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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on November 14, 2014
One star for the lousy job Kino did with this Blu-ray, not the movie itself which is a classic.The frames were messed up in the conversion to 1080P. The picture exhibits a jittery-ness that it shouldn't and it's very distracting and annoying. If you're B region friendly then get the UK disc from Masters of Cinema. It looks great! Otherwise stay away from this one.
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on November 12, 2002
Pls note: I comment this on Alphavideo studio version I bought.
The story & cinematography is - of course - spectacular as I expected (don't be hesitate to have one). Nosferatu is great for its eccentric form.
But, let me tell you 'bout how the disc going in my player. first, the the disc go smoothly, but at 3rd chapter (of 4 chapter) the disc begin to go slow and jump to next frame frequently. Chapter 4, I almost can not see the movie as it jump more and more worsely, and finally I CAN NOT SEE ANYTHING. Did I buy pirated stuff???
I tell you this never happen on my other DVDs bought from Amazon before. ... I don't know if this is the right stuff or not, but I'm really NOT satisfied..
You'd better look for other studio version. Beware the kind of mine.
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on February 20, 2003
I purchased the Special Edition and the video was wonderful
but the sound track was so bad that I could not watch the
movie with it on. If you are serious about buying a copy of
this movie, find the Nosferatu web site first and read about
the sound track that are in use. The sound track on this
recording sounds like a 1950's jazz track with a lot of
brushed cymbals. The Man With the Golden Arm is what comes to
mind. There are many good sound tracks out there. Find the
good one before you purchase.
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on October 27, 2003
Amazon is doing its customers a great disservice by mixing the reviews with this version of Nosferatu with those of the superior version. DO NOT buy the one with the tinted green picture of Nosferatu coming out of a coffin with the bloody pink font. This has horribly incorrect title cards, Count Orlock is referred to as Dracula and there appears to be missing scenes. Just a big waste of money. Don't get the cheapo version!
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on February 5, 2003
What can I say? European Silent film speed is 15 frames per second, not 18 as was in America, nor 20 because it's convenient to produce a DVD that way. My version of Nosferatu on VHS is 106 minutes long, with no additional material than other versions; and except where Murnau explicitly wanted supernatural speed, all the actors movements appear absolutely natural, making the story real. The DVD versions out thus far are at ~82 minutes long, and are still too fast.
Anyone who has seen a silent movie at a true correct film speed knows that of which I write. If it is any faster, it appears unnatural (i.e., herky-jerky movements), and robs the film of any real emotional relevance.
I advise consumers to keep their wallets shut unless the production outfits publish in their technical descriptions the film speeds they are using, and why. There is too much that is simply lost from the silent world, and this I believe is the chief culprit. All the tinting, scoring, or image restoration does not fix what is fundamentally a flawed publication if the speed is not absolutely correct.
As a fan of this movie, I await for the day when ALL the production values are utilized in publishing this movie on DVD.
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on February 18, 2012
If you're looking to buy the original Nosferatu, then don't get this. I checked Nosferatu on the internet and what I found was the original. This isn't the original, because they took out a few scenes, renamed everyone to fit the Dracula story (in this version, Count Orlok is called Dracula, etc.). So I advise you not to buy this, if you're looking for the original.
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on August 7, 2004
A renowned and influential work of movie history that manages to tell the story of Dracula at a sufficiently vibrant pace. Since the story has been done so many times since, it is entirely predictable to the modern viewer, and the melodramatic pantomime of the day causes what was once a very frightening film to seem rather comical.
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on June 7, 2004
I suppose only those that like this movie will check the reviews. Mostly to read about how others like the movie as well as they do. But lord, what a boring movie this is. I don't care if it's a "classic," I don't care how revered it is. Just because it's old and silent and the "first" movie about vampires/Dracula, does NOT mean that this is a good movie. I've seen plenty of silent movies, and it's true that most are boring, but some can be entertaining (I liked 1913's Cleopatra, for example). Nosferatu, on the other hand, is a bore. The mass of the story deals with people traveling, so you have tons of time wasted on someone walking, or riding a horse through vast landscapes, or having a ship drift through water. Walking and walking, riding, going places all the time - and never spending much time on the story when they actually GET THERE! It's such a terrible letdown. All this build up, and not much payoff. The director of this movie was obsessed with "filler." Filling time, wasting time, "just keep walking." Parts that were meant to be scary sometimes work. But barely. Count Orlock does look creepy (like a rat, or a bat creature, whatever...), and there are a few scenes of eerie looking shadows against walls. But that's about it. Sometimes Count Orlock looks silly, like when he's walking through town carrying a coffin as if it were light as cardboard (which it probably was). Worst of all, they took away the black and white of this movie by adding tints. So you get blues and greens and pinks. Horrible. Also, the music - well, enough people have complained about the music. It doesn't fit, especially near the beginning when it's just upbeat sounding and la-la-la happy silly and stupid. Grrr. I hated this movie. Glad I finally watched it, since it has such a reputation, but whew - what a pile. Don't buy into "this is great because it's so old" nonsense. This is boring, plain and simple. - Let the "not helpful" clicks begin!
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