003
Thriller was a mega success that no one could defeat, neither Elvis or the Beatles. It was an album that sold over 60 million records and released 7 top ten hits. It was the biggest selling album of all time and released classics that would launch jackson as the king of pop.
When 1987 came, he release BAD. It sold many copies but many critics slammed it saying that it could not follow Thriller. Bad has sold 34 million copies worldwide today.
I feel that this cd is much more worth buying than thriller for many reasons. This cd has more rock, pop and soul combined than thriller did. of course thriller is one of my favorites, but some ballads were rather corny like PYT.
This album is probably my favorite album from jackson, and probably many other people's too. It released 5 # 1 hits(a record) and 8 top ten hits.
Here is what i have to say:
BAD- a wonderful classic song that never gets annoying
The Way you Make me Feel- this is the second best song on the album. it is very catchy and a great dance song.
Speed Demon- this song is full of soul! i love his voice
Liberian Girl- this is a romantic ballad though it is my least favorite on the album
Just Good Friends- This is a wonderful duet with Stevie wonder! I love it
Another Part of me- one of the best songs to be performed on stage!
man in the mirror- absolutely the best song! a wonderful song full of emotion. makes me cry!
i just can't stop loving you- great song! my wifes favorite!
dirty diana- the best rock song in history!
Smooth criminal- i love this song! the video is great also(what a genius mj is)
Leave me alone- this is one of his best and i'm dissapointed it's not one of his greatest hits!
streetwalker- this should have been included instead of liberian girl
i want to make this clear- michael jackson is innocent of all charges brought against him. he was a friend of the boy who accused him who was a cancer survivor. michael payed the boy's debts and bought the family a house. he decided not to pay anymore! this was a setup and i love you michael! the biggest selling artist in the history of music.!
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on October 15, 2003
This album is amazing. I enjoy it every time I listen to it.
1. Bad: A great start to this album, great original lyrics, and a catchy tune. The video is great too.
2. The Way You Make Me Feel: Who hasn't heard this one? Amazing writing skills from MJ, catchy tune.
3. Speed Demon: A different sound from MJ. It fits the album, love this one too.
4. Liberian Girl: This video is very entertaining, as well as the song. I like listening to the song, but watching the video makes the song come alive.
5. Just Good Friends: Very poppy song, not bubble gum, though. Stevie Wonder is great in this song, and makes a great team with Michael.
6. Another Part Of Me: Love this song as well! Great energy in this song.
7. Man In The Mirror: Great song. He really puts his heart into singing this song, though he did not write it.
8. I Just Can't Stop loving You: I didn't really noticed this song when I first got his greatest hits and found this song. I skipped over it, but when I listened to it, I found that after the slow entrance, its a great song.
9. Dirty Diana: One of my favorite on this album, and of Michael's career. A more rock type song you'd expect to hear from Michael, but he does great.
10. Smooth Criminal: I love this song, I love the video, they are both brilliant. It would be even better if he didn't allow Alien Ant Farm to butcher it.
11. Leave Me Alone: Not one of my very favorites, but I still like it, humorous video.
This album is definately worth you're money. I reccommend it to anyone, fan or not.
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on October 1, 2003
PErhaps i was wrong! Maybe BAd is the Best album Of all time selling a record 30 million records around the world it is the second most selling album in the world cause well its just BAD! and this is why....
BAd - Title Song Great Video! ANd with a rock styled michael clad in leather, I love this song!
The way You Make me feel - A grooving Quasi -rnb/Pop song With a great Video! Michaels range is better then it ever was in thriller.
Speed Demon - Another Great Workout song, Great for car sterios on freeways! michael with his dark styed voice and ecclatic beats brings another number one classic .
Liberian Girl - a grooving RnB title with a soul touch i could really feel this song! its soft and mellow! and michaels voice is so soothing
Just Good Friend - with the classic stevie wonder beat this collberation was better then "Get it"
Another Part of me - The pop song with the rock edge! I personally love this song. michael voice is wonderful!
Man in the mirror - GReat! charity song . you thought we are the world was goo This beats the pants off of it . with the jingle that can make any grown man cry and michaels preaching makes this another number one classic.
I just Can't stop loving you - Simply put. its a song for girls But its a great song for girls!
Dirty Diana - Rock michael Even more HArdcore, Talking about meddlesome groupies! Guitars are wonderful michael grungy voice is pure Funk!
Smooth Criminal - Breaking the boundaries of song and fairtytale possibly the greatest song on this album. i have no idea how he came up with these off the wall lyrics and that nearly unearthly beat! but its wonderful! this defines michael as the most creative person on earth!
and the bonus track Leave me Alone - simply stating leave michael alone, with its unheard of grooves and ecclatic lyrics this is just another hit in michaels library of platinum singles!
In my opinion this is jacksons most complete album . because of the fact that he wrote and produced most of the songs , it shows him as a true AR-tist
Wayyyyy better then thriller! My advice for this C.D is BUY IT. you don't know music if you never heard this album!
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on October 1, 2003
I think that any music recording and performing artist nowdays would have chocked under the inmence success of an album because thats what Thriller was inmencely successfull. Bad was a complete turnaround both physicaly and musicaly for Michael Jackson, however it could have easily been his complete letdown or failure and not live up to his reputation of a real superstar but not only do I think Bad is better than Thriller but I felt that Michael shows more emotion and charecter, more personality and strength through his lyrics and performences in the Bad album, songs like; "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Liberian Girl", "Speed Demon" and "Dirty Diana" just to name a few that captured everyone everywhere. Bad showed Michael's determination, his anger, his class and grace. Michael Jackson is like a wishing tree he has got different aspects and Bad shows that. Though troubled by personal issues he still was able to reache a higher level both in performence and presence, many people can say whatever they want about the Bad album or Michael for that matter but I see the Bad album as Michael's personality in some way, he's never content and after 5 years of having done Thriller he evolved with time and his life became music again and as a huge and very loyal fan for 9 years now from Peru, I have faith that he'll continue to do so. He sends out a message that he will be back wether in success (Thriller) or in failure (Invinsible) not that it was but for his standards i think even the King-of-Pop will agree. Bad is just that, it was and is invinsible.
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on July 21, 2003
When I finally got BAD on August 31,1987 I felt a tinge of disappointment.While every one and their mama went GA-GA over it,I couldn't put my finger on it.I guess it's because it tried too hard to top Thriller.This was the MJ album where he wrote a majority of the songs and although he writes great songs his musical vision was clouded by topping his past success.
The title track tried too hard to sound funky and sounds years later like a bad(no pun intended) Prince throwaway.The Way You Make Me Feel sounds generic and unmemorable compared to his past masterpieces(Don't Stop..,Billie Jean)and Speed Demon sounds cute but corny.The best tracks include the inspirational Man in the Mirror(written by Siedah Garret and future Alanis collaborator Glen Ballard),I Just Can't Stop Loving You(a beautiful duet with Garret)while Smooth Criminal & Dirty Diana recalled Thriller's best moments.
Though it sold millions it still didn't come close to its predesessors success,and it started a decline in MJ's music where the harder he try to top Thriller,the more the quality of his music slips.
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