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4.2 out of 5 stars102
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 18, 2003
The characters' appearences didn't stop me from buying this movie. I just wanted to see a good movie. This is how Osamu Teuka's work looks. Too big of feet is stopping you? To big of girly eyes for all the characters, including the boy ones? Don't let anything on this movie stop you from buying it. And don't let the other reviews stop you. Every penny is worth it.
This movie is based on the comis book{manga} Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka's. To all of you who want to know what the word based means, I highly doubt this is supposed to be a different version of a movie for Astro Boy, but I honestly don't know. but what I do think this movie is based on for Astro Boy that's not a far-fetched answer is the fact that Osamu Tezuka made his characters from Astro Boy look similar to the characters appearences{big feet,big eyes]in this movie.
I also think there will be a sequel to this because this was released just over a year ago, and Ithink Kenichi might become a detective. I wonder if he'll still look like a girl, though.
But I can't believe I was afraid to buy this movie. It kinda looks like it has subtitles at the beggining, but i can assure little kids, it doesn't.
But parents before this movie sells out{ I've noticed that a lot of things that I want to get is sold out} maybe you should buy it. Even you might like it also. Also, if you have a son/daughter or you think is too young to watch PG-13 movies you should buy for them or yourself and let them watch it when you feel they are old enough.
Here is a summary of the movie:
Duke Red creates a robot named Tima, and thanks to his son, Rock, he thinks Tima is destroyed. But she's really befriending the nephew of a japanese detective. Buy the movie to see the ending.
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on August 15, 2002
The animation in this film could be the best I have ever seen; even better than "Snow White". The characters and objects were very grounded within the settings unlike a like low budget, Saturday morning cartoon like "Scoobydoo" where the characters looked pasted on top of a background.
The lighting and shading, the color pallette, as well as the three point perspective was spectacular. Everything always looked very grounded. The best I have ever seen. I also liked the fact that the people in the backgrounds were not static drawings but rather they were animated as well. (There's a million stories in "Metropolis so to speak.)
Everything contained in "Metropolis" is profoundly well executed yet at times it falls short since some of the elements such as the music, character design, and back ground art don't always integrate together.
For Example: The character design is very "anime, retro" which I liked. It reminded me of the old "Astro Boy", "Gigantor, or the "Rusty and Tin Tin" cartoons". It was very stylized and fun. However when this art was integrated into the "Metropolis" background art; (Which I call "techno, art deco" which is quite breathtaking in its complexity, color and form), some of the characters seemed out of place. When you have a character with a gigantic nose, or a mustache that looks like a mop, it looks odd when placed in a back ground that looks like you or I could stroll through.
The editing was very old school as in 1920's style. it was amusing at times with its main emphasis on the "majestic scenery" just like in a silent movie.
Music wise they used a rag time, New Orleans jazz vibe which didn't always work for me. When I think of a city I do think jazz but the jazz has a blues influence. Nonetheless, it was very well orchestrated and performed. I also didn't like the Ray Charles song overlay when a particular plot point was going "KLA-BLOOIE"
Story wise I loved it all the way till the third act. I didn't like the sudden change in a particular protagonist docile nature. I also wanted the character to survive.
So what you have is a movie that is breathtaking to look at. Sets new animation standards that even Disney should take seriously. Pays homage to 1960's Japanese anime, but has a story line that may miss the mark for those like myself. However there is a lot to love and admire about "Metropolis" and it is well worth putting in your library if you appreciate fine art in animation.
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on August 8, 2002
While watching this movie, I kept finding myself saying "wow" over and over. The visuals for this movie are top-notch, I don't think I've seen a movie that looks this good visually. I had to go back and watch it again just to keep up with the story because i spent so much of the first viewing drooling over the cg/animation blend.
The plot isn't the most original in the world, but it doesnt hurt the movie at all. The story follows a detective and his nephew as the become caught up with Tima, a robot designed to run a super computer.
The real pull of this movie is how attached the viewer becomes to the characters. Even Rock, with his malicious and blind sense of justice begs for some sympathy.
The relationship between Kenichi and Tima is a wonderful symbol of the naive view of the world children have, not always realizing what they do and what is going on around them.
In terms of anime, some people might find it a bit disappointing. No bodacious babes, no giant swords cleaving people in half, and no crackpot jokes that are barely funny.
In terms of a great movie, this one is a winner. It is an emotional piece that hits all the buttons other movies similar in idea(A.I. for instance) missed.
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on August 8, 2002
We all know this cliche. Robots in the far future, evil scientist, a robot as the main character. But when you add in the 'Japanese' touch, the wonderful (but yes, SWING) musical score, the fancy digital animation, and the 21st century angst we all love, I can't help but wonder... Why do things seem to work better with the Japanese?
It's because of movies like these that I love anime.
From what I gathered, the reviews are a mixed batch, and many refer to Princess Mononoke. I don't quite think this movie should be compared to it at all because of the extreme difference in genres, but I would put this up with it as one of the best anime movies, or just movie in general, of all time.
But I will also say you should rent it before you buy. Not because it's a mediocre movie, but for some the violence might be at the point of being unsuitable. There is a lot of destruction, especially towards the robots (I personally don't mind it, but i'm a bit biased.)
But as always, the ending is what catches you by surprise. Never have I been able to guess what will happen in a (good) anime movie, and this one is no different. Let's suffice to say, 'keep your mind open,' and I STRONGLY suggest this movie to absolutely anyone, anime fan or hater.
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on July 25, 2002
Honestly....when i first saw the movie.....I hated it. It only had japenese dialogue and I hate subtitles.......But that was quickly fixed when I realized that it had a american dialogue....hehe........The scenery is some of the most artistic that I've ever seen. The music gives it such a flare....similar to that of Cowboy Beebop. The character animation was a bit of a throw at first.....,but after studying Manga and drawing it. I came to love the way how all of the characters give such an original feel while still giving a retro one too. The movie has such a mastered look to it that makes it such a jewel. You have to be a real artist or enthusiest in order to appreciate the way in which you are bombarded with hidden messages, which is a positive effect in this case. By messages I mean that the way the scenes are constructed leave you with such a firm vision and vivid emotion that the story is trying to convey. The visions will leave you with something special. The film will always stick out in my mind as being beautiful, thought-provoking, and soulful. Get it
Now or youll always be missing out on one of the best Animes ever.
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on July 22, 2002
If you like a happy-go-lucky Walt Disney style of animation, then don't even think about watching this. But since I hate any happy-go-lucky flicks, I totally fell in love with "Metropolis". Original, different, and wowza. Osamu Tezuka's a genious - his art takes some time to get used to, but after awhile, you really do appreciate the originality in his characters. And you really get attatched to the characters after awhile...Rock may be your average pretty-boy villian at first glance, but you realize his love for his father and Metropolis after about half an hour of watching the scenes. Tima, the cyborg, is a frail creature that doesn't know how to act around humans much less how to survive, and she's mentally attatched to Kenichi, the first human for her to encounter after Rock decides to blast down the lab she was created in. And the ending - *sob* It's a typical Asian movie ending - the kind that makes you think but want to punch the screen at the same time :)
Be warned that this is not an animation for your average 6-11 year old audience. There's alot of gunshots, some rather disturbing scenes in which Tima loses her human skin coverage, and Rock just goes wild with the gun. A generous number of people loses their lives as well...
The art is amazing, but the music...I'm not a big fan of jazz and blues, but the "I Can't Stop Loving You" song when Ziggarut crumbles down is totally ironic, and it's actually amazing on how it adds to the moods. And I'm pretty sure you DON'T want to hear the sounds of a building crashing, crumbling, and exploding for about two minutes, do you?
One last thing...get the one with the subtitles. Dubbs for anime and Asian movies are never good when it's in a western language. Keep in mind that the way Asian people talk and the way western people do are VERY different, and it could ruin the "feel" of the movie.
Buy it, and you won't be dissapointed. But if you hate anime'll like the story :)
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on July 18, 2002
Before I watched Metropolis, I had high hopes for an entertaining film. Maybe not one that would particularly be a favorite, but just worth the money. However, it turned out that my expectations weren't anywhere near how amazing the movie actually was.
After I had watched Metropolis for the first time, I had mixed feelings. The artwork and scenery were gorgeous, the story was multi-layered, (something I find attractive in a movie), and it had a touching ending, but even through all of that, there were small bits of the movie that I had a hard time understanding. When my mother asked me, "How was the movie?" all I could come up with was, "It was really good."
A day or two later I decided to watch Metropolis again, to try to figure out the rest of the movie that I had missed the first time. This time, I caught on to the entire movie, and realized that it was absolutely fantastic. The storyline is very entertaining, with a variety of characters from different walks of life.
The movie starts out with a scene in which the people of the city of Metropolis have gathered to celebrate the finished construction of the Ziggurat, ordered to be built by Duke Red. Since the Ziggurat is complete, Duke Red has asked Dr. Laughton, a robot constructor to build him a robot that looks like his daughter Tima, who had passed away at a very young age. Tima was then to be placed on top of the Ziggurat to rule Metropolis, upon completion. However, his violent adopted son Rock whom he had found after a war felt that Tima would steal his "father's" attention. This resulted in Rock attempting to kill Tima throughout the movie. His first attempt was when she was almost finished, but still being worked on by Dr. Laughton. A huge fire began because of it, and also caused Duke Red to believe that Tima was gone forever. It turns out that Tima had survived, and was found by Kenichi, the nephew of Detective Shunsaku Ban. Kenichi and Tima, after finding out that the determined Rock is trying to kill them, had to try to escape from him. This leads them to meeting new people, including Atlas, a teenager plotting a revolution against robots. After all of their time together, they eventually fall in love. But when Tima is convinced that she is a robot, she decides to sit upon the throne of the Ziggurat. Shortly afterward, the Ziggurat self-destructs, and Tima's past memories are erased. The movie's ending is tragic, but teaches us that it's better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all.
Metropolis' wonderful combination of American-inspired Dixieland Jazz music, rich colors in both the CG and hand-drawn backgrounds, the classic Astro Boy look of the characters, and the original storyline, make a wonderfully sculpted Anime movie. I would highly reccomend this movie to anyone intersted in Anime, or someone just looking for a quality movie. It was definately worth the money.
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on July 11, 2002
This movie is truly one of the best. Not THE best but one of the best anime and animated film out there. The cinematography in this film is amazing, and myself, hoping to be a director, can only hope to mimic the angles used.
Animation is crisp and clear, with bright, cheerful colors used when the movie is 'happy' and dark, morose colors used when it turns 'sad'. The animation itself reminded me of Disney, only the story was not Disney.
It starts when a young boy and his detective uncle come to Metropolis to investigate a crime. While uncovering clues, the boy meets a young, mysterious girl. As always, their meeting signifies the rising action, until the climax occurs which is what I think the best point in the film.
After all the subplots and mysteries come together, a record player clicks on and an old bluesy type song called "I can't stop loving you" begins to play. While this song is playing in the backgfround, the end occurs and somehow the song doesn't make it silly or funny. It works, It oddly works. (Think of Terminator's ending. Imagine if a somewhat cheesy, romantic love song was playing in the background to understand what I mean)
For that scene alone this film is worth it.
Now to voice acting. I was pleasantly surprised by the dub, and I personally like it more than the sub. Not that the sub isn't top par, some voices were a little too deep for my tastes. Not once do either sides overexaggerate and make scenes cheesy.
The extras on this disc were included on a small 'mini-disc'. Be warned that on some DVD players they will have trouble playing - I have two, My Playstation 2 and an AVEX, and the AVEX didn't like the extras disc.
Overall this is a solid release and worthy of both anime and movie collectors.
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on June 24, 2002
This movie is excellent. Period...Alright, here's the scoop: a twenties style city, with hover cars and robots walking freely among humans. However, certian robots do not belong on the surface, and must stay below the bustling metropolis in the core of the city, working to keep the city stable.also, people who can't afford to live in the city, must live in the slums beneath it. Anyway, duke red...a political figurehead,has completed construction on the Zigurrat, a giant ray gun thingy to make all robots malfunction in a chosen area. There are an over whelming population around the world, and if he choses that area to control he points the ray up at the moon, and when it bounces back, the robots go nuts, and there could be a vast onslaught,
forcing the nation to give control to duke red, soon to make him the king o' da' world! The people in the slums feel that the robots are better than them, and are seriosly pissed. duke red does have a soft side though... buy the movie. the ending is so sad, that I was actually crying. buy this now...
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on June 22, 2002
Before he was known as the "God of Manga", before he created the now-legendary manga series "Astroboy", Osamu Tezuka drew a manga called "Metropolis", which was seen by many as his incomplete masterpiece. But even though some people wanted to make "Metropolis" into an anime movie, Tezuka refused all offers because, like all artists, he probably wasn't interested in reviving his earlier works. But with Tezuka's death came the opportunity, and that opportunity took several years to become the anime movie we have today. And, just like the manga, the movie is an incomplete masterpiece.
The story deals with Duke Red, who desires to control and rebuild the world by using the Ziggurat, an enormous tower with a powerful weapon of horrific capabilities. To tap into the Ziggurat's full potential, he uses the scientist Dr. Laughton, wanted by human rights' organizations, to construct a purely synthetic android in the likeness of the duke's deceased daughter, Tima. But the duke's adopted son Red, who hates robots with a passion, wants to destroy Tima because he feels it is the duke who should rule the world from the Ziggurat, not a robot. Caught in the mix are Japanese detective Shinsaku and his nephew Kennichi, who have come to arrest Dr. Laughton for his crimes.
Whether the anime movie has anything to do with the classic black-and-white movie of the same name, I don't know, but the story is very different from anything else out there. It can get a little confusing sometimes, and occasionally there are places where the plot is either rushed or not developed enough. However, considering what the story deals with, it's easy to fill in the gaps. "Metropolis" isn't a movie that hands out everything to the viewer on a silver platter; the movie forces people to think and consider why everything is happening. For example, the love story between Kennich and Tima is accused of being underdeveloped, but I feel it's just right, considering Tima's growth as a robot and her desire to figure out exactly who she is. If anything feels a little disjointed, it's because the movie was based upon an unfinished manga. The plot isn't without its shortcomings, but overall it's very entertaining if the viewed in the correct way.
Visually, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that looks better than "Metropolis". The backgrounds of the entire movie were computer generated and then covered with traditional cell shading, and the end result is absolutely stunning. The movie even knows that it looks good, as several scenes are devoted entirely to showing off its breathtaking visuals. The characters are a little different in that they're completely hand drawn, but they look just as beautiful. The use of light and shadows in this movie is some of the best I've ever seen. Some people might be put off by the character designs, which resemble old-style artwork from 30s Japanese cartoons such as "Kimba the White Lion" and, of course, "Astroboy", but I feel it suits the movie perfectly. The directors were trying to capture the original spirit of the manga, and by using Tezuka's art style they've succeeded tremendously. And the characters blend in perfectly with their CGI surroundings, making a movie a marvel to look at.
Sound wise, everything is on par with the fantastic visuals. The music is mostly jazz-inspired pieces that give the movie that old-style feeling, and the few pieces that aren't jazz-related still work marvelously. Even the only unoriginal song in the movie, Ray Charles' "I Can't Stop Loving You", works. Some people feel that using this song at the movie's climax is ridiculous or even laughable, but I disagree. If you think about what had happened, what is happening during the climax, what Kennichi and Tima have gone through, and the overall theme of the movie, you'll see why "I Can't Stop Loving You" is perfect. In regards to the dub, it's very well done and uses some of the best voiceovers I've ever heard. However, because of the somewhat erratic story, the dialogue can sound a tad bit odd, but anyone who can't stand to read anime subs won't be disappointed.
DVD-wise, the DVD is packed with some really good extras. There are a few trailers, including one for the "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door" movie (although it's a little short to be too interesting), and a lot of subtitles, including two different English versions. The second disc, however, has the best of the bunch. There are character sketches, breakdowns of certain scenes visually, and even a wonderful documentary detailing the creation of the movie (in Japanese only). DVD fanatics will be very pleased with this one.
All in all, "Metropolis" is a beautifully made movie, in more ways than one. While it's clearly not for everyone, it definitely has its appeal; this movie enjoyed extended releases in many areas during its limited run in theaters. Whether or not it reaches the level of anime movies like "Princess Mononoke" or "Akira" is debatable; whether or not you like it will be up to you.
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