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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 24, 2004
1. What's Luv - Fat Joe (This song is repetitive with a haunting beat) C
2. Oops (Oh My) - Tweet (I love Tweet, but I don't like this song) D
3. Get The Party Started - Pink (Pink is the coolest, period)A
4. What About Us - Brandy (I don't like this song it is also repetitive.)
5. 7 Days - Craig David (This is a good song) A+
6. Young'n - Fabolous (This is one of the best songs on the CD) A+
7. The Whole World - Outkast (I love Outkast and all of their songs) A+
8. Everywhere - Michelle Branch (I strongly dislike Michelle Branch and all of her songs) F
9. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling (This song is really cool) B
10.Wasting My Time - Default (I really like this song) A
11. Youth Of The Nation - (This song has a really nice beat) A+
12. Hands Clean - Alanis Morrisette (This song is okay) B
13. Wrong Impression - Natalie Imbruglia (An okay song, not the best on the CD) B-
14. Standing Still - Jewel (I don't really like this song) C
15. We Fit Together - O-Town (The words are okay but I don't like the music) B
16. I Love You - Faith Evans (I love this song and it's words) A+
17. A Woman's Worth - Alicia Keys (I love Alicia Keys. She is a wonderful singer. Great song) A+
18. Can't Fight The Moonlight - Leann Rimes (Great singer and I like the movie it's in) A
19. Pass the Courvoisier Part II - Busta Rhymes (Nice beat and a good song) A
20. Anything - Jaheim (The words to this song are really sweet. Nice song) A
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on March 22, 2004
OK, here's my good review of this. Here goes:
1. Fat Joe featuring Ashanti- What's Luv (4/5) I love this jam, but it got overplayed. They could've put the one with Ja Rule instead...
2. Tweet featuring Missy Elliot- Oops (Oh My) (3/5) OK tune, it gets annoying sometimes, but, I like it.
3. P!NK- Get The Party Started (5/5) Love this tune, im glad they put the orignal on here! I do like the Sweet Dreams melody of this better, and thats on Now 9, but, this is still awsome.
4. Brandy- What About Us (4/5) I like this song from Brandy, and I think she sounds MUCH more mature than she used to, a more serious voice. I hope she comes back with something new!
5. Craig David- 7 Days (4/5) I didn't like this much when I 1st heard it, but, it grew on me. Nice, OK ballad.
6. Fabolous- Young'n (Holla Back) (5/5) My favorite song on the CD! Fabolous at his best. "Holla back, Young'n Hoo Hoo!"
7. Outkast featuring Killer Mike- Whole World (2/5) OK song by Outkast, but, it gets VERY annoying often... And, Killer Mike isnt too good on this.
8. Michelle Branch- Everywhere (4/5) 1st song by Michelle. OK. It used to get overplayed, though.
9. Calling- Wherever You Will Go (5/5) I love this song, even though it got overplayed. Who cares. This is great.
10. Default- Wasting My Time (5/5) Great song by Default, this didn't get too overplayed. Thanks for producing this, Chad Kroger!
11. P.O.D.- Youth of The Nation (4/5) Good, heavy ballad from P.O.D. I like it when the kids sing later.
12. Alanis Morsette- Hands Clean (2/5) Very boring and annoying song from Alanis. Its OK. Why did they put this though?
13. Natilie Imbruglia- Wrong Impression (5/5) Good song, even though she has a very diffrent voice on this than she had on Torn. Awsome tune anyway!
14. Jewel- Standing Still (4/5) This gets boring rarely, but, its nice.
15. O-Town- We Fit Together (4/5) Although this wasnt a hit from them, this is a good O-Town song.
16. Faith Evans- I Love You (4/5) Great love song from Faith Evans.
17. Alicia Keys- A Woman's Worth (1/5) UGH! I dont like this song at all. Worst from Alicia. Its pointless and annoying.
18. Leann Rimes- Can't Fight the Moonlight (Remix) (3/5) One of Leean's best, although played out. It got a bit boring. I wonder why they put this on too?
19. Busta Rhymes featuring P. Diddy and Pharrel Willams- Pass The Courvorsier (Remix) (5/5) Awsome, funny song by Busta, and, Pharrel and Diddy are great, too!
20. Jahiem featuring Next- Anything (4/5) Pretty song by Jahiem. But, it got a little played out. I like Next.
So, buy this, NOW! Some tracks are boring, but, its much better than Totally Hits 1!
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on February 17, 2003
1.Fat Joe featuring Ashanti - What's Luv? Cool song, I like Fat Joe's music, I hope he has more coming. A+
2.Tweet featuring Miss Elliot. I LIKE it a lot. Especially what the song is about. LOL! A
3.Pink - Get the Party Started. Cool Song,Pink's music ROCKS!! A+
4.Brandy - What About Us? Good choice, the video is odd but I don't care. A-
5.Craig David - 7 Days. Another good choice,I like craig David. A
6.Fabolous - Holla Back. Cool rap song.1 of my favorites. A+
7.Outkast - The Whole World. My favorite on the CD. A+
8.Michelle Branch - Everywhere. I don't like this song, and it's way too old to be on the CD. F
9.The Calling - Wherever You Will You Go. Good Choice, I hope the Calling has mor hits coming. A
10.Default - Wasting My Time. Another good choice, I like this song. A
11.P.O.D. - Youth Of A Nation. Cool beat and sends a true message. A
12.Alanis Morisette - Hands Clean. I HATE this song!!! It's pointless!!! F
13.Natalie Imbruglia - Wrong Impression. Good choice. A
14.Jewel - Standing Still. Another good choice. A
15.O-Town - We Fit Together. I like this song too. A
16.Faith Evans - I Love You. I'm not good with mushy,slow music. D
17.Alicia Keys - A woman's Worth. I don't like this song at all. This song is also too old to be on the CD. F
18.Leann Rhimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight. OK song, catchy beat. A
19.Busta Rymes - Pass the Courovoisier. Cool Song, catchy tune. A
20.Jaheim - Anything. Good song, but it's too slow. C+
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on February 1, 2003
The first "Totally Hits" back in 1999 was definitely the best of this series, but this one is quite good too. "Totally Hits 2002" manages quite a nice variety of hits from early 2002. Here's my low-down on the tracks:
1. What's Luv: (5/5) I am not a big rap fan by any means, but this is a kick butt song. The beat and backround music are what makes it along with Ashanti on the chorus. I just tune out Fat Joe and his gibberish.
2. Oops (Oh My): (4/5) Hmmm...not bad. But Tweet is an Aaliyah rip-off. No one can take her place.
3. Get the Party Started: (5/5) THE party anthem of 2002. The biggest hit of Pink's career. Awesome track.
4. What About Us: (5/5) Brandy's top 10 comeback single. Her "Never Say Never" work was better, but the song has a cool beat and unique chorus.
5. 7 Days: (3/5) This guy has a great voice and I like this song better than his first single, but it was overrated and overplayed.
6. Young 'n: (1/5) Blah!
7. The Whole World: (4/5) Cool and unque hip hop song. Hip hop needs more of this spice.
8. Everywhere: (4/5) Good song, but very overplayed. "All You Wanted" is better and would've been a better choice for this compilation. Still, good pop.
9. Wherever You Will Go: (3.5/5) Shocker! Another very overplayed song. Very Goo Goo Dolls-ish. Catchy chorus though. Defiitely a big one of 2002.
10. Wasting My Time: (1/5) I hated this song. It was overplayed and very annoying. Thankfully, they are a one hit wonder.
11. Youth of the Nation: (3/5) I rarely like this sort of the music, but this song is oddly appealing. Mostly, it's the chorus.
12. Hands Clean: (4/5) Good song, a moderate hit for Alanis. Cool pop/rock track.
13. Wrong Impression: (5/5) The highlight of the whole album. This song was only a minor hit missing the top 40 but it was one of the catchiest songs of the year. Fantastic chorus. This song is just as good as her first hit "Torn." WHY WASN'T IT HUGE???
14. Standing Still: (4/5) Slightly overplayed, but Jewel sounds so great on it, it can be overlooked. Nice addition.
15. We Fit Together: (2/5) It's the perverted BSB knock-offs at their most annoying. I'm a huge pop lover and the only reason i give it 2 stars is bcuz of that.
16. I Love You: (2/5) Yawn
17. A Woman's Worth: (3/5) Alicia tries to live up to her first and best song "Fallin" and doesn't exactly fal considering this song was a pretty big hit, but it's not that great.
18. Can't Fight the Moonlight: (5/5) Diane Warren strikes again! Fantastic pop song, catchy as hell, and a big hit for Leann. Helped keep pop alive in 2002.
19. Pass the Courvoisier: (1/5) Ditto to track #6.
20. Anything: (1/5) See above.
For someone looking for variety, this is a good buy.
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on August 13, 2002
"Totally Hits 2002" is much more satisfying than the last two "Now" compilations. It looks like we'll get only one "TH" compilation per year. One the one hand, they're missing out on some big tunes such as Madonna's "Don't Tell Me", Matchbox Twenty's "If You're Gone", Outkast's "Ms. Jackson", P.O.D.'s "Alive", and all of Pink's follow-ups to "Most Girls" and "Get The Party Started". On the other hand, we're left with compilations with little filler and some fun tunes, which TH2K2 has. The best samplings here are the women's songs and the R & B and hip-hop (better than TH2K1). We could still use a lttle more rock.1. WHAT'S LUV-A fun danceable tune which sort of echoes the success of those Ja Rule duets we've had recently. Ashanti has a nice voice. (4/5)2. OOPS (OH MY)-Also kind of fun. Can get annoying if you play it too much. (3.5/5)3. GET THE PARTY STARTED-Awesome party tune. Much better than that awful remix on "Now 9". (5/5)4. WHAT ABOUT US-I like Brandy, but I wasn't crazy about this. (2/5)5. 7 DAYS-Another sweet R & B entry from this Brit. Like his other tunes, this was a hit 1 1/2 years ago in the U.K. (4/5)6. YOUNG'N (HOLLA BACK)-The first of two Neptunes-produced rap tunes. The production makes this fun to dance to, but I wish Fabulous would find something else to rap about than the same old gangsta and bling-bling that's been done a million times before. (3/5)9. THE WHOLE WORLD-The pioneers of Southern rap have done it again. (4.5/5)8. EVERYWHERE-Women have been coming back to the pop scene after a few down years and this is a perfect example. (4.5/5)9. WHEREVER YOU WILL GO-Good rock ballad. (4/5)10. WASTING MY TIME-This was a hit in Canada about 6 months before it charted in the states. (4/5)11. YOUTH OF THE NATION-Terrific, inspirational rock from P.O.D. (5/5)12. HANDS CLEAN-A sort-of comeback from Alanis. Pretty good, but nowhere near the impact of her "Jagged Little Pill" album. (3.5/5) 13. WRONG IMPRESSION-Another woman who had hits in the 90's (like Alanis and Jewel) trying to be heard in the 00's. This one wasn't too memorable. (2/5)14. STANDING STILL-A little better than the previous two entries. (4/5)15. WE FIT TOGETHER-I guess TH had to have a boy band on this disc. Not nearly as good as "All or Nothing", but better than the sickening "Liquid Dreams". (2/5)16. I LOVE YOU-Good, slow R & B. (3.5/5)17. A WOMAN'S WORTH-Okay folow-up to "Falling". (3/5)18. CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT-This is sort of a dance remix of the original from the "Cowboy Ugly" soudtrack and it works better. (4.5/5)19. PASS THE COURVOISIER, PART 2-This is another fun party rap tune and an even better video. Pay attention to Pharrell Williams, the singer of the chorus, the lead singer of N.E.R.D., the leader of The Neptunes' production team, and a fast-rising star in the hip-hop industry. (4.5/5)20. ANYTHING-Another okay R & B ballad. (3/5)This once-a-year strategy seems to be working as "Totally Hits 2002" is the best-selling of the lot and is outselling "Now 10". More importantly, it's free of the boring filler and bad songs that have sank the last few "Now"s.
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on June 27, 2002
Whats luv-Its a great song i really like it, but it sort of got over played.
Oops(Oh my!)-this is a good song, but personally its not a good song to have picked for her first song out bacause it gave her a not-so-great reputation.
Get the party started-its a good song, good to dance to,but it is sort of old,they should've pick songs like Like a pill or dont let me get me.
What about us? Brandy is back, finally!This is a great song to come back with and it has a great beat.
7 days- I never realy liked this song, plus it got over played.
Young'n(Holla Back)- this is a good song , with a great beat.It didnt get too popular but it is good.
The whole world-Its a great song, it has a good beat, but it gets annoying if you listen to it too much.
EveryWhere-Its a good song but i would've picked all u wanted because everywhere is getting old.
Wherever you will go-At the beggining it was good, but it got so over played that it is annoying now.
Wasting my time- I hate this song, its real annoying and the singer doent know how to sing, it seems as if he was pushing while singing.
Youth Of a nation-Great song and its a great group.Love it!
Hands Clean- Its a good song, but got over played and her voice gets annoying after a while.
Wrong Impression-This song [is bad]!'
Standing Still-Irritating Song!
We Fit Together-its a ok song,but the boys that sing it sound like the BSB or N'sync.
I love you- its an ok song, she has a good voice,but it got over played.
A woman's worth-Its a good song but it isnt her best song.
Cant fight the moonlight-I dont like this song, but its not the worst song ive heard.
Pass the courvoisier Part 2- its a great song, has a great beat and busta rhymes and p.diddy are great singers.P.diddy is cute.
Anything-Its a ok song but it is sort of copying off sisqo.
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on June 25, 2002
Totally Hits 2002 is released cunningly between volumes of the Now series to ensure bigger sales than would be otherwise. In addition to this, it features many great tracks which have reached the higher echelons of the Hot 100 this year. With different record companies compiling and licensing tracks for this series it also ensures different tracks from the rival Now series.
This latest version features top 10 hits from the likes of Pink with Get The Party Started (which appeared on Now 9 albeit in a remixed version), Tweet's Oops (Oh My) and the huge What's Luv from Fat Joe. There are some other great rap/r&b tracks from Outkast and Craig David as well as Alicia Keys with A Woman's Worth. Rock music is also well served here with Wherever You Will Go by The Calling which made the Hot 100 Top 5 and Michelle Branch's melodic Everywhere as well as other great songs from Natalie Imbruglia, Alanis Morissette and Default.
This CD features some great songs although the end of the disc is a little disappointing and goes downhill a bit but is much better than Now 9 which was released earlier in the year and is recommended to buy along with Now 9 for a more defintive collection although TH 2002 is the better of the two if you can only afford one.
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on June 23, 2002
Most of the Now and Totally Hits series are terrible. Finally this one is actually decent. It has a good variety of songs without putting in terrible remixes and never been heard before songs.
Whats Luv? Fat Joe feat. Ashanti-This #2 chart smash is one of the years best songs it has a catchy beat. It did get overplayed but I am not tired of it-10/10 (rnb)
Oops (oh my) Tweet feat. Missy Eliot-This was Tweet's first song and it sorta gave her a bad reputation but her album is good and this is a very catchy song-9/10 (rnb)
Get The Party Started P!nk-This is old and overplayed but it will always be a great dance song-8/10 (pop)
What About Us? Brandy-Brandy is back here with a strong tune with a cool beat-7/10 (rnb)
7 Days Craig David-Never been a Craig David fan and this is my least fav of his songs. It got way to overplayed-4/10 (rnb)
Young'n (hollaback) Fabolous-This is a more hard core rap song and was never a real smash on hit music stations but it is nice to add this kind of flavor to the album-7/10 (rap)
The Whole World Outkast-This song is really annoying and got overplayed fast-3/10 (rnb/rap)
Everywhere Michelle Branch-Nice to add Michelle Branch because she is one of the least teeny bopper singers out there. This song is a little old and I think All You Wanted would have been better-9/10 (pop)
Wherever You Will Go The Calling-Although I never cared for this song and I prefer their other song (Adrienne) but this was a huge smash hit and is nice to add to the album-7/10 (rock)
Wasting My Time Default-I can't stand this song and is one of my least favorite songs ever-2/10 (rock)
Youth Of The Nation POD-Cool song cool lyrics cool group. Good choice one of my favorite rock songs-9/10 (rock)
Hands Clean Alanis Morisette-Alanis doesn't really appeal to me. Her voice is sorta annoying-5/10 (adult contemporary)
Wrong Impression Natalie Imbruglia-This is a cool song and it was a good choice-8/10 (adult contemporary)
Standing Still Jewel-This is Jewel's best song and I hear her song constantly-8/10 (adult contemporary)
We Fit Together O Town-For one it is old and it is done by a bad boy band. Everyone loved this song but this is a low point for the cd-1/10 (pop)
I Love You Faith Evans-A nice song to add towards the end of the album. Faith has a good voice-8/10 (rnb)
A Women's Worth Alicia Keys-She was overhyped but she is good. This is not her best song though-8/10 (rnb)
Can't Fight The Moonlight Leann Rimes-This is a nice touch to the album by leann Rimes. I have always enjoyed this song-9/10 (pop/country)
Pass The Courvoisier Part II Busta Rhymes-This is an ok song but it really doesnt do muc on this album-5/10 (rap)
Anything Jaheim-I hadn't really heard this song. It is sorta nice way to end the album-7/10 (rnb)
They added a lot of rnb and this is a very good album.
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on June 16, 2002
This CD, in my opinion tops 'Totally Hits 2001' for it's contimplation of songs that are mostly hits, rather than '2001' did. It includes a mixture of music styles like pop, hip hop, rock, and R&B. There's complaints about over played hits, which I really DO NOT understand. Of course, if they're hits, they MOST LIKELY will be popular with the radio! Anyway, back to the songs. My #1 on this CD is Fat Joe/Ashanti/Ja Rule, "What's Luv?". It's a hip hop song with lotsa new flavour due to Ashanti's beautiful voice: "What's luv?/Got to do, got to do with it, babe/What's Luv?/Should be about us, it should be about trustin." Pink's "Get The Party Started" is a fun song to dance to, but at this point in time I think that it should have been "Don't Let Me Get Me". Same with Michelle Branch -"Everywhere" is a great song, but by now I think "All You Wanted" would have done better. Other highlights include Natalie Imbruglia, "Wrong Impression" and Alicia Keys, "A Woman's Worth". (I admit it, even this song has been waayy overplayed and overhyped, but it's still good.) 20 hirs in all. Enjoy!
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on June 12, 2002
"Totally Hits 2002" is definitely a step-up from that so-so "Now That's What I Call Music! volume 9" record. Still, like on most compilations, there were some songs that I'd prefer not to listen to. But here's the list:
(1) "What's Luv?" Fat Joe, featuring Ashanti--OK, I've never heard of another song more overplayed than this. It was a good hip-hop song in the beginning, but just got plain annoying. Grade: D+
(2) "Oops (Oh My)" Tweet, featuring Missy Elliott--another annoying R&B song. It's a shame they got off to a bad start with this CD. Grade: F
(3) "Get The Party Started" P!NK--Get this CD started! Now here's what the REAL opening should've been. This is a great rockin' song and perfect for any party. Grade: A
(4) "What About Us?" Brandy ['Radio Edit']--I love Brandy's new album and this is such a good song. Very unique beat and the lyrics are great. Brandy has just gotten so much better! Grade: A+
(5) "7 Days" Craig David--Love this jamn! Craig David is awesome and I love his voice. The lyrics are cool and this has got a really good beat to it. Grade: A+
(6) "Young'n (Holla Back)" Fabolous--This is just an OK rap song. I do like rap, but I'm not into the hardcore rap thing, and since they overplayed this song on rap radio stations it's gotten quite irritating. Grade: C-
(7) "The Whole World" OutKast, featuring Killer Mike & Joi--Annoying as hell! God, these lyrics are so stupid and those horrible noises they make during the song. Definitely skip this track. Grade: F-
(8) "Everywhere" Michelle Branch--I really love this song! Michelle is a great new fresh pop artist who can play her own instrument and write her own music. We need more artists like her! Grade: A+
(9) "Wherever You Will Go" The Calling--Yes, they sound very much like Lifehouse but isn't Creed a big rip-off to Pearl Jam? I like the lyrics and the lead singer of this band has a great deep-sounding voice. Grade: B+
(10) "Wasting My Time" Default--Another band that sounds very much like Nickelback, but I really like this song too. The beat is very good and it sounds pretty original. Grade: A-
(11) "Youth of the Nation" P.O.D.--I really like the message of this song. I like the beat and the vocals are pretty good. This is an awesome song. Grade: A
(12) "Hands Clean" Alanis Morissette--A really good Alanis song, but gets kind of tiring after the constant radio plays it gets. Alanis, who is always original, has a great voice and really good lyrics. Grade: B+
(13) "Wrong Impression" Natalie Imbruglia--OK song. I really liked her old stuff more, but it's nice to see that the producers of this compilation series decided to put some songs that are not very well known. Grade: C+
(14) "Standing Still" Jewel--A great Jewel song! This is probably her best one yet. I really love the lyrics and the beat and especially Jewel's voice. Great song! Grade: A
(15) "We Fit Together" O-Town--A very fun pop song. I just love O-Town and they are really great and are not overrated like N Sync. I love their vocals and harmonies and music. Grade: A+
(16) "I Love You" Faith Evans--I don't love this song! I was never really a huge fan of Faith Evans to begin with, so it's obvious that I didn't like this song. Grade: F
(17) "A Woman's Worth" Alicia Keys--Er, I'd like to say that I don't like this song since I don't really like Alicia Keys. But I have to say that this song is quite catchy. Good song. Grade: B-
(18) "Can't Fight The Moonlight" LeAnn Rimes ['Graham Stack Radio Edit']--It's great to know that they put LeAnn Rimes on these CDs! LeAnn Rimes is a very talented young lady and I really love this song. Cool pop/country song. Grade: A+
(19) "Pass the Courvoisier Part II" Busta Rhymes, featuring P. Diddy & Pharrell--Er...another song I could do without. Don't like this one at all. Grade: F
(20) "Anything" Jaheim, featuring Next--quite boring, actually. I usually skip this one. Grade: D-
I don't like how "Totally Hits 2002" started off on a bad track and then ended on a bad track...basically all the good songs are stuck in the middle. Overall, this is a pretty good compilation CD filled with popular songs from the year 2002. I don't know what'll be on "Totally Hits 2003", but I hope it'll be a step-up from "Totally Hits 2002". I guess it basically all depends on what's popular in the music scene.
Final Grade: B+
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