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on February 2, 2004
I had just beaten Silent Hill 2 when I found out they were going to release SH3. I was beyond excited. This game has got to be the strangest and most imaginative thing I've ever played. It's not as creepy as SH2, but what it lacks in creepiness it makes up for in weirdness.
I can't even begin to recall what was going on, there are so many instances where I was blown away by how eclectic the concepts were that I was proud of the creative team that put it together. The mirror room alone would be enough to make me buy this game. I mean really, what in the hell? I was just running along, minding my own buisness and I step into that! Many times during game play did I have to sit back a reflect on what had just happened. Quite impressive. I loved the random rooms that had nothing to do with anything except to just creep you out and leave you asking yourself "what the hell?" Like the room with the strange "sour" smell wafting around and the black curtain in the middle. Nothing ever happened there, they just wanted to let you know that something was expired I guess.
The whole game was just alive. It had a pulse for god's sake. The walls seemed to be breathing and looking at you as you wondered around looking for the room with the guy with his blood let so that you could fill up your plastic bag with his blood to make a sacrifice and move on. Simple as pie! Everything was just so ridiculously weird like that. Fer god's sake! And while your nearing the end everything just gets out of control and the trippy, symetric wall shows begin. I mean really, could the atmosphere of this game get any more absolutley insane? There are so many worth while situations to mention: the carosal with all the bloody horses; the fairy tale monster; the countless bottomless pits everywhere; the haunted mansion; the friggin' wheel chair scene; the subway; the amusement park... it was all very interesting, believe me.
The sound was great, fantastic even. Definately responsible for all the tension in the game. Graphics were great too, of course there was a lot going on with them. I've never seen so much detail put into a game. The only big downfall was the superbly crappy ending. Seriously disappointing. I think that they must have so much going on that they just don't know how to end these games. SH2 was in about the same boat. I haven't gone back yet to replay it for some different endings, but the one I got was pretty sad. But it was worth it, I look forward to playing it over again. They've started on SH4: The Room and it looks like it's going to be excellent. I haven't been let down yet.
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on January 28, 2004
It's good that you took the time to read this review, beacuse if you are, like I am, a horror fan, this is a very fair warning.
There i've said it. Yes it's that scary. Shortly after I played this game I went to see "28 Days Later" on Dvd. No effect. I hadn't seen Sixth Sense so I gave it a shot. No effect. In fact these movies were rather boaring, only after I played Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill goes beyond fear and no words in the human language could possibly describe it accurately. But here goes nothing.
Do you ever wake up at night from an increadibly scary dream, but you know it's a dream that shouldn't be scary, but it is? Something about that dream just scared the living S*it out of you and you lay there alone in your bed trying to push the horrifying images out of your head? That feelings comes up multiplyed by 10, when playing this game. Your palms WILL become sweaty, you WILL jump at the slightest sound in the real world even if it's your cat walking over that bag of doritos you had earlier. I could go on telling you how much this game will scar you mind, but i best get on with the details.
If you aren't new to the series, the controls are nothing new. The graphics take a huge leap. And the puzzles are just as satisfying as the last two games. The enemies are just as twisted, ranging from mutated, disfigured, things lurching down the hallway, to the gruesomely horrifying freaks that enjoy mutilating dead bodies in their spare time, when they're not trying to club you with rusty metal pipes. The story is very detailed and deep but, like all silent hill games, leaves off with pleanty to think about. The game starts off a little slow, but holds you long enough for you to really get into the meat and true horror of the series. New comers, stick with the game and make your way through it. Like any good book or movie, it does start off somewhat slow, but then grabs you by the neck later on and won't let go.
Everyone who plays this game, it is impossible NOT to get scared when playing, and if you don't find this game the least bit frightening... seek mental help... IMEDIATLY.
i just found out a perfect word to describe this work of art.
Five out of Five, the best game in the series yet. All other Silent Hill Fans, heads up, Silent Hil 4: The Room is coming out very soon as well.
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on January 24, 2004
Here's an excerpt from my full review of the game:
"(STORY)The events of this game take place seventeen years after Silent Hill. You are Heather Mason, and you wake up in a shopping mall diner only to be accosted by a detective named Douglas Cartland. He is supposed to bring you to meet someone, but your spunky character doesn't trust him and runs off to a bathroom. From there, you escape him and enter an empty mall. Of course the game would be too easy if that was the end of it. You start to encounter strange monsters before meeting Claudia Wolf, a strange woman who claims that Heather "will lead us to Paradise with blood stained hands."
Similar to previous installments, this game focuses on a few important characters, but I won't go into many details so as not to spoil anything. I think the characters present themselves rather well, and the development is interesting. The interactions are really solid and clearly present to you what their inner workings are really like. Unfortunately, I think the game takes a little too long to really get you into the story. Once you find yourself, as the commercials have hinted at, it gets increasingly scary. From there, the storyline pulls you in deeper and deeper. And even though more is made clear in this game than the previous games bothered with, the plot leaves much to question. I like that about the game and that there's no true answer to it all. Essentially, the story itself is a puzzle. When you read notes, you're able to infer much about the characters and the storyline. In the end, it was all very enjoyable and handled very well. The buildup was nice and they really delivered on giving you something freaky.
(GAMEPLAY)A combination of the eye candy and the sheer fear of it kept me interested in it. This is NOT an action game. You're not meant to go in with guns blazing. Even more so than Silent Hill 2, Konami has emphasized the survival aspect of this game. There are certain monsters you'll have to kill in addition to the bosses, but there are others that you can just let alone. The key to the game is conserving ammo and health supplies. This means you'll use your melee weapons quite a bit and try to run a lot also. I really thought that this was all fun though. It required some actual strategy to get past certain monsters and surviving was really a challenge. This was meant to be an adventure game, and it really did accomplish this.
There are plenty of puzzles to boot. And almost all of these puzzles make total sense. It really isn't hard in most places to put two and two together and figure out a solution. In other parts you'll have to take clues into consideration when trying to figure out something, and they may not always be crystal clear. You should be able to beat the whole game without having to refer to a strategy guide though, unless you're playing on the hard riddle level.
I do have one gripe about gameplay though, and that would be the camera. There were a few parts where a monster hit me merely because it was hard for me to maneuver with the angle the camera was in. You can use L2 to control the camera view, but you don't always have time for this. The problem wasn't very extensive though, and was mainly a problem in the hospital. The controls were good for the most part, but the main character was purposefully rather clunky. You're not controlling a spry action hero, you're controlling a confused teenage girl. She can only move so fast, and the game really strives for this kind of realism.
The arsenal you have at your disposal includes a knife, a steel pipe, a maul, a kitana (very very cool), a stun gun, a shotgun, a handgun, and a submachine gun. So while action isn't really emphasized, you have some great ways to get the job done. Don't fret though, when you unlock some of the secret weapons by beating the game, you will have much fun taking revenge on these monsters. I, for one, have begun replaying the game for the sheer joy of slaughtering these monsters who I had to previously run away from. The hidden weapons are very cool and worthwhile.
(SOUND)There's not a whole lot to say about sound except that I loved it. The soundtrack was very interesting and some of the rock ballads really fit. Of course most of the game is filled with strange sounds, from a screaming woman to a moaning nurse. You'll think you heard something you really didn't hear, or you may not trust your ears like me at some points and get mauled by a twisted creature. If the environments don't keep you on your feet, the sounds definitely will. It's hard to describe how crazy the sounds are, but they really do start to get to you after a while. The only real gripe I have when it comes to the audio is that at a few parts the quality of the voices in the dialogue is diminished. The voice acting overall though has taken a pretty big leap since Silent Hill 2, especially the main character. You really believe their emotions, and I think that's important to truly understand the main points of this game."
Additionally, the monster and character design and detail is indescribable. A must buy for prior fans, and warrants a hard look from newcomers to the series. Its style of psychological horror will keep you on the edge until you finally beat it. There are 3 endings in all to the game. You can see my full review at
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on December 31, 2003
I can't really enphasize how good the graphics in this game are...absolutely beautiful...that's the first thing you'll notice when you begin playing in that creepy amusement park, it gives you a feeling of coldness and you feel actually scared. Hats off to Konami for giving us the option to turn the noise effect on and off, this lets us see more of the WELL DONE details throughout the whole game when off, but if you want to feel like you're IN a horror movie (BLAIR WITCH PROJECT for example) then turn it on. I turn it off and on depending on the scenery I am at the moment...Now, don't get frustrated at the begining with the controls, you'll get used to me. I've only played this game for a couple of days and I am already in love with it, it's that fact this game was the reason I got me a PS2 , too bad it's not out for XBOX, I believe the graphics would look even better (if that's possible). I was sick of the same old games where you're this hero and all you have to do is walk or run shooting and blowing things up...this is a game where you are this REGULAR person who has to figure things out, some may feel that this girl should be more skilled at fighting monsters back but that's exactly the point of this game you are a REGULAR peron...a lifelike game. MOMS: Definitely not for children (unless you're willing to wake up in the middle of the night to calm them down because of a nightmare). Instead this game is for individuals who like to think and figure stuff out and of course kick some monster's butt from time to time. So do not hesitate to buy, rent, steal or borrow this game, you won't be dissapointed....Turn the lights off, shut the door, crank up those speakers and play, play, play till your fingers are numb (quote by Roger Waters taken from "what do you want from me?").
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on December 15, 2003
Hey! Here comes a review from a berserk, deranged, 14-year old girl.
I'd just like to say that Silent Hill 3 is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. It's disturbing, gory scenery and creatures lured me in after only a few minutes of game-play. This game is my addiction; and so is the main character. Not a lot of players love Heather as much as I do. You have to get used to her. She might even start to annoy you after her first few lines in the game. But you've got to envy her courage. You might even build up a lot of courage playing this yourself. I know I did- yet it may leave a lot of players paranoid, so you've got to make sure you can handle this kind of stuff. It's not rated Mature for nothing... This is your warning.
Religion plays a big part in this also. Heather must fight off the demonic creatures and solve what had happened in the past. The only way to stop the rebirth of the suffering world into to kill the one who will bring it...God. I know this fact is kind of sad. My mom had me stop playing when she found out about this.
I hope this helped a little bit. I've never really reviewed any other games before. I just wanted to put a few precautions out there before people play this game.
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on November 30, 2003
Ok. I just wanna start by saying I am a die hard resident evil fan and have played and beat every resident evil game ever made.But since palying this game I've decided to start a new series.Thats one half the reason I decided to check this game out.the other is cause I saw the commercial for it and it looked cool.So I went to the rental store and rented it.The only thing that had me worried was that I hadn't played the first or second silent hill, and was starting on the third.I want to say that this game surpasses every resident evil game out there.This is the only game ive ever played that made me jump and made me feel sick.I always thought that video games had certain limits to them, but I was scared to death when I saw how gorey this game is and how much I realized why this is rated mature.I don't know whats freakier,the monsters or the people you meet.Just about every person you meet is a crazed,pshycotic,maniac.I am now proud to say I own this game and if your looking for a 5 star game this is for you.
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on November 19, 2003
First of all Silent Hill 3 boasts probably the best SOUND and GRAPHICS for any PS2 game. Those of you that have surround sound will be shaken to the core of your soul in this survival horror amusement. The cut scenes are hyper-realistic and the Silent Hill 3 maps and worlds are well above standard for a game of its type.
I am now on my third round playing this game and so I have enough experience with it to be able to conduct a realistic review. The first thing you should know is that you do not have to play part 1 or 2 in order to enjoy this sequel but it would help if you did. Fans of this series will note that the game is largely a follow up to the 1st game, revisiting many of the places that where in the original.
The premise in this game is that you play a teenager, Heather, who must discover her past in order to reveal her true identity and save the world from an apocalypse. Sadly this is one of reasons why the game looses a star. It will not please fans of the series to discover that the plot is vastly different from the other two as it is no longer psychologically creepy and instead aims for more scares and blood and guts as Heather tries to prevent the day of reckoning. Although the game gets top marks for the horror and scares it is certainly devoid of the psychological impact that the other two games in the series had. The plot is also marred by an incoherent storyline that really does not make you care that much for the main character or the pending doom that the game is laying down. There are other reasons why this great game looses a star. There are not enough variations in the monsters which can be broken down into two-header zombie dogs, giant walking pillow cases, fat blobs, hammer head type creatures of large and small sizes, three types of stabbing insects, deranged nurses and floor crawlers that look like crocodiles. There needs to be more deviation in the monsters! Many of them are just repeated in size, however their locations are perfectly timed in the game. The other downside is that the game is vastly shorter than Silent Hill 2, being only on one DVD and can be completed in less than 6 hours on the first try (however you will spend a few days at it.) On my second attempt I complete the game in 2 hours. I believe the game can be completed in about 1 hour if you drive at it. The other downside is that the game takes places in two different locations (1) A shopping mall (2) Silent Hill. There was certainly hardly any Silent Hill and only two place to visit in that area! - The Hospital and the Amusement park. The final location takes place in an old church. It is also too linear - the game really only has one direction that is controlled by locked doors and items that you must gather in order to proceed to the next level. Overall the game does not feel like part of the Silent Hill series. I hope that the premise for the next one is located only in Silent Hill with more areas to visit, more monsters to kill and a similar psychological premise like the 2nd one in the series. There also needs to be more outdoor daytime scenes like Silent Hill 2. Too much of this game is fogged or takes place in the dark. The weapons and puzzles in this game are adequate although many of the cooler ones must be unlocked after you play the game at least once.
The upside is that the game, as a stand alone survival horror, delivers in aces. There is lots of action, blood and scares. The locations are unbelievable and the game IS frightening. Some of the rooms will have your jaw dropping to the ground and your eyes popping out of your head. The sound effects are soooo creepy and the shocks do come thick and fast. It is certainly one the best games you can own for the PS2 and is streaks and bounds ahead of most other survival horror games.
Overall it is an excellent game that should have been produced under a different title without the Silent Hill locations. I feel that the second game is still the definitive of the three although the graphics and the sound are not nearly as good. A thumb up for Silent Hill 3 though but both thumbs up for Silent Hill 2.
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on November 6, 2003
I found Silent Hill 3 totally engrossing and amazing! I've never played the other two but I have to say this one sets the standard for me in horror games. Production is what really makes it stand out from the rest. Totally amazing graphics really show off the power of the PS2. The locations are straight out of a Nightmare on Elmstreet movie. Although the game production is great, I have to say the game play itself was a little bit of a letdown. I found it too linear. I would have liked more of a Tomb Raider experience where you could go off and descover things on your own. The voice acting too was a bit disappointing. Especially Heather. Her actions dont seem to really fit in with the rest of the game. The casualness she shows when confronted with frightening situations takes away from the reality of it. I know if I were trapped in an abandoned hospital with possessed axe wielding nurses after me I'd be scared out of my pants and show it!! All in all Silent Hill 3 is a great game, especially if your into horror movies.
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on November 5, 2003
The Silent Hill series has always stood toe-to-toe with the Resident Evil series. Both do a good job of entertaining players with realistic environments, monstrous adversaries and compelling storylines. But Silent Hill takes the creepiness factor to a much higher level. Unless you're an incredibly desensitized individual Silent Hill 3 will certainly freak you out.
SH3's storyline has strong ties to the first game; a fact which should thrill fans of the series. The plot starts out a little sparse but fleshes out toward the end. Compared to Silent Hill 2's story SH3's is easily understood. But remember, this is the world of Silent Hill...expect to devote some brain power to comprehend everything.
Sound effects and ambiance are where the Silent Hill series shine and this installment is the best yet. The audio does exactly what it needs to do with eerie effectiveness. You'll hear things in the distance, unearthly noises will appear unexpectedly, and the sound of inhuman creatures (whether they're killing or being killed) is...gruesome.
The only thing I would have preferred, and this might sound strange, is more horror. With all the sights and sounds encountered throughout SH3 there are precious few occurrences where something actually appears to justify the tension! I think the developers missed a lot of opportunities to maximize the game's potential and really frighten the wits out of players. The first two Silent Hills had the same problem so I doubt Konami will improve this factor in future installments. Oh well, I suppose perfection is too much to ask for.
There are many reasons to play through Silent Hill 3 multiple times, such as unlocking more selectable options, equipping alternate outfits for the main character Heather, using fantastic new weapons, and viewing different endings.
The game's entire soundtrack is included on a nifty bonus CD totally free! Some of the music on the disk is really good, adding value to an already worthwhile package.
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on October 30, 2003
OK here's what you do to get the best out of this game; buy it and take it home, start playing at about eleven at night, when there's no-one else around, and turn off all the lights. Now it takes an hour or two to get into the game, but somewhere between the subway and the hospital you should start feeling that classic silent hill experience, edge of your seat stuff, trying to open doors and praying they're locked cos you don't want to know what could be on the other side, and a disturbing sense of wrongness about everything in the world of the game. The effects are subtle but accumulative, and just like Heather you will be drawn into the otherworld, and trust me, those lights will be turned back on pretty rapid! The plot, visuals, and hidden secrets are all excellent, and the action is ok, pretty standard for a survival horror game. I could go on praising SH3 for a long time, but the main point is that this is a genuinely scary game, and those are hard to find.
Oh and if you're having trouble with the view, one of the L2 or R2 buttons centres the camera behind Heather.
Roll on silent hill 4!
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