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on October 29, 2002
I'm one of those lucky few that get to do a stupid child-like dream while I'm a pre-teen. I'm one of those lucky few who has watched every single episode of Sailor Moon, 1-200. I have also watched all three movies, Sailor Moon Super S specials and most of the musicals. Sailor Moon Super S was a great series looking at Chibi-Usa a lot and deals with her in depth. Chibi-Usa leaves very ubruptly in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and is only mentioned a few times so it's nice to know that we've already learned a lot about her. I actually hope that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars doesn't come to the USA because it's so awkward in a good way to have a curtain covering it up and the people who have watched the season will think about it in a more fond way. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is very, very complicated and you'll think about the first 10 or so Sailor Senshis in a different way and the planets that were aligned to them. It is also quite sad that the importance of Neo-Queen Serenity's importance and Sailor Moon's importance fades away towards the end because there are knew Sailor Soldiers plus Sailor Galaxia and Pincess Kakyuu. BUT all in all, everybody who is a true fan of Sailor Moon should watch every single thing! I'm still looking for Make Up! Sailor Senshi and Dreaming Moon-Sailor Moon to X'mas. I missed out on the special limited edition Sailor Moon Movie Boxed-set that came out in Japan in March this year! Darn it! I want it SOOOOO bad!
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on October 22, 2002
Yet another to add to my rather large anime collection. I thought this DVD of Sailor Moon had a little more value than the others that I have seen. Japanese version all the way!!!!!!! For any anime fan the Japanese version is the way to go. Anyway back to the review.
The number of stars in my reveiw (5), is attributed to the Japanese version. Uhhh, I am just going to point out some of the bad points, and just about all of them are related to the English version
1: In the English version, Usgai sounds like she is an old woman with a head cold. Ami sounds like she is crying all the time. Makoto sounds like she has a permanet frog stuck in her throat. Helious sounds like an old man, if he sounds so old why would Chibiusa fall in- (opps almost gave it away).
2: The ONLY complaint in the sub; why are they taking out the words 'damn', and instead on the sub at the bottom of the screen they are putting sheesh, or geeze??? After a while it kind of gets annoying. Anyone who know some Japanese, knows that the charcters arn't saying sheesh or geeze, but damn
3: English version again: The Amazon Quartet is supposed to be a group of little girls, but they sound like teenagers!!!! That kind of annoyed me a little in the English version
4: Some may not agree with me on this but, Fish-eye is a man!! Fish-eys is NOT a woman, he is homosexual. That kind of annoys me that the dubbers made the he, a she.
5: The final thing I have against the English version: WHY THE HECK DOSE ZIRCONIA SOUND LIKE AN OLD MAN!?!?!?!?!? In the subb there is nothing that Zirconia dose the suggest that she is a homosexual, so why the heck did they make the she, into a he????
Well that is my reveiw. Remeber I gave it 5 shiny stars for the Japanese version NOT the English verison. My advice, avoid the dubb
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on August 18, 2002
This DVD has the last of the Amazon Trio, very sad ending for them as well. But a happy ending is in store. FishEye realizes that he, Tiger, and Hawk dont have Dream Mirrors. Fisheye now wants to have beautiful dreams after being rejected by Mamoru(Darien) and he ends up saving Sailor Moon by choosing to fix her dream mirror instead of becoming human. Tiger tells Fisheye that they should do it right and be human from the start. They then die.....but wait! Pegasus retores the Trio and gives them what they wished for.....dream mirrors! Then they are taken away to Elysion until all evil is gone.
The most tragic ending I've ever seen, (I cried more for the Trio's death then Usagi's death in the R movie) But this DVD also has the happiest ending in which the Trio finally become human. And for all you Amazoness Quartet fanatics, the Amazoness Quartet saga beings on this DVD.
Very recommeded DVD! Buy it!
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on October 12, 2002
My first question is...why does Pioneer refuse to put curse words as subtitles..most of the time. As you may already know they put "Sheesh, or Geez" and most of the time you can tell they're saying Damn NOT sheesh or geez. ~_~ Uhhg. I suppose adults are'nt mature enough to handle these words. *_* Yet little kids can handle Zirconia calling the Quartet "bimbos" umm..ok? I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard when I heard Elios' or Helios' voice *ENGLISH voice* it's HILARIOUS! He sounds like an old man!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH ok..I'm..OKAY. Of course, the Japanese version is AS always much better. The title screen is nice, not many extras though. One thing I do not like...the Quartet's phrase is so DUMB "don't dream that you're all grown up, big dreams are best just for kids" I don't know what it is about it it's way too annoying. THE JAPANESE VERSION ALL THE WAY!! ^_^ :-D
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on September 9, 2002
This dvd is one of the best. ... Basicly, Fish Eye fell in love with Darien, and is flirting with him all the time; even when Serena is right in front of him! Finally Darien makes it clear to Fish Eye that he does, and can not love her, because she doesn't have wonderful dreams like Serena. Earlier, the Amazoness Quartet had made their appearence, and threatened to break the ball the keep Hawks Eye, Fish Eye and Tigers Eye in their human form, They are really animals. ... Fish eye stays behind because she knows she can't have beautiful dreams so she figures why go back? ... There is alot more but I can't give it all away. ...
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on September 12, 2002
This disc does more to advance the story of the SuperS series than the last two combined. The Amazon Trio arc ends, the Amazoness Quartet arc begins, and Nehelenia finally puts in a major appearance. This disc also includes the infamous "nude Ami" episode (Barbie doll nudity only, but clothesless nonetheless) and some serious Fish Eye air time, so consider yourself warned. Both of these add significantly to the overall story, though, so as long as you're not offended by the concepts you'll be treated to one of the best discs in the series.
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on January 3, 2006
I have them All including the Movies, & there Fantastic I really enjoy them, & so does my husband, there fun & funny, the antics that go on, are hilarious. Serina's whining & criing is so pathetic it's comical, but when it comes to getting the job done, she does it very well, & you can see her changing into the person she will eventually become. If you love Sailor Moon, you have to get them all, I wish there was more Sailor Moons.
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on October 18, 2003
Everyone i know thinks sailor moon is Boring and not very good. Other good animes are Super Gals, Love Hina, Cardcaptors, and a few others im in to. But Sailor Moon is defentiley the best anime around! Usagi Tsukino is the coolest! I have all 200episodes of Sailor Moon and all 3movies on DVD.
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on July 16, 2003
well i been a sailor moon fan since i was 10 and still today! this was a great dvd! so hope you will buy this one today or any day!
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on August 6, 2002
We are introduced to the Amazoness Quartet. They rock. Can't wait!
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