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4.2 out of 5 stars1,831
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on April 8, 2003
First off, I would just like to say that I got this a week after it's release. (I usually buy big selling CD's after it becomes popular.) I saw Avril's talent in the song COMPLICATED. The CD starts off with a bang on the quasi-Alanis Morissette influenced song LOSING GRIP where Avril asks herself "Why should I care? cuz you weren't there when I was scared, I was so alone." The CD then gives out three more hits with COMPLICATED, SK8ER BOI, and I'M WITH YOU. Complicated is one of my favorite tracks on the CD, and Sk8er Boi I probably could live without, it's just OK. But I'm With You was one of my favorites right when I heard it. I waited FOREVER for it to be released as a single, and I was so glad when it finally was. The next song, MOBILE, is also one of my favorites. The next track (UNWANTED) is kind of along the lines of Losing Grip, and Avril takes a stab with "You don't know me, don't ignore me, if you had your way you'd just shut me out... make me go away." The CD from there is pretty mellow. It's easy riding from there on with more possible hits like MY WORLD (which I soooo want to be released as a single) and THINGS I'LL NEVER SAY (which is also a great song). All of the other songs are good, too. So I would REALLY reccomend this CD to anyone! It even surprised me how many people at my school have and enjoy this album as much as I do! Chances are, you'll really like this CD. If not, you'll at least find like 3 songs that you enjoy a lot. This is a GREAT buy! If you don't already have it... (why would you not?!?!) ...BUY IT! I highly reccomend it to all. ENJOY! (I know I sure did!!!!!)
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on November 3, 2002
Let Go, the debut album of Canadian born Avril Lavigne is a must for any mixed up teenager with a passion for the girl power rock that is currently taking over the charts with artists such as Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and Pink inspiring teenage girls throughout the States and now the UK. This glorious first offering from Miss Lavigne is a superb mixture of pop, rock and ska which is sure to stun critics and entice music fans to their nearest record store within days of release. Her first single which has already stormed the charts in the UK is aptly named Complicated, and is an easy to listen to delight with an unbelievably catchy melody and lyrics that fans are sure to love singing along to at Avril's inevitably packed forthcoming gigs. She brings a realness to music that far outshines her seniors like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and at only 17 years old her lyrics hold an honesty and freedom that artists twice her years have not yet mastered. The album demonstrates not only her diversity in style but also her unmistakable vocal skills and instrumental talent. She has been compared to fellow Canadian Alanis Morrisette, no doubt due to her 'take me as I am' attitude and excellent song writing abilities. Every song on the Let Go album is written by Avril, showing a maturity and aptitude that stretches far beyond her years. Songs that really stand out in intelligence of writing and vocal flair on the debut include the fuming Losing Grip with a haunting melody that truly shows 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,' along with the equally impressive Too Much To Ask, Tomorrow and I'm With You. The second single taken from the album, Sk8r Boi (Skater Boy) is a ska punk masterpiece with undeniably catchy, fun lyrics which should establish the up and coming star as a true talent of her generation.
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on October 30, 2002
Avril Lavigne is one of the most talented and upcoming artist in this day and age. She is a talented young woman who sings about what she knows. Comparing her to Britney or Christina is riduculous. Is the reason most people dont like her, simply the fact that she is not strutting around naked on her film clips,does not have anorexic bimbos dancing around her, or the fact that she is talented enough to write her own songs.
Avril's music i have found touches people (i have to say that even my fiance thinks that she rocks)i have found numerous people that love her and people that will listen to her but no one that dispises her. When i have kids i hope that the grow up to be like Avril, she sings from the heart, has such passion and doesnt feel the need to flaunt bare skin in her filmclips to stay in the charts. This young woman has spunk, she appears to be street smart and does not make out that life is all peachy keen. People that dont like her thats fine but just because you dont like her dont bad mouth her. There are lots of people out there like Michelle Branch, Pink, lifehouse etc who are praised solely for the musical talents why not praise Avril for them aswell. Avril is original, she wears what she wants, sings what she knows and is a real person,a real performer, not a sex show with song.
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on August 9, 2002
Pop music has been dying for an artist like Avril Lavigne. Not only does she write her own music, she performs it live too using...get this...instruments! AAAGGHHH!!! For those people who enjoy good, personal lyrics and a fun time. Get this CD! Now I'll rate each song
1. Losing Grip - (3.5/5) Good guitar. Obviously very mad when she wrote this one.
2. Complicated - (4/5) Well, it was a 5/5 the first 500 times I heard it.
3. Sk8er Boi - (5/5) Fun punk about going for what ya want.
4. Mobile - (4/5) THis song really grows on you. A good song for graduates too. Go class of '02
5. Unwanted - (4/5) Awesome, guitar driven song, great chorus.
6. Tomorrow - (3/5) One of my less favorite songs on the CD, but a nice sullen ballad.
7. Anything But Ordinary - (5/5) Unbelievable beautiful rock singing by Avirl. Gave me the chills.
8. Things I'll Never Say - (2.5/5) My least fav song on the CD, a little too girly for me.
9. My World - (4/5) Any suburbanite will appreciate this song.
10. Nobody's Fool - (4/5) Avril raps a little bit, which is fun. Memorable line: "I've got a backbone stronger than yours."
11. Too Much to Ask - (3/5) Pretty good song, nothing really special about it.
12. Naked (3.5/5) - [stinks] that Jennifer Love Hewitt came up with a song so similar coz this might have been a cool single.
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on July 11, 2002
This CD is one that both teens and adults will love. In some songs, you can tell that she's singing from a teen perspective, but it wouldn't be real if it didn't have any of those songs. Musically, this CD is just as grown up as anything the Bangles or Go Gos did. Avril is an innovator and a genius! She has taken the music of Alanis, Pink, and Jewel, and has added her own punk & folk distinctiveness. Songs like Sk8ter Boi already have timeless melodies. If you love the power pop style, this is one of the best CDs you could buy. The lyrics have room for growth structurally, but they have loads of charisma. This CD is a bit more rough around the edges than Michelle Branch's CD, but it's hard to pick a favorite of the two. For the people saying she's not punk enough musically, remember that a punk attitude is most important. I'm convinced that she's not fake. Even the Ramones weren't always hardcore, yet they deserved the punk label. She's young, and I think she'll grow more punk and alternative musically. But, I hope she doesn't lose the charm of Let Go!
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on July 2, 2002
Avril Lavigne's debut CD, "Let Go" has been selling off the hook since it's release date of June 4th, 2002. Her CD features the #1 hit, "Complicated" which has topped both Canadian, and American music charts. The CD has reached #5 on Billboard charts, after only 3 weeks of release.
"Let Go" has variety of moods in every song, almost like Avril took the whole CD out of her diary. Songs like "Naked" and "I'm With You" show the deep side of this 17-year-old punk from Napanee, Ontario. Tracks such as "Losing Grip", and "Unwanted" lets the listeners more into Avril's personal life, loud and clear. This angsty girl has a lot of gut and emotion.
One of the more bounce along, jump around songs on the album is "Sk8er Boi". This one is about how a girl turned down a 'boi' because of the way he dressed, and Avril claims the boy and rubs it in the snobby girls face. Harsh, but true. That just shows how kick-[rear] this girl can get.
The track, "Mobile" is about how she has to pack up, and leave all of her friends. "Everywhere I go, I am Mobile" she sings, putting it lightly.
Avril, who is only 17... co-wrote all of the songs off of this 13 track CD. "Let Go" also includes an Enhanced feature, which includes a bonus track, EPK, and the video for "Complicated".
This CD is full of surprises. Rap, punk, the list goes on... Avril is here to stay, and this is only the beginning.
Pick up your copy of "Let Go" today.
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on January 11, 2003
Avril, her stlye; baggy clothes, white tank, tie, Many accesories(punk). But some say her clothes rock more than her music!? Though many of her songs may not be as hardcore as other rising punk bands like GC, New Found Glory, or sum 41 her songs have strong lyrics w/ a punk sound. This album came just in time to save Hollywood from sluty pop-stars who lipsing and don't write their own music! Her songs are pure with lyrics teens can relate to. So if u like bands like GC, Sum41, simple plan, and New Found Glory... buy this album!!!
1.Losing Grip- 5/5
2.Complicated- 4/5
3.Sk8er Boi- 4/5
4.I'm with you- 5/5
5.Mobile- 5/5
6.Unwanted- 5/5
7.Tomorrow- 4/5
8.Anything but ordinary- 5/5
9.Things i'll never say- 4/5
10.My world- 5/5
11.Nobody's fool- 10/5 *MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM*
12.Too much to ask- 4/5
13.Naked- 6/5
I cant wait for the next album, rock on Avril & boys! peace
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on July 3, 2003
Avril Lavigne's Let Go has got catchy lyrics, and it's good enough to keep you entertained. Avril Lavigne is for those who just want to listen to "just regular stuff"--anything with a good beat and catchy lyrics. Some of my favorite tracks include "Sk8er Boi" and "Anything but Ordinary" opposed to the popular "Complicated" and "I'm With You". However, I doubt her self-declared "punk" personality has made its way into her music, which remans a mild level of foot tapping, but no head bashing or flailing. Despite her attempts (both in self-declaration and dress) to be "punk" and perhaps different, she's probably just normal. She would do better to drop the wanna-be punk.
Overall though, if you like Michelle Branch, you'll probably like Lavigne too. She's got a good voice, and even if her lyrics aren't profound, it makes for a good buy.
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on May 25, 2003
I bought this CD a long while back before I was exposed to the real sickness that seems to be seeping through MTV that is Avril Lavigne. And even when I DID like her, I was not at all impressed with the CD. This CD's high points are "Losing Grip" and "Unwanted". Anything else on this CD is just not worth having your ears bleed. I mean come on, what 18 year old girl writes something as childish as "Sk8er Boi", or something so inane as to "I'm not the milk and Cheerios in your spoon, It's not a simple here we go not so soon, I might have fallen for that when I was 14 and a little more green" I'm sorry, but what was that? Oh, and this: "I never spend less than an hour, washin' my hair in the shower. It always takes five hours to make it straight. So I'll braid it in a zillion braids, though it may take a friggin' day. There's nothin' else better to do anyway" This CD made me want to lick my eyes. ...
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on June 21, 2003
Alright, don't get me wrong, but you may be confused. See i rated the cd 5 stars but have a title that's not very complementary. See, I love her music, i really do, there's not a single song I don't like. (Tomorrow and I'm With You took a little while, but oh well) But it's HER i can't stand!!! She thinks she's SOOOOOOO unique when really she's just another preppy poser that I hate!!!!!!!! She says she's so different and she doesn't care what people think, when really, she does, and she is just pretending so people will like her! I find it ironic that what she sings about in "Complicated" is not at all what she TRULY lives by. It's people like her that give true unique people who like to express their individuality (SUCH AS MYSELF!) a bad name. We truly need to take her out with the trash and make our superficial world a better place.
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