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4.5 out of 5 stars62
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on June 26, 2003
This album is one of the best I've heard in a long time. I didn't know that Gospel turned into a "how well the bass is...he sounds like he is tired...oh...he was in a rush to do this." I cried the first time I heard this album...solely because of the lyrics. His band could have decided not to show up...the back-up singers could have quit the day before...and I would still love this album just the same. The words are stand-alone, just like his other albums. The Word God has instilled in him is something that can't be ignored even if you don't like the "music" (and for the record, I thought the band was AWESOME...especially on the DVD.) Fred Hammond is a true worshipper...and what you learn in worship is...I'll worship You when I'm tired...I'll worship You if the band is not playing up to its full potential...I'll worship You if no one wants to buy my CD. Fred Hammond is the best artist out there!!!!
You keep doing what you're doing Fred, and I'll always support you. There are some of us out here that still believe in TRUE WORSHIP! God bless you!!!
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on June 4, 2003
Fred Hammond is like a pen in the hands of God, flowin' in the ink of the Holy Spirit! After NINE months, "Speak Those Things" Pages of Life 3 is STILL the cd that leads me straight to the throneroom. It is the BOMB for in season & out of season worshippers. A combo of R&P hottness & inner court worship melodies of heaven. Not because Fred's my favorite worship leader and he doesn't try to share God's glory...but because these songs are truly anointed and Spirit-inspired to manifest a richer faith in our hearts. Each cut deeply reflects the pages of our lives and revelation we experience walking with Christ. We can relate to high mountaintop praise, with "Daily Bread", "Lord of the Harvest" & "Show Yourself Strong"...or encouraging ourselves in the Lord through the cares of this world, on "I Will Say" & "Song of Strength"... pressing through the mist of trials or failings in "Show me Your face" & "Praise Him Through the Night" ...or simple love & adoration to our King on "Everything to Me" & "You are my life". This cd is a worship feast of the Word of God in song. A well-balanced meal for the soul, that takes you straight to the throne of grace. Be blessed by it and buy it! Peace!
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on November 5, 2002
but it doesn't sound like Fred on the inside - the Fred that we've all apparently come to know and love. Fred is the man, without a doubt. He's was and let me assure you still is the kind of artist that when a new project is released, you AUTOMATICALLY pick it up - no questions asked. But this project is simply not there for me. However, and this is the key, my soul rejoices that someone out there is being encouraged by the project. Praise GOD! It however, did not minister effectively to me, and yes my spirit is alive!! I sadly admit that it was a let down. I almost RAN to the store to buy it once it was released. I popped it into the player and soon found myself furiously fast forwarding each song after only a few moments, thinking to myself, "oh he's only warming up...he must have saved the good stuff for last..." But, alas, I never got to the "good stuff" on this project. It's tough to recommend to anyone not to make ANYTHING that Fred puts out a vital part of your music collection...but in this case, if you're left with a choice between purchasing this project and something else, you may want to take a good hard look at the other guy...
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on October 15, 2002
I really don't know what I expected when I first heard this album. I know that, as a Fred Hammond production , it was going to be excellently produced and that the WORD was going to be paramount and forthright. After an intial listening I must admit to be discombobulated; afterall, the tracks didn't fit into what I had become accustomed to from Fred and RFC, but then, that is the point, isn't it? As God's blessings are new each morning and as he goes from Glory to Glory shouldn't his children act like Him? I have come to really really love this latest offering from Fred Hammond. From "He's Not Just a Man" to "A Song of Strength" to everything in between the music is creative and, at times, soothing. But the singular strength of this effort is the Power of the Message in the words- God is still the Master Chess Player! Take a long drive with this CD and be still. Reflect on all , as Fred describes them: " Your Red Sea Experiences" and the victories of your Creator. Ye that have Ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying. Well done Fred , Well done!
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on October 13, 2002
Well, Fred Hammond has done it again. Everytime I think that his music can't get any better, he always finds ways to prove me wrong. I love this CD because, like in every one of his CD's, he uses a variety of music. He starts off with a little praise and worship, blows it up with my favorite song "Show Yourself Strong", then he mellows it out a little, then gets back to the funk----he just does it ALL!! Also, with this album, each one of his songs minister to you in different ways. For example, "Song of Strength" helped me through some situations that I recently encountered. It told me to hold on to Jesus a little while longer. Then, the song "When It Gets Down To It" let me know that Jesus is really all I need. Even when my friends turn their backs on me, He's still there. Each and every one of his songs will minister to everybody. I guarantee! So if you DON'T have this CD, you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are missing. Come on ya'll, it's Fred Hammond. How could you not own a Fred Hammond CD? Or, how could you not own ALL of his CD's? If you DON'T have it yet, you better get wit' it. God Bless Ya'll
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on September 28, 2002
I just want to say that I am an avid Fred Hammond fan. I have purchased every album that Fred has ever been a part of. I must say however that this album has taken a little time to get used to it. However, I gave it some more time and I really like the album now. The only songs that the jury is still out on are: 1)"I Will Say", 2)"Great", 3)"My,My,My God Is Good". The rest of the songs are great material. If you're looking for the type of material that was on the last two albums("Pages of Life, Vol.I&II and Purpose By Design") you probably won't find it on this album, except for "Show Yourself Strong" and "He Is Not Just A Man". If you enjoyed I Am Persuaded and Deliverance-Fred's two solo albums, then you'll probably like this album. The style is similar to those two albums, but with more of a praise and worship vibe. Furthermore, every song except for one implements live instruments. As is always the case, the first four songs on this album are pretty strong. My favorites are "Show Yourself Strong", "Show Me Your Face", "A Song of Strength", "He Is Not Just A Man", and "That Ain't Nothing". "That Ain't Nothing" is tight. As you can see, there's plenty of great material on this album that makes it worth the money. Just don't expect to hear what you've heard on the last three Fred Hammond and RFC albums. If you buy without that frame of mind, then you won't be disappointed.Be Blessed
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on April 28, 2003
I must say that Chapter 3, Speak to those things is quite a good cd. When I first go it I could not get past the first 3 songs on the album because thery were parise banging, head rocking songs with powerful messages. Fred always seems to capture to true meaning of gospel music when he sings. Telling us of the "good news" which is what the gospel is all about. His voice is like sweet flowing honey and RFC is just a perfect addition to him with their tight harmonies and wonderful voices. I must say that the flow of the cd was not all that good to me but I must say that there are some good songs on here. My all time favorite is "My, My, My God Is Good" this song has a sort or R&B flava to it mixed in with that gospel beat that makes it so well. The words are powerful and you will find yourself moving along to the beat.
I must say congrats to Fred on another great cd and I know that in years to come he will continue to make good music.
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on October 22, 2002
God has done it again through Fred..... I believe anytime you buy a new album from an artist you should not expect to hear the exact same thing you heard on their previous album. Especially in Christian music, when the music is Spirit-inspired, such as this project, you should expect God to give the artist a different interpretation of the same message---Jesus Christ. Fred has truly shown himself a music virtuoso with this album, because it's not exactly what we are all accustomed to but its just as good if not better, and it ministers. I can't stop playing the album, from Daily bread to That ain't nothin, nothing on this album is skip worthy... I promise if you will give the album a chance you WILL BE BLESSED.... I can play this album for praise and worship before church on Sunday, I can ride to this album, or I can bump it at the Jesus Party (Great!), it's all in there. Praise God for what he is doing through our brother in Christ Fred Hammond
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on October 22, 2002
Fred Hammond is a unique gift to the Body of Christ. However, I must agree with the comments from Chicago. This project does not measure up to the standard that we're use to with Hammond. I am a rabid fan of Hammonds. In fact it goes beyond fan. His music ministers to me as deeply as the best anointed sermon. God has used His music to carry me during trials, to deepen me in my relationship with Christ, and to give me perspective when the devil tries so hard to confuse me. In my home, in my car and in my office, you'll hear Fred Hammond. With my wife and kids, with family and friends, you'll hear Fred Hammond. So I was disappointed and perplex when I got this CD. Most of the songs sound the same and they seem to lack that unique touch of the Spirit that has become marquee with Hammond. I know that with Fred's music, I have to sometimes give it time for my soul to warm up to it. But I don't believe this project will grow on me.
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on October 10, 2002
I have followed Fred's career since the early 80s, and there has never been a record or CD that he has put out that I didn't like. I felt his last project, 'Purpose By Design', was very good, but not his best. So when I heard last April about POL Chapter 3 debuting in September, I knew in my spirit that it was going to be off the hook! And Fred did not disappoint. This CD has to be one of his best ever!! The worship, the praise, and the encouragement to the believer (and sinner) are unmistakable!! Where other christian artists have begun to 'tone down' the gospel message in their songs, Fred has taken a step further in the other direction and leaves no question about who Jesus is to him......and to those who love Him!! After listening to the entire CD about 2 times, the songs really began to get into my spirit. Fred continues to break new ground and tear down walls that separate us from God (and each other) with this CD!!
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