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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on August 3, 2013
This DVD is not without it's flaws, the worst being the packaging. The cheap foam inserts holding the discs in place both came off during shipping resulting in heavy scuffing on both discs.Cheap,cheap,cheap! Luckily my player was able to view them with only a couple of brief hiccups. The audio/video quality is good, but not great. I've heard better audio mixes & watching 4:3 aspect ratio nowadays makes the video seem dated(shouldn't we have had 16:9 seeing as this show is 2001?). Of course the editing could be slowed down a lot, but it's not the worst I've seen.And the bonus disc is nothing to get excited about.
The 4 stars are earned by my favorite Maiden line-up, playing at their best, in front of a massive ,loving crowd. It's an event well worth watching.
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on November 25, 2003
The worst thing that could happen for Iron Maiden was when its founder, its boss, the marvellous bass player and songwriter called Steve Harris decided to edit this DVD. I don't understand it.
Theoretically trying to "capture" the famous Maiden energy and vibe on stage, he opted for using a ultra-fast edition that will make your head spin, without paying any attention for who is soloing at the moment, if Nicko is at the middle of a great drums flourish, etc. All of the takes last, in their majority, less than one second and a half. The result was that you simply have no pleasure watching this MTV-styled DVD, thanks to its terrible edition.
Well, that's my opinion. Of course, the "UP THE IRONS" guys will love anything this deservedly great band release.
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on May 18, 2004
I fondly recall getting "Live After Death" double-live album back in the 80's and playing the heck out of it, in awe of what that live show must've been like. In much the same way, even if you have the occasional gripe here or there about this DVD, it's the whole experience: they're playing in front of some 250,00 raving lunatic Brazillian fans who sometimes sing it out nearly as loud as Bruce... I mean - egads, you GOTTA have it... I'm surprised it took ME this long to get it.
Now, now... despite being a "must have", it could have been better still... here's how: better editing: for most of the concert you just get a few seconds of this guy, a few seconds of another guy, a few seconds of the next guy after that, etc... really nothing much to it... it would be better to simply stick to what's important... while on guitar solo's, show the guy playing, in some detail... when Bruce is singing, show him... during the good drum crashes, gives us a shot of Nicko, etc... during long chug-chugging breaks, THAT is where you take the time to show the theatrics... and given that Maiden has TONS of chug-chugging intros and outros and bridges and what-not, you still have TONS of room for that stuff... so... this is a rather large gripe. (Aside: note for the most part, they DO adhere to what I suggest... it's just that they DO stray a bit to much... it gets to be a bit more segmented than I'd prefer).
Bonus disc... the personal stuff was... not much more interesting than the comments you can find on; don't get me wrong - I view this disc as a "free bonus", so anything goes, right... but still - there could've been at least a little more to it. The section on Bruce was cool... most others were rather dull... I mean, watching Adrian fish isn't that all that thrilling... and watching Steve watch a soccer match was lame... I mean he is THE MAN in Maiden, and we learn next to nothing there.
Don't take the gripes too seriously, though: almost anything can be better in one way or another. If you're a Maiden fan, this is up-close and personal, HUGE concert in front of a HUGE crowd... great songs, great playing... awesome. The only two "must have" live Maiden releases, to me, are the original "Live After Death"... and now this.
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on May 1, 2004
This show just goes off!!!!
And opening with "The Wicker Man" rocks!!! Such a good song, my band's learning it now to cover it!!!
There's a lot of "Brave New World" tracks on here, and although it's cool when bands play more oldschool stuff, I like these songs! I haven't heard the whole album, just the live ones but it sounds like it must be a good one.
The DTS mix is unreal!! It's so loud and clear, I haven't even tried the Dolby 5.1 mix!! "Sign of the Cross" makes my sub want to explode so that's cool hahaha
Watching Bruce use the stage is really good to see, he's a champ!! I hear he's a little uptight in person but I don't give a damn!!! Nicko's always cool to watch, even though the audiance must have barely seen him behind his huge cage of percussion! It's funny when he starts dancing behind the kit on "The Clansman."
Highlight songs to me are probably: The Wicker Man, The Trooper, Sign of the Cross, Dream of Mirrors, good ol' Hallowed, and I don't know...the rest of the show!
The only thing I didn't like about this DVD was the damn price!! Everywhere I see it it's about $AUS 50 - 60!! Too much man, too much. But damn it those Maiden boys are good!! I wish they'd bring their damn "Dance of Death" tour down under!! When the hell were they last here??? Oh well, I'll just have to keep watching "Rock In Rio" until they do!
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on March 20, 2004
Ok so the camera angles are fast but this is IRON MAIDEN it creates a quick atmosphere fitted nicely with steve harris bass lines. All i can say is Janick Gers is one of the best rock guitarists still around!! here r some of the gr8 songs on this on this DVd:
THE WICKER MAN: the best intro you will EVER hear, Bruces vocals shine!
GHOST OF THE NAVIGATOR: The best song here
2 MINS TO MIDNIGHT: Gr8 riff from Gers,good crowd participation
THE CLANSMAN: Nice solos from Murray and Gers
EVIL THAT MEN DO: an amazing intro, check out Gers battle with mascot Eddie
HALLOWED BE THY NAME: an all round great participation from the whole band and the crowd of 250 000
NUMBER OF THE BEAST: chuckle as a rather exited brazilian fan runs on stage and taps Harris on the shoulder, only to be quickly removed :)
RUN TO THE HILLS: an obligatory closer to the concert the most well remembered song here.
Well iv never heard a better live album and this shines!! gr8 vocals, gr8 crowd, gr8 band, and EDDIE!! what more could u want???
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on February 1, 2004
Before I say anything about the live DVD version of Iron Maiden's ROCK IN RIO, I must say this: "Steve Harris, you're a unique bass player, good songwriter, and metal legend - please stay out of the editing room, thank you!!" More on that later. After being blown away by the double-CD version of ROCK IN RIO, I was really expecting a lot out of the filmed concert. The band's performance is tight and singer Bruce Dickinson has never sounded better than he does here. So how come all that energy comes through in the CD but not on the DVD? Simple: there's too much going on and there's so little time to show it all.
For one thing, the sound is absolutely atrocious compared to the CD version. On the CD, the production was raw but very listenable and every vocal and instrument could be heard well, including the crowd. On the DVD, the sound is cranked up way past 11 and becomes hugely unlistenable. I couldn't really tell what was going on; it was just one big sonic whirlwind of noise and nothing else. As I mentioned in the intro, bass player and band leader Steve Harris did the editing, and you can clearly tell this guy didn't go to film school. The editing is very fast, very choppy, very flawed, and extremely headache-inducing. I swear, I thought I was gonna have a seizure midway through the concert! And whenever someone solos, whether it be Adrian, Janick, or Dave, the editing doesn't pause long enough to see either them work their magic on the fretboards. Very disappointing. Not since the movie ARMAGEDDON have I seen so many annoying 2-second cuts.
The DVD isn't entirely all bad. Some of the more intimate songs like "Blood Brothers" and "Fear of the Dark" really showcase Maiden's love for the crowd and their love back, with brief slowed down edits (finally!). And watching Bruce Dickinson hop over the speakers, climb to the top of the stage set, and sing his heart out into every song is truly something to behold, proving he's one of rock's greatest and unsung frontmen. The special features are pretty cool as they show the Maiden members doing un-rock & roll things, like fencing, playing golf, or going to a soccer game. Nicko has his own spot, and appears in Dave Murray's bit, which is pretty funny.
But all that cannot save the fact that the awesome Rock in Rio performance has been ruined in the hands of Harris. God, Steve what were you thinking? Overall, if you had to choose between the double CD or the double DVD, stick with the CD. It sounds a lot better and your mind won't turn to mush by watching Harris' hyperactive editing. Maiden are still a great live band, but the ROCK IN RIO DVD does not do them justice.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 5, 2003
I have "discovered" Iron Maiden this year. Heard only a few songs over the years and was generally unmoved. However, having reacquainted myself with them I am duly impressed.
The Rock in Rio DVD is not perfect, with, as mentioned earlier, sometimes dizzying changes in camera angles. Have to give Steve Harris credit though, he does give everyone a fair exposure, and you really don't mind the changes.
To me, a live performance is where the rubber hits the road. No studio magic, overdubs or computer tracking. You either have it nailed or you perish. Sure, sometimes live performance recording is lacking in sound or video perfection, but do you expect that when you see someone live?
The musicianship of Maiden is top notch. Not just an average metal band. Complicated and difficult tempos, tasteful key changes, great lead guitar spread equally between Janick Gers and Dave Murray, with Adrian Smith laying down the crunching bottom end with deafening riffs. Steve Harris is a little annoying with his constant "foot on the monitor" poses and lip synching of Bruce Dickinsons singing, but, cut Steve some slack, he is the main songwriter of this band and displays some credible talent in this aspect. He wrote 70 songs after all.
Bruce Dickinson doesn't falter an inch. His pipes are clean and crisp with good energy. Nico McBrain is great, laying down the drum lines which bring the other players together to create some memorable songs, ie. "Sign of the Cross". You try playing that song on your guitar, bass or drums. ha. not!
The best things I like about Iron Maiden is that they are my age, and they can rock better than the talent that are dotting the rock/metal scene these days. No comparisons. (Well, Metallica is coming back to their roots).
I find myself collecting DVDs now that display the ever- disappearing talent from the groups of the 60's through the 80's. Clapton, Stevie Ray, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath. Zepplin, and now, Maiden.
Yeah, I know, its from my era, but really, where is the talent now compared to the bands from that time period?
Sum 41? Blink 182? Linkin Park?..... I don't think so.
Rock on Iron Maiden, and thanks!
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on December 30, 2002
I think Steve Harris has a.d.d. This DVD has about 200 cuts a song. In the first song, "Wicker Man" first they show Dickson singing, then the fans. Then Nicko then back to Dickinson then to Harris then over to Gerrs, then back to the fans, back to Harris, then back to Dickinson who jumps off part of the stage, then right in the middle of the jump back to Nicko, then the fans in all of fifteen seconds, during "Brave New World" Gerrs is doing a solo yet the camera is all over the place BUT NOT ON HIM!!!. Also the sound is great however I think Dickinson was TOO SPOT-ON with his vocals. The band should be ashamed to release this. I tried to watch this twice and I got a headache both times. Then there's the fact that it's a two disc set and the second disc is truly worthless it's "Rock in Rio" not "Talk in Rio" Also the packaging of this set is basically a piece of cardboard which could scratch both discs. I though maiden cared about their fans but I guess they don't, this set shows maiden is just trying to milk money from their fans with really a really bad product.
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on December 19, 2002
January 19, 2001 marked perhaps the highest point in Iron Maiden's career. It was approximately 25 years before this date that Steve Harris, Dave Murray and a plethora of their early members were gigging all around the East End and throughout their hometown with ambitions to be on top of the world. On that day in January, they triumphed over ambition as one of the headliners at the Rock in Rio festival, playing before 250,000 people. This DVD isn't just a live concert; it's a part of Heavy Metal history.
Iron Maiden has always been known for their over-the-top performances and this DVD definitely captures the best of the best. Every member puts everything they have into playing the music. Disc One of the set is the actual live show, edited and mastered by Steve Harris himself. Disc Two is some bonus footage including interviews, a photo gallery, web site links and a portion entitled 'A Day In The Life'. The last of which I believe can also be found on the Rock In Rio double album.
Disc One. The quality is very good. It's clean and crisp. I didn't find any problems with it at all. Obviously, if you've heard the double CD, you'll know what the sound quality is. However, you experience the full effect of the music and the show, you should probably have two speakers on your TV. With just one, some of the sound is lost (in my case, all of Janick's guitar parts aren't heard). I don't know if it's the DVD but do yourself a favor anyway.
The footage itself is amazing, in my opinion. Shot from a series of different cameras, Steve Harris viewed all of it and spliced it all down to create the two hours of footage seen. I think he did a fantastic job covering every aspect of the stage that night while still capturing the essence of the band's live performance (I have read some pretty poor reviews about the editing work, however). Every member is in top form (especially Bruce) as they command the stage, running from place to place, plowing through the classics. The stage set up is great, the lighting is good and the camera work is great. Overall, an awesome and entertaining viewing of the band's stellar live show.
Disc Two. The second disc starts off with the interviews. Each member is interviewed while showing what they do on their time away from touring, writing and recording. It gives a little insight into how heavy metal stars enjoy normal things just like anyone else. While some of it is somewhat comical, the rest of it is pretty informative as to how each member lives, how they got their start in music and a little bit about how they view on the band in the present. The second part is the 'A Day In The Life' portion, which shows the band's day up to and after the Rock In Rio performance. Press conferences, their arrival, preparing for their performance and the parties afterward. Entertaining and comical, at times. Not much else can be said. Third is the Photo Gallery of the band with commentary on each picture by Ross Halfin. Some cool pictures and some good information. The last two items on the disc are the credits and some website links.
January 19, 2001 marked perhaps the highest point in Iron Maiden's career. The essence of their live shows was put into overdrive that night as they performed for their biggest headlining crowd to date. That performance, all the power, energy, anguish, ability and excitement, can be found here on this DVD. I recommend this to any die-hard Maiden fans as well as anyone who has never seen the band perform live before. Anyone who wasn't satisfied with the Rock In Rio CD might be turned off by the music but the performance is sheer excellence. Definitely buy this.
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on December 18, 2002
First off, this concert is fantastic. The sound is clear and blistering, the energy with all six members recalls 1985's LAD. Overall, I say "Get It," it's an excellent concert with newer Maiden songs sounding like old Maiden classics!
Alas, there is a caveat:
The editing is schizophrenic. Something like 38 cameras are used which isn't the problem, it's the fact they're all used within a minute of each other over and over again preventing the viewer from focusing on anything for more than a couple of seconds.
In this day of MTV editing, Iron Maiden should be above this. The haphazard editing, I believe, is supposed to enhance the energy and excitement of the show but it detracts from it because it's somewhat annoying hoping to watch a camera shot for more than 2 seconds.
Final note to band: You don't need wild editing to show excitement, everybody at that concert only had one view, and they left exhausted from what I'm sure was the most intense concert they've ever seen.
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