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on November 3, 2009
The Ghostbusters movies are two of my favorite. So I was happy to find them here in a double set (inclunding a bonus booklet full of anecdotes). The only thing I don't understand about many of those set is that one movie include both english and french audio track and the second one in the set offer only english audio track (even if it says that the french audio track is included on the second movie). It happen really often with many double feature set (Analyse This and Analyse That for example) and it is something I simple don't understand at all. If I want to show a movie to a friend that doesn't understand english, I can't because of that. But I don't want to let that ruin my happiness about finally get this set in my collection, they are classics, both of them.
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on December 3, 2013
Nice to watch an old movie with my grand children. Good old intertainment and acting. Glad to see the movies
my kids watched are back like ET/ Great, movies for all
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on March 19, 2004
Ghostbusters has always been one of my favs! And this DVD release has a been difitally remastered and includes a few newly done scenes! There not brand new scenes or redone completly, the scene is still there, it just has a bit of addition to the end battle with Goza and shows the building a bit more! You wont notcie it really!
Ghostbusters 1 is a great comedy that changed the way people looked at ghosts and ghost effects! These days the FX might look a bit dodgy compared to what they can do these days, but remember they didnt have the tech we have now back then, and this was breaking FX when these movies came out, and they defnitly did a great job with it!
On the first disc you get a few bonus features of trailers , deleted scenes, and a few extras, and of coarse your usualy auiod commentry!
The disapointing bit was I never heard the story of how Ghostbusters came about! Dan Akroyds brother really is an actualy Ghostbuster! They dont catch ghosts or do anything like in this film, but his brother is a paranormal investigator and thats were the idea for this movie began!
Part 2 is a movie that wasnt too bad. but it was not as good as the first! Far from it! But at least the same cast returned and there are far worse movies out there to say it was a bad movie! It may not contain any bonus features on that disc, but its still good to have the collection of both films!
Its a shame when in 1998 the go ahead for Ghostbusters 3 was cancelled. Bill Murry did not want to take place in it, at least they know that a sequll wont work without the original cast!
But these 2 movies are worth getting for your collection if you enjoy paronormal comedies!
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on October 18, 2003
Ghostbusters is just one of those movies that leaves it's footprint on our culture's collective consciousness. "Who ya gonna call" brings out an automatic response to anyone who lived during the 80s and even for many of those who were born after the 1984 debut of Mr. Stay-Puft and Slimer. The Ghostbusters (1984) disk has everything a die hard fan would want, yet has interesting info on the filmmaking process to keep the casual movie watcher occupied. It has several documentaries made during filming and a 15 year retrospective with cast and crew. The director/star commentary provides amusing anecdoetes with Reitman and Ramis' silhouettes a la MST3K. There are oodles of production photos, concept sketches and even before and after SFX shots. The only thing I regret it doesn't have is the music video performed by Ray Parker Jr.
Ghostbusters II certainly doesn't equal or surpass the original, but it is still an entertaining film in its own right. Definately worth buying for the film, but unfortunately, the second disk doesn't offer hardly any of the special features that the original has. Cast biographies and 3 trailers make up all this disk has to offer.
Both disks have a crystal clear picture and while the sound may not be up to par with more modern films, you can still hear the thrum of the proton packs and the rumble of the Marshmallow Man's footsteps with excellent clairity.
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on October 4, 2003
First I want to say, about the special effects, 1.) Of course they don't look as good if it were made today it was 20 years ago. 2.) Special Efects shouldn't be the main focus of ANY film or it makes them really crappy...The Matrix for example. The first film was great, they had a team of people that just couldn't lose. The script was funny by itself bt the timing in which the cast did it in made it good. The second film, wasn't as good, but that's mainly because by that time they had the "Real Ghostbusters" cartoon show and comic books making them have to tone down a lot of the content knowing that the product was now primarily a childrens concept. If they had as mauch sexual content or adult language in #2 then the comic book lable and DiC would have lost viewers when the parents see that Ghostbusters "isn't really for kids." They had nothing to lose in the first because no one knew what to expect but the second one already had something that it was based on so of course it wasn't as good. But that's not to say it isn't good.
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on April 28, 2002
The Movies
The Original *****
Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Remis play three scientists studying supernatural phenoema. But when they are kicked out of the university, they must find a way to still study the paranormal, thus the form the Ghostbusters. At first they are low on money and business is very slow, but they soon earn their fame and success. But when all hell breaks loose across New York City, the major and law enforcement turn to their only hope- the Ghostbusters.
The Sequel *****
Ghostbusters 2 was an excellent, faithful sequel that lived up to the standards of the original. Incorporating all of the original cast five years later; mostly all separated doing different jobs that correlate to their personality. Once again supernatural occurrences start to surpass the law enforcements comprehension, therefore they turn to the professionals- the Ghostbusters. This sequel is well worth watching and very enjoyable. Actually, this film is quite scary in some parts and aspects that add to it's features of comedy, suspense, and action. This sequel is definitely one you won't want to miss!
The DVD- Ghostbusters 1 *****
At first there were a large batch of defective Ghostbusters 1&2 DVDs released that had many glitches including one major problem: the inability for the DVD player to detect the second half of the film. ... The Ghostbusters DVD is impressive for it's release date: 1999. The features include:
Scene Selection
5.1 Dolby Digital
1999 Feaurette and Original Feaurette
Deleted scenes
Production Photos/Conceptual Drawings
SFX Team Documentary
SFX Before and After (Multi-Angle)
Digitally Remastered
Widescreen Format
Many films released to present day don't even have the plethora of features Ghostbusters has! Any enthusiast of Ghostbusters will adore the special features and layout of the DVD!
The DVD- Ghostbusters 2 **
Limited features accompany this spectacular sequel that really deserved more than this vague DVD. Fans will be disappointed with the DVD's limited amount of features that only include:
5.1 Dolby Digital
Widescreen/Full Screen Formats
Productions Notes
Talent & Filmographies
The DVD is mostly giving the viewer the prerequisite features being: 5.1 Dolby Digital and Widescreen. One can infer that great amount of time and effort put into 1st movie and the short, vague DVD of the sequel.
Pros: 1. Ghostbusters is a great classic that one will want to see again and again.
2. Ghostbusters 2 surpasses a sequels stereotype (cheap and repetitive) it's exciting, funny, and even scary.
3. Ghostbusters DVD will fulfill fans expectations of the genre; numerous special features and an animated menu.
Cons: 1. Ghostbusters 2 DVD was vague, despicable, ... but it did include prerequisites. Fans will be disappointed with this DVD.
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on December 2, 2001
How can someone not like these two great movies? "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters 2" are two of the most entertaining movies you could find, in my opinion. They include an All-Star cast: Dan Akroyd, Rick Moranis, Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, and a host of great side-characters. You also have the gigantic Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in "Ghostbusters" and Lord Vigo in "Ghostbusters 2." Oh, and we can't forget about Slimer!
What makes these movies click is the fact that they can balance humor and horror at the same time. Bill Murray got all the best lines in both movies, and even when he's been slimed by a ghost or frozen solid by Lord Vigo's control, he still has the willpower to crack a great line. A personal favorite of mine is when Murray sticks his fingers in the "hip toaster" and then pretends the thing is trying to eat his fingers off. I just about roll off my couch every time over that one.
Another thing I like about these movies is that all the characters from the first movie were also in the second movie. You sometimes see in movies how characters change from movie to movie, but everyone assumes their roles in both movies, and that is well appreciated. I was glad that someone didn't replace Ernie Hudson in his role, for example, since his character was never really fleshed out in the first film and could have easily been expendable. It was nice to see Akroyd and Ramis, the writers of both films, give him some more meat and potatoes in the second film.
Any fans of Peter MacNicol's character from the TV show "Ally McBeal" will like the quirky character he portrays in "Ghostbusters 2." He plays the part of thick-accented Janosz Poha, a Carpathian art-restorer who supervises things at a museum and is always pining for Weaver's affection. He is equal parts goofy and creepy, especially the latter when is taken control of by Lord Vigo. Every time I see his eyes beam up like flashlights in that red hallway, it sends chills down my spine.
In short, if you are looking for two movies that are equal parts funny and scary, gives this two-volume set a try. If not, may Slimer's spirit eat you out of house and home.
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on August 11, 2000
When I first saw 'Ghostbusters' I was blown away. I mean four guys going around New York catching ghosts, I find something entertaining about it. The blend of comedy and action is terrific. When I first saw the previews I knew I had to see it. The special effects are fantastic. Now I have purchased the movie and I watch it frequently.
When I heard that a sequel was being made, I didn't believe it. I thought that a sequel would in a way be bad for 'Ghostbusters'. Most of the sequels that I saw didn't do the first movie justice. I feared that the 'Ghostbusters' sequel would give 'Ghostbusters' a bad name. But I saw the movie anyway. After I saw it I was plesantly suprised. I in fact liked the sequel, 'Ghostbusters II', more than the original. The comedy was funnier. The action was more exciting. And the special effects were out of this world. Sadly I don't own 'Ghostbusters II', but I surely rent it a lot. I can't wait to see the series again. I do recommend this series of films to anyone and everyone.
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on April 15, 2003
These movies are super.
Ghostsbusters 1: I love this movie the best out of the two. This film tells how the guys got into business. This film is the most exciting in my opinion. I love it because you learn the history of the Ghostbusters. I just wish that it was availble in full screen too.
Ghostbusters 2: This film has it's good moments. But it also has it's bad moments. This film is my second favorite of the two. There are some funny moments in the film. I do suggest watching the Ghostbusters 2 as well.
I have both films on VHS and DVD. I also have both soundtracks on CD. Once you see the movies you will want to buy the soundtracks. The songs from the films are wonderful. My favorite song from the first movie is "I Can Wait Forever" by Air Supply.
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on June 12, 2013
Really good, really funny too and loved it since i first saw this movie!! Always good and full of action! I recommend it!
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