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5.0 out of 5 stars Fresh New Sound
When I saw Avril on TRL and she was Carson's pick of the week I thought she was absolutely awesome at first site! Avril is a 17 year rock skateboard person from a small town in Ontario. I would reccommend this to anyone who likes Vanessa Carlton or Michelle Branch but Avril is better. She is very similair to those three (each play an instrument, are young, write their...
Published on June 6 2002 by gyrfalcon987

3.0 out of 5 stars Alright
"Let Go" is alright, but there are far too many fillers! Lavigne's 2nd album, "Under My Skin", is alot better, so if you want an Avril CD don't get this one. Song-by-song review:
Losing Grip: this is supposedly Avril's favourite song on the album. The lyrics are awkward at some parts, like the whole "WHY SHOULD I CAAAAAAARRREEEE!" thing...
Published on Feb. 3 2006

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1.0 out of 5 stars I know some better music peeps!, June 10 2004
By A Customer
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
My uncle Lester said "Go out and get some REAL music" to me and my sister the other day. He really upsets me. But he said that Avril has no talent. He grabbed the CD out of my hand and pointed to it and said "She don't even write her own songs, man!"
Uncle Lester says you have to have three things to be a good artist 1) be able to write your own songs 2) be able to put major 7 chords in your songs and 3) be able to play your own instruments. And he said "Avril can't do ANY of that!"
So to tick off my uncle Lester I put this CD in his Trans Am and blasted it away. The Hefty bag that he uses for a back window got sucked out of the back of the car when we were on the interstate because we had the music pumpin! It was so funny. My sister Caitlyn tried to catch it but it flew out the back before she could even grab it.
The whole time we listened to this CD my uncle Lester made comments on EVERY song. Like just be quiet and listen to Avril. But he said, I'll tell you what REAL music is. Like WHATEVER!
1. Losing Grip
Uncle Lester says "listen to "I'm Losing You" by John Lennon instead.

2. Complicated
Uncle Lester says "listen to the Rolling Stones "Complicated" instead."
3. Sk8er Boi
Uncle Lester says "listen to Bread's Greatest hits instead"
4. I'm With You
Uncle Lester says listen to "I'm In You" by Peter Frampton instead.

5. Mobile
UL said listen to Goin' Mobile by the Who instead.

6. Unwanted
UL said listen to "Under the Milky Way" by the Church instead.
7. Tomorrow
Uncle Lester said listen to "Tomorrow" by Wings instead.

8. Anything But Ordinary
UL said listen to "Extraordinary" by Prince instead.

9. Things I'll Never Say
UL said listen to "Things We Said Today" by the Beatles instead.

10. My World
UL said listen to "My World Fell Down" by Sagittarius instead.

11. Nobody's Fool
UL said listen to "Nobody Told Me" by John Lennon instead.

12. Too Much To Ask
Uncle L. said listen to "Never Ask Me" by Pete Townshend instead.

13. Naked
Uncle Lester said listen to "Naked in the Rain" by RHCP instead.
So I listened to all the songs that my uncle said to listen to. You know what I did with my Avril CD the very next day? I gave it to a girl at the mall with an Avril t-shirt on and it really made her day. Now I'm listening to David Bowie CDs instead. And I found that I am so much happier. Wow, thanks Uncle Lester for steering me in the direction of some real music.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Get A Grip, Dude., June 8 2004
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
The reviewer below needs to calm down a bit. It is NOT true that Avril Lavigne is God and knows all the answers to the riddles of the universe. Difficult as it is to fathom, Avril is still just a mortal human being, like you or me. It IS true, however, that Avril combines the musical abilities of Mozart and Duke Ellington all rolled up in the hottest little package ever known to mankind. That much I WILL grant you.
In terms of her singing voice, if Renee Fleming and Aretha Franklin had a lovechild (now THERE'S a thought!), and if that child had been given the finest musical training from the age of 2 to, say, late middle age, acquiring the emotional maturity of the seasoned artist while still maintaining the freshness of a young ingenue...then we might have something approaching the spectacular abilities of the awesome AVRIL.
In terms of her lyric-writing ability, if you were to take Shakespeare, Pushkin, and Noel Coward, and mix 'em all up and give them astounding insight into the minds of all the 12-year-old middle-class white girls in North America, encompassing all their joys and sorrows and profound musings on life, love, and the unified field theory, then you might get some inkling of what AVRIL is capable of, with her Zen-like haikus and infinitely subtle prosody and wordplay illuminating the human condition to its very core.
So, while I am not quite ready to make a graven image of her and offer up my firstborn, I am willing to concede that we are very lucky indeed to be living at this hour, when Avril walks among us. Cherish this moment in history. We shall not look upon her like again.
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1.0 out of 5 stars "He was a sk8er boi she said see ya later boi."OMG OMG OMG!!, June 7 2004
T. Torres "antiradioandmtv" (Miami, FL United States) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
This is unique. Perfect!!!!Genious. Masterpiece. This goes far beyond anything achieved by any human mind in history. Those words that you can read in the title are THE MOST DEEP work of art of any kind achieved by any human being. Period. I mean when I heard those words in the radio while I was at home, I almost died. I almost had a heart attack. I said to myself "You have to calm down, is just a song" but I couldn't. I couldn't. I went out of my house and I screamed during hours...not hours, I'm lying, there were weeks that I spent doing nothing in the streets leaving my life behind screaming to everyone "I discovered the ultimate meaning of life!!!!". Such a meaning, such a feeling, such a perfect and unique way to use the language. Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles,the pre-Enlightement thinkers and Enlightement thinkers such as Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Voltaire, Rosseau etc, the science revolution thinkers such as Newton or the end of 18th and those of the 19th century german philosophers such as Hegel, Shopenhauer and Nietzche or the economics thinkers such as Smith and Marx are NOTHING compared to the INFINITE DEEPNESS of that extremenly talented mind of the Genious Avril Lavinge that wrote sentences such as have to calm down because I get very excited when I remember this holy I go...Behold!!! "He was a sk8er boi she said see ya later boi".OMG!!! Isn't that the most awesome and the finnest example of how the Universe can have the ultimate meaning of the excistence?.No, I'm wrong. It is BEYOND the limits of the Universe. And as a musician she is something that the world has never seen. Bach, Mozart, Beethoveen, Wagner, Vedi, Tchaivkovsky and Stravinsky never knew anything about music. They knew NOTHING!!!. If you compare those wannabe musicians with the ultimate mind of Avril, they are in the most deep abysm of hell while Avril is at an ultimate number (that hasn't been created yet because is too big)of trillion light years beyond the stars. And the way she plays the guitar is something that can make people have orgasms in the ears. Yes, I hope those guys with long hair and those that call themselves musicians and guitarrists (Page, Malmsteen, Vai,Clapton,Petrucci and Romeo (And I finnish here because the list is a kind of long),etc) and the spirit of that dead guy Hendrix are reading this. This is an advice for you you you you wannabe guitar players: You can't play the guitar.Is time go back to the practice room because Avril Rocks in da house and she smokes all of you with the guitar.
As a final Statement I DECLARE that Avril Lavinge is the most superior mind that the entire Universe has ever seen, and will ever be witnessed of. Her creations will change the existence of everything that exists and will exist in all the dimenisions....Just kiddig...Go the Hell Lavinge..HAHAHAHA
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5.0 out of 5 stars One Juicy Slice of Canadian Bacon, June 5 2004
Ashley (Phoenix, AZ (USA)) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
Avril Lavigne is a born rebel with a unique sense of style and personality. Her album, Let Go, is basically a mixture of pop, pop, and more pop.
1.) "Losing Grip"=8/10~This song is a dark and catchy opener. I once heard that this is Avril's favorite track and I can see why.
2.) "Complicated"=9/10~When I first heard of Avril Lavigne, this was the song that was playing.
3.) "Sk8er Boi"=11/10~Call me shallow, juvenile, or whatever you want, but I am still entitled to my opinion. This is the best track on the entire album (!!!) and I can see why they play it on the radio a lot.
4.) "I'm With You"=9/10~I normally don't like ballads at all. But this is an exception; it has a nice story line to it.
5.) "Mobile"=8/10~To me, this song seems to be one of the fillers, but I like it anyway.
6.) "Unwanted"=10/10~This is quite an edgy song about a relationship gone wrong. I love it!
7.) "Tomorrow"=10/10~It is nice to see Avril sensitive every once in awhile.
8.) "Anything But Ordinary"=10/10~That you are, Avril; that you are...:)
9.) "Things I'll Never Say"=10/10~This is a nice and cute, lil' love song from the antagonized "sk8er gurl": Priceless.
10.) "My World"=9/10~A nice visual of an average life in the small town of Napanee. I especially like the part when she says that she got fired by "fried-chicken a**." (Tee-hee!)
11.) "Nobody's Fool"=10/10~Avril is an AWESOME rapper, and I think she should do it more often.
12.) "Too Much to Ask"=8/10~Forgive me for expressing this, but I think Avril sounds kinda' "countryish" in this song.
13.) "Naked"=9/10~This is a nice way to end the album...One of my favorite songs.
All in all, this CD was FANTASTIC!!! And trust me, it is definitely worth your twenty bucks.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not as Good, but good for what she had to offer, May 30 2004
Mary (Under a Rock, Hicksville, USA) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
I say this album isn't as good as Under My Skin, but I stil lthink she put out the best album she was able to do back then.
1. Losing Grip-This song is really cool, I love it. Great opneing song. 10/10
2.Complicated-The radio played this too much but it's still a good song. 9/10
3.Sk8er Boi- I used to love this song, now it's stil ok, but not my favorite. 9/10
4.I'm With You- Such a great song. It's a heart touching ballad. 10/10
5.Mobile- Probably my least favorite track.8/10
6.Unwanted- Avril's faovrite track. It's so cool. 10/10
7.Tomorrow- LOVE IT! 10/10
8.Anything But Ordinary-Yes that's what you are Avril. 9/10
9. Thing's I'll Never Say- This is an awesome song. 10/10
10. My World- This is a great song to sing if you live in a small town. 9/10
11.Nobody's Fool- I'm surprised, if Avril had wnated to, she would've been a pretty good rapper. 10/10
12. Too Much To Ask- One of my favorites. 10/10
13. Naked- Good closing to good album. 10/10
126/130=5 stars
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4.0 out of 5 stars Exrtaordinary Start, You Have Brought Me Into Pop, May 26 2004
Claire (Fairfield, CA) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
Avril Lavigne has arrived on the scene setting herself apart from the rest of the pop princesses out there. Her music, as well as her image takes on a harder side than what most of us think when we think pop. This change comes as a relief to me, finnaly seeing someone like her able to get out there and get a record deal. Throughout my 15 years, I have distinctly avoided pop because of the image it gets as prep music and have had a better appreciation for rock as I am a musician my self. I have made my exception with Avril. Her lyrics touch base on a lot of problems the typical (but what is typical) teenager has. She also puts herslef into the album with songs like "Mobile" where she tells of how she has to keep moving and never gets to settle down. It's song like these that remind us that being a star isn't all that it's cracked up to be, no matter what they want you to think.
Musically, I give it five stars for some exellent variation ranging from the hyped up "Sk8ter Boi" to the slowed down "Tomorrow" and "I'm with you". Personally, they have overplayed "Complicated" on the radio waaaaay to much, but if it gets people to buy this album, I'm alright with it. But don't just buy this for that single. There are so many better things than that song, and I'm sure Avril would agree with me. (she must be sick of performing that song by now anyways)
The reason why I did not give this freshman album a full five is this- I don't think this is her best. I believe she can give out more and more and this CD is just the tip of her iceberg. GO FOR IT AVRIL!! I am looking foward to your next cd, which I think I should go and buy sooner or later.
If Avril Lavigne turns out to be a fad, I'll still be an old hippie whom is still a fan. O yes by the way, Evan, Matt and Mark, you guys play some good stuff too. I had to put you guys in there.
Just go and get the CD, I think more people besides me will take a closer look at this sk8ter girl, and even pop overall. Thanks Avril.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Neither Avril NOR Liz are worth your money..., May 13 2004
J. A. SIMMONS "frankenstein65" (Downingtown, PA United States) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
Reviewer Hilary Miller states (about Avril Lavigne) "They think she's so edgy and punk just because she wears sloppy clothes and poses with her guitar", while attempting to laud the so-so talent that is Liz Phair. Some might even think that Lavigne is a sugar-coated, much younger version of Liz, but...Certainly not a fan of Avril's by any means, but the last time I looked at a Liz Phair album cover, wearing sloppy clothes and posing with her guitar (see Liz Phair: Liz Phair) was EXACTLY what Ms. Phair was doing. Surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but no matter...Neither Liz Phair's self-absorption nor Avril Lavigne's immature whininess belong in my cd collection. If you want to hear a woman who can truly sing, without all the hyperbole and trumped-up "rock-n-roll" attitude, go buy yourself a Kate Bush album...SHE can sing, write AND dance circles around either one of the aforementioned bimbos any day of the week (Liz Phair's saving grace is that she KNOWS she's never been in the same class as Kate).
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1.0 out of 5 stars FYI, May 13 2004
Ally Monet (San Diego, CA) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
FYI, I work in the music industry, and I know many sound engineers (some of whom work for the label that carries Avril's stuff), so I know what I'm talking about. IT'S MY JOB TO KNOW THESE THINGS. If you would take the trouble to read my review more carefully, you'd know that I said the songs on the album were fun and catchy. I have no particular problem with the music per se.
What I was criticizing is the complete lack of talent in the supposed singer/composer/guitarist. The sad fact is, Avril cannot sing or play or compose. All these things are done for her, by other people.
I don't mind good singers who don't compose. I don't mind poor singers who write great songs. I can even understand a beautiful woman without much talent being marketed as a singer, although I don't approve of such a marketing tactic.
But I AM annoyed, and mystified, by a girl who has no talent whatsoever and isn't even pretty getting the kind of publicity and concert dates that ought to be going to hundreds of other, far more talented singers and songwriters.
So, go ahead and enjoy your Avril CDs. Just don't pretend she's a genuine talent. She's purely the creation of studio execs and engineers, nothing more.
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1.0 out of 5 stars In a word: Abysmal, May 5 2004
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
With the whirlwind of press and media attention she has received, you would think that Avril Lavigne was some kind of monumental talent. But no - basically Let Go sounds like it came from Britney Spears's bratty older sister. Lavigne might like going around in spiked bracelets and Dickies talking about how "hardcore" she is, but the truth is her punk rock influences are only skin deep. She dresses the part, but if you're expecting lyrics about challenging the establishment and music other than what you hear on your local "soft rock" station, you are bound to be disappointed. I'm willing to bet that when asked what her favorite punk rock band is, she would respond by saying "Blink 182" - she hasn't a clue about the genre which she claims to represent. For more on this topic, take a look at my Simple Plan review.
If there were any doubts about which genre Lavigne belongs in, one listen to the album clears them up - it's teen pop. From the childish, Britney-like "life's like this" intro to "Complicated" to the embarrassingly immature lyrics of "Sk8er Boi" (complete with the obligatory kiss up to MTV), it's hard to imagine anyone over 17 listening to this without cringing in horror. The pitiful lyrics don't end there - here's some examples: "I never spend less than an hour / Washin' my hair in the shower / It always takes five hours to make it straight / So I'll braid it in a zillion braids" (from "My World") ... "I'm not the milk and cheerios in your spoon /It's not a simple here we go not so soon" (from "Nobody's Fool") ... "If you don't care / Then I don't care / We're not going anywhere" (from "Losing Grip"). Let's not forget about the song where Lavigne states that she wants to be "anything but ordinary" - if that's the case, she failed miserably with this album.
In summary: An album that anyone older than 12 should've been embarrassed to attach their name to, Let Go is a weak debut from an artist (using the word loosely) that has received far too much undeserved acclaim. Nothing on this album justifies the press she's received along with her astronomical sales numbers, so I suggest you pass on this one.
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1.0 out of 5 stars She's a FRAUD!, May 2 2004
Ally Monet (San Diego, CA) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Let Go (Audio CD)
Have any of these Avril fans posting all these enthusiastic reviews here ever actually heard their idol live in concert? I have, four times. She's AWFUL! She literally cannot carry a tune. She doesn't really play an instrument (she's clearly faking it on stage and in her videos). She doesn't even write her own music--that's done for her by a professional group called Matrix, which also writes tunes for Britney Spears. All she does, as far as I can tell, is write some of the lyrics. Big deal. I'll admit that some of the songs on this album are fun and catchy, but Avril has very little to do with that.
Don't believe me? Listen to Avril live in concert: Her voice is screechy, puny, and consistently out of tune. All the credit for this CD belongs to the sound engineers, who ran Avril's "singing" through a TC-Helicon VoiceOne computer program that corrects for bad pitch and beefs up a thin, weak voice. So if you enjoy this album, thank the engineers, not Avril.
So, she can't sing, she can't play an instrument, and she doesn't write her own music. She's not even very pretty. So how in the world did she become a huge pop star? Why did the corporate suits choose this particular untalented person to be the Next Big Thing? Is her Daddy an executive in the music industry? I'm really curious.
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