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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 5, 2015
A perfect sequel to a near-perfect game. Fans of RPGs in general, and especially fans of the original, should not pass up the opportunity to experience this game. Absolutely every aspect of the first game is built on, expanded, or refined, whether it be narrative, combat, visuals, overworld is so rare that a sequel so succeeds. Highly, highly, recommend.
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on June 19, 2004
Well, I have finished "The Lost Age" (although I haven't defeated Dullahan, I'll let you find these yourself!), and I have to say that the experience was quite good, but not perfect (and sorry, but 5 stars is reserved for the truly great).
First, let me praise this little data animal. Golden Sun's graphics are top notch, improving (im my opinion) drastically over its predecessor. The summon spells look great, although they seem useless, and in fact I think that using them can HINDER your chances to win big battles, but they do look great. The number of hidden secrets is incredible, ranging from optional superbosses to top-notch summons to weapons dropped only by monsters. For the fun factor, this game ranks up there with the best - as far as the puzzles go, I would rank them with those found in Zelda and Lufia.
So, where's the problem? Well, unfortunately, GS2 is obviously not the end of the story, a fact which becomes painfully obvious early in the game. Whereas the first GS introduced us to this incredible new RPG universe, and the surely-upsoming GS3 will resolve the conflict for good, this game trudges along story-wise, simply playing through events in order to lead to the bolckbuster finale. I would liken this to the recent "Attack of the Clones"; this game's story is here merely to deliver events until the third game can be released. And for that, I knock off a star.
Oh, but maybe I'm nitpicking. I honestly haven't enjoyed PLAYING an RPG like this in a long time, and here's hoping that we get a few more like this. Even with the flaws, GS2 is a worthy sequel and is certainly worth your money (get it now, though, before it disappears like its predecessor!).
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on April 29, 2004
This is one of the best RPGs out for the Game Boy today. The only game that can rival it is the original Golden Sun. "The Lost Age" has some beautiful graphics and incredible fight sequences. Although the learning curve on it can be rather difficult, if you go to some of the eb sites out there about how to use your summoned monsters, you can figure it out after awhile. I do think you will have trouble with it though if you don't do your own research, as the in game help and the manual do not really explain the fighting system well enough.
When I first got this game, I thought that I needed to play the original in order to understand it. While it does follow a storyline directly from the original, this game is perfectly capable of holding up as a standalone game, especially since the original storyline doesn't make much sense anyway. This game does not really improve on the gameplay of the original in any way, and it's more of a continuation. The graphics, gameplay, and strategies are virtually identical. One problem I had with it though, is that it is fairly linear. You won't be able to advance much if you start exploring and wandering off. Also, when you are asked a question, many times you are given two different choices for an asnwer you can give, however there is only one correct answer, and you will basically get the same response regardless of which answer you give. For instance, if a character asks you if you want an apple, you can say A. Yes or B. No. If you say yes, he'll say something like "great, I knew you would!" If you say no, he'll say "What? That's crazy, of coure you want an apple, take it!" It pretty much makes this option pointless.
Lastly, some of the dialogue canbe REALLY long. You can't save your game during the dialogue and sometimes you'll have to sit through ten minutes of speech. It doesn't detract much from the game play however.
Overall, this game provided MANY hours of game play, unlike a lot of games that you can finish in a few hours. I found "The Lost Age" to be the best RPG I've played since the original Final Fantasy for Game Boy came out about 15 years ago.
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on November 9, 2003
...which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I've played through this game quite a few times, so please don't say I don't know what I'm talking about. The first gripe I have is that the update system from the first to the second game (now on known as 1 and 2 respectively). It's extremely frustrating to spend ten minutes copying down a six page code, and then, after having spent twenty minutes entering it in, fin out that one of the numbers you wrote in is wrong, which forces you do it all over again. If you have a game link cable, and an extra GBA, the your all set, but, the average joe (like me) doesn't. After you've entered in the code, which you won't lose until the very end of the game, you start off. If you've played the first game, there's not much new. Go around, learn new Psynergy, pick up Djinn, and be the righteous hero and help every citizen along the way. Not much beyond that. The main part I liked about this game is the plot, which seems to be lacking in every other Nintendo game. The plot is what stands out in this adventure. I won't spoil it for everyone else, but it is quite impressive. I love every bit of the story, that is, right up until the end. It really seemed to me that Reality was actually going to make an appearance in Nintendo, but I was sadly mistaken. Everyone's life is saved, and we're back to square one, with everyone happy and joyous, the only absentee being reality. I would really look forward to a new sequel in this series, however all I see in the future (reaing inbetween the lines on the ending), is some Baddie coming back who wants to rule the world, and The youngsters are plunged back into battle.
Music: 3/5 better than most, but not the breathtaking soundtrack you get in ZOE, the Fist of Mars.
Gameplay: 3/5 The best you'll find on the GBA now. The backgorunds are magnificent, and you can tell the producers at Camelot really put a lot of time into it.
Battle system: 2/5 Golden Sun never really had the most innovative battle system. It was always really plain. You attack, one of the enemies dies, they fight back, you get damage, you attack again and "fell" them (Nintendo loses points for not just saying killed. Reality, where art thou?)
Summons: 5/5 For those that don't know what these are, you attack with Djinn, then summon them as much stonger beasts. But, in this game, you really see fireworks. With many more summons, most of them being combination (nine mars, two mercury for example),they compose the best and only cinema sequencs in the game.
I'd buy it. In comparison to other Nintendo RPG games, it rules. But, for those of you who want reality, go pick up ZOE, the Fist of Mars.
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on October 25, 2003
Golden Sun: The Lost Age begins exactly where Golden Sun left off. Taking the role of the villains, you continue on with the journey. Except this time, you're trying to LIGHT the Lighthouses, instead of keeeping them from being lit. Being on the villains side changes your view of the story and things that have been happening. Of course, you'll start out with a heavy grudge against them, but as you go, will you grow to like them.
This game deepens the plot even more. And answers some questions that had been left unanswered in Golden Sun. No more real VILLAINS, since you are the villains? No no no. There are villains indeed. And it's not our heros from the first game. New characters? Of course. New powers and djinn? Yes. More to the story line? OH Yes.
This game is everything the last game was. Perfect graphics, perfect music, perfect story, perfect characters, perfect game play. There's a little more running around and side stories and tasks, but it's all totally worth it, and it's all connected to the plot.
Just who were Saturos and Menardi? Where did they come from? Where did they have Felix all those three years he was thought to be dead? Is Sheba alive? Will she discover her past? And Ivan, will he discover his? And what of Alex? What are his true intentions? Who's side is he on?
This game, as the last deserves more than 5 stars. It is simply amazing, everything the first was.
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on October 2, 2003
This game is hard as hell without the walkthrough. There is very little direction most of the time as to where you are supposed to go, which is great for those who like to explore, and get lost. Also the main characters are pretty much clones of Isaac and company from the first game. Although there are deviant psynergies, and the cards that allow you to change your character class, they are essentially the same. There are significantly more djinn, and you can reach a higher level more quickly than in GS1, or so it seems. You find better items (usually) than the relics that the shops offer. I am about 2/3 of the way thru (a friend told me that) and have played over 20 hrs. but have yet to run into Isaac and company. I've been told about him, and people are looking for him, but so far no joy. Hopefully when I get to the continent where he is, I'll run into that guy. I'm looking forward to it.
Also, the southern continent sucks! There is only one tower, a single djinn, and no towns! What's up with that?
Still, this is an outstanding game for the GBA. Really good graphics for the mini handheld, and the plot is pretty interesting as is the exploration factor. A must-have for any GBA collection.
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on August 26, 2003
Continuing with the first Golden Sun's story perfectly, Golden Sun: the Lost Age is one of the best games i've ever played. Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden continue the work of Saturos and Menardi by lighting the two remaining lighthouses. Although Alex left the group and made to new friends, Karst and Agatio, who he wants to help him light the lighthouses also. Karst also holds a grudge against Isaac who killed Menardi, and they finally meet in the Jupiter lighthouse. Isaac wasn't ready and his party was downed, luckly Felix and Co. step in to defeat Karst and Agation and light the lighthouse, sadly, Karst and Agation gets away, and Felix's party head out to light the lighhouse with 4 new members with him. The far north is a very dangerous place, and a perfect place for the Mars lighthouse: one of the most challenging areas in the game. If your lucky you can get to the top, but, a familiar floating eye meets then there to stop the possible apocolypse about to be unleahed. If and only if you can beat the final boss will you find out what happens, but beleive me the endings a suprise. Then the game isn't even over! There are a lot of sub-quests some you can only access if you imported your data from the last golden sun (strongly recomended) only if you do can you even think about fighting the last boss in the game, if you didn't, then too bad, you need every single djinn to get there. This is an amazing game with large amounts of game-play and surprises this is a must have game.
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on August 16, 2003
Golden Sun: The Lost Age, is unquestionablly the best RPG up to boot on the GBA. The only reason I was forced to give this awesome game 4 stars was because of the many small con's. Here is a little list:
+Incredible graphics and music beyond GBA recognition
+A large variety of weapons, magic, and choices to make
+Great storyline
+An extermely long game, you'll be playing days on end
+Entertaining until the end
+Multitudes of creatures
-PUZZLEMANIA! I completely stopped the game in some spots, namely Gambobra's Statue. If you're not good with puzzles, this game will rip your heart out.
-Conversations take extermely long. I was once listening to a near-end-of-the-game conversation that was so long that I had to shut off and beat a boss again
-Could seriously use a Journal to keep track of quests. In the beginning, you don't know what in the world to do.
I'd say it's a definite buy. Just, if you're that impatient kind of guy, the puzzles will make you die in confusion. I think that this game will be completely smashed dead by Final Fantasy: Tactis Advance. So if yur gonna get this game, I would rather buy Final Fantasy, if you're willing to wait. GS The Lost Age is only temporarily the best RPG on the GBA.
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on August 2, 2003
Alright my first review depicted that this game had a weak storyline and such. Well, that review is being revised NOW! Sure I still have all my other gripes but now that I've 100% completed the game, this shows that the story I saw from the first Golden Sun wasn't all of it. The storyline is actually really good and really complex, even if near the end of this part it got predictable.
The good is that the music and graphics are ASTOUNDING for the GBA. Lots of visuals too. Very colorful to the point where it looks like a nice beautiful PSX game. The music is astonishing and you'll wonder how they made orchastral music come out of your GBA speaker. Amazing if you ask me.
The storyline is a continuation of the first Golden Sun where as with Golden Sun it's a basic storyline, this one takes a twists where you are the ones that the party of the first Golden Sun was persuing. Eventually your old party from Golden Sun will join your new one. So you can transfer data (and believe me you WANT to do this if you want all the games incredible secrets). Thus, the plot in this one is extended to a point where it's actually DIFFERENT but conncets to the first one. Hard to explain.
My cons with this game is that it's almost exactly like the first Golden Sun game. Old spells that return have the same battle animation and the battle system hasn't really been changed in anyway. So it's pretty much like a "Disk 2" of any PSX game. But because of this rehash it leaves for little replay value. The puzzles, while complex are enough to make you want to rip your hair out.
The other con is that the game has NO direction in the beginning. You have no idea what you're supposed to do next or where to go. So you could explore all day (FUN!) but if you come to an area where you just don't have the magic for it then you're ..... Now unless you want to talk to just about every NPC in the game and I mean ALL of them, you might as well buy a guide at least if you get stuck.
The game was beautiful and by far it was best I've seen on the GBA so far (besides probably Metroid Fusion). This is absolutely a breath taking game. If you liked the first one then get this! If you haven't played the first one then play that first.
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on July 24, 2003
Golden Sun:the Lost Age is terrific! I have never seen such a cool game! Ok, so here are the new Adepts: Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. There's a huge eathguake at Venus Lighthouse. Jenna, Sheba, Felix and Kraden end up floating around on this little island when a tidal wave hits and-find themselves and a totally new continent. They decide to go light the last two Lighthouses. (Have they forgotten about Issac and co. already?? They could be on their backs if they don't watch it..;)...) So they meet this innocent guy in prision a few cities on. Yes...he's the Water Adept. But not so fast. You are NOT going to get Piers anytime soon. First go hunt down some pirates, get a new Psynergy, sneak through some mountains,and finally you meet the freed Piers lookin' for his Black Orb. It'll be easy just to sneak through this weird statue and go get it. Mhmm, sure. So it seems like a decade later when you finally get your lovely boat.
The rest, you can figure out yourself.
I would give this game a 5 star rating on graphics, battles and bosses, a 4.5 star for the music and the plot. Ok!! Go have fun with this game!
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