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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 12, 2003
This may not include the first cartoon Goofy was ever in but that's because it was before he got his own world. This is all his starring roles. His "How To's" are some of the most classic and funniest ever and Goofy's Glider is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. In the 50's when he evolved into an everyman we get some hilarious results such as the excellent "No Smoking" and "Motor Mania" but also some faithful old How To renditions including my favorite "How To be A Detective" which can't be showed on TV anymore because of its violence. Even though it is a cartoon....but ah well. This is a great collection. The extras may not be as strong as that of say, Mickey Mouse in Black & white but they are great nonetheless. Complaints? yes. One Major One. No "Play All" feature!! But that's just one flaw in this otherwise perfect DVD set.
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on March 14, 2007
This DVD is "The Complete Goofy", which Disney has released as part of their "Walt Disney Treasures" line of DVDs. I think Goofy cartoons are probably the best ones Disney made, which is good, because this DVD includes all 46 of them, from 1939 until 1961. These include the famous "how to" cartoons, and also the cartoons where goofy lived in the city with his family. Most of the shorts are quite funny, though "A Knight for A Day" is a somewhat boring, and a couple of the "father" cartoons seem to go a bit to far in making Goofy seem human, even getting rid of his distinctive voice. However, these are very minor points, and every Goofy fan is sure to find something here to enjoy.

Note: For a variety of reasons, some of the cartoons have been given introductions by Leonard Maltin. If you don't want to see them, these can be skipped.
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on January 1, 2003
My five year old loves this collection, and I do too, but with some reservations. Goofy was a better co-star than star, and you get more pleasure from his turns in classic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons than from those in which he starred on his own, the only ones collected here. Also, it is utterly infuriating that this DVD does not let you "play all" the cartoons with a single click. Each successive cartoon you watch must be separately selected and clicked on one of two menus (alphabetical or chronological). That's OK if you're only watching one or two cartoons, but is most annoying when you would like to simply kick back and watch the disk. The same mistake was made on "Mickey Mouse in Black and White," another of the "Treasures" released simultaneously with this one.
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on December 31, 2002
I cannot believe I bought this for one cartoon, and it's not there. I really thought that something called "The Complete Goofy" would contain Goofy's 2 Freeway cartoons, where he learns to be a safe driver. Don't get me wrong, this is a great collection, and I'm enjoying it, but I feel soooo disappointed. Why does the collection need to end in 1961, why not 1965 with Freewayphobia No. 1 and Goofy's Freeway Trouble? According to one site, these were the last two Goofy shorts until 1983, and the ONLY ones not included on the collection.
Also, I agree with the reviewer who said there needs to be a Play All option. My son loves Goofy and it's frustrating to him to have to keep going back to the menu.
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on December 4, 2002
I am a fan of Goofy and am glad that they brought him back a few years ago with the Goofy Movie. Disney had put him in hiatus for may years. Now, they have released all of his cartoons in one DVD collection. These are the originals with all of the child-like innocence that Goofy is remembered for. I remember many of these from watching Wonderful World of Disney as a kid but many are new to me also. Some of the educational films that featured Goofy are not in here probably because they don't fit with the theam of this collection. Collectors may not like this ommision but most people shouldn't have a problem with it. If you like Goofy then this collection is not to be missed. Highly recommended.
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on December 30, 2003
The content of this DVD is great. The whole family loves it and our small children especially love seeing Goofy's "demonstration" clips where everything goes wrong.
BUT what a hassle to play each clip individually. A headache if you have little ones who you don't want poking on the DVD player. I would think most adults would like the "Play it all" option as well. For that reason this will get less play time in our house than the other Disney Treasures since I have to be there to advance each cartoon. The person who came up with the menus/options should be demoted for this no-brainer.
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on May 22, 2004
This is an absolute GEM. Animation fans have waited years for something like this. Definately tailored for animation buffs and disneyana fans. Hard to believe there are actually idiots out there COMPLAINING that disney included the very shorts we've all been waiting (and waiting) for so many years for them to release unedited like 'No Smoking' etc. This is NOT a baby sitter video and thank goodness for that!! THANKYOU Leonard and thankyou disney. Thumbs up!!
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on December 29, 2002
... Unfortunately, the DVD is crippled by no "Play All" feature. If you're an animation historian, this is probably a great DVD. If you or your kids enjoy the Disney animated features and want to watch them all, you'll soon chuck this DVD in the trash because you have to navigate to each movie individually. Somebody seriously dropped the ball on this one. Why on earth would you put out a compilation DVD and not include a way to play all the selections?????
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on December 5, 2002
I enjoy the content of this DVD a great deal. Unfortunately, this DVD set leaves off a valuable option available on last year's MICKEY MOUSE IN COLOR and SILLY SYMPHONY compilations--the ability to "view all" with a single command on the menu. Instead, viewers will have to manually choose each cartoon, one at a time. I hope that Disney will reconsider in determining the playback options in future short feature compilations.
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on July 8, 2003
Disney really [messed] up. Where is the "Play All" that is on the other Treasury disks. I'm a mom, my kids get to watch a video while I take a shower or mop the kitchen floor (like most kids). That's just not possible with these disks. I will not buy this as a gift, I will not buy a second one. Disney should remake the disks with a play all and send them to anyone who wants a replacement...
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