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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on January 15, 2004
This CD achieves what it set out to do, combine rock with wrestling, and for the most part it did a good job. I shall summarize
1.Drowning Pool-The Game- Eh...this is okay, but I really would rather they just put the Motorhead version on and save some money...
2.Kid Rock-Legs- A lot of people canned this song, but compared to the ZZ Top original, this song rocks. It doesn't fit the rest of the CD though
3.Creed-Young Grow Old-This song is terrible to put it plainly, I can't stand Creed anyway, and this isn't anything special...
4.Disturbed-Glass Shatters-I'd say this was the best song on the album if it had more than one verse...
5.Limp Bizkit-Rollin- Typical Limp Bizkit, it's just Fred Durst making a fool of himself
6.Our Lady Peace-Whatever-Definately a good version of Benoit's theme, a different edge for the usually subdued band
7.Rob Zombie-Never Gonna Stop-This is a weird version of the song, it's good, but not as good as the original
8.Breaking Point-One of a Kind-Great song, seriously, it doesn't get much better than this, the real shame is that Breaking Point used this song as a single, even though Jim Johnston actually wrote it.
9.Marilyn Manson-The Beautiful People-I'm not a huge Manson fan, but this song is good, musically anyway...the profanity editing isn't very accurate though
10.Union Underground-Across the Nation-The real shame is that there are too many profanities in this song to actually say its worthy for a theme, just slap an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on this CD and let 'em curse
11.Sevendust-Break the Walls Down-Piff...terrible song, I can't say much else
12.Saliva-Turn the Tables-Too hard for the Dudleyz, their gimmick doesn't require that heavy vocals and that distored guitar...
13.Monster Magnet-Live for the Moment-A great song musicially, and when it kicks in a great song altogether.
14.Stereomud-End of Everything-The singer of this band is the only downfall to this song, it fits the gimmick with the lyrics, I miss Raven.
15.Neurotica-Ride of Your Life-Good song, can't say much else.
16.Cypress Hill-Just Another Victim-Too much commentary in it, aside from that its a good song
17.Dope-No Chance-GAHHH! What was this band thinking?
18.Boy Hits Car-Lovefurypassionenergy-The percussion in this song sells it all
19.Finger 11-Slow Chemical (bonus track)-AWESOME is the only word I can use to describe this
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on July 2, 2003
This is the album all Rock fans have been waiting for. So in a Nutshell here is my thoughts on the songs as follows:
1. Triple H's Theme "The Game" by Drowning Pool -- I really hate we lost Dave Williams so soon because he had a voice for rock music, maybe Drowning Pool can pull off an AC/DC, otherwords this track kicks ...! Motorhead suits Triple H better though!
2. Stacy Kiebler's Theme "Legs" by Kid Rock -- How About NO?!?
3. Creed "Young Grow Old" -- I have to say this track has awesome guitar riffs but Creed just doesn't have what they use to have...That's why "My Own Prison" is the only album I have by them!
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin's Theme "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed -- My favorite most played track on the entire CD...and Austin being my favorite of all time...everything else follows suit...yet, it is repetitive, if your wanting to get pumped up for a tournament or any event in your life, this is the track to get everything flowing! Disturbed is just ...
5. The Undertaker's Theme "Rollin (Dead Man Mix)" by Limp Bizkit -- The Undertaker and Limp Bizkit do not fit in anybody's equation, although the song was cool for about an hour and that was about two years ago, really played out! A remix doesn't make it any better! The Undertaker is a favorite wrestler of mine though and gives this track alittle bit of justice but not much because of Fred Durst!
6. Chris Benoit's Theme "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace -- I like a few by Our Lady Peace and this one starts off pretty sad, but then gets good...but a much heavier band is needed for Chris Benoit's "Toothless Agression" attitude! This short [guy] can wrestle!
7. Edge's Theme "Never Gonna Stop Me (Remix) by Rob ZoMBiE ... Rob Zombie is awesome ...P>8. Rob Van Dam's Theme "One of A Kind" by Breaking Point -- I was really anticipated their album after hearing this track, but after purchasing their album, they are disapointing! But I will give them ... kicking credit for coming up with this track for Rob...Van...Dam!
9. Smackdown! Theme "The Beautiful People (WWF Remix) by Marilyn Manson -- This is actually a remix I can listen to, this one and the original are almost the same but the remix is noticeable! Marilyn Manson is awesome!
10. RAW Theme "Across The Nation" by The Union Underground -- I like this theme a whole lot better than "Thorn In Your Eye" but the editing sucks! The Union Underground is an awesome band, and nothing could fit better with RAW! RAW is the better brand by the way!
11. Chris Jericho's Theme "Break The Walls Down" by Sevendust -- Again, like Creed, my opinion for Sevendust is mediocre, when listening to this song, LaJon's backup vocal singer seems to have more of an edge than LaJon himself, but this doesn't fit Chris Jericho at all, mediocre track!
12. The Dudley Boyz Theme "Get The Tables" by Saliva -- You can't tell if Saliva is going to make a song that gets the blood flowing or the tears flowing but this song gets the blood flowing, so with that said, this is an awesome track!
13. Matt Hardy Version 1's Theme "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet -- ... P>14. Raven's Theme "End of Everything" by Stereomud -- Even though Raven is not apart of the active roster anymore Stereomud is a under rated band and deserve some credit!
15. Neurotica "Ride of Your Life" -- Rough cut of the original version on the self-titled album...Neurotica has yet to find their edge, decent band, but if you refer them to are on drugs big time! Pantera would blow these guys away!
16. Tazz's Theme "Just Another Victim" by Cypress Hill -- How About NO?!? It fits Tazz real well though!
17. Vince McMahon's Theme "No Chance In Hell" by Dope -- Dope has always been an awesome and under rated band, and the lyrics fit Vince's character perfect, agreeing with other REVIEWERS I don't understand why Vince doesn't use this track!
18. Lita's Theme "LoveEnergyFuryPassion" by BoyHitsCar -- The exoticness of the track fits Lita perfect but I can't stand this song at all! ...P>I didn't get the bonus track but have downloaded Kane's Theme "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven and this is another favorite of mine, so if you don't have the Canadian version, D/L this bad ... track, it is awesome!
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on April 20, 2003
Forceable Entry blends the world of hard rock and wrestling together by presenting a set of tunes by some of the biggest bands in hard rock and metal today performing the entrance themes of your favorite WWF(E) superstars. The ever-present problem with a CD of wrestling themes is that after watching them on TV, you're trained to listen to the theme for about thirty seconds before you get bored with them.
Add to that, most of the tracks on the album are abysmal. One listen to "Break The Walls Down" by Sevendust and you'll know why Chris Jericho never actually used the song as his theme. The same applies to "No Chance" by Dope and Vince McMahon. Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, and Rob Zombie suffer from pointless remixes of "The Beautiful People", "Rollin'", and "Never Gonna Stop", which add absolutely nothing to the songs. And although I'm personally a Cypress Hill fan, "Just Another Victim" sees the stoner-rap group at their worst.
However, the CD is saved by some diamonds in the rough. "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace accurately portrays the 'physical intensity' of Chris Benoit, "Across The Nation" is one of the catchiest tunes of the year, and "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet is an amazing song that belongs to none other than Matt Hardy V 1.0. If you're a diehard wrestling and rock fan it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick Forceable Entry up, but I'd advise saving your hard earned cash for a worthwhile album.
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on March 9, 2003
Alright, first off, this CD has edited lyrics which [...]. I hate them & you can't buy an explicit version. One of the bad things about the CD. Let's start from the beginning:
1) Drowning Pool - The Game -> I love Drowning Pool and HHH's Theme from Vol. 5 but this [was weak]. Too Pop for me and this CD.
2) Kid Rock - Legs -> Stacy's theme, it wasn't bad. Nothing I really listen to so I can't say much.
3) Creed - Young Grow Old -> Great song, was used for the Backlash theme song in 2002. If you like Creed, you'll like this one.
4) Disturbed - Glass Shatters -> Austin's theme. Great song, except it repeats the first minute throught the whole song, so you get 4 minutes of the same thing.
5) Limp Bizkit - Rollin' Remix -> Like the album version, but it's getting old.
6) Our Lady Peace - Whatever -> Benoit's theme. Great song, makes you wanna keep listening to it.
7) Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop Remix -> It's a lot like the album version which I like, but it says "Give it to me" a little too much IMO.
8) Breaking Point - One Of A Kind -> RVD's theme and the best song on the album by FAR! I could never get tired of hearing this one. It describes RVD great and just keeps you wanting more.
9) Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People Remix -> The only difference between this and the album is it's edited and at the beginning it has a little bit of stupid noise. Great song though.
10) Union Underground - Across The Nation -> RAW Theme and second best only to #8. Union proves once again they cannot produce a bad track.
11) Sevendust - Break The Walls Down -> I love his original version, and this isn't that bad. Sevendust makes it a little more hard rock and I like that.
12) Saliva - Turn the Tables -> Great track. They performed it at Mania 2002. If you like Saliva you'll like this one.
13) Monster Magnet - Live For The Moment -> Matt Hardy's theme now, great track, they also cannot produce a bad track IMO.
14) Stereomud - End Of Everything -> Perfectly describes Raven. Has the Raven cawwing through the song. Sounds like something he would come out to.
15) Neurotica - Ride of Your Life -> Theme song for KOR 2002. Good, but not as good as their album version. This one is a little shorter and seems like it was rushed a little bit. I like it though because it is a lot like Pantera and I love them.
16) Cypriss Hill - Just Another Victim -> Tazz's theme, I don't like it cuz I really didn't like Rock Superstar and this is basically the same thing but some of the words are changed.
17) Dope - No Chance In Hell -> Good remake of the original.
18) Boy Hits Car - Lovefurypassionenergy -> Lita's theme. Great song, but because it was edited it could have been better.
19) Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical -> If you are lucky enough to get this bounus track it is awesome. It is Kane's theme. If you don't get it, I suggest downloading it because it is worth it. This song alone caused me to buy both of their CDs.
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on November 17, 2002
Finally, the WWF releases an album with REAL music performed by REAL singers. WWF Forceable Entry is a pretty cool CD.
1. The Game - this is one of the best songs on the entire CD. Drowning Pool's version is a whole lot better than Motorhead's version. I wish Triple H would use this song as his theme instead of Motorhead's.
2. Legs - this song is terrible. Kid Rock can make some pretty cool music but this just isn't it. Stick to the original version of "Legs" by ZZ Top.
3. Young Grow Old - this song, performed by Creed, is enjoyable if you're a Creed fan. I don't listen to it much but still a good song.
4. Glass Shatters - finally this long-awaited smash hit is released on CD. I listen to it often. It's one of my favorite songs ever performed by Disturbed. Play it loud!!!
5. Rollin' - O.K. I am so sick and tired of hearing this song. It's so old, tiring, and boring. If you feel the same way, do what I do: AVOID THIS SONG!!!! It's so out of date.
6. Whatever - this song starts out like a dud but gets better & harder as you listen to it. Chris Benoit has an awesome theme. I freaking love this one.
7. Never Gonna Stop - I like the original version better. Still cool though. Rob Zombie is one of my all-time favorite singers.
8. One Of a Kind - this is not like the version RVD uses on TV. It starts out differently and doesn't sound as cool.
9. The Beautiful People - I love Marilyn Manson. And this is one of his best songs ever, but this is not like his album version. It's longer and remixed a little bit. Stick to the original.
10. Across the Nation - I liked the old Raw Is War theme (Thorn In Your Eye) better than this one. However, this song is still pretty cool. It would sound even better if I could hear an uncensored version of it.
11. Break Down the Walls - after hearing this terrible song, I can understand why Chris Jericho has never once used it on TV.
12. Turn the Tables - Saliva does a good job with the beat on this jam, but the lyrics are kind of silly.
13. Live For the Moment - the Hardy Boyz don't even use this old washed up theme on TV. I can see why: It's ridiculous!!!
14. End of Everything - this is an incredible heavy metal jam performed by Stereomud. One question though: Did it really have to have the sounds of crows on it?
15. Ride of Your Life - I hate this song. It's stupid and wierd. Avoid it. Who in the heck is Neurotica anyway?
16. Just Another Victim - I don't like this stupid song.
17. No Chance - I don't understand why Vince McMahon doesn't use this as his entrance theme. He still uses his other version than this one, and this one is much better.
18. Lovefurypassionenergy - I like this song just a little bit. But I could still do without it. Much better than Lita's theme on WWF The Music, Volume 5. Boy Hits Car does an O.K. job but the singing should be better.
WWF Forceable Entry is a cool CD, but I wish there was an uncensored version available.
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on October 29, 2002
This Review is long overdue. I bought this CD on it's release date back in March. Just recently I bought the Canadian version with the Finger Eleven bonus track. This is defintely one of the best CD's the WWE has ever put out. So enough with the rambling and here are my song by song ratings and comments.
1. The Game (Drowning Pool) 5/5. This is a great remix of Triple H's theme, the late Dave Williams Vocal stylings are brilliant.
2. Legs (Kid Rock) 3/5. This song wasn't really too necessary for the CD, not a bad cover of the ZZ Top classic, but doesn't fit with the rest of the CD.
3. Young grow old (Creed) 3/5. Maybe if Creed still had their good sound from the "My Own Prison" days, then it would have been necessary to put a Creed song on the CD.
4. Glass Shatters (Disturbed) 5/5. One of the most awaited themes in WWE history, fits the CD perfectly. The song is repetitive but the Melody in the middle makes the song what it is.
5. Rollin' (Limp Bizkit) 4/5. Not a bad remix, but I prefer the album version. A little out of date for the CD.
6. Whatever (Our Lady Peace) 5/5. This theme was recorded in early 2000, and it was worth the wait. Our Lady Peace is one of those bands that gets better by the day. This song should have been a radio single.
7. Never Gonna Stop (Rob Zombie) 4/5. Good song and not a bad remix but album version would have been better.
8. One of a Kind (Breaking Point) 5/5. Excellent job by Breaking Point by making RVD's theme mainstream. This song has great rhythm and melody.
9. The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson) 4/5. Jim Johnston didn't do a bad job remixing this song, but the original is much better.
10. Across the Nation (Union Underground) 5/5. This song was originally recorded for Test, and the UU did an awesome job. It's good to hear this song is being played on the radio. Fits RAW's new style perfectly.
11. Break the Walls Down (Sevendust) 5/5. What is there to say, Great Band, Great Remix, Great song period.
12. Turn the Tables (Saliva) 5/5. See Track 11 Comments!
13. Live for the Moment (Monster Magnet) 3/5. Song isn't too bad once it kicks in.
14. End of Everything (Stereomud) 5/5. Perfect band to cover this song. Great remix.
15. Ride of your Life (Neurotica) 4/5. This song really isn't too bad after you listen to it a few times, the version on Neurotica's album is much better.
16. Just Another Victim (Cypress Hill) 5/5. I could never see Tazz entering to a Rap theme, but Cypress Hill changes the mood with this song. Hard hitting really kicks you in the a**.
17. No Chance (Dope) 4/5. I'm a big fan of Dope, they should have covered Rhyno's theme, but they really made this song hard hitting and a** kicking!
18. Lovefurypassionenenergy (Boy Hits Car) 5/5. Great song for Lita, good job by Boy Hits Car.
19. Slow Chemical (Finger Eleven) 5/5. This song is simply the best on the CD. I had the hardest time finding this version of the CD, but bought it immediately when I found it. Finger Eleven is a great band and they remixed a decent entrance theme into something that won't fade in your head. Great theme for Kane's new look & style.
My Top 5 Picks.
1. Finger Eleven- Slow Chemical
2. Sevendust- Break the walls down
3. Union Underground- Across the nation.
4. Breaking Point- One Of A Kind
5. Disturbed- Glass Shatters
If you haven't bought this CD Yet, get out there and buy it.
And keep a look out, Anthology is coming soon!
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on September 30, 2002
Let me start off here: This CD has only an edited version. No explicit Lyrics, which annoys me. that aside:
WWE (WWF) Forceable Entry features wrestling themes and songs used as promotional tools by the WWE (Formerly WWF).
Much like its predecessor, Aggression. Forceable Entry is a departure from the "WWF: The music" series, which features standard fare songs written by James A Johnston. Instead, you will find songs performed by some of the biggest pop acts de huer, whether their own compositions or versions of the standard themes. This can be great, such as with Disturbed's "Glass Shatters" or Drowning Pool's "The Game," or horrible, such as "No Chance," by dope, opr "Lovepassionetc.etc." By Boy Hits Car.
Here's my breakdown:
Drowning Pool: The Game: I prefer the "My Time" Theme for Triple H. However, I do prefer this version over the "The Music 5" version.
Kid Rock: Legs: Kid Rock manages to prove that even when he doesn't perform in his usual homogenous style, he manages to ruin all he touches.
Creed: Young Grow Old: Another artist who released a dreggy song on this album. Some originality would be nice.
Disturbed: Glass Shatters: One of the few FE tracks that was used by the WWF for more than a month or so. One of the best, too. Disturbed adds flavor to the classic Austin Theme.
Limp Bizkit: Rollin' (Remix): Haven't we heard this [bad] song enough times with enough different versions yet? No? Then let's hear another! Boring...Old...Tired...Bad song to start with...Likely only used because Durst has actual sway in the WWF's parent company.
Our Lady Peace: Whatever: Good song. Not quite the vibe I'd picture for Benoit, but what can you do? One of the best on here.
Rob Zombie: Never Gonna Stop (Remix): Well, it's more interesting than the original version, but it's still boring.
Breaking Point: One of a Kind: One of my favorites, again.
Marylin Manson: The Beautiful People (Remix): One of the reasons I'm bothered by the editing of this album. This remix is actually pretty cool.
Union Underground: Across the Nation: Not my favorite song by UU, but a decent track, all in all.
Sevendust: Break The Walls Down: The original version is better. It's a shame, because I like Y2J's theme, and I like Sevendust, but I don't care much for this combo.
Saliva: Turn the Tables: Great version of the old Dudleyz theme.
Monster Magnet: Live for the Moment: If only I could get this unedited. This is my favorite song on the album. Unfortunately, it may not sit well with the casual fan, as it doesn't fit in with the majority of the pop metal tracks on FE.
Stereomud: End of Everything: Winner of the "This best fits the wrestler" award. not my favorite, not all that great, but above average.
Neurotica: Ride of Your Life: Mainstream pop metal at its greatest.
Cypress Hill: Just Another Victim: Right up there with Raven's Theme for fitting the wrestler in question. Cypress Hill pull down an awesome song for Tazz's theme.
Dope: No Chance: The original was one of my favorite themes. Little could make me cheer as loudly, save for the DX theme. This is just a flat disappointment.
Boy Hits Car: Lovefurypassionenergy: Doesn't really fit with anything. I can't sit through the track to listen to it.
You have to take the chaff to get the wheat with this album. FE has some strong numbers, and some really weak ones. It's a cross promotional tool, but one not without some positive qualities.
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on September 16, 2002
Forceable entry is a rock album full of theme music from all your WWF superstars. As the front cover says "all new WWF Superstar themes that rock" it really does live up to that name. The style of this album is clearly rock full of guitars and drums. Forceable Entry is the sixth CD released form the WWf, but this is the first by Smackdown Records.
The album is for a rock/heavy metal group rather with the other WWF cds had more of a pop rig to it. The WWF's first album was released in 1990 and the latest (Forceable Entry) was released in early 2002. They have dropped the volume six name and it clearly shows that it is an album of its own. You do not have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this album. There are 18 tracks in all and they are all in the rock category. "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point (Rob Van Dam's Theme) is my favorite and has a great beat to it. The worst song on Forcealbe Entry is track number 2. Please people stear clear of this one. It's KidRock's versions of the 1970's hit by ZZTop "Legs" (Stacy Keibler's Theme) which is disgraceful. Another contributor to the worst track on the album moniker is "Live For the Moment" by Monster Magnet whish, like "Legs" is pulled straight from 1973. My Top Five songs on Forceable Entry are...
1) One of a Kind by Breaking Point
2) Across the Nation by the Union Underground
3) Whatever by Our LAdy Peace
4) Just Another Victim by Cypress Hill
5) Glass Shatters by Disturbed
In conclusion, World Wrestling Federation's (Entertainment) sixth album, Forceable Entry is a great bunch of music. I love wrestling but don't let the WWF name written all over it turn you away because you don't have to like professional wrestling to get the enjoyment out of this CD. Forceable Entry does have the "WARNING This Recording Contains Explict Language" sticker on the cover, so I have to say this is for mature audiences, but who reads the sticker anyway?
In a word: sweet!
Written by Daniel Greig
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on August 13, 2002
Forceable Entry is a CD with a total of 19 tracks, all of which are dedicated to either a WWE TV show or event or a superstar such as Chris Jericho, Triple H or Lita. All are sung by world wide famous rock bands like Drowning Pool, Saliva and Creed. If you are a wrestling fan it is likely you will already of added it to your CD collection, but many other music fans will also get some joy and satisfaction out of this excellent disc. On a side note I must point out that the WWE censors out all the swearing would that does not take away any quality from the beautiful disc. I will run through each song included on the CD and rate each one out of five stars (*****).
1. Drowning Pool - The Game: This is a different version of the brilliant Triple H theme by Motorhead, but just as good. ****1/2
2. Kid Rock - Legs: Satisfactory song which fits the long legged diva Stacy Keibler perfectly. Listen to more than once. ***
3. Creed - Young Grow Old: The Backlash 2002 theme. Standard Creed material, nothing special. **
4. Disturbed - Glass Shatters: Good clear version of the Stone Cold theme although it gets a bit repetitive after a while. **3/4
5. Limp Bizkit - Rollin': Slightly remixed version of the Undertakers theme, with added motorcycle noises which is a nice touch. ***
6. Our Lady Peace - Whatever: Great song, which Chris Benoit uses on TV. It sounds good on our screens and the CD. ****
7. Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop: Eurggh, the WWE totally ruined Edges great theme with a horrid remix. Not one of the better tracks. *
8. Breaking Point - One of a Kind: Spectacular song, longer version than the one RVD uses on TV, but just as good. ****1/2
9. Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People: Another dire WWE remix, thIS time of the popular Smackdown theme. Slightly better than track number 7 though. *1/2
10. Union Underground - Across the Nation: Stunning song which is the Raw theme, definately the best track on the CD. Worth at least five listens. *****
11. Sevendust - Break the Walls Down: Decent version of the Chris Jericho theme, which he unfortuneately does not use on TV. ***
12. Saliva - Turn the Tables: Hard hitting tune that accompied the Dudley Boyz, the parts where the Dudleys speak adds a nice touch. ***1/2
13. Monster Magnet - Live for the Moment: Worst song on the CD, period. Glad the Hardy Boyz don't use it, sounds lik some old washed up country classic. 1/2*
14. Stereomud - End of Everything: Brilliant remix of Ravens old theme, along with some top class vocals from Stereomud. ****1/2
15. Neuroticia - Ride of your Life: Pretty decent track that was the King of the Ring 2002 soundtrack. **3/4
16. Cypress Hill - Just another Victim: Awful song for Tazz, that makes you want to turn off after a minute. *
17. Dope - No Chance: Good song. Would like to see Vince McMahon use it on TV. Very nice addition to the disc. ***3/4
18. Boy Hits Car - Lovefurypassionenergy: Blinding theme for Lita which is very catchy and likeable. ****1/2
19. Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical: Not a bad tune for Kane, grows on your after a while. I really like it. ***3/4
Overall this is a terrific CD, despite some abysmal remixes. Don't let the negative opinions of some of the tracks put you off, Across the Nation, One of a Kind and Lovefurypassionenergy are worth the price for the CD alone. That along with other perfectly passable tracks and very few bad ones and you have a brilliant CD. Thumbs up!
Overall, I give it ****. It would get five if it did not have three horrible tracks. But definately worth buying.
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on August 11, 2002
As I stated above, I'm not a big wrestling fan, and I bought this Cd for the bands. So, if you are a wrestling fan, you'll probably feel different about my statement. Anyway, here's the song breakdowns:
1.Drowning Pool-The Game-5/5-The best song on the album. Intense, and has good rhymes.
2.Kid Rock-Legs-0/5-This sounds nothing like the other Kid Rock stuff, and gets very, very annoying. I always skip it.
3.Creed-Young Grow Old-3/5-It wasn't needed on this Cd, but here it is, a rare track from Creed. If you ask me, all Creed's stuff sounds the same, so this gets 3. Nothing special.
4.Disturbed-4/5-Possibly the 2nd best on the album. Nice riffs.
5.Limp Bizkit-Rollin' (Dead Man Mix)-3/5-Not near as good as the original. Not heavy enough.
6.Our Lady Peace-0/5-I don't like this band.
7.Rob Zombie-Never Gonna Stop (The Black Cat Crossing Mix)-4/5-It sounds almost as good as the original, and "funkier".
8.Breaking Point-One Of A Kind-0/5-See #6.
9.Marilyn Manson-The Beautiful People (The WWF Remix)-3/5-Not near as good as the original "The Beautiful People", which is one of Manson's best. Not loud enough nd gets repetitive.
10.The Union Underground-Across The Nation-0/5-See #8 and follow orders.
11.Sevendust-Break The Walls Down-0/5-Yep. See previous.
12.Saliva-Turn The Tables-4/5-A good Saliva track. Nothing to really say to explain it, except it rocks.
13.Monster Magnet-Live For The Moment-0/5-God, I hate this band.
14.Stereomud-End Of Everything-3/5-I'm not a big Stereomud fan, but this is Ok.
15.Neurotica-Ride Of Your Life-0/5-Just like Creed, this is a previously unreleased song that has nothing to do with WWE. Unlike Creed, this [is no good].
16.Cypress Hill-Just Another Victim-0/5-They're pretty much all rap. I hate rap.
17.Dope-No Chance-3/5-Not as good as Dope's other stuff, but they did the best they could with a song written by someone else. I wish Dope were more popular. they're really good, go buy their Cds!
18.Boy Hits Car-Lovefurypassionenergy-0/5-Ughh...Bad ending.
What I don't get is why they didn't put the Rock's theme on this. After all, he is the most famous wrestler...I think...
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