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4.3 out of 5 stars43
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on April 2, 2004
If you love the eccentric, amazing, & personal things that are John Mayer, you have to buy this! I have watched and rewatched this DVD, and rewatched it many more times with the commentary by John and Scotty Crowe. The set (as only 'Room For Squares' and 'Inside Wants Out' had been released at the time) is very good and you should definitely see it if you like John Mayer. If, as a previous review suggested, you do not enjoy watching John live, then buy the live CD. I personally believe the music is quality, which is hard to find these days. John Mayer is totally live with no annoying lip-syncing, lengthy costume changes, overdone pyro, etc. It's refreshing to see an artist like this on stage. His unique "guitar faces" (as JM himself says on this DVD) and "dances" could be unpleasant to some I suppose. But appreciate the fact that it is a live show! No editing of the vocals has been done, etc. His guitar skills are amazing! I strongly suggest going to see John Mayer on tour, because you get to see even more impressive things than this. The DVD does do a good job of showing what he is like. He talks/rambles in the show which is extremely funny with his wit. He also (I believe) sings beautifully. He covers The Police's 'Message In A Bottle' and then Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Lenny' before going into his older and unreleased song 'Man on the Side'. Make sure you listen to the commentary! His sense of humor is great, and it provides you with a greater appreciation for him as a person.
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on November 4, 2003
Picture if you will a beautiful song being sung by one of the best singers/song writers to come out in the last 10 years. Just sit back and relax. <pause> Nice isn't it? Nothing better after a long, difficult week than to ... AAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEE HAW! What was that? Did someone in the audience sit on a duck? Back to the music <pause>... hard to believe that such a young guy can write such ... YIPPIE KY YEA!!!!!!!!! OK, well may be this crowd is "excited" because this is the first and second songs on the DVD. Let's see, track 4 ... As I was saying, this is such relaxing ... WE LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!!! <Repeat experience over about 20 tracks and you get the idea.>
It is like Girls Gone Wild at a mellow concert, without the nudity. It is obnoxious and out of place. Completely expected at New Kids on the Block, N'SYNC, and Backstreet Boys concerts, rodeos, prison riots and Def Jam Comedy, but a John Mayer DVD?
By this DVD and you'll ask the question: Did the audio guy actually mic a band of underage drunken female hillbilles? It ruins the entire DVD to hear such great songs and then scream after random scream. I really wanted this DVD to be good, but please don't do what I did; don't by this DVD. But if you insist, I am selling mine up there in the right hand corner. Or how about this, buy John's CD Room For Squares and for $2 a hour I will come to your house and scream at random during the songs!
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on September 21, 2003
On the video side, there is absolutely NO reason release a 4x3 concert DVD. That alone frustrated me, could not find a single description of the video formatting on the case, either.
As far as the audio, the kids in the thrash band a few houses down that shake the garage every weekend have better engineering skills than the rookies that mastered this train wreck. I'm guessing their setup instructions were something like "plug all the mikes on at the same level and step away for the rest of the concert". John has a wonderful voice when properly mixed, but here it turns to a garbled mess. Absolutely no blending across the soundfield, every instrument and screaming fan seems like they were recorded in isolation with no thought as to how it would all come together.
I am a HUGE fan of Room for Squares, play it over and over. Watching and listening to this trainwreck of a production makes me wonder if the real magic of his CDs is in the engineering rather than in the performance.
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on May 2, 2003
I would highly recommend "Any Given Thursday" to any John fan, or music fan for that matter. In a world full of Britneys, with their elaborate sets and costume changes, it's very refreshing to watch and listen to John. Clad in a t-shirt, guitar in hand, John delivers the best tracks off of his debut "Room For Squares", as well as a handful of extra (amazing) songs such as "Man on the Side" and "Covered in Rain". In my opinion, John really shines live on stage. I think nearly every song he plays far surpasses the studio version on his album, and it's fun to watch his boundless energy and crazy facial expressions. What makes concert DVD's so nice is that you can watch the show all the way through, or jump right to the songs you want to listen to. So whether you have 2 hours or 2 minutes, you'll have plenty to keep you entertained. John's "morning after" interview is nothing too spectacular, but it's interesting to hear his reaction to the night before (and see how he reads USA Today- the boy's funny!). This DVD is simply amazing; a great addition to anyone's collection.
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on April 20, 2003
I have become a big fan of buying concert DVDs as opposed to movie DVDs. Yes everyone should buy the 4 or 5 DVD version of Fellowship of the Ring because it is to date the masterpiece and standard for what DVD movie releases can be. But really how many times can you watch a movie? How many movies are even worth watching more then once? Isn't a good movie best seen in a theatre anyway?
Concert DVDs are a different story all together. They can be viewed multiple times, shared at friends' houses, used as background or foreground. They are by far the best value for your DVD money. And this DVD is one of the better concert DVDs I have seen. The track Covered in Rain is almost worth the price by itself, where John's musicianship really shines through. As a whole, this DVD displays his voice, guitar playing, his band, and his personality. There is enough just plain good music on display that you will hear something new every time you listen. If you have a halfway decent sound system, for sure by this DVD if you even like Mayer's music a little. If you like his music more then a little, no matter what sound system you have, this will be a fun acquisition. The extras are quite nice. I have yet to listen to the commentary but the interview was interesting and the photos are surprisingly well done. The photos are shown in slideshow presentation and are a combination of color and black and white. They are a lot of fun. For the price this is a great value that you will enjoy again and again. It is what DVD players where meant to play.
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on March 15, 2003
To watch the passion of a young artist like John Mayer in " Any Given Thursday" is truely an appreciation of music/ great song writing/ delivery/and pure enjoyment. Is there really a bad song on here....NO... but with all the great songs I still go back to listening to 83 and John talking about his previous life and his brother. This is not one for glitter and glitz on the stage although John does get animated at times which is a plus. And of course "Your body is a Wonderland" will go down as a all time favorite. I did not like his version of this on the Grammys but who am I to judge. I always have a few songs in the am as I go to work if I am not listening to talk radio that get me going and "No Such Thing" will always get you going.. There is no disappointment in this DVD and I highly recommend it for the pure pleasure.. I can't give a 5 because for me "Hell Freezes Over" to this day has set the current benchmark for me. If his career goes continues to go the way of a Don Henley in terms of a songwriter and delivery to "passion" for the delivery... look out.........
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on February 12, 2003
Boyish good looks go a long way, but its the "from the heart" performance and the buzz of the concert experience that carries John Mayer in his newly released concert DVD. Filmed in Birmingham Alabama on his latest tour, the DVD captures all cool things that make for a great concert... The cheering crowds, the kibbitzing between songs and of course JM's passionate, expressive and sometimes funky performance. Mayer who is known for his introspective lyrics and whispery voice comes through loud and clear in a style that's uniquely his own, but has been often compared to Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. The DVD comes with bonus materials include a behind the scenes look at the concert, an interview with John and a collage of pictures put to his music. This is a MUST OWN for JM fans who I'm sure are all too familiar with his studio recordings. The renditions here carry far more punch and some fun and unexpected alternative lyrics. For hardcore JM fans the audio commentary that runs through the concert gives an added insight to his quasi philosphical, regular guy life. JM fans will absolutely NOT BE DISAPPOINTED and the uninitiated may discover a new passion.
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on February 4, 2003
FOR ALL OF YALL JM FANS OUT THERE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY THIS DVD. I was actually at the show and it was spectacular. It was one of the best shows that i have ever seen and I have been to a bunch. Just imagine how excited i was when Guster blew the suprize and told us that it was being recorded for DVD. I knew then that it was going to be a great show and that John would give it his all for us. My ticket stubs will go along with the DVD just great, i can't wait to relive this magical night. The concert was great the seats were great and the date was gorgeous, how much more of a perfect night could i have had?
John is great to listen to but there is nothing that can compare with being there as he puts on a wonderful show. Pelham Alabama, the Oak Mountin AMP. is a wonderful outdoor venue and the temp was just right that day. Even though it did sprinkel a little there was no rain that could have ruined that show. i can't wait to see the DVD and i cant wait to go to another one of his shows. Do yourself a favor and experience this show for yourself, buy the DVD there is no way you could go wrong.
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on March 23, 2003
I bought RFS last summer and absolutely fell in love with John. I also bought IWO and fell in love all over again. I had heard a lot of fans talk about how he's even better live, and I just couldn't believe them. It couldn't be possible. Ah, but it was. I recently bought this DVD and was absolutely blown away. My respect and admiration for his talent is through the roof. His performances are passionate and moving, and his amazing guitar playing and off the wall humour will make you a fan for life. The commentary and morning after interview are really great in letting you see John's captivating personality. Now, I'm a poor unemployed high school student, and yet after watching this DVD about 20 times and hating that I couldn't just pop it into my discman, I went ahead and bought the CDs as well. I can't get enough of this guy. He's just so amazing. Do yourself a favour and buy this DVD or pick up the CD. ...
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on January 8, 2003
Recorded live at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Birmingham, Alabama, on September 12, 2002. The CD, "Any Given Thursday," will also be available as a 2 CD collection.
John Mayer performs live songs from "Room For Squares," and "Inside Wants Out" -- as well as previously unreleased new material.
1. Program Start
2. 3x5
3. No Such Thing
4. Back To You
5. City Love
6. Something's Missing
7. Lenny/ Man On The Side
8. Message In a Bottle
9. Love Song For No One
10. Why Georgia
11. Your Body Is A Wonderland
12. My Stupid Mouth
13. Covered In Rain
14. 83
15. Comfortable
16. Neon
17. Credits
--Audio Commentary by John Mayer (revealing the many facets of himself and his music)
--Any Given Soundcheck
--The Next Morning
--Photo Gallery
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