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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 30, 2016
This game and seller are both very good. The package arrived a day or two ahead of schedule and was exactly as described, fully functional and free of any marks which weren't already mentioned in the sellers add (some minor wear on the label of the game, nothing serious). I would definitely use this seller again or recommend them to another buyer.
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on June 25, 2004
From the moment when the game says "Metroid IV" before the opening cinematic you know you're in for something special. It has been years since Metroid had seen a new title, and now it's back in force. Metroid Fusion is a departure from the norm, but it definately lives up to its Metroid name.
The story is as follows, you, Samus Aran, are sent to help scientists of the Biologic Space Labs study life on the planet SR388 after Samus removed the top of the food chain by exterminating all Metroids on that planet during Metroid II. This seems all dandy and peaceful until you discover a strange floating viral organism that infects Samus and her power suit. Samus' suit is cut away in attempts to save her life and she's given a vaccine of Metroid DNA, Metroids being the sole predator of the virus organism which is dubbed "X", so the vaccine kills the virus and as a side effect it allows samus to absorb the virus.
Samus is then sent back out to see to a problem at the Biologic Space Labs in her modified and weaker power suit only to find that all hell has broken loose. This is where the gameplay starts and the differences begin.
First of all you're on a space station instead of a planet (The different areas are built to look like different ecosystems on a planet anyway). The graphics are phenomenal and a big improvement over Super Metroid. The gameplay has remained largely the same but that's a good thing, you take a lot of damage which can be explained away since your power suit is crappier than your old one. Also on this mission you're given missions dictated to you by a computer named Adam. This takes away from the non-linear gameplay of previous metroid games and makes it a tad bit more linear but it also adds a welcome and cool science fiction story. Another twist to the game is the SA-X. It seems that the X virus can copy anything it touches, and since it infected Samus with all her best abilities it decided to copy her. Through most of the game you have to run from this fake Samus as it kills you in only a few hits and this adds for some tense and frightening moments.
The music in the game is also noteworthy, all the tracks fit their intended purpose from the creepy to the heroic. You'll want to use headphones for this game.
In conclusion it might not be Super Metroid, but it's Metroid and it is nearly as good. No Metroid fan's life would be complete without picking this one up.
For those of you new to the Metroid series, I reccommend buying the equally fantastic Zero Mission first.
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on May 16, 2004
See you next mission. Those were the words that video gamers got when they had finally completed 1994's Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo gaming console. Gamers were continually wondering just when that next mission would be. For years and years they waited... It took eight long years for the so-called "next mission" to arrive, but in late 2002, two new Metroid games were released. Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance, which would continue the side-scrolling action/exploration stylings of Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, which would bring the series into the twenty-first century, with a full 3D adventure. Read on for my review of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance.
-IF YOU LIKED SUPER METROID, YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THIS GAME. Super Metroid was the game that was the perfect fusion of action and exploration, and that won many a gamer over almost instantly. Metroid Fusion is likely to do the game. The game plays just like its old Super Nintendo counterpart.
-ALL THE CLASSIC ABILITIES YOU KNOW AND LOVE ARE BACK. The Wave Beam, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Morphing Ball, Bombs, and Plasma Beam have all returned for your gaming pleasure.
-IT'S ONE OF THE FEW METROID GAMES THAT HEAVILY EMPHASIZES THE STORYLINE THROUGH AND THROUGH - AND IT HAS A GOOD STORYLINE! Samus had finished eradicating a species of parasites called the X, or so she thought. One infected her suit, nearly killing her. Fortunately, she was saved through the usage of a Metroid-based vaccine. The X multiplied in a research-based space station, and now Samus must stop them once and for all. It's one of the best storylines in the series, and it is continually explored through the course of the game.
-THE GAME IS COMPATIBLE WITH METROID PRIME. If you use a GCN/GBA link cable, you can unlock special features, provided you have beaten one of the games. Beat Fusion and do this, and you unlock the original NES Metroid in Metroid Prime. Beat Prime and do this, and you'll unlock a new costume for Samus in Prime. Cool stuff.
-TONS OF HIDDEN STUFF. Like the previous Metroid games, this one has a good deal of things hidden through the layout of the space station - you'll need to find them all if you want to get a hundred percent rating when you complete the game.
-THE PLAY CONTROL FALLS BELOW THE USUAL SERIES STANDARDS. You must hold down the R button to fire your missiles, and use the L button to aim diagonally. If you've got big hands like me, using the Game Boy Advance's shoulder buttons can be nightmarish. Still, this probably won't bother you much once you get into the game.
-THE GAME IS JUST TOO SHORT AND EASY. I completed the game initially in under four hours - and I didn't even need a player guide or an FAQ/walkthrough. If you go into battles fully armed, you're not going to have a lot of trouble winning. A few fights will challenge you, but for the most part you probably won't have a lot of trouble. Another thing that makes the game too easy is its linear nature. The game is essentially "holding your hand" all the way through, with computer stations offering you advice on how to win.
Overall, this is not a perfect game, and it's not as good as Super Metroid (it's doubtful the series will ever top THAT masterpiece.) But nonetheless, Fusion is a solid entry in an excellent series, and if you're a Game Boy Advance owner who likes games of this sort, you'll be doing yourself a real favor by purchasing it.
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on March 16, 2004
Hmmm i loved this game. I remeber when i got it at a shopco and the friend i was with murmered what a nerd i am. (huh huh huh funny) Anyways i played this game for about a week and i beat it which is teh same with most metroid games (exept metroid prime unless you like play it all the time but the gameboy is so much more mobile) Anywho, this game is awsome. Its kinda more colorful then the other games as by meaning its the most like cel shading (like zelda: wind waker) but its barley noticable. I thought the game had an amazing plot and really interesting bosses (yes -sigh- ridley AGAIN) it was definatley a cool idea but truthfully i kinda wondered if samus is stuck in that suit i thought she wasnt like i read it somewehre but theres lots of liars out there. Anywho, i would recremend this game to anyone even if you dont play the series the only thing thats kinda previous is the baby metroid DNA and the whole metroid sr388 planet thing but besides that nothing new here. Exept ridley i guess (curse you ridley!!!!) But buy this game (well you dotn have to....) but i advise it.
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on February 22, 2004
I first got this game on Christmas Eve 2002, expecting some good ol' classic Metroid gameplay with storyline/graphics that keep you hooked. I wasn't disappointed! This is by far the BEST Metroid sequel since "Super Metroid" (a.k.a. "Metroid III"), which hit the SNES in 1994. The storyline is far more compelling out of all the others (even the original!), and the graphics almost seem to go beyond any other GBA game! (with the exception of "Golden Sun" and "The Sword of Mana"!) Samus is also more powerful, faster, and intelligent than ever after becoming infected by an unknown virus that nearly takes her life but transforms her with a higher bodysuit upgrade! When the game begins, she seriously opens up a can of Whoopa$$ on her enemies!!! There are also more abilities, hidden areas, items, and big bad BOSSES than ever before, and the whole layout itself is both suspenseful and intense!
(WARNING: You'll sometimes have to run from Samus's old bodysuit which also becomes possessed by the virus and actually tries to hunt you down, until the final battle near the end!)
Some other old familiar characters return as well including Samus's old indestructable nemesis, Ridley, and the friendly creatures from Planet Zebes on the previous installment! You'll have to watch yourself at ever corner and keep moving fast until you reach the ultimate enemy of them all... THE 'OMEGA METROID'!!!! Or face certain destruction! OVERALL: I give it a 10/10! I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS GAME! ADD IT TO YOUR 'M' COLLECTION NOW! I also reccomend: "Super Metroid" & "Metroid: ZERO MISSION"! They are some of the best!
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on January 4, 2004
This game is great but kinda scary knowing that the SA-X could just be around the corner. Heck I was pretty egotistical about facing the SA-X and when I did this is what I looked like afterwards "........" this is just to tell you... STAY AWAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FROM THE SA-X!!! However I figured out that you only have to run away from/face her 3 times.
And what REALY frustrated me was you could beat the game 100% in less than 2 hours. And I have been spanding weeks on this game.
but if you somehow do so you get a REEEAAAALLLL good picture of Samus without her suit.
But hey. I will give you a hint that can realy save you from getting stuck in a boss level.
When Adam asks you to activate auxiliary power, you will go thru level and eventualy fall in a pit. Then you will see Three fire balls raining down upon you. when the spider(Yazuka) starts ricocheing around, turn into a morph ball and go next to any fire ball but the middle one. When the fire balls disappear, go directly the the closest wall and stay there untile it opens its mouth. Shoot a load of ice missiles in his mouth and repeat the beginning from when I said the fire balls are raining down upon you until he looses his legs. After that just keep shooting upwards with ice missiles and stay in one place.
And the core x isnt as powerful so you dont need a hint for that.
And it could just be a bit hard getting used to your technology.
(I am NOT telling what it is)
use the pit as a safe spot to practice with it and when you are ready you will use it to get out.
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on June 19, 2003
First off, until these games were announced I had no clue Samus exsisted. I didn't know what a Metroid was and I didn't know who Ridley was. When Prime and Fusion started showing up, I became interested. My friend, a Metriod Expert told me the story of the games in the series and introduced me to the Metroid Universe. Although I couldn't get my hands on the games for a few months, I did manage to snag Fusion. I'm still huntng Prime.

Anyway the game is great. The controls are easy to adapt to and the graphics are spectacular. The few 3-D views are bliss for gamers. No matter how many enemies there are you can't just help but blast them to pieces and watch the X-Parasites flee before you. The storyline is wonderful and the environments go from the tranquil to the obtuse. The enemies vary from each environment with the exception of the X themselves. The game isn't too hard to beat which is wonderful for those time trial lovers.

The only bad parts abou the game I found were some of the bosses in the middle of the game are a little too difficult (This means YOU Yakuza) and some of the music becomes repetitive. Also finding some of the Expansions for Energy or Missles are a little too difficult for thier worth.

Overall this is a must have for a GBA(SP). A long road trip doesn't have to be boring anymore.
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on May 20, 2003
Metroid Fusion will pull you in from the very first seconds of gameplay. Whether your a veteran of the series, like me, or a newcomer, seeing Samus fly and sumersault from platform to platorm always looks amazing. Not onlt that, but she can now bounce off walls and handholds, making every fight fast pace and just plain cool-looking. This new installment in the series follows off where Super Metroid left off, having Samus get infected by a newly discovered parasitic diesease. Miraculusly being saved by a cure made from the metroid larva, She now is sent to investigate a reasearch facility that has just been strucken by this diesease. I will admit that Samus now has some strange purple goo left off from the diesase and that looks a little silly, but, as mentioned above, her fast paced jumping moves look as cinematic and cool as ever, kinda like Dante (From Devil May Cry) and that Contra character no one can remeber the name of. It has the dark, moody inviroments although there not quite as scary as the abondoned, dark and bug-infested underground bunker of Super-Metroid, but an abondoned and quiet space facilty with mutated people walking around it and strange opvergrown vegetation crawling up the walls can get one just as emotioanlly involved in as the enviroment of Super-Metroid. Theres also a Samus clone that you constantly either sneak quietly and stealitly past, or make an epic and dramatic run from that always seems to end in a close call. Most of the most frantic and exciting moments of this game come from encounters with Samus's clone. The bosses are also some of the greatest I've ever seen in a 2D game. They all feel big, no, huge and sometimes gargantuan and look very intimidating. Plus, there are no real corny or fake-looking ways to beat them, once you defeat one, the fight will look very real and you'll beleave that it would be possible for a lone and small Samus to defeat such a large and overwhealming enemy. The endings (There are five of them), are also climatic and dramatic, and just like the clone encounters, always seem to end in a spectacular close call. Metroid Fusion is my favorite Metroid Game, and has instanly become my favorite GBA game. This game is very amazing, the strange and creepy enviroments are very compelling, the storyline could become a great Scince Fiction movie, Samus's sumersault moves are dazling to look at, and the bosses are the best looking and most fun to fight ive ever seen in a video game. You can really think about it hard, but never think of anyway this game could've been better. I have had a great expereince with this game, one of the best I have had with a handheld video game. Please, Nintendo, never abondon your Metriod series again. This game is a great game for anyone except the very young ones (8 and below) who get scared by movies. I think every GBA owner who met that above reccomentdation should have this game.
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on April 9, 2003
This is my fourth GBA game (first Metroid game), and it's the best one in my collection.
The graphics are okay. The background, cutscenes are in great detail. Samus herself is one of the worse ones, but you can't expect too much in a small screen like that.
The gameplay is great compared with my other games, but you have to collect all your powerups BEFORE your last mission, or your CO will lock all the sectors up. It's also a bit short than what I had expected, but the variety of arsenals and suits you can get makes up for it.
The controls get annoying at times (esp. space jumping), and for some of the boss battles and puzzles you'll have to need pixel-perfect movements to win or achieve.
The sound effects are great, but the music is not. You would usually like to turn the volume to zero, as it's dodgy.
As the powerups are just too well-hidden, and that there are five endings, there is high replay value. I only got a 51% completion for the first time, and it's not with a help of a walkthrough did I get 100%.
Graphics 16/20
Gameplay 36/40
Control 10/15
Sound 7/10
Replay Value 13/15
Total 82/100
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on February 24, 2003
This new installation of metroid plays like many of those in the past, With many of the same moves and improvements for your character as any player of metroid would come to expect, however, veteran players of metroid might be annoyed by the ease of the game and the way the game locks off certain areas as you finish them, at times.
The beginning player of metroid is often shocked by its difficulty in the older versions of the game. This is because of the searching that the player had to do in order to move forward. This is removed by the computer system that always informs you of what direction you need to take and gives you very specific objectives throughout the game, taking out alot of the searching and guesswork that was originally there.
That is the part that originally made the game interesting, but it seems that the development group tried to make it more difficult by increasing the amount of damage that bosses did and making it harder to avoid there attacks, whereas in many earlier versions of the game, someone who had done some intelligent searching and who knew the game mechanics well could beat a boss in one try after figuring in patterns, often has to fight that same boss many times and hope for luck (but this only happens a few times).
Furthermore, when you have all of your abilities unlocked, the game makes it very difficult to go on a full deck search to find all of the items in the game, so that part of Metroid, which was often fun in itself, has been all but removed.
However, for a quick blast of 2D metroid, which is always fun, and a new, interesting storyline, take a pop at this game. I certainly enjoyed it on my little brother's GBA, but I beat it over a vacation while I was visiting my family, which is a note to how short the game is.
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