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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 17, 2004
Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen are simply two of the hottest rising stars. Well actually they're no rising stars, they've practically been stars since they were adolescents on a funny sitcom called Full House. They're career started off to a huge success. They soon made movies, tv shows, and apparrel of all sorts.
Winning London, which was relased in 2001, was another typical Mary-Kate and Ashley film. I have to say for its nice locations, it's worth a look. But the movie's plot is pretty formulaic and similiar to all their other movies, which can be a bit boring as well disappointing. So you wonder why I honored this movie with 4 stars, I just can't get it out my head to be honest. Ever since they showed it on the MK & A marathon on ABC Family on New Year's Eve of 2003, I became upssesed with it. Infact, I thought of buying on DVD, I still haven't yet. There's just something about the movie with is so attractive, I suppose it's Mary-Kate and Ashley, I just like the film and the setting too.
The plot, I don't even know why I'll bother is simple as anything. Mark Kate and Ashley play Chloe and Riley, not like on their show So Little Time, which is the opposite. They're participating in a United Nations game/contest. They are the winners of the preliminary competition and are asked if they'd like to compete in the real competition in London. Of course they agree and are sent to London, where they meet cute guys who they hang out it. Jesse Spencer plays Mary-Kate's love interest James. Oddly enough Jesse Spencer is Australian and is being portrayed as British. There are a few sterotypes and/or flaws in this movie. What movie doesn't have flaws?
The film is rated G for General Audiences. It contains nothing extreme obviously. Mild sexual innuendo, mainly some kissing. No profanity obviously. A fine pick for all ages.
All in all entertaining, and am looking forward to Mark-Kate and Ashley big screen debut, New York Minute due to be released in May. See Winning London, I suggest renting it first.
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on December 23, 2003
I�m getting sick of them as they do more movies like this! They should stop making movies cos all of them have the same story! They go to a foreign country, somehow for a job or for school (like you would go halfway around the world to do a school project. THEY ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!) Then suddenly the twins have an eye for some guys and the guys mysteriously like them back. I think they like to make-out than make good movies. I like Mary Kate and Ashley, but I hate some things they do, like ALWAYS having to kiss someone and they think too much about fashion and boys!
Ashley: "it is a crime to wear unmatching clothes". I think they should stop thinking so much about fashion and get more serious about what's really a crime. If i were a guy i would want to date a girl who thinks about the REAL crimes. And not the crimes about fashion cos only those girls who haven't mature yet think about "crime fashion" (or "fashion crime", I dont know) the only interesting thing about this movie is the views of London. I always wanted to go there.
PS: they were better actresses when they were little. "It takes two" is better than their movies now all put together.
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on March 10, 2003
This movie is probably the best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie.
Of corse, you may be wondering why. Because, lets face it, Mary-Kate and Ashley haven't given use anything truely entertaining, with the exseption of there show SO LITTLE TIME in a long time. The reason this movie is so good is that it actuly has a balievable plot. And the fact that the sisters are real. They are friends but they still get on each others nerves. Like real sisters. Of corse there are the traditional Mary-Kate and Ashley personifications in this movie, cute boys, and shopping. But the shopping scene is limited to one (thank goodness), and the "cute boys" actuly have personalities (I know its hard to balieve, but true), they are real characteres. Not just somthing realy good to look at. Its nice to have character development once in a wile, (actually is always nice). Ultimately this film out ways all the other Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. So, if you have a tast for Mary-Kate and Ashely films this is a must see.
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on July 3, 2002
Okay, I have to admit that the Olsen Twins normally really really bug me. I used to watch their mystery videos when I was little, but since watching Passport to Paris about 11 billion times when babysitting, the twins have begun to grate on my last nerve. So I was surprised to find that when I watched Winning London on tv one day, I actually liked most of it. Of course, it had some required Mary-Kate and Ashley hokey-ness, puppy love, and schlock, but I thought it was fun, and surprisingly amusing. The acting was above par for their movies, largely in part to Jesse Spencer's great portrayal of James, a love interest (of course)and the rest of the debate team. The teen actors were very accomplished. My favorite character though, has to be Dylan, the strange, third wheel vidfreak who is one of the team members. Dylan is played hysterically by Erc Jungmann of 'Not Another Teen Movie'. Overall, Winning London was an Olsen Twins movie, complete with the soppy sweet closing shot of the young lovers riding away into the sunset on horses. But it was an enjoyable one.
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on May 19, 2002
I honestly don't like the Olsen Twins. They've somehow become very popular and I don't understand why. They can't act, they're ugly, and their movies are so horrible and cliche.
The plots of their movies all basically have the same structure: They have a problem, they ship off to some country to solve it, meet a couple of guys along the way, and then live happily ever after. They are never the ones to fail and everything always turns out how they want it to. Where's the fun in that?
The only good thing about their movies is that they have pretty decent looking guys in them. I pity those poor young men actors who have to actually kiss them... *ahem* But I guess they can get past it since they get paid. Yeah, so if you decide to watch any of their movies out of pure temporary insanity or stupidy, at LEAST say it was because you wanted to see the guys.
Bottom line: Don't buy this movie... in fact, don't buy any of them.
P.S. In case you DO want to watch their movies after all that's been said, watch them on ABC Family. They show the Olsen Twins movies all the time.
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on April 15, 2002
Considering that I've not seen every single Olsen twins movie, WINNING LONDON is the best by far. It's about twins Chloe Lawrence (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Riley Lawrence (Ashley Olsen) who are off to London, England! How did they do that? To start off, Chloe is the captain of her school's Modal UN team. The Model UN is a international competition for students who are assigned different countries to debat on their issues and problems. Riley joined the team after Chloe's team won the national competition to compete in the international competition. One of Chloe's members had to drop out of the trip, so Riley volunteered just to get close to one of the team's members--Brian (Brandon Tyler). Chloe cares more about winning than boys. But once in England, Chloe comes across James Browning (Jesse Spencer), a very cute British guy who's from a rival team! There are sparks almost instantly between Chloe and James, but the heat of the competition makes it difficult for them to begin a relationship, especially when James's father finds out about Chloe and doesn't want any girls to get into James's way of winning.
Another Olsen twins flick of beautiful scenary--this one was filmed in London. The acting is good, and Jesse Spencer is very, very cute! He does an excellent British accent, even though he's Australian in real life. Brandon Tyler, who plays Brian, is also very cute! I'd say that so far, WINNING LONDON has the best-looking boys in it. Another highly recommended flick for all Olsen twins fans!
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on August 17, 2001
Hello. I would like to so called "Back Up" Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in this movie. What I am basically saying is that M K or Chica or whatever is so totally wrong. Come on. Kids under 10 can so watch this movie my 6 year old sister and all her friends love this movie. and there is NOT, I repeat, NOT a lot of kissing in this movie. It is like anyother Mary-Kate and Ashley movie totally harmless. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley kiss kiss once. And then the other people kiss so that is like what? 3. Its like omg. Anyone under 6 is so going to die if they see people kiss 3 times. Barney probally kiss more times then that. It is more like the best Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. And Our Lips Are Sealed is the same thing except that they are is Australia rather than Paris. The just talk to the camrea the whole time. And it woundn't be a family movie even without the kissing because sure I will so be able to seat my mom and dad down to watch a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. This movie is for people more like the ages of 5-13. And by the way their naems are Mary-Kate and Ashley NOT MKA. Dah.
P.S. You don't have to purchase this "item", movie. Have u ever heard of Blockbuster. Rent It. If I puchased every movie I saw I woundn't be able to get into my house.
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on July 18, 2001
I enjoyed this movie and have watched it many times and I would say as many people have, that the quality of Olsen twin movies is improving. However I would say that Our lips are sealed is by far the better quality movie. The reason I've had to give this my lowest rating on an Olsen movie is probably because I'm from England so watching the dump I live in isn't exactly thrilling (they captured the English weather so well), and then in American film tradition the MISTAKES. The odd mistake in our history I don't mind and really don't care (they've mainly got dates wrong) but I'm shocked that they got the Queens title wrong (they've used a princesses title). I work in the U.S and have a lot of friends and all of them new the right title, so I can't belive the Olsen twins got it wrong in a film. Finally one of the main characters in it is acted by an Australian (who anyone from England would know) but plays a well spoken English lad (why not use and English actor) the accent is too posh and then he slips up and you can tell his Australian. Also knowing how old he is made certain scenes hard to watch (he's quite a bit older than Mary-kate Olsen). Mistakes aside this is an enjoyable movie. It is also one of the most realistic films I've ever seen when it come to hostage negotiation, also a very funny scene. I still recommend this film.
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on July 2, 2001
Some people say that Winning London is the Olsen Twins best movie yet, that would be me. In this movie of course they BOTH have to fall in love. In this movie Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually somewhat smart and for the first time they are not exactly alike. Like that Ashley's hair has all thses kinks in in it now and that their personalities are totally different. Chloe, played by Mary-Kate, is smart and only worried about winning the Modal U.N. competition. She likes to shop and hang out with boys, but her life doesn't depend on it. Riley, played by Ashley, is exactly the opposite. She is worried about how she looks and she is always shopping and only joined the Modal U.N. team to get the attention of her crush Brain, played by Brandon Tylar. Brain is popular and cute. He is the star running-back of the Lakeview High's football team. He only joined the Modal U.N. team to put on his collage reassume. Dylan is the opposite of Brain. Dylan, played by Eric Jungmann, always has his video cam and is filming everything. He is dorky and out of the group with is personality. Rachel, played by Rachel Roth, is like Dylan in many ways. They are both down lower on the popularity scale. Rachel is smart and focused in her work, but she also knows when to stop, unlike Chloe. Chloe runs in to this English guy named James Browning, played by Jesse Spencer. And the rest of the story I beat you can guess from other MKA movies.
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on April 14, 2001
Our lips are sealed was a great step forward in making higher quality Olsen movies, Winning London is another step ahead! When I read about Winning London at first, I expected a Passport to Paris clone, thank goodness I was wrong! The movie doesn't have the feeling of an Olsen movie, and that's a very good thing. Mary-Kate and Ashley must be in it, but their presence should not overshadow all and everything else. Also the words "Model UN" really confused me, I was thinking of fashion modeling all the time, not diplomacy (I must admit that I never could lay the link between fashion and the UN though)! The story of the movie is quite boring, except for the James Bond like scenes, where Riley and Brian are going to try to rescue the "hostages" (it's all a setup - I like the guy who plays Iraq! UK: "Who needs nukes anyway?" Iraq: "We do!"). Although the story is a bit boring, there IS a story line (unlike movies as Passport to Paris). The plot line is even quite advanced for an Olsen movie, although it didn't really appeal to me. I prefer a bit more action, a bit more things to see, and a bit less talk. That's probably why I really liked the James Bond scene, shame it wasn't a bit longer. The movie appeared very mature, except for the scene in which Chloe and Riley tried to sneak into a meeting as guys was so totally fake! It instantly reduced the level of the movie. That scene would have been nice in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie when they were 8, but not anymore. There were many good parts in the movie to compensate this though. The characters of Mary-Kate and Ashley were not so close-goodie-best-friends-for-life as they usually are, and they got a lot of scenes separately. Also, it weren't just Chloe and Riley, they were part of a group of 5+James and every member in that group got nearly the same amount of screentime, and they clearly formed three "love couples". The cover of the videobox is quite refreshing too, compared with Billboard dad, Passport to Paris and Our lips are sealed (those three movies have very similar boxes). There are not much jokes in the movie. They few which are in it are mostly coming from Dylan. There are also a few direct pointers to Our lips are sealed, and in the sound-track the song So little time is used, of course pointing towards the new show by Mary-Kate and Ashley with the same title, expected June 2001. Speaking of music, the non-vocal soundtrack often reminded me of It takes two.
In spite of the not so interesting story is Winning London another great step forward in the quality of Olsen movies and expansion of Mary-Kate and Ashley's audience, although the job is still far from finished (big screen movies might help). Mary-Kate and Ashley were great in it! Seems like they're getting better all the time.
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