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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 29, 2003
I have a love affair with vinyl and have loved techno music for years. I appreciated hip-hop and the 'scratch' technique so prevalent in hip-hop, especially the old school stuff. So I bought this primarily for its vinyl content. Can't scratch with CDs y'know.
I was pleasantly surprised. I knew a little about the roots of what is now called 'turntablism' but was not so clear on its distinction from hip-hop and its connection to techno. I certainly know now. The movie goes all the way back to the beginning of the scratching technique.
Some of the big names are here - Qbert, Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boys fame) and DJ Shadow stand out for me - discussing its origins and rise. Apparently turntables outsell guitars in the UK. I did not realize how popular this genre had become and how intricate its language. It is a genuine art form that risks selling out.
There is some spectacular music in this film and watching these individuals work their turntables is just unbelievable. These are not guys just ripping off beats just to rap to. That is what much of hip-hop has become and this is frowned upon by the turntablists in the film. They clearly mark what they do as distinct from today's hip-hop.
I think that is what stood out the most in this film. These guys love the music. They know this music in ways that few do. They know the best breaks in the songs and how to take these breaks and make them come to life in ways even the original artists would have to appreciate. They use this music to express their love and appreciation of it, resurrecting many songs and the vinyl on which it was recorded from the dead. It was very moving.
Yet they do it out of love and to have fun. While they may take their craft too seriously at times, they are genuinely having fun. Competitions are intense but the comraderie in the development of this art form is incredible.
I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly moved by this film. Go for the DVD with its extras. The lessons from DJ Z-Trip reveal just how intimately he (and the others) knows and loves the music. You'll never listen to music the same way again.
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on November 25, 2002
Doug Pray has done an excellent job capturing the essence of the scratch dj movement. Starting with the birth of the scratch and showing many of the influential figures in the development of the culture, this documentary is entertaing, as well as informative. I can recommend this for anyone who has even the slightest interest in the genre - they will gain much insight into the oft-misunderstood hip hop/ scratch dj culture. For a dj who is already involved and knowlegeable in the culture (such as myself), this film should provide as an entertaing photo album of sorts, not to mention.. the best tool to help your family, friends, or significant other understand what the heck you've been doing all these years! (it worked for me) With the slight exception of a few key figures overlooked (djs- jazzy jeff, cash money, aladdin) this is quite possibly the finest hip-hop documentary ever!! also recommended - keepin' time by B+
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on January 20, 2004
Ok, I wouldn't quite go so far as to call the djs in this video lemons, but, give Doug Pray credit for assembling a video based on who was accessible for his project. It probably would've been nice to see a bunch of other influential djs, as some of the other reviewers here have mentioned, however, the movie probably wouldn't have been as watchable and entertaining for the cross section of audience members who are new and old to scratchin'. After all, there aren't many movies out there about scratchin', so if you are into it, you should support it so that more funds could be aimed at making documentaries that go a little further in depth. We played this video for a group of people who had a wide range of musical interests and they all enjoyed it. This dvd's content is entertaining and educational. So you should buy it!
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on September 15, 2003
I first saw this in the theater with virtually no prior knowledge about it's contents. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed. This DVD is a must have for anyone with even a passing interest in DJ culture. A history lesson awaits. This is an excellent product, outlining the evolution of the DJ- from the birth of the break (Kool Herc) to the modern madness of the turntablist. This is an excellent, well-constructed and very entertaining film. Even if you are not into Hip-Hop, chances are you will enjoy this documentary. If you are, I'm sure you have already seen this, if not, BUY IT NOW! This is in my top three all-time documentaries, with 'Dogtown' and 'Freshest Kids'. This is essential viewing for all hipsters.
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on March 25, 2004
That one guy who gave it 3 stars is a hater, if I've ever seen one. For a 1.5 hour documentary, they have everything right. This is not just a film for the DJ/hip hop freaks. This disc has something for everyone, especially those just starting down the road of scratching.
There is no way they could have incorporated the tons of DJs that the other poster listed, plus this film is trying to appeal to people who may have never known anything about DJing besides what little is shown on MTV.
Any one who is not a hater will really enjoy this film. Its smart, somewhat funny, and definitely enthusiastic about its subject.
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on October 2, 2002
ok i missed this movie in theaters but i heard how it covers the history of djing and all that and its the best for showing you where scratching got started and i bought the dvd and its true this movie is BOMB!! with mixmastermike and dj qbert and all the rest.. SCRATCH is a totally amazing & informative 1&1/2hour ride.
but then i got to disc 2! theres a whole nother part with lessons on how to scratch from dj qbert and dj z-trip. also theres part of the WAVE TWISTERS movie and other dj footage. if theSCRATCH movie doesnt make you want to go out and buy turntables (and it will!) the 2nd disc of the dvd will!
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on October 27, 2002
To be honest this dvd is the most valuable one out of the whole bunch. You won't regret it. As far as the negative review, don't but into them. I've followed most of the dj's over the year and I'm very satisfied with the way that the movie was put together. One thing is evident...they could have gotten deeper in the whole dj culture; However, I give it 10 out of 10 because it is definitely solid.
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on July 2, 2002
I saw this movie last week and I was absolutely blown away. It covers the whole history of scratch DJ'ing in hip-hop from the very beginning up to the present day.
Probably the best made documentary I have ever seen - fascinating content, presented in a way that really captures your attention, and funny too..
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on December 2, 2002
I've watched this documentary dozens of times. A must for every turntablist. Even watched it with the director's commentary. I hope Doug Pray eventually rereleases this DVD with more footage about areas he missed like the International scene and gets more interviews with DJs like A-Trak and the Scratch Perverts.
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on February 5, 2003
I will get to the point. This film is for anyone who likes music. This film is for anyone who enjoys film. Rent this film from the video rental. Buy it from a store and pass it on, once you're done watching. Tell your public library to add it to the collection because everybody should see this film.
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