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3.8 out of 5 stars14
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on December 4, 2003
I thought this was excellent for what it was. The surfing and filming was top notch. All aspects this was done very well FOR A VERY SHORT FILM.I would not call this a movie. I would call it a great short documentary that leaves you wanting more. Especially because it was done so well I wanted ALOT MORE. The picture quality and sound is fine. The only disapointment I have with this dvd is that it was not worth the price for what length (less than 30mins.) you get. For the same price as any other dvd out there you get ALOT less film and time spent watching. Fans of Jack Johnson will no doubt have to have this on dvd but the result (for me anyways) left me wanting to see ALOT more, and I especially wanted more for the "regular price" I paid to see this dvd. Even thought the quality of filming of this short documentary was spectacular, atleast with the Brown productions, Mav Surfer, and Laird White Knuckle productions you get more lenghty films and bang (more surfing) for you buck in my opinion.
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on June 22, 2004
...which is a historic session in the Mentawais featuring some of the world's best surfers - Slater, Machado, Dorian et al - and some great grooves from Greyboy, Jack, G Love and more.
No it's not long - but I've probably spent hours watching this footage over and over. It's a cut above the typical "extreme sports" crap that dubs a second rate speed metal soundtrack over a choppy edit of some mediocre cutbacks. Instead you get beautiful 16mm footage following these guys right down the barrel and a soundtrack that is as fluid and smooth as the waves.
The disc has some bonus stuff including commentaries, bonus footage and a "Making of" that aired on television. It easily extends the content to at least an hour or more. The commentaries are actually worth a listen and you may actually learn a thing or two from some of these guys. No it's not a plot-driven pop piece like Blue Crush and it's not the Bruce/Dana Brown zeitgeist stuff. It's great music, great waves, and great surfers doing their thing...
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on August 18, 2003
Yeah, I know I'm behind the times, and yeah, I haven't seen a 'real' surf movie in a while (Blue Crush doesn't count) but I just had to write this review for this outstanding Jack Johnson flick. Everyone knows the Johnson story so I won't repeat the unnecessary.
This movie was absolutely amazing and perhaps the best surf movie I've ever seen. The soundtrack is mix of laid back soulful grooves, the surfing is flawless, the dialogue is true, and [most importantly] the cinematography is sublime. Slater's surfing is in another dimension and the contortionistic curves that he pulls off are unbelievable. Several of his tube rides were perhaps some of the longest I've seen. I loved how he was trying so many different stances and methods to surfing the waves - he had the place completely wired and is toying with these Mentawai Island waves at several points during the movie. When Slater is an old man people will look back at this video for proof that he was the best surfer in the modern era and realize how much his surfing alone progressed the entire sport. Rob Machado's graceful and fluid lines, and honest comments about life on the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Pro Tour made me view him in a completely different light. I have a newfound respect for this guy. And then there is Luke Egan and the comment about him surfing with 90s style back in the 80s was dead-on; the guy was so ahead of his time when he first came on the International scene.
I only wish the movie was a little longer than 28 minutes but the bonus coverage kinda made up for it. This is a must have for any surfer. Dialogue commentary from Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater are a nice plus as well as 'The Making of September Sessions'. I liked the movie so much that I picked up the soundtrack as well. Feel the stoke and pick it up today.
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on December 2, 2003
I've watched many surf films, but this is my all-time favorite. No other film catches surfing's essence so beautifully and effectively: the communion with nature, the incredible good fortune of finding the perfect wave, and the beauty of making complex moves look simple and fluid. Slater is in his element, and Jack Johnson's soundtrack (both original and selections from others) combine in a synergy that manages to communicate more than a sport, but a whole "pura vida" way of looking at the world. It's a movie you turn on at the end of the day, beer (or margarita for beach goers) in hand, sun setting out the window, and take in the goodness of life.
Or maybe it's just me that appreciates that sort of thing...
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on June 7, 2003
September Sessions is a great film produced by Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater about their surfing trip to Sumatra. If you like the way Jack plays his music then you should enjoy this dvd. It displays surfing in a very artistic way with great tunes and a mellow feel. I snowboard and wakeboard however I'm not a huge surfer and I found this movie to be awesome. It's great for putting on and just chilling to, wishing you could escape to a tropical paradise and surf. The soundtrack is great too. Pick this one up if you want a kik back relaxing video made by a great songwriter/film maker. Can't go wrong with this one.
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on July 24, 2003
As an (ex-)surfer who has been landlocked for the past 12 years I look for my beach fix anywhere I can get it. This movie is sweet, the waves are PERFECT, and the music is not bad. It is what it says it is - SURFING - no story, no plot, just pure, clean fun. The movie is short (about 30 minutes), but also has additional "rights" and "lefts" footage in the bonus materials. I work long hours and I'm usually asleep before I can finish a long movie. This is just long enough to take my mind off the day and still have a few minutes to see my wife before I pass out. Highly recommended.
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on August 2, 2003
This video is definitely an artform. Jack brillantly displays videos not only as a sport but as a lifestyle. This comes across in the film and brings you into the music and the emotions of the surfers. The swell in sumatra is epic and the surfing is top notch as we see Kelly, Machado and co. ripping everything up. The film ends with us understanding the motivations behind the search for great waves, good friends, and isolation.
Just viewed a film called 5MM Canada, I also think this is a film that motivates you to take a remote surf-trip, a must see.
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on June 22, 2004
I should have known better than to order a DVD sight-unseen that did not have a time for the length of the film posted. The surfing scenes were good, but at about a half hour, the film was way too short, plus the dialog with the surfers never told you a story. If I hadn't looked at the package, I would not have known where they were surfing. Spend a few more dollars and buy the much better Step Into Liquid.
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on May 12, 2003
this is the best surf video i have ever seen. it shows kelly, rob, brad, shane, and luke surfing perfect waves in sumatra. its one of those videos that inspires you to go to some remote island somewhere to find a wave like that. "the waves were as good as waves get" the video is well put together and has a great soundtrack. this is more of a chill movie than an amped one, so sit back and enjoy
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on October 29, 2003
September Sessions. An amazing movie with only the best surf footage ever released onto a 16mm film. Jack Johnson not only a gifted surfer, and singer/songwriter, but also a movie genius. The visual aspect of this movie is great, the surf adventure is amzaing, and it even has an awesome soundtrack to back it up. Rad job Jack I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!
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