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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on August 11, 2006
This wasn't bad at all. It does bear a strong resemblance to SEVEN but its interesting enough in its own right to warrant at least one viewing. The film looks great, all washed-out greens and blues and grays--and it benefits from the restless, edgy camera-work by Jonathan Freeman. There is a surprisingly good performance from Christopher Lambert. Leland Orser also provides strong support as Lambert's partner. The film breaks down and becomes somewhat predictable by the 3rd act; there are a few too many car chases and shoot-outs,and the rooftop showdown with the villain dangling a rubber-looking baby over the rainy precipice is actually rather laughable, but for the first two-thirds, RESURRECTION is pretty gripping. It's nice to see the director Russell Mulcahy teaming up with Christopher Lambert again. Perhaps its their long association that has enabled Lambert to give one of his best performances; when actors form working partnerships with specific directors, the results usually get better and better as their collaborations progress. I enjoyed this film more than ALONG CAME A SPIDER.
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on March 7, 2004
...and why?
*Director Russell Mulcahy does wonders with some overused techniques: slowmo; the zoom technique; the amazing chase sequence through the train station. The use of lighting and rain; his command of the actors--rarely has a cop movie captured a cop's reactions to the grotesque murders; his unique vision---this is a major talent, who needs to achieve greater recognition.
*Christopher Lambert is not a great actor, but I feel this is his finest performance, evoking the grief over the death of his son; his determination to nail the killer; his relationship with his wife and his partner; his humanity.
*Leland Orsler as Andy is marvelous; human, funny, sensitive--his performance is a kaleidoscope of acting techniques. He steals the scenes he's in. His reaction to losing his leg is heartbreaking.
*The serial killer is brutal and heinous to the nth degree. His crimes are horrifying; when Lambert stumbles onto a recent kill, a man tied to a pole, with his right leg gone, blood gushing out and Lambert valiantly trying to stop the flow, this is one of the hardest hitting scenes in any serial killer movie.
This is a great movie, underappreciated. One of the best I've seen.
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on November 13, 2003
With the first movements of this movie you will start to wonder why they made it in the first place ,That's because of the very visible resemblances with some elements of (Se7en) ,The scene where Detective John Prudhomme (Christopher Lambert) and his partner detective heading for the scene of the first crime you can't help but notice the pouring rain falls on and around them ,This makes you remember the same opening scene from (Se7en) where were Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman walking under the rain heading for the crime scene ,This resemblance is more approved when they browse the murder's details ,The same dark witty atmosphere and the same gore of the dead body condition ,After that we get to collect the plot ties together where the mysterious killer is collecting the body parts of his chosen victims ,Detective Prudhomme discovers that the killer is doing this for the wicked purpose of assembling a human body contains various body parts as a sacrifice for Jesus Christ ,And till this point the story seems in the region of the ordinary psychological thrillers ,With the same concepts of (Se7en) trademarks .
This is not the end ,In the second half of the movie things start to take a darker curve ,And you start to forget about (Se7en) and indulge yourself in the events ,The movie actually tries to make an unique path for itself with the use of dazzling cinematography which came very effective ,The camera's movements occasionally shudders to give a haunting feeling for the frame you see ,And this is helped by a very good musical score ,The movie has several very shocking moments ,The gore are strong and very graphic ,But the shocking moments doesn't shock you because of their nasty details ,They shock because of their portraying of human suffering and the pain they endure ,It really gives a lurching feeling while watching them .
Another thing surprised me which is the casting of Christopher Lambert ,I have never thought about him outside the region of his Highlander's Movies which ofcourse arguably didn't need much of performance skills ,But he really did a good job here in this movie,Although I have found his accent to be irritating at some moments ,I don't know if any other one has felt that but I thought that I need to mention it ,Another good performance from Leland Orser and Robert Joy ,The later excelled but didn't enter the superior category in this sort of roles ,Director Brad Mirman is noticeably skillful in using the tools in his hands but I wished he did more hard job to create more different vision for the Serial Killer's Genre ,Because in the presence of masterpieces like (Se7en) you need to work every cell in your brain if you are the director to be distinguishable ,The Scenario which was written in cooperation between Lambert and Mirman just had a weak finale in comparison to the gripping events that precedes it .
Resurrection is a good addition for this genre ,With intelligent twists during the movie ,You are granted to be hooked while watching the two thirds of it ,It may gives your stomach an ache but after it finishes you heart will still be touched and your cinematic senses will be satisfied .
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on June 5, 2002
Mulcahy and Lambert bring a bloody serial killer film to the subgenre...about ten years too late.
Lambert is a Chicago detective on the trail of a killer who is using the Bible as a guide in order to fulfill his own sick prophecy, resurrecting what he thinks is the body of Christ. The cops catch the killer, lose him, and eventually, a showdown right out of "Seven."
The plot is very good, and very complicated for a straight to video suspense release. Mulcahy shows some incredible directing chops, although you swear David Fincher had his hands in this. Chicago becomes the Rainy City, as most of the action takes place in a downpour. Lambert plays a typical bitter detective who is still grieving the loss of his son in an accident. The character has been done before, but Lambert shows some very good emotions and his character is smart, not just running around blowing things up. This might be because Lambert also coproduced and cowrote this, giving himself plenty of moments.
He also gives himself plenty of leaps in logic, as his Cajun cop singlehandedly solves the case as if by divine intervention. He comes up with breaks in the case by concentrating and pacing, reading magazines, and making change for a coworker. The film is about twenty minutes too long, and the finale involves putting a newborn baby in peril that represents one of the lowest points in serial killer cinema next to Hannibal Lecter feeding the little girl a "snack" on the plane.
This film is unrelentingly dark, and this works for most of the film. The gore is very heavy and very disturbing, and the film is suspenseful in the way "Seven" was. Like that film, however, once the killer is identified, the plot becomes a bit of a letdown, switching from suspenseful cat and mouse games with a killer to shoot 'em up action.
Definitely not for the squeamish, "Resurrection" is not a great film, but a good one. I would have to guess that if it had received a wider release, it would have tapped into serial killer genre fans and made a little money.
This is rated (R) for physical violence, strong gun violence, very strong gore, profanity, some female nudity, male nudity, and very strong adult situations.
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on September 20, 2001
This classic 'cat and mouse' thriller has a detective (Christopher Lambert) trying to catch a serial killer before he kills again. They have no motive, no clues, and a time limit. When they figure out the motive behind the severed body parts that have been taken from the bloody crime scenes they are appalled. Why? The killer is creating a 'Dr. Frankenstein' type reanimated body, but believes this body will be that of Christ.
Excellent and overlooked! This movie is in league with Seven and was overshadowed because the cast, while well chosen and proven in their own right, are not the upper crust of Hollywood. The movie keeps you guessing, puts you on the edge of your seat, has great effects, a complete storyline and respectable actors portraying their parts with passion. This movie impressed me so much that I immediately went to the satellite schedule, found it and plan on taping it for the video collection. Should you watch it? Hell ya!! If you liked Seven, you'll like this one as well...
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on September 16, 2001
Despite the title of this review, this movie isn't just another se7en rip off. It's a good movie in it's own right. Yes, it has a sick serial killer and two cops. Name a serial killer movie that doesn't.
Now, as for it's being sacrilegious because of the killer's belief that he's doing God's will. I'd like to remind everyone that the one of the most prolific killers of all time worked under the delusion that he was carrying out God's wishes. That man was Torquemada, leader of the Spanish Inquistion. He killed more people, and in more terrible ways than the killer in Resurrection could even begin to dream up. Using God as an excuse is a fairly common trait in killers, and I really don't think it's sacrilegious to use it as the subject of a movie.
Now, on to the movie itself. Christopher Lambert (Highlander), plays Detective John Prudhomme, who along with his partner Andrew Hollingsworth (Se7en, ironically enough), is trying to solve a series of killings in which the victims each have just one extremity removed. Arms, legs, head, and torso (which isn't really an extremity, I guess), hence the s6x of my title.
Prudhomme has suffered a lapse of faith due to his small son's death a year before. He no longer has any belief in God. The killer leaves deliberate clues behind for the police to find. Here is where I have to give tons of credit to this movie. It actually takes some work for Prudhomme to to figure out the clues. He doesn't just stumble on the connection out of nowhere. Once they figure out WHY the killer is killing, they know when he's going to strike again, which will be the last murder needed to finish his morbid tableau. They even figure out who the next victim will be (due to the last clue left), but arrive to late to save him. Disheartened because they know the killer could simply vanish, since he's accomplished his goal, they return to the police station where by great coincidence (but a believable one in this case) they find out where the killer has been hiding.
You can't help but feel Prudhomme's sense of irony that his biggest case ever is directly tied in with the God he has forsaken. Lambert does a good job with his portrayal of the disillusioned detective and Orser is wonderful as his partner. The identity of the killer is a stroke of genius, something I've never seen done before in this type of movie.
Yes, this movie is bloody, and disturbing. However, a murder is never shown being committed, just the aftermath. There are a number of scenes of mutilated bodies throughout, but I think that as in se7en, they're there to show how disturbing this killer really is. Even before they discover the motive, the police are aware that all these murders have been methodically and carefully planned out well in advance. In one case, an earlier murder victim is placed (well ahead of time) so that it will be discovered in the proper sequence.
If you liked se7en, and can watch another serial killer movie without making comparisons, then give this one a try. I think you'll find that it stands on its own rather well.
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on June 20, 2001
The very first thing that strikes you when you watch this movie is that it reminds you of the MASTER PIECE Se7en!
The movie is very powerful and worth seeing but here are the weak points of Resurrection:
1. This movie came after THE UNBEATABLE MASTER PIECE THRILLER Se7en, which makes it impossible for Resurrection to beat Se7en!
2. Se7en actors: Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey are much more powerful than Christopher Lambert and the others!
3. Se7en director David Fincher managed to drive the suspense and thrill into a much higher level than Russell Mulcahy.
4. The ending of Se7en is AN UNBEATABLE EXTREME that Resurrection failed to beat!
5. The most weak point of Resurrection was the hospital scene! The concept, sense, scenes and emotions were very unsatisfying leading to a weak ending not suitable for the poweful past 1.5 hours of the movie!
I judged Resurrection in the shadow of Se7en, that's why my rating dropped to 4 stars! But if you manage not to connect them together; Resurrection would be rated a 5 star movie!
Don't hesitate and rent this movie at once!
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on October 22, 2000
I first heard of this pitiful flick when I saw a teaser for in another video. "A 'Se7en' ripoff... how nice!" - I thought, because I'd been waiting for a decent thriller inspired by (read - "copying from") David Fincher's film for a while, and "Resurrection" seemed like it. What a mistake! To call it a Se7en ripoff would be gratifying it. The "creators" of this trite trash attempted to rip off a lot from "Se7en", indeed, but only one thing of all they lifted more or less works: the weather (although even that is not really good - the rain in "Se7en" did look realistic, while some of the "raindrops" in "Resurrection" scream: "Hello, we've just come out of water hoses - see the pattern in which we're falling?"). The rest does not work at all and is in fact simply idiotic. The movie is not only boring, but deeply imbecilic, with blatant pseudo-ideas, plot holes bigger than the Black Hole of Calcutta, and a ludicrous conclusion. The cheap cartoon cutout of a villain is glued together from bad cliches - much as he himself combines body parts (in a ripoff of "Hands" and "Relentless") - and stands on two crooked legs, Moronic & Writing. The even cheaper and more hackneyed cop is a Generic Tough Detective With Inner Problems, the dialogue is dull and meaningless, the whole "plot" could be written down on half a matchbox, and the acting is either hammy or wooden (Lambert, in his typical "direct-to-Z-grade-video-stardom" fashion, covers both variants). Trying to watch this flick without forwarding it is almost as pleasant as having teeth pulled with no anesthetic. Laughably and pathetically enough, its makers even tried to copy Seven's idea for the title - "Seven" spells itself as "Se7en", so here they inserted a cross instead of "t" in, to "cleverly" present the flick as "RESURREC+ION". Actually, however, it should have been titled "resurrecti0n" - for "0" plot, zero originality and just as much entertainment.
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on August 1, 2000
One thing you can say about Christopher Lambert is that he doesn't make conventional choices when it comes to the movies he makes. Most fans of Chris (and there are a lot of them out there)have stopped trying to figure out why he makes the movies he does, we simply sit back and enjoy. I for one can't figure out why he isnt a household name. The man could be huge if he wanted to go "hollywood" but he does what he wants to do, and I am okay with that. He's got the talent that is for sure. And every woman I know thinks he's got the looks and to quote a friend of mine "has the sexiest voice I have ever heard". I don't have a clue as to whether that is true or not, my idea of a sexy voice would be Shania Twain's. Oh wait I was supposed to be reviewing a movie wasn't I? Resurrection is a dark thriller, in the vain of SEVEN. I wont ruin the movie by revealing too much of the plot, but I will say there is a nut running loose stealing body parts, and yes some of the visuals are a bit intense. If you are a fan of that genre or just a Lambert fan then I would give this one a go.
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on October 14, 2001
Depressive homicide detectivce (Christopher Lambert) is after a serial killer who removes young male's limbs to rebuild (literally) the body of christ. Mulcahy's and Lambert's attempt at a dark and distressing psychological thriller; in the tradition of SE7EN, is, of course intelligent and great to look at but consistantly changes its pitch from a thriller to a horror which results in garbled logic and cliched motives (and not to mention a hopeless finale). A waste of a perfectly good idea. Cult favourite David Cronenberg appears briefly as a priest.
The DVD, however, isn't much better. Choice between widescreen or fullscreen with a hazy and ordinary transfer, an overloud Dolby 5.1 track, a standard Dolby 2.0 in English and Spanish, the theatrical trailer and a TV spot, cast and crew biographies and an annoyingly dull and uninformative commentary by director Mulcahy. Don't let this clever title or artwork fool you, but if expectations are at a fat 0, you may fide this fun.
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