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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 17, 2012
It is hard to imagine how someone can be rooting for a person who has escaped from jail and who has the ability to turn so violent (Costner), but that is what you will find yourself doing throughout this movie. It is the intellectual and well-meaning part of Costners' character that keep shining through . He can be bad, but he can also be compassonate, patient and in a sense, nuturing, to the young boy he has kidnapped. He is a man of conviction, but tortured by his past and you will find yourself hoping that things turn out well for him, and the boy....Laura Dern and Clint Eastwood (who directed the movie) give subtle but more than entertaining perfomances in their quest to hunt down Costner and save the boy. One of my favourites
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on October 9, 2012
Eastwood has made a movie, and he directs with a different tempo than most escape films, an escaped prisoner takes a boy as hostage and that forms part of the film this relationship, and the other half is iconoclast-cynic cop Eastwood, but no dirty harry, chasing him and his relationship with a female associate in which he talks of the chase and his views s he relates to young associate..that is the basis of the film, rather than screeching cars and action and shootout we have relations. The filmopens with Jehovah's Witness house at holloween(do they celebrate) with a mother commenting on the world above and how this changes their values of this world below, a world about a search for the values of the world above, and the lack of them among the fields of texas, and on the local culture. The costner character a few times mentions the time machine(a slip by the scenarist he should only mention it once it becomes redundant)...and professes a view given his dilemma of travelling to the future to a perfect world away from the present time, an interesting 19th century view, of progress...and on his journey the boy eventually shoots him among a melee with a religious family, but then warms up to him before being shot by a police the chagrin of Eastwood..who notices the character of the escaped convict, a film not so much straddled by the function in society of characters, but by their personality, and for whatever reason the sufferings of the Costner character though faulty has a decency in him, as he yearns for a more perfect world...and people. Eastwood's character too has this yearning in him...and finds the shooting of the convict causes him violence, he wanted to bring him in and all seems as nothing even his knowledge, we all know so little, the wisdom of old age, and the religious...characters looking for something more in this interesting Eastwood character and the opening scene of the jehovah's witness against the holloween background sets the scene and mood for this movie...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 28, 2012
Butch (Kevin Costner) escapes from prison, takes a little boy named Phillip hostage, and leads the police (headed by Clint Eastwood) on a 2-day chase through rural Texas. The boy forms a close bond with his kidnapper who turns out to be a compassionate, though flawed, man.

This is a very good movie with some humor and a lot of suspense. Butch and Phillip's scenes are pure gold, extremely well-written and believable. Kevin Costner gives an excellent, subtle, and sympathetic performance. Seven-year old T. J. Lowther is perfect as the boy who sees the getaway as a fun and grown-up adventure; he's endearing without being too-sweet. The movie alternates between Butch and Phillip and their pursuers, and while Eastwood is good as the steely Texas Ranger, Laura Dern is just annoying in a thankless role as a scowling criminologist. I would have given the movie 5 stars if all of the scenes without Butch and Phillip were deleted; they are wonderful together and the rest of the cast is just there to pad the movie.

Directed by Eastwood, the film is ultimately a sad one but Costner and Lowther are outstanding.
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on April 6, 2004
This review refers to the Warner Home Video, DVD edition of "A Perfect World"....
Clint fans will really appreciate the director side of Eastwood in this film from 1993, "A Perfect World". He portrays a seasoned Texas Ranger in pursuit of a dangerous escaped convict, who has kidnapped a small boy for a hostage. Kevin Costner is Haynes, the elusive fugitive and it his work in the film that is really showcased here. It's superbly acted by Costner, and beautifully directed by Eastwood. It's more than just a statewide cops and robbers chase, as the character development, and the past play a big part as the film progresses.Laura Dern also stars and the performance by T.J. Lowther the young actor who plays Phillip, the kidnap victim, is absolutely incredible.
This DVD by Warner Bros presents a very good picture, clear with nice color, in a widescreen format. All the action and the wonderful musical score, composed by Lennie Niehaus sound fabulous in Dolby Dig 5.1 surround sound.There's not much in the way of special features. Theatrical trailers and some cast bios.There are subtitles in English, French and Spanish.
Eastwood and Costner fans will appreciate the combined talent that will captivate you from the first frame to the last in this very dramatic story. For the Eastwood collector, you may want to consider purchasing this in the Eastwood "Hero" 3 pack offered here at Amazon. In addition to this one it also includes "Heartbreak Ridge" and "Absolute Power". There is a nice savings buying them that way.
Go ahead...make your day....enjoy...Laurie
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on March 8, 2003
'A Perfect World' is a movie I saw years ago when it was first released and stayed with me. It would pop to the forefront of my mind in the oddest of circumstances. I thought it was just the image of a child in a Casper the Friendly Ghost costume roaming the countryside that made the film memorable, but upon seeing it again last week I realized that as interesting as that image is to me, 'A Perfect World' is simply a very well crafted movie.
Costner is in rare form (I havent seen as good a performance from him since 'Dances With Wolves') and the child actor has given us one of the truest depictions of childhood in years. The story itself asks questions such as what makes us who we are, is it possible to change, what is the emotional impact of violence, why do we judge people and questions the ligitamacy of sacrifice. The movie has a slow and languid pace to let these questions develop but you're never beaten over the head by them. Most everything in 'A Perfect World' is understated. I like that in a movie but it can slow things down a bit. Also, as great as Eastwood is in the movie, I felt this was a role he has played so many times over the years that he could do it in his sleep. I wanted to see him tackle something a bit different.
This DVD presentation features a very crisp image (widescreen only) and enveloping sound. The movie has been digitally remastered and you'll probably never see a better print of it. Bonus wise, you only get a few sketchy actors bios and a threatrical trailer. This allows the film to stand on it's own and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions. A great presentation of a movie that I'm sure will continue to pop to the forefront of my mind in the unlikliest of situations for years to come.
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on April 15, 2004
This movie is just wonderful. Clint Eastwood brings out the best in Kevin Costner, and consistantly keeps the movie on a good track. The movie has a good mix of heart-touching moments, and funny ones, too. I'd recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys a great film-keeps you interested the entire time! A great buy!
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on December 23, 2014
Kevin Costner never disappoints me.
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