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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 27, 2004
George Lucas is a genius, but ocassionally geniuses get tired. Attack of the Clones has all the elements that smells of Star Wars: talks the talk, walks the walk, the light saber sound effects are all there and recogizable.
But the films just don't have the same heart as the original movies we've growned to love. Christensen and Portman, while talented, don't really seem to have that on-screen chemistry between them the way Han and Leia did. So their relationship, to me, seems somewhat flat and forced.
And the jargon they use is far more technical and drab than the original trilogy--this is the past they're showing for goodness sake! What happened to all those great cheesy lines like "Never tell me the odds!" or "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?" It seems like the adventures that Padme and Anakin have together are much too serious. They don't seem to be having fun with it. That's what made the old Star Wars so loveable.
It's also what makes the old Star Trek Series more memorable than the new Star Trek Series. It was back in the days when a ship was hit, it was hit! People were stumbling all over the deck. They didn't just lean to the side bracing themselves, albeit the technology to withold a blast is significantly better than its predecessor's. Capt Kirk, despite his busy schedule, still found time to seduce every female species in the galaxy. Science fiction is much too politically correct nowadays. Lighten up. That's why people are turning to fantasy a little more because there's pleny of leeway.
Hopefully, Mr. Lucas will make the last prequel more enlightening and heartfelt. All the action and battling is a must, but give us some characters we can learn to warm up to.
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on September 24, 2008
Simply put, Attack of the Clones is the worst movie in the entire saga. From the stilted dialogue, to the wooden performances, to the CG sets. This movie is so far removed from original fun spirit of Star Wars that it's hard to even consider it canon.
Even Christophor Lee (who's been in some bad movies) looks like he just wants to leave. The direction is boring by the numbers. Natalie Portman's character turns into a belly shirt wearing pin-up girl (her daughter, Leia, would be ashamed) and Anakin whines and pouts way too much. And they once again kill the cool antagonist so he won't be there for the third film.

Disc has lots of features if you want to see some more bad acting in the deleted scenes, features of special effects (ILM needs some new tricks because Peter Jackson's WETA digital is fast surpassing them). And possibly some of the most boring commentary ever heard on a movie.

I really hope Lucas never pens another movie, he needs to let the franchise go and give others a shot at it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon August 31, 2007
INTRO:Star Wars doesn`t really need any introduction,the original Star Wars movies were and still are brilliant and entertaining,but the first of three prequel,1999`s "The Phantom Menace" was a deception to many fans who hoped to watch another great Star Wars movie.In 2002 the second prequel,episode II "Attack Of The Clones" is released,is it better than episode I,or is it as bad?Read on to find out.

REVIEW:After the mistep that was "The Phantom",fans questionned themselves over wheter or not "Attack Of The Clones" was worth watching,well it actually is!Its definatly not another stinker like episode I.Episode II offers more action,a better storyline and while not extremely great it is worth watching.In this episode we start to see the transition of Anakin Skywalker from good to bad in his journey to become the evil Darth Vader.At this point it becomes clear that Anakin can`t control his anger and his feelings for Padme threaten to make him go to the dark side.While not "evil" in this episode,Anakin accumulates frustration and anger but it isn`t until episode III "Revenge Of The Sith"
that he will really become evil and achieve his destiny.

STORYLINE:Ten years after the events of episode I,Anakin Skywalker has matured to become a powerfull young Jedi with the help of Master Kenobi.The movie starts with an intense chase that takes a while to finnish so its action right from the start.Anakin is very arrogant and his feelings for Padme only causes him trouble,his love for her is something that he can`t control.A clone army has been put to action ten years before it was supposed to and they have to deal with the evil count Doku.The storyline is hard to describe and CAN be comfusing if you don`t know Star Wars a lot or haven`t seen any movies.All that to have the movie end with the awesome lighsabers fight.

We finally get to see Yoda in a lightsaber duel,in the original trilogy it has been said that Yoda is a great fighter and in "Attack Of The Clones" we learn why!His lightsaber fight with count Doku was amazing and impressive.

The sound is pretty impressive,you won`t find much better sound quality than this and episode III.If you have speakers or saw "Attack Of The Clones" in theater you know what i mean,if only the original movies would have this kind of sound!

After watching "Attack Of The Clones" the missing pieces of how Anakin became Darth Vader start to put themselves into place and we learn more in this episode but its episode III has the final pieces and answers,its also great Star Wars movie.

SPECIAL FEATURES:The special features are also pretty good taking a closer look of the movie,has 8 deleted scenes and even a docummentary on R2 and much more!

OVERRAL:Not the best of the prequels,but it ain`t worst either its pretty good and should please most Star War fans."Attack Of The Clones" could have been better but it still is a big improvement over episode I and its a solid Star Wars movie that you have to see.
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on July 16, 2004
OK, here's my rant. I'll keep it brief (unlike some other reviewers)
Best Parts:
1. Phantom Menace - Pod Race, Darth Maul
2. Attack of the Clones - Yoda's lightsaber flight
That's it. Everything else in these films is an utter joke. I could go on for many paragraphs, but I'll spare you. You gotta realize that there was a reason George didn't direct Empire or Jedi. He's an awful director. He has no ear for dialogue. The newer digital film process looks really awful. Only good ol' George could manage to waste the talents of Christopher Lee, Sam Jackson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Portman. And I think Hayden Christensen is the only other actor who possesses Keanu Reeves' atrocious wooden technique. His Anakin doesn't possess darkness, just stupidity. I hope Lucas gets a tumor in that fat double chin of his. If you don't like it, sue me. He's destroyed the meaning of my childhood favorites, so the hell with him. Do you really think the next film is going to make up for it? Only if it's about four hours long and is directed by someone else.
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on July 11, 2004
This is a debate I recently had with George Lucas. (This "debate" is partially inspired by the posts of other viewers, and I apologize if there's any plagiarizing. I just thought it would be funny)
GEORGE LUCAS: With my integration of CGI and completely computer-generated characters into my films, "Star Wars" is now the ultimate power in the universe!
LORD TAYLOR: Do not be so impressed with these technological marvels know as the "prequels" that you have created. The power to computer-generate an image and give a voice to it is insignificant compared with the power of human actors.
LUCAS: Spare me your empty talk of "human acting", Lord Taylor! Your sad devotion to that ancient method of filmmaking will not stop me from completely computer-generating my films, and making millions at the box office...
(LORD TAYLOR chokes him to death with the Force)
Getting serious now, it is the level of acting and dialogue in the prequels that is killing the magic of the "Star Wars" franchise. Lucas was never very good in these arenas, but he has somehow hit a new low in "Attack of the Clones". In some stretches, I found this movie to be something that I have never before seen in a "Star Wars" film- boring.
The main problem with "Attack of the Clones" is that it spends a huge amount of time on a love story that is far from captivating- in fact, it's not even interesting. The fact that a strong woman like Padme would fall in love with the whiny and unsympathetic Anakin Skywalker seems like an absurd idea from the beginning. I initially blamed the acting for the lack of believability in the love story, but now I realize that Christensen and Portman were doing the best they could. The problem was mainly the painful dialogue they had to mouth, which has all the absurd lines of the Han-Leia love story but none of the charm or passion.
Ewan McGregor was also doing the best he could considering the circumstances, and his storyline (a detective subplot) is slightly more interesting than the love story. One almost wishes that he had been given more screen time over Christensen and Portman, but it probably wouldn't have affected the film's quality much. The entire middle hour of this film is about the detective story and the love story, neither of which has much action at all. And for a supposed action film to have such long stretches of no or little action is to risk boring the audience, which is exactly what "Attack of the Clones" does.
As mentioned earlier, the level of CGI here is absurd, something not seen again on this level until the equally disappointing "Matrix Revolutions". Don't get me wrong, it's decent-looking CGI, but it still looks fake. It seems that every other character is computer-animated. It's amazing but true that the puppet Yoda from the previous "Star Wars" films looked more real than this CGI version. Even our old buddy Jar Jar Binks returns. His role in this one? To grant emergency powers to Palpatine, thus making his rise to emperor inevitable and dooming the Republic. Way to go, Jar Jar!
This film was not without its perks. As mentioned before, Ewan McGregor possesses a certain charm that help to keep his scenes alive. The action at the beginning and end of the film is pretty good, and everything especially comes alive when the reliable Christopher Lee appears. Indeed, the film's final half hour is as impressive as some classic scenes from the original "Star Wars" trilogy.
However, I worry that the thrill is leaving the franchise. I sincerely hope that Episode III repairs the damage done by I and II, but considering the history of third entries my hopes are not too high for it. Lucas claims he can do whatever he want with "Star Wars" because it's his franchise, but I wish he would let go of that ego for a second and let other writers and directors step in and help him. Because when that happens, you get "The Empire Strikes Back"- still one of my all-time favorite films.
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on June 29, 2004
Many of the criticisms from the first movie are put to rest with this installment. The substance that was lacking in the first movie is more expanded upon in this film, as more depth is added to the plot and the characters. The acting is not quite as good as the original trilogy, but is strides ahead of the first movie. Ewan McGregor's performance, I would say was on par with the later episodes and Hayden Christiansen's acting as Anakin is quite convincing. The only criticisms are the cheesy love dialoque with Padme that just comes across as laughable, rather than heartfelt and genuine. Although some of the acting is like the first movie in its comic bookish simplicity, most conversations between the characters in this movie are more soulful and less plastic- a definate relief. The effects are, of course, spectacular, although there are parts that look too cartoonish and do not fit in the appearance of the original trilogy. Some of the clonetroopers would have been better if they were not CG. The CG capabilities have definately gone to Lucas' head. I think some scenes, like C-3PO in the droid factory were completely overdone and may have been better left out. Nevertheless, the film has some great references to the sequels and sets up the story to be more cohesive with the originals, along with having more of a feeling and sense of the originals. It feels like the movies are definately shaping up to being in the same design vein as A New Hope and beyond. Despite the criticisms above, this movie is definately better than the last one and notable step in the right direction. Let's hope that Episode III continues in this positive direction.....
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on June 15, 2004
The expectation for this film was incredible. And I loved it the first time I saw it... but that was high on excitement and I was with a dozen friends. Then I saw it again. And oh, MY, it's a bad film!!
The Yoda fight scene DID rock, tho, yes, it did. (The only awesome part of the movie!)
The script is bad, and we are left, again, wondering what this whole thing is about. I was so confused at the end of the first movie as to WHY there was all these battles, and what did it really matter in the end? Well, it doesn't really matter. That's what this movie showed us. These two films are totally disconnected in plot, except the personal strain going through them. (Maybe 3 will answer questions and loose ends, but I doubt it.) The acting was weak, and Anakin was more concerned with getting his way with Padme, rather than seeming genuinely in love with her. I realise that these two felt a passionate, carefree love in comparison with the more mature Han/Leia love, but the downright lust and danger of Anakin was annoying and disturbing. She wouldn't have gone for him. Her acting wasn't any better. And who wrote those lines for her? Talk about cheese!
With a weak script and bad young actors (except, of course, Chris Lee and Frank Oz, and Ian McDiarmid) Lucas has succeeded in showing the world that movies cannot ride on CGI and fame of a name alone. Well, he'd like to think so, wouldn't he?
None of the spark and substance of the original, though we're closer to it than the first movie.
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on June 7, 2004
I see it all the time from people who don't like Episode 1 and 2. But I then have to just laugh about how much they don't get what Star Wars is about.
First it's "It should be like Lord of the Rings!" Why? No wait don't answer that. Then it's it need to be made by Peter Jackson. Again why? Don't answer that. There is more but I will not put it here.
This is a very good movie. Those who don't get the story well they just don't get Star Wars. It's all really easy to understand what is going on and why. That is if you watched the movie. If not well that is your problem.
This movie has deep characters, and a deep story. Far deeper then anything else that is out there. It has history that has never been in any movie before or after. Sorry but The Martix did not have history. Unless you think that the cartoons they had are history. Fun thing people say GL is a sell out. Well the people who made The Matrix want you to by all there crap just to understand the movie. :|
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on June 1, 2004
Once again George Lucas pulls off a special-effects coup, this time in his brilliant transformation of Fozzie Bear into Jedi Master Yoda. The only flaw is that listening to Yoda speak, it's easy to forget that you are not watching Fozzie perform one of his brilliant comedy routines.
One of the great mysteries of the original series is solved in this movie: why couldn't Imperial Stormtroopers ever hit the broadside of a barn? In "Clones" it is revealed that all stormtroopers are actually clones of the slightly off-balanced Jenga Fett, the bounty hunter who can't manage to successfully shoot Obi Wan with weapons ranging from a handgun to a small starship blast cannon.
For those who wonder why Obi Wan is so poor at relating to teen-aged Anakin, just watch for the deleted scene of Obi Wan asking Yoda to explain a copy of Benjamin Spock's book. And the less said about Miss Piggy appearing as a karate-chopping Jedi the better.
While some nitpickers may complain about a few small plot holes, the fact is that there's nothing wrong here. All plot holes are at least slightly smaller than an imperial starcruiser, even if most are bigger than the QE II.
The ambiguous expressions on Anakin's face remain a bit of a mystery, perhaps indicating a lack of fiber in his diet.
In the end, the viewer is left with only two questions: why is the Dark Side of the Force so easy to master and what's so bad about it anyway? Only the Clone Arranger knows.
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on May 29, 2004
okay, 1.5 stars. really good special effects.
Hayden Christensen! guess what? you're the worst actor I've ever seen or heard!
this movie was horrible. "Don't get me wrong," (Watto in Episode 1) "I like Star Wars, the first three, even if the all the special effects aren't too great. But this Attack of the Clones? What's gotten into George Lucas? How many dozens of stupid lines can you put into a movie? Whoever cast Hayden Christensen for the role of Anakin should be taken out and shot, as well as the ones who wrote the dialogue. I'm sorry, die-hard Star Wars fans, but come on........"Anni? my goodness, you've grown!" "So have you, only....I mean....more beautiful." Help. "Please don't look at me like makes me feel uncomfortable." Then the most horrifying: "I don't like sand. It's so coarse and rough. But....not like here. Everything here is soft.....and smooth." (As he strokes Padme's back!!!)Come on. What is that? WHAT IS THAT? I mean, the guy could have at LEAST put a MILLIGRAM of emotion in his stupid voice!!!!!!!
I mean, this movie does entertain friend and I pop in the DVD and watch certain parts, just so we can laugh at Hayden Christensen's pathetic attempts at acting. I mean, what's even better is this: (try it, it's hilarious) Watch a certain scene, but with no sound, and make up the lines. (With someone else, though). It's hilarious. Come on...."You're stupid, Padme. You're a disgrace to humanity." "Anni! Let's go surfing! Owwwwweeeeeee!" That's loads better than, "Tell me about him." "Weeeeell.........his name was Palo.....he had blue eyes....he was so cute......" Do we care about Padme's old boyfriend? No. Do you REALIZE that Palo means 'stick' in Spanish?!?!
The fact that Christophe Lee was in it was good, despite the fact that he was also given a few dumb lines.
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