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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 26, 2003
Avril Lavigne has got to be the biggest fake I have ever seen. She sits there and gathers attention and eating frosted flakes in her underpants while her "boys", or "hired hands" make all the music. Avril gets her lyrics from Scooby Doo and whatever cartoon she sits down and watches every morning.
If you don't agree with me, think of this -- most of her fans are whiny, screaming little 12 year olds who know nothing about music, just that Avril is so pretty and that she sings about "skater boi's" and "complicated" stuff. It's not that complicated guys, she sits back and endures her fame while the company pays people to make her music for her. We had a discussion at harmony central (a musician's board, yes I am a musician myself and I can't stand this pop icon blah) about how avril just sits back and does nothing. We've debated whether it was "musically adapt" to work as some other artist's hired hand, even if you didn't believe in the music you were told to write, and some said "yes", they would do it, because it would help them rake in some cash to get started on their own careers in the music industry. Perhaps that's what these musicians are doing, to get financially stable, so they can launch their band "closet monster" onto a major label.
However, there was debate about being true to your music, and that you shouldn't be performing for someone else and making music you don't FEEL, just because somebody pays you. Get a job at Wal-Mart or Delivering Pizzas, for crying out loud! A decent marshall stack will run you about $$$ but save your pennies!
The point of this review is to tell viewers and listeners out there that Avril isn't so magic as she seems. Most of her material was probably written by her hired hands, although I don't doubt Avril wrote a couple of the songs herself. If she could play a guitar properly, maybe she would be a better musician, but hearing about the incident at "MTV Unplugged", I can definately understand why she is such a faker. At MTV Unplugged, her "hired hands" play all of the songs and she sings (at an MTV Unplugged concert, you're supposed to play the songs yourself...she ruined tradition), and she pulls the guitar out for one song and claims to the audience "I .... at guitar, so don't laugh at me". What a joke, I mean seriously...this makes me sick that Avril Lavigne gets so much attention. What makes me more upset is that this CD has 4 1/2 stars.
If you want some REAL, SERIOUS music that is loaded with talent and creativity, check out Radiohead, the most talented and expiramental band I have ever encountered. The Smashing could we forget them? They're a rock icon from the 90s that will go down in history. Sigur Ros...a band that makes such beautiful music that hundreds of people have been known to break down and cry whilst listening to one of their musical masterpieces. I could go on and on...please anything but this. I'm sorry, but I'll pass on the snack crackers and the pop queen caviar.
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on July 19, 2003
Why do people like her in the first place? "I think she's cool. And I love her style, it's so individual. She doesn't parade around in skimpy clothes like everyone else. Her success is based on the fact that she's a good musician, and that's admirable" - Heidi, 18 Whoa, wait! Let's break that down.
1. Avril DID NOT get her success based on her talent. She debuted on MTV. She sold her soul to the devil when she signed that record contract, just like she's selling out. Her band was "given" to her, she didn't meet them.
2. Avril DOES wear skimpy clothes. Quote from the loser-"My ass-crack showing is my trademark". She also walked around in a bikini. Quote the loser on Britney-"Who f*cking wears a bra down the street?" and "Britney Spears is such a hoe cake."
3. Avril CANNOT play the guitar, or any other instrument for that matter. She never plays the guitar live, with one exception, and she warned her fans that she "totally sucks!" Her publicity shots with her guitar show her holding it the wrong way, and strumming non-existent chords. Her Complicated video shows her playing ONE chord, a G-chord, which isn't even in the song. She also has publicity photos of her playing the drums... Heh, she was holding one drumstick UPSIDE DOWN and make a fist around the other. She can't even hold them.. Her cd doesn't list her for guitar credits at all.
4. Avril DID NOT start any trends. She rode on existing trends, capitalizing on their popularity. I am angry that anyone would laud Avril for "bringing back the tie on girls". Alternative girls across the country have been wearing ties since the early 90s. The SPICE GIRLS, were wearing ties before Avril. Get this, Avril has a STYLIST. In fact, she has many stylists, ready to scout out another trend, making a comeback. She is the client of Stephanie Wolf, who goes and gets the ties etc. FOR Avril.
5. Avril CAN NOT skate. She could skate her way out of a gaping hole in a half pipe. Quoth the loser -"I like wiping out and hurting myself and crying. And I like to show off my bruises. And, me and the guys just like to mess around on them, even though we all suck."
"Dude, I suck," is her typical response when asked about her shredding skills. "I mean, I like to skate, it's fun, but ... I like to do it in my free time. I don't want someone to shove a camera and a board in my face and be like, 'Here, let's see what everyone's talking about.' Because it's not like I'm a pro. I fall a lot, but I mean, everyone falls, you know." -- from
6. Avril IS incredibly RUDE and IMMATURE. She makes horrible comments on other popstars. She thought it would be funny to run away and play hide and seek from a new bodyguard that was being assigned to her. She flicks everyone off. She doesn't want preppies to listen to her music, and refused to autograph things for people dressed like "preppies" at her concert. She was rude accepting her VMA award, but then got drunk off her ass afterwards. She was kicked out of hotels for disturbing the other people there. She thought she was funny, and um, witty. She stole a strawberry from a hotel cart. (how bad ass...) She was acting stupid in a bar (she's 17, 18?) with Sum 41, trashed it, and thought it was funny when they gave her a wedgie.
"The other night, I got into three fights," says Lavigne. "I was at a club and some girl was giving me attitude. When people are drinking, they get mouthy. She pushed me, and I got her down on the floor. Security came, and because I was on top, they threw me out." --from
7. Avril's music SUCKS! She sounds like a country singer, for the first part. In fact, she was supposed to be marketed as one. Her favorite band is Hanson. Then she tries, um, RAPPING? Next thing we know there'll be Shanikwa Lablingbling. Are her lyrics DEEP? hmmm... "She was a girl, he was a boy" blah blah blah complete [*]! She's not the cheerios in somebody's spoon, how deep!!! In "Mobile" she complains about having to go on tour, and other crap. This was written before she even became famous, how the hell would SHE know?
8. Avril is a COMPLETE DUMBASS! But what do you expect from a high school dropout who spells boy with an "i"? She looks like one too, underneath those 2 tons of whorish eye make-up. In her interview with YM, she was going on and on about getting married and other stupid fantasies of hers. She talked about the "thing the guy has to lift off of the girl's face to kiss her"... She doesn't know that it's called a veil?! She got fired from some chicken place, nobody really gives a [*], but then she had to sing a SONG about it.
9. Avril's PAST is a lie. She is just like Vanilla Ice, making up things to make her more hardcore. In reality, she was raised to be a christian school girl. She was a cheerleader. She sang at fairs. She sang COUNTRY music at those fairs. She wanted to be like Martina McBride or Shania Twain. Quoth her former manager- "She didn't know Blink 182 from Madonna".
10. Avril will not be, nor has ever been a SKATER PUNK. She is not skater, she is no punk. The two things are different, distinct movements/styles/musical genres and she is neither. She couldn't name a Ramones song to save her life! Yes, she DID say she was punk. She's even bared her undies, that read "Punk Princess". She's worn pins with "Kiss me, I'm Punk" on them. She's lied and conived and contradicted herself. She has, above all, said that she was punk. End of story. I don't buy her [*], 3 months later, when she takes everything back. After the backlash, the shameless little [*] poseur says "Oh, I didn't mean it THAT way..." Bull.
"She is not a skateboarder; she is not a punk. She is not from the streets. She is from a middle-class family in Napanee. She is from a very safe neighbourhood," "Skater? No. Punk? No. They've sold her out. The expectations are now that shes this [*], whos smashing her gutair in a slick video. Thats as programmed as anything else, and it's such teeny-bopper-trying-to-be-cool stuff. She's not a punk. Shes probably more contrived then Britney Spears ever was. Avril has the potential to be real, but right now, shes a poseur." --Clint Fabri, Avril's former manager
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on July 13, 2003
This is one of the worst CDs I have ever heard, by one of the worst singers I have ever heard.
Sure, this CD may seem good to anyone who just wants to by into the latest trend, and doesn't even care whether the music is GOOD or not. But this is just the next pop trend, like all the previous trends, it doesn't even matter if it's good or not, as long as they can brainwash 12 year-olds into buying it.
I guess for a POP CD, it isn't much worse than Britney Spears or Mandy Moore. But when people start worshiping Avril like she's some "skater punk" or whatever and think that she plays the guitar and writes her own songs, that is where it gets ridiculous.
I cannot see how people could call Avril a punk, or how she could call herself "hardcore." Do these lyrics sound very punk to you: "He was a boy, she was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?" or "I never spend less than an hour/Washin' my hair in the shower/It always takes five hours to make it straight." That doesn't sound like any punk song I've ever heard, gosh, even Britney Spears has better lyrics than that in my opinion. Maybe if you think punk is someone who wears all the cool fashion trends from Hot Topic, you might believe she is "punk" or her music is "rock" or whatever, but she's not.
Avril Lavigne is literally the epitome of posers. If you don't know what epitome means, it means a really good example of a group of people. Wouldn't you call someone a poser if they could only play a few chords on the guitar, but still carried one around to make it look like you played it yourself, when really someone else plays the guitar for you in your songs? And also if they told people in interviews that they wrote their own songs, but then the credits on their CD clearly proved otherwise? Also, once again, if they claimed to be a "punk" just because they wear clothes from Hot Topic, and really their music is totally pop? Avril does all of that, and yet she is still one of the most popular singers nowadays on all the pop stations and MTV. I am really hoping that this fad fades out very soon, maybe then some good music will come back into the picture.
I really suggest that you do not waste your money on this CD. Don't buy into the money-making scheme of Avril. Buy some music that is good, by bands that don't have to use their clothing and appearance to label their music.
However, I guess if you're one of those people who is going to buy into the trends no matter what, you've probably already bought this CD, or you're going to buy it anyways no matter what I say, so it's probably not even worth it to try to convince you not to buy it. If you do buy it it'll be a waste of money, that's all i have to say.
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on May 25, 2003
I bought this CD a long while back before I was exposed to the real sickness that seems to be seeping through MTV that is Avril Lavigne. And even when I DID like her, I was not at all impressed with the CD. This CD's high points are "Losing Grip" and "Unwanted". Anything else on this CD is just not worth having your ears bleed. I mean come on, what 18 year old girl writes something as childish as "Sk8er Boi", or something so inane as to "I'm not the milk and Cheerios in your spoon, It's not a simple here we go not so soon, I might have fallen for that when I was 14 and a little more green" I'm sorry, but what was that? Oh, and this: "I never spend less than an hour, washin' my hair in the shower. It always takes five hours to make it straight. So I'll braid it in a zillion braids, though it may take a friggin' day. There's nothin' else better to do anyway" This CD made me want to lick my eyes. ...
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on May 31, 2003
Creativity abounds on this album. Avril Lavigne is the perfect representative for the angst-ridden punk girl, and she sings and writes songs like she knows it. While sporting a white wife-beater and tie, it's like she's speaking directly to the youth of today. As she bellows out powerful lyrics like "Why should I care?", and sings about issues that affect all of us, especially in such a confusing time, one can literally feel her as a guide to our nation, a true light in the darkness that engulfs our world of poseurs and hypocrites. Way to go, Avril!
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on May 25, 2003
Equation for success in the music business:
1. Identify age demographic of intended sales
2. Hire image consultant to identify current styles and trends
3. Write singles by committee, two-thirds majority rules on singles to add to album
4. Book appearances on as many M-Tv sponsored events and tours as possible.
5. Hold walk-on auditions and make-up tests for possible artist(s).
6. After said artist is hired, add water daily
7. Reap in success until album falls to below 75 on the top 100.
8. Repeat
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on June 22, 2004
What is music?
Music is either four things.
1:A form of art in which you express your feelings.
Example: Master Johann Sebastian Bach, Master Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Master Lugwig van Beethoven
2:A form of art in which you express thought
Example: Dream Theater
3:A from of art in which you show your abilities
Example: Yngwee Malmsteen, Steve Bai and many other musicians with different instruments besides the guitar
4:A form of art in which you demonstrate your creative abilities to create melodies that has a special effect in your mind and that stay in it forever(In other words, not so much ability to play but awesome songs)
Examples: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd or Queen
What do you get with Lavinge? A bunch of songs of which Lyrics are written by professional songwriters (90%) and Lavigne(10%) and 100%of the music is written by the songwriters.
You also get an image of a neo-pop revolution. The one that takes the image of an underground culture of the 60s,70s and 80s (Punk) and that is being used by big companies (In the clothing and music industry). Nothing wrong with being rich and be owner of companies, but don't take the image of Lavigne as a something new or fresh. Is just an image created to make money and save some of the lost money of the labels when the numbers of Britney Spears and Nsync went down.
Does Lavigne say she is punk today? No
Did she say it at the beginning? Yes, because she was told to do so. The intention of the label was to make her look like some kind of female solo image of other pop bands(that call themself punk, like Good Charlotte or Sum 41). The problem was, that she wasn't "punk" and the sound of the music that was given to her so she could perform it wasn't anything like the punk music. It wasn't even pop-rock. So there was only a couple of articles in magazines in which she said she was punk, plus the clothe, and many people, with good reasons, just got really mad. For example, in the Editorial Review of of the album "Let go"(The one that does), the first words are "Self professed skater punk Avril...". That is the kind of things that makes many people get mad. I actually saw for a few seconds a concert of her on TV some months ago. There was this giant "A" inside a circle. The one that is supposed to represent "Anarchy" (I say supposed because the punks, whether they are real "punks" or just kids that hang out at the mall, in most of the cases don't know what the politic, social and economic theory of Anarchism is ). Another example of a fake image. I guess that Max Stirner, Joseph Pierre Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin and Errico Malatesta are not having a good time in their graves. Not that I agree with their ideas but...I don't think that their dream was a world with labels and pop singers making millions with the word Anarchy.
Are there still people that call her punk? Yes
Does she play the guitar? No she doesn't. Everybody know she doesn't. Well, not knowing how to play the acoustic or the electric guitar is not a sin. What makes people get mad, is that one of the factors that makes her sell, is appearing in pictures and videos playing the guitar (The picture of her single "Losing Grip" is a perfect example). It is a real shame that the labels are not only releasing bad products. The fact that they make money LYING is horrible.
Good Lyrics? Even though Lavigne has a very particular style in the interviews (Is some kind of...wannabe rebel) to sell more (yes, again), her attitude is not the one of the lyrics. A clear sign that everything is the work of professional songwriters. Also, they are extremely childish. She has said that she doesn't write songs for babies (Actually she doesn't write songs at all) and when you listen to the songs and you wonder if they were written by a middle school girl or by a professional that wrote them for middle school girls
The fact that Lavigne sells millions means she is good? Of course not. In the American music industry (That invades the other industries of the world), even William Hung sells a lot. It is all about image and marketing and the work of the labels. Explore a little bit beyond the Top40 and you'll see. There is the wrong idea of some people that think that there are people that like to criticize anything that sells more than 10 copies because they think is cool. It is not like that. I love the bands that I mentioned above and they all still sell millions. But I also can't stand some of the stuff that is in the Top charts. If you are gonna defend Lavigne don't say that the fact that she sells millions makes her good. Because that is not important anymore. If she wins the Grammy that doesn't matter either. 50Cent won 5 Grammies. Does that mean he's good? No.
I just wanted to give my opinion about Lavigne (again) and express my ideas. There is nothing wrong with that. It seems that those that give their opinions are classified as people that need to "get a life". Why is that? I don't know.
This album wasn't made by Lavigne (no feeling),nothing new(no thought), nothing relevant in the music and no voice that other singers can't match. She is an inferior live performer. It's mostly studio work (no abilities)and nothing but catchy songs (no great themes). This album doesn't represent any of the four things that music can be. She is going to keep on selling a lot. But I just wanted to give my two pennies.
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on June 10, 2004
My uncle Lester said "Go out and get some REAL music" to me and my sister the other day. He really upsets me. But he said that Avril has no talent. He grabbed the CD out of my hand and pointed to it and said "She don't even write her own songs, man!"
Uncle Lester says you have to have three things to be a good artist 1) be able to write your own songs 2) be able to put major 7 chords in your songs and 3) be able to play your own instruments. And he said "Avril can't do ANY of that!"
So to tick off my uncle Lester I put this CD in his Trans Am and blasted it away. The Hefty bag that he uses for a back window got sucked out of the back of the car when we were on the interstate because we had the music pumpin! It was so funny. My sister Caitlyn tried to catch it but it flew out the back before she could even grab it.
The whole time we listened to this CD my uncle Lester made comments on EVERY song. Like just be quiet and listen to Avril. But he said, I'll tell you what REAL music is. Like WHATEVER!
1. Losing Grip
Uncle Lester says "listen to "I'm Losing You" by John Lennon instead.

2. Complicated
Uncle Lester says "listen to the Rolling Stones "Complicated" instead."
3. Sk8er Boi
Uncle Lester says "listen to Bread's Greatest hits instead"
4. I'm With You
Uncle Lester says listen to "I'm In You" by Peter Frampton instead.

5. Mobile
UL said listen to Goin' Mobile by the Who instead.

6. Unwanted
UL said listen to "Under the Milky Way" by the Church instead.
7. Tomorrow
Uncle Lester said listen to "Tomorrow" by Wings instead.

8. Anything But Ordinary
UL said listen to "Extraordinary" by Prince instead.

9. Things I'll Never Say
UL said listen to "Things We Said Today" by the Beatles instead.

10. My World
UL said listen to "My World Fell Down" by Sagittarius instead.

11. Nobody's Fool
UL said listen to "Nobody Told Me" by John Lennon instead.

12. Too Much To Ask
Uncle L. said listen to "Never Ask Me" by Pete Townshend instead.

13. Naked
Uncle Lester said listen to "Naked in the Rain" by RHCP instead.
So I listened to all the songs that my uncle said to listen to. You know what I did with my Avril CD the very next day? I gave it to a girl at the mall with an Avril t-shirt on and it really made her day. Now I'm listening to David Bowie CDs instead. And I found that I am so much happier. Wow, thanks Uncle Lester for steering me in the direction of some real music.
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on June 8, 2004
The reviewer below needs to calm down a bit. It is NOT true that Avril Lavigne is God and knows all the answers to the riddles of the universe. Difficult as it is to fathom, Avril is still just a mortal human being, like you or me. It IS true, however, that Avril combines the musical abilities of Mozart and Duke Ellington all rolled up in the hottest little package ever known to mankind. That much I WILL grant you.
In terms of her singing voice, if Renee Fleming and Aretha Franklin had a lovechild (now THERE'S a thought!), and if that child had been given the finest musical training from the age of 2 to, say, late middle age, acquiring the emotional maturity of the seasoned artist while still maintaining the freshness of a young ingenue...then we might have something approaching the spectacular abilities of the awesome AVRIL.
In terms of her lyric-writing ability, if you were to take Shakespeare, Pushkin, and Noel Coward, and mix 'em all up and give them astounding insight into the minds of all the 12-year-old middle-class white girls in North America, encompassing all their joys and sorrows and profound musings on life, love, and the unified field theory, then you might get some inkling of what AVRIL is capable of, with her Zen-like haikus and infinitely subtle prosody and wordplay illuminating the human condition to its very core.
So, while I am not quite ready to make a graven image of her and offer up my firstborn, I am willing to concede that we are very lucky indeed to be living at this hour, when Avril walks among us. Cherish this moment in history. We shall not look upon her like again.
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on June 7, 2004
This is unique. Perfect!!!!Genious. Masterpiece. This goes far beyond anything achieved by any human mind in history. Those words that you can read in the title are THE MOST DEEP work of art of any kind achieved by any human being. Period. I mean when I heard those words in the radio while I was at home, I almost died. I almost had a heart attack. I said to myself "You have to calm down, is just a song" but I couldn't. I couldn't. I went out of my house and I screamed during hours...not hours, I'm lying, there were weeks that I spent doing nothing in the streets leaving my life behind screaming to everyone "I discovered the ultimate meaning of life!!!!". Such a meaning, such a feeling, such a perfect and unique way to use the language. Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles,the pre-Enlightement thinkers and Enlightement thinkers such as Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Voltaire, Rosseau etc, the science revolution thinkers such as Newton or the end of 18th and those of the 19th century german philosophers such as Hegel, Shopenhauer and Nietzche or the economics thinkers such as Smith and Marx are NOTHING compared to the INFINITE DEEPNESS of that extremenly talented mind of the Genious Avril Lavinge that wrote sentences such as have to calm down because I get very excited when I remember this holy I go...Behold!!! "He was a sk8er boi she said see ya later boi".OMG!!! Isn't that the most awesome and the finnest example of how the Universe can have the ultimate meaning of the excistence?.No, I'm wrong. It is BEYOND the limits of the Universe. And as a musician she is something that the world has never seen. Bach, Mozart, Beethoveen, Wagner, Vedi, Tchaivkovsky and Stravinsky never knew anything about music. They knew NOTHING!!!. If you compare those wannabe musicians with the ultimate mind of Avril, they are in the most deep abysm of hell while Avril is at an ultimate number (that hasn't been created yet because is too big)of trillion light years beyond the stars. And the way she plays the guitar is something that can make people have orgasms in the ears. Yes, I hope those guys with long hair and those that call themselves musicians and guitarrists (Page, Malmsteen, Vai,Clapton,Petrucci and Romeo (And I finnish here because the list is a kind of long),etc) and the spirit of that dead guy Hendrix are reading this. This is an advice for you you you you wannabe guitar players: You can't play the guitar.Is time go back to the practice room because Avril Rocks in da house and she smokes all of you with the guitar.
As a final Statement I DECLARE that Avril Lavinge is the most superior mind that the entire Universe has ever seen, and will ever be witnessed of. Her creations will change the existence of everything that exists and will exist in all the dimenisions....Just kiddig...Go the Hell Lavinge..HAHAHAHA
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