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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2004
What is music?
Music is either four things.
1:A form of art in which you express your feelings.
Example: Master Johann Sebastian Bach, Master Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Master Lugwig van Beethoven
2:A form of art in which you express thought
Example: Dream Theater
3:A from of art in which you show your abilities
Example: Yngwee Malmsteen, Steve Bai and many other musicians with different instruments besides the guitar
4:A form of art in which you demonstrate your creative abilities to create melodies that has a special effect in your mind and that stay in it forever(In other words, not so much ability to play but awesome songs)
Examples: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd or Queen
What do you get with Lavinge? A bunch of songs of which Lyrics are written by professional songwriters (90%) and Lavigne(10%) and 100%of the music is written by the songwriters.
You also get an image of a neo-pop revolution. The one that takes the image of an underground culture of the 60s,70s and 80s (Punk) and that is being used by big companies (In the clothing and music industry). Nothing wrong with being rich and be owner of companies, but don't take the image of Lavigne as a something new or fresh. Is just an image created to make money and save some of the lost money of the labels when the numbers of Britney Spears and Nsync went down.
Does Lavigne say she is punk today? No
Did she say it at the beginning? Yes, because she was told to do so. The intention of the label was to make her look like some kind of female solo image of other pop bands(that call themself punk, like Good Charlotte or Sum 41). The problem was, that she wasn't "punk" and the sound of the music that was given to her so she could perform it wasn't anything like the punk music. It wasn't even pop-rock. So there was only a couple of articles in magazines in which she said she was punk, plus the clothe, and many people, with good reasons, just got really mad. For example, in the Editorial Review of of the album "Let go"(The one that does), the first words are "Self professed skater punk Avril...". That is the kind of things that makes many people get mad. I actually saw for a few seconds a concert of her on TV some months ago. There was this giant "A" inside a circle. The one that is supposed to represent "Anarchy" (I say supposed because the punks, whether they are real "punks" or just kids that hang out at the mall, in most of the cases don't know what the politic, social and economic theory of Anarchism is ). Another example of a fake image. I guess that Max Stirner, Joseph Pierre Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin and Errico Malatesta are not having a good time in their graves. Not that I agree with their ideas but...I don't think that their dream was a world with labels and pop singers making millions with the word Anarchy.
Are there still people that call her punk? Yes
Does she play the guitar? No she doesn't. Everybody know she doesn't. Well, not knowing how to play the acoustic or the electric guitar is not a sin. What makes people get mad, is that one of the factors that makes her sell, is appearing in pictures and videos playing the guitar (The picture of her single "Losing Grip" is a perfect example). It is a real shame that the labels are not only releasing bad products. The fact that they make money LYING is horrible.
Good Lyrics? Even though Lavigne has a very particular style in the interviews (Is some kind of...wannabe rebel) to sell more (yes, again), her attitude is not the one of the lyrics. A clear sign that everything is the work of professional songwriters. Also, they are extremely childish. She has said that she doesn't write songs for babies (Actually she doesn't write songs at all) and when you listen to the songs and you wonder if they were written by a middle school girl or by a professional that wrote them for middle school girls
The fact that Lavigne sells millions means she is good? Of course not. In the American music industry (That invades the other industries of the world), even William Hung sells a lot. It is all about image and marketing and the work of the labels. Explore a little bit beyond the Top40 and you'll see. There is the wrong idea of some people that think that there are people that like to criticize anything that sells more than 10 copies because they think is cool. It is not like that. I love the bands that I mentioned above and they all still sell millions. But I also can't stand some of the stuff that is in the Top charts. If you are gonna defend Lavigne don't say that the fact that she sells millions makes her good. Because that is not important anymore. If she wins the Grammy that doesn't matter either. 50Cent won 5 Grammies. Does that mean he's good? No.
I just wanted to give my opinion about Lavigne (again) and express my ideas. There is nothing wrong with that. It seems that those that give their opinions are classified as people that need to "get a life". Why is that? I don't know.
This album wasn't made by Lavigne (no feeling),nothing new(no thought), nothing relevant in the music and no voice that other singers can't match. She is an inferior live performer. It's mostly studio work (no abilities)and nothing but catchy songs (no great themes). This album doesn't represent any of the four things that music can be. She is going to keep on selling a lot. But I just wanted to give my two pennies.
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on June 10, 2004
My uncle Lester said "Go out and get some REAL music" to me and my sister the other day. He really upsets me. But he said that Avril has no talent. He grabbed the CD out of my hand and pointed to it and said "She don't even write her own songs, man!"
Uncle Lester says you have to have three things to be a good artist 1) be able to write your own songs 2) be able to put major 7 chords in your songs and 3) be able to play your own instruments. And he said "Avril can't do ANY of that!"
So to tick off my uncle Lester I put this CD in his Trans Am and blasted it away. The Hefty bag that he uses for a back window got sucked out of the back of the car when we were on the interstate because we had the music pumpin! It was so funny. My sister Caitlyn tried to catch it but it flew out the back before she could even grab it.
The whole time we listened to this CD my uncle Lester made comments on EVERY song. Like just be quiet and listen to Avril. But he said, I'll tell you what REAL music is. Like WHATEVER!
1. Losing Grip
Uncle Lester says "listen to "I'm Losing You" by John Lennon instead.

2. Complicated
Uncle Lester says "listen to the Rolling Stones "Complicated" instead."
3. Sk8er Boi
Uncle Lester says "listen to Bread's Greatest hits instead"
4. I'm With You
Uncle Lester says listen to "I'm In You" by Peter Frampton instead.

5. Mobile
UL said listen to Goin' Mobile by the Who instead.

6. Unwanted
UL said listen to "Under the Milky Way" by the Church instead.
7. Tomorrow
Uncle Lester said listen to "Tomorrow" by Wings instead.

8. Anything But Ordinary
UL said listen to "Extraordinary" by Prince instead.

9. Things I'll Never Say
UL said listen to "Things We Said Today" by the Beatles instead.

10. My World
UL said listen to "My World Fell Down" by Sagittarius instead.

11. Nobody's Fool
UL said listen to "Nobody Told Me" by John Lennon instead.

12. Too Much To Ask
Uncle L. said listen to "Never Ask Me" by Pete Townshend instead.

13. Naked
Uncle Lester said listen to "Naked in the Rain" by RHCP instead.
So I listened to all the songs that my uncle said to listen to. You know what I did with my Avril CD the very next day? I gave it to a girl at the mall with an Avril t-shirt on and it really made her day. Now I'm listening to David Bowie CDs instead. And I found that I am so much happier. Wow, thanks Uncle Lester for steering me in the direction of some real music.
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on June 8, 2004
The reviewer below needs to calm down a bit. It is NOT true that Avril Lavigne is God and knows all the answers to the riddles of the universe. Difficult as it is to fathom, Avril is still just a mortal human being, like you or me. It IS true, however, that Avril combines the musical abilities of Mozart and Duke Ellington all rolled up in the hottest little package ever known to mankind. That much I WILL grant you.
In terms of her singing voice, if Renee Fleming and Aretha Franklin had a lovechild (now THERE'S a thought!), and if that child had been given the finest musical training from the age of 2 to, say, late middle age, acquiring the emotional maturity of the seasoned artist while still maintaining the freshness of a young ingenue...then we might have something approaching the spectacular abilities of the awesome AVRIL.
In terms of her lyric-writing ability, if you were to take Shakespeare, Pushkin, and Noel Coward, and mix 'em all up and give them astounding insight into the minds of all the 12-year-old middle-class white girls in North America, encompassing all their joys and sorrows and profound musings on life, love, and the unified field theory, then you might get some inkling of what AVRIL is capable of, with her Zen-like haikus and infinitely subtle prosody and wordplay illuminating the human condition to its very core.
So, while I am not quite ready to make a graven image of her and offer up my firstborn, I am willing to concede that we are very lucky indeed to be living at this hour, when Avril walks among us. Cherish this moment in history. We shall not look upon her like again.
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on June 7, 2004
This is unique. Perfect!!!!Genious. Masterpiece. This goes far beyond anything achieved by any human mind in history. Those words that you can read in the title are THE MOST DEEP work of art of any kind achieved by any human being. Period. I mean when I heard those words in the radio while I was at home, I almost died. I almost had a heart attack. I said to myself "You have to calm down, is just a song" but I couldn't. I couldn't. I went out of my house and I screamed during hours...not hours, I'm lying, there were weeks that I spent doing nothing in the streets leaving my life behind screaming to everyone "I discovered the ultimate meaning of life!!!!". Such a meaning, such a feeling, such a perfect and unique way to use the language. Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles,the pre-Enlightement thinkers and Enlightement thinkers such as Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Voltaire, Rosseau etc, the science revolution thinkers such as Newton or the end of 18th and those of the 19th century german philosophers such as Hegel, Shopenhauer and Nietzche or the economics thinkers such as Smith and Marx are NOTHING compared to the INFINITE DEEPNESS of that extremenly talented mind of the Genious Avril Lavinge that wrote sentences such as have to calm down because I get very excited when I remember this holy I go...Behold!!! "He was a sk8er boi she said see ya later boi".OMG!!! Isn't that the most awesome and the finnest example of how the Universe can have the ultimate meaning of the excistence?.No, I'm wrong. It is BEYOND the limits of the Universe. And as a musician she is something that the world has never seen. Bach, Mozart, Beethoveen, Wagner, Vedi, Tchaivkovsky and Stravinsky never knew anything about music. They knew NOTHING!!!. If you compare those wannabe musicians with the ultimate mind of Avril, they are in the most deep abysm of hell while Avril is at an ultimate number (that hasn't been created yet because is too big)of trillion light years beyond the stars. And the way she plays the guitar is something that can make people have orgasms in the ears. Yes, I hope those guys with long hair and those that call themselves musicians and guitarrists (Page, Malmsteen, Vai,Clapton,Petrucci and Romeo (And I finnish here because the list is a kind of long),etc) and the spirit of that dead guy Hendrix are reading this. This is an advice for you you you you wannabe guitar players: You can't play the guitar.Is time go back to the practice room because Avril Rocks in da house and she smokes all of you with the guitar.
As a final Statement I DECLARE that Avril Lavinge is the most superior mind that the entire Universe has ever seen, and will ever be witnessed of. Her creations will change the existence of everything that exists and will exist in all the dimenisions....Just kiddig...Go the Hell Lavinge..HAHAHAHA
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on May 13, 2004
FYI, I work in the music industry, and I know many sound engineers (some of whom work for the label that carries Avril's stuff), so I know what I'm talking about. IT'S MY JOB TO KNOW THESE THINGS. If you would take the trouble to read my review more carefully, you'd know that I said the songs on the album were fun and catchy. I have no particular problem with the music per se.
What I was criticizing is the complete lack of talent in the supposed singer/composer/guitarist. The sad fact is, Avril cannot sing or play or compose. All these things are done for her, by other people.
I don't mind good singers who don't compose. I don't mind poor singers who write great songs. I can even understand a beautiful woman without much talent being marketed as a singer, although I don't approve of such a marketing tactic.
But I AM annoyed, and mystified, by a girl who has no talent whatsoever and isn't even pretty getting the kind of publicity and concert dates that ought to be going to hundreds of other, far more talented singers and songwriters.
So, go ahead and enjoy your Avril CDs. Just don't pretend she's a genuine talent. She's purely the creation of studio execs and engineers, nothing more.
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on May 5, 2004
With the whirlwind of press and media attention she has received, you would think that Avril Lavigne was some kind of monumental talent. But no - basically Let Go sounds like it came from Britney Spears's bratty older sister. Lavigne might like going around in spiked bracelets and Dickies talking about how "hardcore" she is, but the truth is her punk rock influences are only skin deep. She dresses the part, but if you're expecting lyrics about challenging the establishment and music other than what you hear on your local "soft rock" station, you are bound to be disappointed. I'm willing to bet that when asked what her favorite punk rock band is, she would respond by saying "Blink 182" - she hasn't a clue about the genre which she claims to represent. For more on this topic, take a look at my Simple Plan review.
If there were any doubts about which genre Lavigne belongs in, one listen to the album clears them up - it's teen pop. From the childish, Britney-like "life's like this" intro to "Complicated" to the embarrassingly immature lyrics of "Sk8er Boi" (complete with the obligatory kiss up to MTV), it's hard to imagine anyone over 17 listening to this without cringing in horror. The pitiful lyrics don't end there - here's some examples: "I never spend less than an hour / Washin' my hair in the shower / It always takes five hours to make it straight / So I'll braid it in a zillion braids" (from "My World") ... "I'm not the milk and cheerios in your spoon /It's not a simple here we go not so soon" (from "Nobody's Fool") ... "If you don't care / Then I don't care / We're not going anywhere" (from "Losing Grip"). Let's not forget about the song where Lavigne states that she wants to be "anything but ordinary" - if that's the case, she failed miserably with this album.
In summary: An album that anyone older than 12 should've been embarrassed to attach their name to, Let Go is a weak debut from an artist (using the word loosely) that has received far too much undeserved acclaim. Nothing on this album justifies the press she's received along with her astronomical sales numbers, so I suggest you pass on this one.
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on May 2, 2004
Have any of these Avril fans posting all these enthusiastic reviews here ever actually heard their idol live in concert? I have, four times. She's AWFUL! She literally cannot carry a tune. She doesn't really play an instrument (she's clearly faking it on stage and in her videos). She doesn't even write her own music--that's done for her by a professional group called Matrix, which also writes tunes for Britney Spears. All she does, as far as I can tell, is write some of the lyrics. Big deal. I'll admit that some of the songs on this album are fun and catchy, but Avril has very little to do with that.
Don't believe me? Listen to Avril live in concert: Her voice is screechy, puny, and consistently out of tune. All the credit for this CD belongs to the sound engineers, who ran Avril's "singing" through a TC-Helicon VoiceOne computer program that corrects for bad pitch and beefs up a thin, weak voice. So if you enjoy this album, thank the engineers, not Avril.
So, she can't sing, she can't play an instrument, and she doesn't write her own music. She's not even very pretty. So how in the world did she become a huge pop star? Why did the corporate suits choose this particular untalented person to be the Next Big Thing? Is her Daddy an executive in the music industry? I'm really curious.
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on April 21, 2004
I'm a Metalhead. I'm not into punk music. I think the fact their music is about politics while many of them have a very limited knowledge about it is sad. But I can understand that. That's why being young is about in many places in the world. But I still kind of like the guys. But this is a disgrace. This young girl is the biggest Poser ever. I mean is something incredible. She doesn't write her own songs and she doesn't play the guitar. And they try to make her seem, I don't know if by the Media, MTV or whatever,like a revolutionary thing. I mean what the hell? Her fans are basically elementary to high school girls. Only a few number of guys. She is just another object made and used by the media. But is sad that at this point, the industry is not only placing poser and pop elements like Britney, Timberlake, 50cent and Eminem (Yes,those two morons are pop too. Even more than the first two). They are also LYING about their tools(that's what they are. Tools to make money). She is not a musician. She is not punk. She doesn't belong to the Rock department either.She doesn't have any knowedge about the music that she says she represent. "I'm just being myself" So why was a country music singer before the industry picked her to use her. This is not the right place to recommend Metal bands. And is not necesary,after all the negative reviews (That are 99%of them right) about her, to explain why she is NOT PUNK. Anyway, out of all the people that are reading this and that like her, I hope at least one of you will think about explore a little beyond the Radio and MTV. Be happy you all
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on March 10, 2004
X-Tina Aguilera should give this gal some vocal lessons, cuz she can't sing for jacks***. Then she and Britney can teach her how to dance. My 10 yr. old sis writes better poetry than the lyrical content on this CD...come to think of it, she sings better too. What I really hate is a girl who has no talent AND can't perform live. Her warbling voice on and off the album is terrible. She could at least TRY to dance instead of jumping up and down in front of the mic like a bunny rabbit on crack. Britney is more talented. X-Tina is more talented. Hell, ASHANTI is more talented than Avril! You lovers say she writes her own music yet when the lyrics suck this bad, you almost wish they'd hired a writer. See, Norah did not write the lyrics for Come Away With Me and I still adore her! Avril has no talent. Y'all need to wakeup if you think otherwise. And nor is she the #1 role model of pop culture, either...she dresses like a dyke. You can't rhyme boi w/ boi, which is something Avril does, abusing the privilege of poetic license. At least this album is child-friendly, except for the word "ass" and maybe "damn" or something. Kids with no taste will love this one!!!
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on March 9, 2004
13 tracks of mind-stimulating music. Avril has brought to us a masterpiece which gives a boost to our minds and spirits. How much of a musical genius would Mozart have become if, when in the womb, he heard the soft strains of 'Sk8r Boi' drifting into his embryonic ears? Perhaps he would have become an actual musician like Avril instead of writing this symphonic crap. I mean, Avril can't really play the electric guitar, but Mozart probably couldn't play it at all! What the hell was wrong with him? I wonder what life would be like if Mozart were a 'Sk8r Punk' like my hero and idol, Avil Lavigne. He had to wear a powdered wig! Dear God. Why didn't he 'braid' his hair 'in a zillion braids' like Avril? Few musicians are as talented or as sexy as sk8r punk Avril. Nothing this thought-provoking has been around in the Foul Forties, the Festering Fifties, the Sucky Sixties, the Slummy Seventies, or the Evil Eighties. But when the Nifty Nineties rolled around, Avril's red-and-white Canadian colors (so very punk) began to shine. God bless Avril.
Just kidding. Go to hell, Avril.
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