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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 20, 2015
This is amazing. This is the core of what the Simpsons started out as. I miss this style which was more concerned with intelligence and references that are not deprecating way. There is value in older cartoons that you just can't find anymore. Good buy if you are on this level. If you are looking for modern Simpsons/Family Guy kind of humor and showing don't get this.
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on July 1, 2002
As good or better than the Season 1 set of discs. These discs are jam packed full of quality entertainment... twenty-two episodes from their 2nd season, commentary, 2 Bart videos ("Deep, Deep Trouble", and "Do the Bartman"), 3 different Butterfinger commercials, still photos, DVD easter eggs, and a special Emmy awards presentation. Animation is sharper - even the rougher (Season 1) Simpson's are fine with me. Comic wit is bolder and cruder. Over a decade of prime time animated TV and I still have not seen an episode I haven't liked.

Season 2 episodes in order:
"Bart Gets An F"
"Simpson And Delilah"
"Treehouse Of Horror I"
"Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish"
"Dancin' Homer"
"Dead Putting Society"
"Bart Vs. Thanksgiving"
"Bart The Daredevil"
"Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"
"Bart Gets Hit By A Car"
"One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"
"The Way We Was"
"Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8th Commandment"
"Principal Charming"
"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
"Bart's Dog Gets An F"
"Old Money"
"Brush With Greatness"
"Lisa's Substitute"
"The War Of The Simpsons"
"Three Men And A Comic Book"
"Blood Feud"
Season 2 contains some classic early episodes... a favorite of mine, "The War Of The Simpson's". Marge signs herself and Homer up for counseling. They go to a cottage retreat where Homer battles his marriage as well as a giant fish. Season 2 also introduces the 1st Halloween special ("Treehouse Of Horror")... which is now an annual party for the creators to think outside the box of normalcy. Having so many episodes on a few DVD's is worth it. Quality in picture, dolby sound, and everything else that goes with the incredible technology of the DVD. Only complaint here is it's 4 DVD's... even Homer would want this all on 1-2 DVD's so it's less time getting up off the sofa and having to change the discs in the DVD player.
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on February 13, 2003
The Complete Second Season is still not perfect, it doesn't start to get to be the best show in the world until Season Three, but I would still reccomend The Complete Second Season. It's not that I dislike this season, in fact, they are all amazing, twice as better as the first, but The Simpsons got better as time progressed, but this is still a five-star DVD, with a lot of great episodes:
1. Bart Gets An F
2. Simpson And Delilah
3. Treehouse Of Horror I
4. Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish
5. Dancin' Homer
6. Dead Putting Society
7. Bart Vs. Thanksgiving
8. Bart The Daredevil
9. Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
10. Bart Gets Hit By A Car
11. One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
12. The Way We Was
13. Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8th Commandment
14. Principal Charming
15. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
16. Bart's Dog Gets An F
17. Old Money
18. Brush With Greatness
19. Lisa's Substitute
20. The War Of The Simpsons
21. Three Men And A Comic Book
22. Blood Feud
Those are twenty-two amazing episodes compared to the First Season's thirteen. Plus a LOT more special features on the Second Season. This season has to be more than twice as good as the first because it has almost twice the episodes and more than twice the features. Incase you were wondering what the special features were:
• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Animated, Color, Closed-captioned, Box set, Dolby
• Commentary by on all episodes
• Interviews with James L. Brooks and Matt Groening
• Bart on the American Music Awards (with commentary)
• "Do The Bartman" video (with optional commentary)
• "Deep, Deep Trouble" video (with optional commentary)
• "Do The Bartman (Director's Cut)" - video
• David Silverman on the creation of an episode
• Licensing and merchandising review
• Emmy Awards presentation
• 3 Butterfinger commercials
• Still Photos (Easter eggs)
• Early drawings
• Full-screen format
• Number of discs: 4
A must buy for anyone, even non-Simpsons fans.
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on June 12, 2004
"There's not a cloud in the Simpson sky," says Homer in "Simpson and Delilah". And there never will be. This is a great series. It continues to be a gret series. Even the new episodes, (e.g. "The Regina Monologues") where the Simpsons keep on saying, "MacBeth," and Ian McKellen, better known as Gandalf in LOTR. Like where Lisa says, "Good luck, Ian," and McKellen says, "It's bad luck to say that, too," and gets struck by lightning. Makes me laugh. But these are classics.
And when he looks down Maude's dress. Funny, classic episodes. Don't miss "The Simpsons" 'cuz they rock!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 3, 2006
The second dvd season set by the simpsons these episodes were aired between 1990-91.The second season get the storywriting improved the plots are better,the show is starting to extend to a larger fan base.The number of episodes is bigger(22).Some memorable moments of the show like 3 mens and a comic book,simpsons and dalida are exemples.The first season was really basic but the second season extends to a larger world.

The simpsons changed in the second season they got better and we see more,more episodes,more of the town,more of the secondary characters that werent explored in season one.The staff got more writters and such .Lots of good episodes are included and How cant you like the simpsons halloween specials?Season 2 first started them.A once again amazing list of episodes including bart gets an f,simpsons and delida,the first halloween special,dancin homer,dead putting society,itchy scratchy and marge and many others.

The price is going lower with release of older seasons wich is good here at amazon they sell it for [...] but ive seen it lower.They also get better with the packagings each year i noticed they included a 4th disc to this one.This one looks great in the simpsons catalogue we sometimes look imideatly for season 5-8 but lets not forget the others season is very good hightly recomended.Essential to a simpsons collection.
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on June 21, 2004
After listening to every commentary track in this set, I have a newfound respect for James L. Brooks. Apparently for these first few seasons (this one in particular), he was the emotional backbone of the show. He came up with Mr. Bergstrom giving Lisa the note that says, "you are Lisa Simpson" and other equally touching and hilarious moments. In one episode someone quipped, "if it's a line you remember, Jim probably wrote it."
This season was/is awesome. This one has some really great episodes (the first "Treehouse of Horror", "Bart Vs. Thanksgiving") and episodes that are among my favorite of all time ("Dead Putting Society", "Bart the Daredevil", and "The Way We Was"). It's funny and emotional stuff, the only problem with this season is that the blend of humor and emotion is not perfect yet. I like the episode "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" but it's really too emotional. I think in later seasons they would've put more humor into it. Although nothing beats Larry King reading the Bible.
And the same can be said for the entire season, but the show was still coming into form but was already excellent. Look for the third season for true brilliance but this one is awesome as well.
The extras are great. The only thing bad about the commentaries I can say is that I don't think a single cast member is in any of them, but they're otherwise very funny and informative. None of the other extras are as cool as Season Three's "Pop Up Simpsons", but they round out the package nicely.
Overall, this is a hilarious DVD set that might bring a tear to your eye (I know it did for me). It only gets better, however.
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on June 19, 2004
What started out as crude filler material for the Tracey Ullman Show has now become part of animation and pop culture history. With the 13 episode first season under it's belt, the producers expand to the standard 22 episode format. The porducers also made the dramatic change of taking away the show from the aura of Bart to make the show slightyly Homer-centric.
The epsiodes of the second season have a broad range of styles, from the slapstick humor of "Three Men and a Comic Book", to the ephemeral nature of a life on the verge of death in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" as Homer must find time to live his "last day" with his loving family while coping with the prospect of death.
The producers also managed to attain the musical prowess of pop culture mainstay Ringo Starr in "A Brush With Greatness", and Hollywood's flamboyant actor-playwright Harvey Fierstein in "Simpson and Delilah", as Homer reeps the benefits of his new life in the corporate fast lane as junoir executive with his new, suave look.
The DVD set also contains the long extinct music videos "Do the Bartman" and "Deep Deep Trouble", as well as the requisite commentaries by various show producers and vocal talents.
The second season DVD collection is an relic from the past, but an essential for any fan who has lost interest in the Scully-Graham era of The Simpsons.
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on June 10, 2004
Every year when those Simpsons seasons comes out on DVD we would buy them right away and I'm glad that they're finally doing so cause I'm a fan of the older episodes and I don't really care for the newer episodes, I think that the best seasons for the Simpsons are 1-5, 6-8 were good but I was starting to lose interest in them by that time and I pretty much gave up watching the Simpsons afterwards, I only consider myself a casual Simpsons fan but I know what's a good episode when I see it and the only thing what I don't like about the DVD is the annoying menu system where you have to put the heads on the right person and I don't like the idea that you have to go back to the menu just to keep playing the episodes (they improved on that on the next season thank goodness).
My favorite episodes are Bart the Daredevil, Itchy and Scratchy and Marge, Bart Gets an F and War of the Simpsons, those are classic episodes and most of the other episodes are good, if you're new to the Simpsons, I would rather get the DVD's instead of watching them on Sunday nights cause they're not what they used to be and it seems to be that they're running out of ideas and one thing what I like about the extra features is the two videos of the Simpsons, Do the Bartman and Deep Deep Trouble.
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on June 1, 2004
If you've seen some of the newer seasons of the Simpsons, you'll definately agree with me that its humor has definately gone VERY low-brow. But if you haven't seen these earlier episodes, you're missing out on some of the funniest cartoons ever made. Let's face it, season 1 was OK, enough to keep the show going a second season. Season 2 is where the series started picking up, and has some absolutely hilarious and classic episodes. Dead Putting Society; One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish; The Way We Was; Bart's Dog Gets an F; Brush with Greatness; and Blood Feud are some of the BEST episodes ever. The current episodes being made are just plain stupid, the series absolutely needs to get cancelled so it can end on a good note. That, or get people like Conan O'Brien writing for the show again. I'd say Season 1 was OK, I'd buy it for the novelty of owning the first season, Seasons 2-5 are REALLY good, and Season 6, 7 is where it starts getting a little low-brow, and season 9+ is just awful, I would never, ever buy those seasons when they come out on DVD, should Fox go low enough to release those rather than burn them like they should.
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on September 24, 2003
The Simpsons' second season continued much along the lines of the first, with mainly down-to-earth family situations, but the humor was growing more absurd, the crowd of characters growing, guest stars popping up all over the place, social commentary becoming stronger. The second season shows the Simpsons beginning to transform into what they are now, and beginning to prove that they've to stay. Some classic episodes:
'Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish' - the episode which Harry Shearer named as his favorite makes powerful social commentary as Mr. Burns runs for governor.
'Itchy & Scratchy & Marge' - Marge starts a campaign against the violence on the Itchy & Scratchy show, and eventually becomes a writer on the show herself.
'Bart Gets Hit By A Car' - the episode introduces Lional Hutz, attorney at law, and features the classic trial scene.
'The Way We Was' - the first of many nostalgia episodes for the Simpsons, this classic tells of the beginning of Homer and Marge's love life.
'Three Men And A Comic Book' - Bart, Milhouse and Martin buy a rare and precious issue of Radioactive Man, and consequently start quarrelling over it. First appearance of the still unnamed Comic Book Guy.
'Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?' - features Danny DeVito as Homer's half-brother Herb Powell.
'Homer vs. Lisa And The Tenth Commandment' - Lisa is concerned about the family's illegal cable hook-up being a one-way ticket to hell.
And finally - 'Threehouse Of Horror', the first in a series of glorious Halloween specials that became a tradition. This first contains three classic spook stories, all of which are graced with the presence of guest star James Earl Jones's booming bass voice - 'Bad Dream House', 'Hungry Are The Damned' (the first appearance of aliens Kang and Kodos, and a clever parody of the 'Twilight Zone' episode 'To Serve Men'), and of course Sam Simon's classic adaptation of Poe's 'The Raven' (one of my favorite moments in Simpson history is Bart as the Raven screaming 'Eat My Shorts' instead of 'Nevermore').
For the Simpson fan - the second season is essential; it contains some classic and unforgettable episodes and is well worth adding to your collection. Highly recommended DVD.
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