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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 2, 2003
A full five-stars for the wonderful "The Muppet Christmas Carol." I am amazed that a fresh and interesting take can be found on the often re-made Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Muppet movies are hit-or-miss at best, and this one is either the top 1 or 2.
Michael Caine is brilliant as Scrooge, and the combination of the completely straight Caine and the antics of the muppets creates a wonderful reality, blending the original ghost story with a heartwarming chaser.
The DVD contains two really nice special features, including a very interesting "Making of..." featurette , and a nice "Christmas's Across the World" featurette. The "Making of...." featurette is one of the most interesting that I have seen, quite long with cast interviews, special effects, song information and pretty much everything you could want.
However, several really disappointing choices were made on this DVD release, including producing a full-screen edition and eliminating the song "The Love is Gone" from the UK edition. When I buy a DVD, I want to full movie, not 75% or it with the edges trimmed off. Also, the exclusion of "The Love is Gone" from the UK edition makes no sense, as it is singled out to be the most important transition point of the movie during the "Making of..." featurette.
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on December 13, 2002
Be forwarned by the warning on the DVD case, "This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your TV." Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island are wonderful films, possibly the best Muppet movies, AND they were released in widescreen to the theatres with lots of delightful imagery in those outer regions. So what does Disney do for DVD? Releases them in fullscreen, cutting off about 1/3 of the picture. If you like looking at half of Muppet heads, then these are for you. But what a stupid statement that warning is. Widescreen fits my TV, too, guys. The Muppet Movie, The Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets From Space are all double-sided DVD releases, with widescreen on one side and fullscreen on the other side, released in excellent transfers by Columbia Tristar. I think Disney needs to re-release these as double-sided disks. If this "reformatting" is Disney policy, I can't wait to see how they screw up the magnificent 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when they finally release that!
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on January 2, 2003
I really liked both "A Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Muppet Treasure Island". I think the Muppets to a fantastic job adapting literature to the screen in an enjoyable manner and I sincerely wish that they would return to this type of work (especially after the abysmal "Muppets From Space").
HOWEVER -- unlike the first three Muppet movies, the DVDs for "Muppet Treasure Island" and "A Muppet Christmas Carol" contain the "fullscreen" version only. "Fullscreen" is a euphemism for the cropped image, instead of the "widescreen" image (also called "letterbox"). In other words you've lost bits of the image to the left and right of the parts you can see ... and with the Muppets there are always little interesting bits going on _everywhere_ in the image.
Kudos for the movies, but a BIG "shame on you" for not releasing the widescreen edition on DVD.
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on November 22, 2002
This is my absolute favorite "Christmas Carol" adaptation. What makes the Muppets so great is their versitility --they can be used to tell any story, and this proves it. Kermit is Bob Crachit, Gonzo is Charles Dickens (a brilliant touch) and Academy Award-winner Michael Caine is Ebenezer Scrooge. The songs are as touching and as funny as any Muppet production in history, and Brian Henson is doing his father proud, helming these classic characters the way he has.
The only beef I've got is with Disney's production of the DVD -- NO WIDESCREEN VERSION! Blast it, why are we still being subjected to fullscreen? TVs are going to be widescreen in a few years anyway -- the same people who whine about black bars at the top and bottom of their screen now will be whining about them on the SIDES then... The movie is nearly perfect. Five stars. The presentation is what yanks it down to three.
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on November 28, 2003
'The Muppet Christmas Carol' is my favourite of the Muppet movies so you can understand how upset I was to find the DVD version had been edited. What has been taken out I hear you ask? The Song 'When Love is gone.'This song, apart from being a beautifully stunning song, completely makes the scene (Belle tells Ebeneezer that he has made the choice to put his work above her and one day he will regret that decision).I cry almost every time.Granted, the song is played over the credits but that is little comfort. There is still the reprise of the song later in the movie which now doesn't make sense. I was really upset about the lack of one of my favourite songs and I don't think the gag reel special feature quite makes up for it. (Although it is VERY funny.)
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on January 12, 2003
"Muppet Treasure Island" and "Muppet Christmas Carol" are both good movies, but Disney came out with a bad DVD. Both of the movies are in full screen format. I think they should really have offered wide screen versions of the films. The Special Features of Muppet Christmas Carol are: *Audio Commentary by Director Brian Henson. *Frogs, Pigs, and Humbug: Unwrapping a new Holiday Class, which is a making of documantary. *Christmas Around the World. *On the Set which are the out takes from the movie. *And animated menues.
Over all, the special features are good, but i am not happy that it is only in full screen format. If you are mad as well call Disney to get it changed at: 1-800-723-4763.
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on December 21, 2014
For any who noticed this DVD is advertised here as having a Spanish dub, be forewarned: It does not.

This was especially disappointing as I bought this for a friend who grew up with the Spanish version and I bought this for that reason. Hopefully she still enjoys it.
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on December 14, 2002
I love this movie. So where is the song 'When love has gone' which Belle sings to a young scrooge which was in the video and film version. I bought my DVD in England so is the American version any different? Some of the customer reviews only mention that the film is in pan and scan and not widescreen but never that a song is missing. Is then the UK version different from the American? Has anybody any answers? By the way I would love to give this film 5 stars but my DVD copy only merits three stars!
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on October 3, 2003
A poor excuse...this DVD is completely edited from it's original release. FULL FRAME! Wonderful acting and story of course. So if you just want something cheap for the little ones it's great. If you really want a good DVD of this film, then you'll have to look elsewhere. Who was the brain who decided adults don't want quality Muppets DVDs? The laserdisc was widescreen with no edits.
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on December 15, 2014
Buyer beware. This Blu-Ray does NOT include the theatrical full screen version which contains the song "When Love Is Gone". Disney screwed fans of the extended cut. Thanks, Disney.
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