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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on December 19, 2003
What a shame! This wonderfully trashy movie deserved better treatment on DVD! When Paramount released "The Carpetbaggers" on LaserDisc years ago, they used the "censored" US version instead of the more "racy" European cut. I was one who wrote them about this, but apparently no one at the office took notice or cared, so here is the US cut once again. What is missing is Ms. Baker's nude back sitting in her budoir when her stepson comes in to tell her that she is now a widow. Ms. Baker's almost nude back is also displayed in the short montage in Paris before she goes down with the chandelier; in the scene missing she poses on a divan for a group of painters. (This image was even depicted on an American lobby card! People must have wondered where it went!) Not much to cry about maybe, but fun in any case! If these scenes were not to be found in the Paramount vaults in Hollywood, they could have asked for them from any surviving European print - existing in decent condition in state archives in both Sweden and Denmark.
Sad is also the fact that the print used for DVD transfer is absurdly grainy! The LaserDisc was much better in this respect! The speckles and dirt are gone, but I'd rather keep them for a smooth film-like image quality.
Now, please let us have other Paramount trash classics on DVD from this era: "Harlow", "Sylvia" and "Where Love Has Gone", to mention just a few! But please make sure they're mastered from first class complete prints! Is this asking too much?
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on March 19, 2002
I just finished watching the "The Carpetbaggers" on AMC; I thought the 'C' part of that acronym was "Classic", but now realize that perhaps 'Cornball,' 'Contagious,' or 'Compelling' may substitute since this movie seemed to be all of this. But, hey, maybe that's just the gin talkin. It is one of those movies that you cannot wait to end, so you can find out just who these B-film actresses really were - yet you continue to watch. But when it does end, you are somewhat saddened that it is over. Partially sad because you have been drawn in by this charismatic yet utterly ruthless SOB Jason Cord (George Peppard), but mostly just sad because AMC DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE CREDITS! that's why I'm here...finding out that the actresses were Caroll baker (as Rina Marlowe, the not-so-lovable Hollywood star; and Elizabeth Ashley (as Monica Cord) - the impossibly forgiving ex/not-so-happily-ever-after-wife of the unmarriable-unlovable-unrelenting-insanely ambitious Jason. Bob Cummings gets accolades as the fiendishly charming scumbag who plays Dan Pierce - most probably a very typical Hollywood agent. Someone who would put a rattlesnake in your pocket and then ask you for a match if he could get 10% of your blood in doing so. Go ahead and watch the dern thing (4/5 stars) - You'll understand. But hey - don't forgit the gin.
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on November 28, 2000
C'mon. Admit it. Embarrasing though it may be, you probably have one. One of those films that by almost any standard of good taste is considered to be pure trash -- but you adore it just the same. Well, "The Carpetbaggers" is my source of shame and delight. Yes, it's cheap and tawdry, unintentionally laughable at times, and held together (barely) by a script with many a line in need of a rewrite. It sports hair styles and costumes that, although undeniably lavish, are often anachronistic to the 1920's and 1930's (those decades in which the story is set). Performances range from extreme and over-the-top to downright comatose. But this early 1960's contribution to the breakdown of the American cinema's once strict moral code never loses its ability to do what Hollywood does best -- to entertain. It's a film filled with a grand potpourri of characters ranging from an arrogant and ruthless Jason Cord (a wooden George Peppard) to a lushly lascivious Rina Marlowe (a questionably sexy Carroll Baker), from a charmingly unctuous (i.e., villanous) Dan Pierce (Bob Cummings) to a bubbling and bouncy Monica Winthrop Cord (a totally engaging Elizabeth Ashley). Classic character actors and actresses (e.g., Charles Lane, Tom Tully, Audrey Totter) abound. And Elmer Bernstein's jazz score boasts a main theme that is pulsatingly decadent. Yes, "The Carpetbaggers" is all flash and fire with very little substance. But I love it. Can't help myself.
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on September 3, 2000
This movie starts out with a bang in the first five minutes. Itkept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. It is a movie that I have remembered since I saw it the very first time years ago. George Peppard and Carol Baker are at thier top performance levels, and the movie keeps moving with intricate subplots going at all times. Many reviews mention the tycoon who is cruel and calculating, the insights into the movie business, complex personal relationships, but few mention the situations that created these characteristics in him, one being a incident that is never totally shown or explained, but partially shown then implied, not explained thoroughly. This particular subplot may then get missed and is psychologically of great impact if one looks for and finds it.
For music fans, the soundtrack is fabulous, I have had it on Lp for almost 15 or more years, and it is one of very few soundtracks where I am willing to just listen to the music without always seeing the movie, it is wonderful all on it's own. Just on it's own, the music is well worth buying the movie. I sincerely appreciate Amazon for still carrying what many might consider an old, and outdated movie. I don't believe times have changed that much, much of it would still apply today. For anyone that likes phychological plots and mystery this is a movie for you, even if not, the other subplots make it a very worthwhile movie to have. I would recommend it to anyone, and especially George Peppard fans. END
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on December 16, 2001
I suppose THE CARPETBAGGERS may hold the same cult-film appeal for some views as such awful movies as VALLEY OF THE DOLLS hold for me--but I've quite been able to see it. Loosely based on Harold Robbins' trashy bestseller which was itself loosely based on the life of Howard Hughes, the film gives us glimpses of such performers as George Peppard, Elizabeth Ashley, Diane Baker, and an aging Alan Ladd, but even their presence can't spark up the deadly dull script. Give it a miss.
--GFT ( Reviewer)--
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on June 1, 1999
a man who faces a hard time in his life, takes over the family business and turns it into a huge corp. He ruins lives, makes lives, and never stops living his. An excellent movie for all to see. You'll laugh, cry, but you will understand.
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on January 21, 2016
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on September 2, 2015
Everything came together. I am quite pleased thank you for your business
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on July 8, 2015
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on August 12, 2014
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