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4.2 out of 5 stars94
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 17, 2001
Hello. I would like to so called "Back Up" Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in this movie. What I am basically saying is that M K or Chica or whatever is so totally wrong. Come on. Kids under 10 can so watch this movie my 6 year old sister and all her friends love this movie. and there is NOT, I repeat, NOT a lot of kissing in this movie. It is like anyother Mary-Kate and Ashley movie totally harmless. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley kiss kiss once. And then the other people kiss so that is like what? 3. Its like omg. Anyone under 6 is so going to die if they see people kiss 3 times. Barney probally kiss more times then that. It is more like the best Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. And Our Lips Are Sealed is the same thing except that they are is Australia rather than Paris. The just talk to the camrea the whole time. And it woundn't be a family movie even without the kissing because sure I will so be able to seat my mom and dad down to watch a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. This movie is for people more like the ages of 5-13. And by the way their naems are Mary-Kate and Ashley NOT MKA. Dah.
P.S. You don't have to purchase this "item", movie. Have u ever heard of Blockbuster. Rent It. If I puchased every movie I saw I woundn't be able to get into my house.
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on July 18, 2001
I enjoyed this movie and have watched it many times and I would say as many people have, that the quality of Olsen twin movies is improving. However I would say that Our lips are sealed is by far the better quality movie. The reason I've had to give this my lowest rating on an Olsen movie is probably because I'm from England so watching the dump I live in isn't exactly thrilling (they captured the English weather so well), and then in American film tradition the MISTAKES. The odd mistake in our history I don't mind and really don't care (they've mainly got dates wrong) but I'm shocked that they got the Queens title wrong (they've used a princesses title). I work in the U.S and have a lot of friends and all of them new the right title, so I can't belive the Olsen twins got it wrong in a film. Finally one of the main characters in it is acted by an Australian (who anyone from England would know) but plays a well spoken English lad (why not use and English actor) the accent is too posh and then he slips up and you can tell his Australian. Also knowing how old he is made certain scenes hard to watch (he's quite a bit older than Mary-kate Olsen). Mistakes aside this is an enjoyable movie. It is also one of the most realistic films I've ever seen when it come to hostage negotiation, also a very funny scene. I still recommend this film.
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on July 2, 2001
Some people say that Winning London is the Olsen Twins best movie yet, that would be me. In this movie of course they BOTH have to fall in love. In this movie Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually somewhat smart and for the first time they are not exactly alike. Like that Ashley's hair has all thses kinks in in it now and that their personalities are totally different. Chloe, played by Mary-Kate, is smart and only worried about winning the Modal U.N. competition. She likes to shop and hang out with boys, but her life doesn't depend on it. Riley, played by Ashley, is exactly the opposite. She is worried about how she looks and she is always shopping and only joined the Modal U.N. team to get the attention of her crush Brain, played by Brandon Tylar. Brain is popular and cute. He is the star running-back of the Lakeview High's football team. He only joined the Modal U.N. team to put on his collage reassume. Dylan is the opposite of Brain. Dylan, played by Eric Jungmann, always has his video cam and is filming everything. He is dorky and out of the group with is personality. Rachel, played by Rachel Roth, is like Dylan in many ways. They are both down lower on the popularity scale. Rachel is smart and focused in her work, but she also knows when to stop, unlike Chloe. Chloe runs in to this English guy named James Browning, played by Jesse Spencer. And the rest of the story I beat you can guess from other MKA movies.
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on September 15, 2001
well, im uasully critical of the olsen twins.But when there series came out(so little time) i thought winning london might be okay.BOy was i wrong!The acting is horrid,and the whole plot is stupid!If u dont enjoy girls running around london shopping and listening to tycno music in the backround this movie isnt for u.The characters Riley and Chloe Lawerence(Ashley and M-K)have the same names from the tv series!cant these girls think of something original?This movie isnt for kids under 10 eigther cause there was way too much kissing action in this movie(in an air vent and on a ship)I was really suprised that so many people gave it 4 or 5 stars!cant you guys see bad talent in this movie?theres so many better Mary-Kate and ashley movies-such as-passport to paris,billbourd dad,our lips are sealed,toul+trouble,or to grandmothers house we come-i havnt thought of this befor but those movies are 5 stars to winning londons 2 stars.
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on November 24, 2002
I love the olsen twins but there movies are awful!!! the only good movie is passport to paris and it takes two, the rest our awful. This movie captured the steriotypical London people. First of all not all English people talk like they have there head stuck up their ...!!!!!!! Second of all if anyone actually thought there acting was good you must be seriously deranged, one of the guys acted like a 6 year old kid telling jokes not to mention mary-kate boyfriends role, like how many times has that dissaproving stuck up dad been done!!!!!!When i first looked on amazon i thought this film looked wicked even though many people said it was awful, i just rushed out and brought it...........big mistake, don't get me wrong I LOVE the olsen twins but you gotta tell um like it is............there movies ...!!!!!
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on June 28, 2001
This movie is the best. It is about two sisters Riley and Chloe who go to London along with 3 other people from their school and perticipate in the Modal U.N. compoition. This movie is different from all other Mary-Kate and Ashley movies becuase the girls Riley and Chloe are totally different and a lot of times don't get along. In Winning London it is the first Mary-Kate and Ashley movie where they are not perfect and their lives don't depend on lip gloss, they are actully somewhat smart in this movie. Winning London is also a very, very funny movie in many ways! This movie also teaches people that their dreams can come true. You should rent or buy this movie today. One thing is that in every Olsen Twins movie they BOTH have to fall in love with someone, this movie has no exaptions to that fact.
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on April 19, 2001
I think this movie will help win more fans for the Olsen Twins. It is a very good story. One more movie that helps in getting people to think of the the girls as Teen Actresses and not just the twins from Full House. Nice to see them acting their age, not pretending to be older, and not faking it to still look like little girls either.
I only have a small complaint in the movie. They wasted time with the sightseeing part. Just by looking at the movie, you have a chance to see all the cool stuff in London. The best part of the movie is the last part that deals with the model United Nations. This could have been expanded more. OLAS is better in this respect, more time for the plot, and less sightseeing of Sidney. This is why I gave it only 4 of 5 stars
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on November 8, 2002
It's hard not to like the identical twins,Mary-Kate and Ashley,with their pretty blue-eyed looks.This is a fun movie in which we can take a good look at the city of London,it may even make you want to go there.However,the movie lacks a real story and is slightly corny,and the twins,Mary-Kate and Ashley or Chloe and Riley if you like,are just too perfect and sweet.All the same,I respect the girls' talent.Years and years of acting has made them faultless and at ease on camera.The word that sums up this light hearted romance is 'pleasant',a nice,easy family movie(or children's movie at least).This may be enjoyed by fans of So Little Time,either the television show or the book series.
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on September 30, 2003
As sugary Mary Kate and Ashley movies go, this was OK, but I thought the ending was too predictable, and the portrayal of London and the English was so bad it was hysterical. The actor, Jesse Spencer, who played Riley(Mary Kate)'s boyfriend was so obviously NOT English, that it was no surprise to discover he was Australian. Nobody in England speaks like that, and most English kids don't have fancy luncheons and play polo on the weekends! It was gnerally poorly done, but then again, most American movies about London are. I just think that if the plot was spruced up a bit and the footage of London (and the accents) were made A LOT better, it would be a great film.
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on July 30, 2001
What can I say?! I loved this movie!! I went to blockbuster and rented Erin Brockovich while my 8 year old brother rented this movie! I agreed to let him watch his 1st, well I dont think I ever watched Erin Brockovich!! I must have watched it atleast 12 times!! I've grown up watching these 2 girls from Full house to to this movie... And this one is DEFINITLY their best work!! The only bad thing is that it isnt on DVD and wasnt nominated for an award!! It's the best family movie even my mother the harshest of all critics liked it! I recommend it for all ages!! My favourite part was when they kissed it made my heart jump... anyways rent it, you'll love it!!!
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