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on March 4, 2003
Anarchy Rulz '99 was one of ECW's best PPV events in their short history. This PPVs strength lies in, oddly enough, 2 matches on the card. First, one of the best ECW title matches (one of the best title matches in any promotion) takes place between Taz (champion), Masato Tanaka, and Mike Awesome. Taz is eliminated early leaving Tanaka and Awesome to work a stiff match that will make even the most jaded fan pop! Tanaka takes a powerbomb table spot that is off the chart in it's brutality. Awesome also shines by delivering power move after power move. If all you know of Mike Awesome is his stints in WCW (That 70s Guy...Ugh!) and the WWE/ECW/WCW invasion angle then get ready to become a fan. Paul Heyman knew how to promote Awesome better than any other promotion his been with (that includes FMW). The second match that stands out on this disc is the reason for buying it - Sabu vs. Justin Credible. Sabu is to ECW as Ric Flair was to the NWA/WCW. Sabu pulls out all the spots that made him an underground legend during the '90s in this bought. Broken tables, creative moonsaults, and blood are used to perfection by the creator of putting opponents through tables. If you've never seen Sabu perform this is a great way to get introduced! You'll be in awe over his high flying ability and the scares on his chest and arms from barbed wire matches will capture your imagination. One of the top ECW dvds released to date!
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on June 16, 2002
Anarchy Rulz '99 was one of the turning points in ECW history as it was the first PPV after yet another massive exodus of talent, namely the Dudley Boyz and current champ Taz. The one thing about this particular PPV was that it was a definite hit or miss with some GREAT matches and segments and some decent parts and some otherwise worthless tripe. In all though, it's still worth at least a borrow or a watch as the entertaining parts are worth seeing while the rest can be easily fast-forwarded through.
Here's the rundown of this DVD:
Taped 9/19/99 from the Odeum in Chicago, Illinois
1. Intro by Joey Styles and Cyrus
2. Lance Storm (w/ Dawn Marie) vs. Jerry Lynn: Solid scientific/aerial contest between two of the best workers in the world. 4 stars.
3. Simon Diamond promo which leads to...
4. Jazz vs. Tom Marquez: Jazz is the same Jazz who was the WWF women's champ. Dud of a match but it's pretty cool to see Jazz take on a guy and hold her own. This leads to...
5. Simon Diamond and Tony Devito vs. Nova and Chris Chetti: Decent tag action for however long it lasted. Match was a DUD with a run-in by Danny Doring and Roadkill (followed by C.W. Anderson, Rod Price, The Skull, Spanish Angel, Billy Wyles, etc) which leads to...
6. New Jack running in and unleashing some "Natural Born Killa" violence on everyone...
7. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri vs. Little Guido (w/ Big Sal): Patented ECW style Three-Way Dance elimination match. Solid action between three world-class workers. 4 stars.
8. Steve Corino promo
9. Sabu vs. Justin Credible (w/ Jason): Credible promo. Story behind this was Credible got Sabu suspended. Sabu comes back with a vengeance and Credible's scared to face him. Anyway, this is a typical Sabu match. ULTRA-VIOLENT with tons of table spots. 4 stars.
10. Taz (champ) vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome: Three-Way Dance for the ECW Heavyweight Title. This was one of the most emotional and pivotal turning points in ECW history. Taz was one his way out of ECW and this was basically his last hoorah. This was definitely one of the Matches of the Year as it saw a dramatic and emotional all-out war between longtime rivals Tanaka and Awesome. The crowd was HOT for this one. Easy 5 stars.
11. Tommy Dreamer promo followed by a Steve Corino promo
12. Tommy Dreamer (w/ Francine) vs. Rhino (w/ Corino and Victory): Dud of a match but mercifully short.
13. Axl Rotten promo featuring a confrontation between he, Balls and Spike Dudley against the Impact Players (Justin Credible, Lance Storm and Johnny Smith).
14. RVD vs. Balls Mahoney: Decent match with solid action, if not otherwise unspectacular. 3 ½ stars.
The features section of the DVD contains the normal standard for ECW released PPVs on DVD, namely the match history write-ups by Jim Johnston III, the same guy who did the ECW website and the previous ECW DVDs. Overall, the match histories give good background info on the storylines that led up to the matches and are a good read prior to viewing the matches themselves.
Price of Admission: The Heavyweight Title Match
Good: Sabu vs. Credible
Decent sides: Lynn vs. Storm, RVD vs. Balls
Worthless but fun: The Diamond/New Jack fiasco
Flush it: Dreamer vs. Rhino
Again, the PPV definitely had its "hit or miss" parts. The Heavyweight Title match, with its great drama and AWESOME action is worth the price of buying or renting this alone. Everything else ranged from okay to blah...
If you view this only the heavyweight title match is must see, anything else you can feel free to take or leave.
Highly Recommended ONLY for the Hvt. Title Match
Mildly Recommended/Passable otherwise
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on June 9, 2002
Considering there are now 4 ECW PPVs available on home video, "Anarchy Rulz '99" represents among the lower half of the current crop, but don't let that fool you. "Anarchy Rulz" offers something for every kind of wrestling fan, from scientific pinfalls to all out assaults onto tables. Most of the matches are very good, though it's sadly clear that with the departure of noticeable ECW talents, the true peak of its quality has already subsided.
"Anarchy Rulz" contains commentators Joey Styles and Don "Cyrus the Virus" Callus. As always, Styles is a terrific guttermouth whose "Oh My God!" phrases are pure verbal gold in this extreme business. Callus, however, despite coming up with several great lines for every matchup, is still nothing more than a formulaic heel announcer. Callus has the mouth, but he is no Shane Douglas.
One bad thing about "Anarchy Rulz" is how the light reflections on the ceiling occasionally conflict with the camera angles. This problem isn't quite present in "Heat Wave '98" or "Barely Legal '97", so why must it happen here?
One good thing about this show is that its executive, Mr. Paul Heyman, keeps changing the outcomes of the match before they end, and sometimes before they start. Odd, but surprising.
1. Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn- Both men clash with little more than cleverly-conceived trick pins and the occasional airborne tactic. This one deserves to be the opener to the PPV, and the fans can attest to that; the heat for this one is absolute! Check out the forty-second sequence where there's nothing but tricky pinfalls and the crowd going "1-2-" all the way! I am a huge fan of Storm and Lynn, and pitting them together is a dream. However, the match is hurt by slight pauses and Dawn Marie's interferences. ***3/4
2. Simon Diamond & DeVito vs. Chris Chetti & Nova- It's hard to tell what's going on here. The fight starts with some burly guy beating up on woman wrestler Jazz, and then ends with New Jack smashing Rod Price's head with a guitar. Too many different characters show up in this mess, including a skank whom we would recognize later as WWE's Lita. The real match could've shown promise, but when Chetti breaks his knee after a lionsault, everything has to change....New Jack is the only hombre who saves this match, as you'd expect.. **1/2
3. Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy- As you should know, this here's a great bout and one of the top three matches in the tape. Watch three men from three different countries (Italy, Japan and Mexico) fly up and land down on each other for the critical victory. This is a fairly good tape for those unfamiliar with Guido, though obviously, he has done better. Tajiri and Crazy once again steal the show with out-of-the-ring Asai Moonsaults and more perfect trade-backs with the take-downs. Super Crazy especially takes the match to insane heights as he does a perfect top-rope Asai Moonsault to the outside and lands perfectly on his feet. The match slows down after it's down to two people, and there are some irritating pauses between hits, but all in all, it still merits excitement. Take note, though; the November To Remember '99 3-Way Dance, this time with Jerry Lynn replacing Guido, is miles beyond this one in terms of its speed and energy. ****1/2
4. Justin Credible vs. Sabu- WOW, the battle between these two is quite a story worth telling. There's a spot fest every step of the way as the weaselly Credible faces the wrath of the Living Highlight Reel. Jason and Bill Alfonso, who help Justin Credible and Sabu, respectively, help set up the tables, chairs, and a Singapore Cane for the competitors to use to their advantage. I don't know why few give much credit to this match. I think it's the best one at "Anarchy Rulz". Sabu, obviously the better wrestler, gets smashed through 3 tables and eats plenty of chairs in his face. Credible, bloody face and all, sneaks into Sabu's vulnerable side whenever he can and gets back on track. This is a great big brawl, and is among the two men's best. *****+, Match of the tape.
5. Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome- The World Heavyweight Title match changes gears after Taz is eliminated less than 5 minutes into the match, which means this is more of another chapter in the legendary Tanaka vs. Awesome feud. As always, this is a brutal fight with elements mainly from the chapter set at "Heat Wave '98". However, weak camera angles (we keep missing critical attacks), slight contrivances and lagging originality do hurt the score for this match, making this the weakest chapter in the feud. Tanaka dominates the match early on with his infamous maneuvers using a chair (or two). But Awesome finally gets the better of Tanaka, planting chair seats on his head and throwing the smaller foe down to TWO tables! Easily, this is a great match for Awesome fans, but that's not his best match. The sequel, at November To Remember '99, makes this match look like the stuff you see on broadcast television. ****1/2
6. Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. Steve Corino & Rhino- Argh...You know every PPV has a black sheep, and this is the one. Everybody except Tommy Dreamer thinks they're having an off day in this Tag Title brawl, especially Raven, who shows up only to land a few DDTs. It's definitely not the best way for novice ECW fans to check out Corino and Rhino for the very first time. Thankfully, it's quite short. As I would imply, Dreamer comes out of this match forgiven. *1/2
7. Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney- Go ahead, say it. You're amazed that big, burly Balls Mahoney can actually wrestle for a chair-swinging brawler without the body of Mr. PPV, the long-running ECW Television Champ. But Mahoney quickly steals the show here with great mighty slams and a few aerial tricks of his own, as well as a few painful stunts with a chair. Rob Van Dam relies on his well-recognized kicks and chair assaults, as well as another daring leap off the top turnbuckle to the crowd outside, in an effort to best Mahoney (The leap is one of Van Dam's stunts on the night he would win the TV Title). Considering the originality and effort put in this match, I have to say that I like this one better than that overly-hyped RVD vs. Jerry Lynn fight at Hardcore Heaven '99. This is definitely a terrific showcase for those not aware of Mahoney's hard work. Bravo, Balls, and hopefully we'll see more of your matches! ****1/4
Thus, if you compute the PPV by its grades, the order from Best to Worst is...
A+ Sabu vs. Justin Credible
A- Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy
A-/B+ Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome
B+/B Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney
B Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn
C Simon Diamond & Devito vs. Chris Chetti & Nova
D+ Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. Steve Corino & Rhino
However, only the last two matches may not be worthy of your time.
There you have it. "Anarchy Rulz" is a PPV with its smudgy areas, but they can be ignored with a little help from the Fast Forward button. Enjoy the rest of the stuff, and it'll be worth it.
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on June 2, 2002
Ok in a night of supposed to be no rules and all anarchy it was only proved in some matches. But the ppv was still ok but if you're looking which ecw dvd/vhs to purchase first , check out HEATWAVE 98' or Path of Destruction, that's real ecw! Anyways lets start:
Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn. Pretty good match,nice non stop reversals but people over exagerrated it, they said Lynn V. Credible + Super Crazy V. Tajiri matches = this match. But it wasn't. 8/10
Simon Diamond & Devito vs. Chris Chetti & Nova. Uhhh what the [heck] is this [stuff]!?! First it starts with stupid "Simon Says" promos then a 2 minute match starts then Doring and Roadkill with Lita in her ECW days come down, then these [people] come down and start fighting then New Jack comes and destroys almost everyone and uses staple guns , steel signs and a keyboard. Match :1.5/10 for Anarchy thanx to New Jack 7/10.
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Little Guido. Pretty good match with some neat spots but nothing compared to Super Crazy V. J.Lynn V. Tajiri at November to Remember 1999. 9/10
Justin Credible vs. Sabu: Good match, neither man's best match not even close to any of theirs but pretty entertaining.Shocking ending, i guess it was a push for the winner against the suicidal,homicidal,genodical whirlwind of destruction. 9/10
Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome. Uhh ok, it was supposed to be Tanaka v. Taz then taz does soemthing so stupid and lets Awesome into it. Something shocking , really shocking near the beginning of the bout thanks to Taz's stupidity/ First the crowd boos him then they start cheering his name at the end. Whatever. From the rest of the match Awesome and Tanaka do a replay of Heatwave 98' so if youve seen that then you wont really be shocked. 9.5/10
Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. Steve Corino & Rhino. What the... Where the [heck] is Raven? He only comes in @ the very very end for a simple little move. Dreamer and Rhino battle as Corino runs away. But the Queen of Xtreme gets slammed hard though. Match: 3/10WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!
Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney. Holy [poo] i didnt know Balls was so [darn] good! His appearance looks like he [stinks] or if seen him wrestle b4 , he does kinda [stink] but in this match he proves what he can do. Amazing moves from a big man of his proportions.RVD showcases his stuff as well, and great spots. 10/10.
Overall alright but not the best video/dvd out there. 6.7/10
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on April 19, 2002
I have almost all of the ECW Pioneer Enteratainment videos (Extreme Evolution, Hardcore History, Barely Legal, Path of Destruction, & HeatWave '98), and out of all of them, I can say that this was undoubtedly my favorite. Anarchy Rulz '99 is one of ECW's greatest PPV's/supercards ever, up there with Barely Legal and Wrestlepalooza '97. The tape is just awesome. So, lets go on to a match-by-match review:
Joey Styles & Cyrus are your commentators. This is my first dose of Cyrus as commentator, and I must say that he plays a terrific heel announcer.
- Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm (w/ Dawn Marie): If you've seen Justin Credible/Lynn on HeatWave '98, you can imagine that plus a Super Crazy/Tajiri match. It's astounding mat wrestling and phenomenal aerial assaults. I can't say enough good things about this match. The psychology was great. There were incredible counters, submissions, sequences, spots, etc. This match is incredible. At one point they went through this awe-inspring sequence, and both were down. The ECW fans all stood up and began clapping for about a whole minute. These two gave everything, and this is a definite classic ECW bout.
RATING: ***1/2
- Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito vs. Chris Chetti & Nova: The match only goes like three minutes. There are some nice spots, and DeVito botches his finisher the first time, but the second time, he does it picture-perfect (it's a sitdown uranage). A brawl featuring CW Anderson, Skull Von Krush (a.k.a. Big Vito), Johnny Smith, Roadkill, and Danny Doring begins, and it's crashed by New Jack, who beats the hell out of all of them, and even uses the staple gun on Smith three times! The WWF's Lita is seen during her ECW days.
RATING: 1/2*
- Little Guido (w/ Big Sal) vs. Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri: Some tremendous technical wrestling and spectacular aerial offense. It's very crisp. The holds and counterholds are endless. The spots are really amazing. It's under elimination rules. There's some great matwork and a lot of spots by all of them. There's also many stiff kicks by Tajiri.
RATING: **1/2
- Justin Credible (w/ Jason) vs. Sabu (w/ Bill Alfonso): This match really helped to make people see JC as a legitimate superstar. There's a lot of blood, and some great spots by Sabu. Some nice reversals, and some stiff shots. Nothing too special. Good match, though.
- ECW World Heavyweight Title: Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome vs. Taz (C): This is, in my opinion, the best match on the tape. Taz is playing a heel here. He begins by unleashing his TazPlexes on both, but they eventually team up and destroy him, eventually eliminating him. From then on, it's HeatWave '98 all over again. Amazing athletecism, great psychology, and a bump that will make you cringe. The finish is great, and a new ECW World Heavyweight Champion is crowned! Tremendous match.
RATING: ***1/2
- ECW World Tag Team Title Match: Rhino & Steve Corino vs. Raven & Tommy Dreamer (C): Raven and Dreamer have formed a partnership now, and are partners. They're defending their titles. The match is only a few minutes, and it's really only a brawl between Raven & Dreamer and The Impact Players (JC & Storm). From then on, Rhino & Corino just fight them for like two minutes. Worst match of the night.
RATING: 1/2*
- ECW Television Title Match: Balls Mahoney vs. Rob Van Dam (C) (w/ Bill Alfonso): RVD's opponent is scheduled to be someone else, but it ends up being Balls. There's some of everything. Some vicious chairshots by Balls. Some spectacular spots by RVD. Some good brawling. Some fast-paced action. There's much more actual matwork than you'd think. Balls is actually a rather good wrestler. Balls uses all his trademark moves, and so does RVD. It's a good match, but I dont' why they used it to end the show. They should've used the ECW Title Match. This has a nice finish.
RATING: **1/2
Overall, this is definitely ECW's best Pioneer Entertainment video yet. Lynn/Storm is amazing. Both three-ways were great. RVD/Balls is better than you'd think. New Jack does a runin. Credible and Sabu put on a bloody good show. I really recommend this tape. It's really good, and has something for everyone.
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on April 14, 2002
On September 19, 1999 the Odeum witnessed all rules broken, all morals shattered, and all loyalties destroyed! In the world of ECW, there is only one rule: ANARCHY RULZ!
Here is a run threw of all the matches.
Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn
This match is Scientific Wrestling at its best. This match never seems to stop moving but maybe that is because it never does. The spots that these wrestlers do go on for a long time. If you have not seen this match I suggest you do. just imagin, during this match Jerry and Lance pull of 11 pin attemps within 40 seconds.
Simon Diamond & Devito vs. Chris Chetti & Nova.
This isnt really a match it is more of a brawl, Simoms problem is New Jack who beats the hell out of who ever stands in his way.
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Little Guido.
This match is outstanding, here we have Tajiri and Super Crazy who have put on so many classics for us, when you add Little Guido you have got a classic. Watch as these insane wrestlers take it to the air as they combine Aerial offence with Technical, Submission and Hardcore wrestlig. Watch Crazy and Tajiri fly from the ring into the crowd, watch Jerry Lyn dropkick Big Sal threw a table and watch what ECW is all about.

Justin Credible vs. Sabu.
Sabu is back and crazier then ever, everytime you see Sabu you know your going to see something that is truly insane but for once in a life time Sabu is healthy and he takes the word Insane to a whole new level. During the middle of this match Sabu does a triple jump sommersalut plancha into the crowd which is a site to see. The match includes 3 tables, one of which needed two trys to break it.
Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome.
Taz defends his title to both Masato Tanaka and Mike Awesome. Taz starts of with suplexing his opponets including Mike Awesome but as crazy as it seems Taz got elimanted very quickly meaning that there would be a new ECW Champion. The locker room clears out to watch another classic match between Tanaka and Awesome. At the end a new champion is crowned and Taz makes his way to the WWF.
Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. Steve Corino & Rhino.
This match seems great on paper as it has four great workers in what was thought to be a insane tag team match but it turned out slow paced and boring. Although there as some things in this match you will want to see it is more of a let down.
Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney
I did not think this match was going to be any good but I must of forgot RVD was in the match. This match shows that RVD can work with anyone, Balls actully goes to the top a view times and even performs his own Frog Splash but it was after RVD who took control of this match and , made it entertaining by performing daring leaps including a sommersault off the top and about 30 feet in to the crowd. This match alot better than I thought it would.
This Pay Per View may be the best PPV that I have ever seen, the card is just packed with action. ECW never disapoints and this PPV will not either it will acutally be better than expected.
Special Features:
The only Special Features on this DVD is a Match history Section just like all the other ECW PPV DVDs. Although it is not much it is better than no special features at all.
Will I Reccommed It:
I would demand that you get it, that goes for both ECW Fans and General Wrestling Fans.
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on April 12, 2002
this isnt ecw's best ppv, but it is great.
jerry lynn vs. lance storm- great technical wrestling match, and some awesome arial moves, plus we get funny commentary from none other than cyrus the virus. 9/10
the next match never got started really, it was just a little bit of talking, and about 3 miniutes of wrestling, and new jack cleans house. okay segment though for little wrestling. 5/10
justin credible vs. sabu- i thought this match would of been a whole lot better than it was but it was still alright, the usual sabu stuff, and some cool table spots. 8/10
tajiri vs. super crazy vs. little guido- best match on the card, alot of arial stuff, alot of technical stuff also. 10/10
raven and tommy dreamer vs. rhyno and steve corino- not much of a match, basically a five miniute garbage style wrestling match. 6/10
tazz vs. mike awesome vs. masato tanaka- pretty good match, this was tazz's last offical ecw match but he really wasnt in the match that long. we got a few good table spots also, and a really awesome one at the end of the match. 8/10
rvd vs. balls mahony- well rvd managed to even make balls mahony have a good match, not rvd's best match but far from his worst. rvd takes some rough chair shots, as does balls, all in all good match. 9/10
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on March 8, 2002
The WWF wishes they could put out a PPV this good. Jerry Lynn vs Lance Storm is the opening bout and they show how good they can really be. Jerry Lynn is one of the most underrated superstars of his day and the WWF made a huge mistake releasing him. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs little Guido is a 5 star match that has many high spots with the normal greatness of any Tajiri and Super Crazy match up. World Heavyweight Title Match- Taz(champion) vs Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome in a ECW classic three way dance. Taz is of course [cheated] do to the fact that he [cheated] over the ECW fans by leaving to the WWF. oh but that worked out great for him, going from one of the top men in wrestling history to a goof that wears a stupid... prison suit to the ring. Anyways, Mike "Gladiator" Awesome puts on a unbelievable showing with Tanaka which outshines even some of their classic FMW bouts. World TV title- RVD(Champion) vs Balls Mahoney, it proves once again that Rob Van Dam can work with anyone. Even the "Fake" Wrestling fans in the WWF that only watch to see the rock can see that RVD is amazing. He proves it here when he does a front flip off the top rope into the crowd. Balls Mahoney also gets in some wicked offense. Just figure if RVD can carry (The should be deadman) The Undertaker to a 5star match imagine what he can do with someone who can take bumps. Overall a great buy and see why the WWF stole ECW wrestlers and ECW tv time, because ECW was the wrestling purists dream and they would be toe to toe with WWF if the greedy front office of the WWF and Vince McMahon didnt fear Paul Heymans company as much as they did.
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on January 29, 2002
This event is definately a contender for pay-per view of the yaer, 1999. Kicking off with an absolute cracker, Jerry Lynn takes on Lance Storm in a match easily worth 4.5 stars. Smooth exchanges and high spots combined with some breathtaking near falls.The next one's your typical card filler with Simon Diamond,Tom Marquez and Tony DeVito taking on Jazz(why?),Nova and Chris Chetti. I give it 2 stars as they tried their best in a hopeless situation.Put Tajiri and Super Crazy in a ring together and you get results. Add Guido and you get 4 Stars.The ever suicidal Sabu battles Justin Average in an entertaining 3.5 star brawl.Probably Justins best ever match as the guy really [stinks] in general.The ECW World Title match is an example of bad card placement despite the spectacular results. This definately should have been the main event as it by far the best match on the card. Originally slated as a one-on-one contest between Taz and Masato Tanaka, the unannounced arrival of Mike Awesome (so wasted in WWF) makes this into a crazy stunt filled jaw dropping 5 star match. Tanaka is nuts for taking some of these bumps!!! We are then treated to a waste of everyones time with a rushed tag team title match between Dreamer and Raven and Rhino and Corino. A big disapointment for what I believe was going to be my first real look at the manbeast. 1.5 stars.Finally, RVD manages to somehow bring a good match out of chair swinging ... Balls Mahoney. Not RVDs best but there are some very good spots. 4 stars.Here in the UK, they've pretty much released every ECW pay-per view on DVD and this is certainly one of the best overall purchases.
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on March 20, 2002
Its sad to say that the only good wrestling on TV, it that watched on the ECW DVD series, BUT ITS TRUE. Since ECW's demise I have lost my love for wrestling. No sporting event could ever compare to a live ECW show, they were entertaining from start to finish, unlike the garbage Vince McMahon churns out week after week. I hope Pioneer releases the complete series here like they did on AMAZON UK. You can purchase all of them there(Actually Cheaper) as long as you have a multi region DVD player. True wrestling wizardry, not white trash brainless garbage like the WWF.
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