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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on June 8, 2003
There's only one word to describe this game.......Wow!! Definitely the most fun game in the series the sims superstar finally allows you to follow your sims through a career in music, fasion, and acting. And when your not hard at work earning star power take a break at one of the many fabulous spas in studio town and drop your name. I've been playing this game for over almost a month and I still am not bored of it. Most of the games in the series have became old and not as exciting after a few days but this one keeps the fun coming. It's also more difficult than any other expansion pack in the series to date.Definitely worth your hard earned money. This game sets the new standard for all games. Pick it up today.
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on January 6, 2004
This game is really cool. The news studio town is a lot of fun and there are a lot of cool new things to wear and decorate with.
The bad part is the amount of memory these expansion packs take up. I suggest to only buy the expansion packs that you want and not to buy them all because of the incredible amount of space they take up. They also cost a lot of money for an expansion pack. Some games don't even cost as much as these expansion packs. They are running out of new ideas and should stop making new expansion packs!
Don't get me wrong the game is great but be prepared for The Sims to overtake your hardrive! If you are new to the wonderful world of The Sims, I would suggest to you to buy the newer expansion packs and just skip the old ones. The first two really don't have that much new stuff in them. This one however has a whole new Studio Town area. The only problem with this new area is that the directors won't let you have a part. They say you need experience but no one will give that to you. Another problem is that when you return to your house after you have been to Studio Town (or any other area for that matter) your sim is tired from being out of the house but the time at the house hasn't changed and it takes forever to get them sleeping at night again instead of in the middle of the day.
So, get the game if you are a die hard fan and don't mind The Sims taking over your hardrive.
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on December 24, 2003
When I first purchased this, I played it for hours. My opinion, this is my least favorite expansion pack.
The objects are excellent! I think one of the reasons to purchase this pack is for the great objects. The new location offers poster and clothing shops, spas, movie sets, music studios..etc. The celebrity Sims are all right, as well (athough I disagree with some of the celebs Maxis has chosen to 'sim'"). What's funny is if your Sim earns a few star points, you get an "obsessed fan" who follows you everywhere.
So what are the bad things about this game? Well, it just gets pretty repetitive. Earning star points at first can be easy if you are close to maxing out your abilities, like charisma..etc. When you finally reach stardom (but not super stardom), making music videos and walking down the runway can be quite annoying. you don't really know what the directors want. you can be fully refreshed and you have maxed out your skills, but it gets annoying when they disagree with what you're doing.
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on December 17, 2003
I was very suprised to find that many reviewers were saying how hard it is to gain one star, and to make famous friends. Just make sure your sim is all greened up when they head to stuido town, and since the first few levels don't require skill, it should be easy! As for getting famous friends, find a sim who has a lower or about the same star level as you. Talk to them, compliment them, whatever, just get a few social points. Then head home and invite them downtown! We all know it doesn't take much to make friends there. In no time you'll have famous friends and some star levels. Once you get to the more advance photo shoot, and from that point, don't make the same mistake I did at first. They'll give you 3 ways to do the shoot (or song, or soap opera, whatever). Randomely pick one way, and choose it three times (you dont have to find the sequence the three go in like I thought). The director will either have you in a thought bubble or you in a thought bubble with an X through your sim. Use these indicators to switch what you need to. You get three tries, so it isn't too bad. Just make sure in between visits to studio town you work on charisma and creativity. Use a piano for creativity because they'll gain fun at the same time. Overall, this is more challenging then the previous expansions (and makin magic) but if you work at it, it's quite fun!
p.s. if your sim is good friends with a celeb, go into the celeb trailer, and invite that person in, and see what happens ;)!
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on December 15, 2003
The long wait of a new expansion is over. The games have stopped flying off the shelfs. And now, their computers are slow.
In "The Sims: Superstar" your Sims can embark on the jorney to become famous. When I heard this I was extremely excited, thinking of all the fun it would be to have famous Sims and trophies and gold toilets. I was very wrong.
In reality, The Sims Supterstar has a new Studio Town wear you can pose for tabloids and eat sushi. You can meet real movie stars such as Avril Lavinge, Cameron Diaz, etc. But really, I dont think its worth the money.
- New Stuff: The new game has great stuff, including statelites, wallpaper and carpets.
- New Actions: You can blow Star Kisses and ask people what it is like being famous.
- Speed: Sims has always been slow but this is rediculos! When I go to load Studio Town, it takes up to ten minutes. By then, my sims have laready thought of something to do!
- Diffculty: I know The Sims is supposed to be hard, but it is near impossible to make it oast Stepping Stone unless you have the startagy guide...which costs alot of money!
- Errors: When you go to move your mouse, it leaves a trail. The little white mouses pop up all over the screen! Now *that* is annoying.
Okay, as you can see the Cons outweigh the pros but only by one. This may seem like a good buy but I seriosly would not recomend it to who loves The Sims.
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on September 17, 2003
This has to be the best expansion pack yet for The Sims. This time your sims can try to become superstars. There is a whole new area to visit (Studiotown) where your Sim can mingle with such legends as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol or try and make friends with the local stars....not always an easy task.
Budding stars have to develop their skills in singing, acting and modelling as well as keeping their fans happy by chatting to them regularly and signing autographs. Woe betide the Sim who neglects his fans as he will quickly be stalked by the 'obsessed fan' who will not only prove a nuisance in Studiotown but will also plague him at home by leaving dead flowers around and rummaging in bins etc.
There are plenty of new walls and floors etc as well as lots of new items to keep your Sim happy...try the new oxygen bar or have a relaxing massage. Outdo the Jones's by being the first in your neighbourhood to employ a butler.
if you are only going to buy one expansion pack for The Sims then this should be the one.
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on September 10, 2003
I love The Sims and all its subsequent expansion packs, so don't get me wrong; Super Star is excellent, especially compared to other other games out there. -But compared to the other Sims expansion packs? Well, in my opinion, its the black sheep of the family.
The whole premise of this pack is that your Sims get to go to Studio Town and pursue fame, instead of having a humdrum, everyday job. This sounds good, but in practice its highly annoying. In order to stay in good standing with the public and avoid a fame demotion, you have to take your Sim into Studio Town practically EVERY DAY, and stay there in real time (no more fast forward mode while Daddy is at work!) It gets incredibly tedious. In addition, in order to advance, you not only have to keep your Sim's happiness level high and supply him with the appropriate friends and skills, but now you have to suffer through little guessing games, where you choose the right sequence of buttons or get demoted. What's worse is these sequences are random, so there is no way to memorize them and breeze through it! This is not right, Maxis!
Then there's the Obsessed Fan; a non-playable character that follows you around if you don't pay attention to your adoring public enough. While a cute idea (he goes through your trash can and takes pictures!), it can quickly get annoying, and I have not yet figured out how to get rid of him.
All in all, I'd say skip this expansion pack. Its not worth it.
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on August 31, 2003
Although I have found all expansion packs for The Sims to be good values with great content, Superstar is not my favorite. Nevertheless, the game has some good qualities that can't be overlooked; besides, who can resisting giving your Sims a skydiving simulator in their own backyard?
If you pursue the path of fame for your Sims (and why else would you buy this expansion?), you will visit a new area in your game called Studio Town. You can, of course, customize Studio Town and download new buildings for it. In Studio Town, your Sims will use various objects to attempt to reach Superstardom. You have 3 different themes of objects, including music, modelling and movie-making. However, you do not select one of the three types; your Sim can use any combination of them.
You gain fame by completing "mini-puzzles" in Studio Town. For example, if your Sim tries to model a swimsuit, you chose one of three poses for him/her to take. The Studio Town employee overseeing the shoot will tell you whether or not your choices are correct. For the eariler levels of fame, you'll have 3 chances, but for the later levels, you are cut back to 2.
You also have to gain skills, as usual, and "Somebody" friends. Each "Somebody" in Studio Town is worth a certain number of star points, and a number in the Job panel will tell you how many star points you need. Making friends is harder, however, because Sims that are famous do not have as many interactions as normal Sims do.
Playing Superstar is challenging but rewarding. It is not easy to become a star, but once you do, you'll be happy. Your Sims can also win a variety of rewards for doing well while working in Studio Town. If you like The Sims, you will probably like this expansion, even though it seems to be aimed at teenagers more than anyone.
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on May 20, 2003
Many reviews have already described all of the new interactions and items that come with this expansion pack, so I'll focus on some of the things that may not be mentioned that I would have wanted to know before buying it.
1. Overall I would say this expansion involves more work than the others. Becoming famous is an all consuming occupation leaving your Sims little time for anything else. Sims must spend countless hours in Studiotown.
2. The game cannot be saved while a Sim is in Studiotown (much like the downtown area of Hot Date). This is a problem if you experience frequent crashes with your game. I find I need to take my Sim home where I can save the game every time he/she has raised their fame score, so that I don't lose it because of a crash. This is time consuming.
3. Sims run out of energy very quickly in Studiotown so not much can be accomplished in each visit. (only one visit is allowed per day)
4. Sims need famous friends in order to become famous. I find it very difficult to make friends with these famous Sims, the friendship scores don't seem to increase as quickly as with regular Sims.
5. This one only applies if you have downloaded objects from online Sims sites: I have a user-created teleporter in my game, and it no longer works. The game crashes whenever I try to use it. This forces me to use the phone to invite other Sims over, leaving it up to chance rather than being able to import them at will. (Much harder to increase the friendship score this way). Teleporters worked with every other expansion pack, but not Superstar as of yet (hopefully someone will fix this).
I don't mean to point out only the negative aspects of the game, I do enjoy this game but am a little disappointed that it takes so much more work than I had expected. I do love all of the new interactions that are available, and like watching my Sims sing, act or model. I'm still looking forward to an obsessed fan following my famous Sim home. My Sims don't have a high enough fame score for that yet :) (Also, there aren't really 3 separate career paths, Sims access all of the items one at a time as their fame score increases, so they are essentially rock stars, actors and models).
Overall, if you love the Sims, you'll love this expansion pack as well. But be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to become famous.
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on May 20, 2003
Maxis and the makers of the Sims have done it again. Just when I thought there was no way they could produce a better Sims expansion pack, just when I thought there was nothing else they could make the Sims able to do - Sims Superstar arrives! In this Sims expansion for the first time you control the career of your sim. It is your responsibility to get them signed to a talent agency, to take them to "Studio Town" and to make them work to be a better talent.
The ability to control the career of your Sim is absolutely fabulous. I loved being able to decide whether my Sims should begin a career as a singer, actor or model. Studio Town has enough new features to keep you interested for a long time. Some of the new items include spa items like the mud bath and oxygen bar, new career items like the kareoke stage, model runway, and some things that are just plain fun like the underwater tank and the sky diving simulator. In addition a whole ton of new floors, walls, roofs, rugs, furniture and gadgets have been added for you to add to your house. It is also very cool that when in "Studio Town" you have to keep your eyes open for famous sims (Marilyn Monroe, Avril Levigne, Christina Aguilera).
The Sims Superstar expanision can really slow down your computer. I don't have a ton of money for a really fast processor so the addition of this expanison has slowed down my game play and how fast the computer responds. Just something to keep in mind if you have an older or slower computer. Additionally, while the "Fame" career track is awesome it does require a lot of work - this is not a career you take a laid back approach to. Your sim has to be working toward getting famous all the time. There is no rest. The new items that Superstar offers for the home are awesome, however, it would have been nice if they had offered some new beds - its been a couple expansions since our Sims got anything new to sleep on.
Aside from those relatively minor drawbacks the Sims Superstar is a must have. I was all but ready to pack my Sims away prior to Superstar coming out. This expanison is awesome and the first time you load it you will not be able to tear yourself away for several hours later.
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