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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on June 8, 2003
There's only one word to describe this game.......Wow!! Definitely the most fun game in the series the sims superstar finally allows you to follow your sims through a career in music, fasion, and acting. And when your not hard at work earning star power take a break at one of the many fabulous spas in studio town and drop your name. I've been playing this game for over almost a month and I still am not bored of it. Most of the games in the series have became old and not as exciting after a few days but this one keeps the fun coming. It's also more difficult than any other expansion pack in the series to date.Definitely worth your hard earned money. This game sets the new standard for all games. Pick it up today.
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on May 20, 2003
Many reviews have already described all of the new interactions and items that come with this expansion pack, so I'll focus on some of the things that may not be mentioned that I would have wanted to know before buying it.
1. Overall I would say this expansion involves more work than the others. Becoming famous is an all consuming occupation leaving your Sims little time for anything else. Sims must spend countless hours in Studiotown.
2. The game cannot be saved while a Sim is in Studiotown (much like the downtown area of Hot Date). This is a problem if you experience frequent crashes with your game. I find I need to take my Sim home where I can save the game every time he/she has raised their fame score, so that I don't lose it because of a crash. This is time consuming.
3. Sims run out of energy very quickly in Studiotown so not much can be accomplished in each visit. (only one visit is allowed per day)
4. Sims need famous friends in order to become famous. I find it very difficult to make friends with these famous Sims, the friendship scores don't seem to increase as quickly as with regular Sims.
5. This one only applies if you have downloaded objects from online Sims sites: I have a user-created teleporter in my game, and it no longer works. The game crashes whenever I try to use it. This forces me to use the phone to invite other Sims over, leaving it up to chance rather than being able to import them at will. (Much harder to increase the friendship score this way). Teleporters worked with every other expansion pack, but not Superstar as of yet (hopefully someone will fix this).
I don't mean to point out only the negative aspects of the game, I do enjoy this game but am a little disappointed that it takes so much more work than I had expected. I do love all of the new interactions that are available, and like watching my Sims sing, act or model. I'm still looking forward to an obsessed fan following my famous Sim home. My Sims don't have a high enough fame score for that yet :) (Also, there aren't really 3 separate career paths, Sims access all of the items one at a time as their fame score increases, so they are essentially rock stars, actors and models).
Overall, if you love the Sims, you'll love this expansion pack as well. But be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to become famous.
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on May 20, 2003
Maxis and the makers of the Sims have done it again. Just when I thought there was no way they could produce a better Sims expansion pack, just when I thought there was nothing else they could make the Sims able to do - Sims Superstar arrives! In this Sims expansion for the first time you control the career of your sim. It is your responsibility to get them signed to a talent agency, to take them to "Studio Town" and to make them work to be a better talent.
The ability to control the career of your Sim is absolutely fabulous. I loved being able to decide whether my Sims should begin a career as a singer, actor or model. Studio Town has enough new features to keep you interested for a long time. Some of the new items include spa items like the mud bath and oxygen bar, new career items like the kareoke stage, model runway, and some things that are just plain fun like the underwater tank and the sky diving simulator. In addition a whole ton of new floors, walls, roofs, rugs, furniture and gadgets have been added for you to add to your house. It is also very cool that when in "Studio Town" you have to keep your eyes open for famous sims (Marilyn Monroe, Avril Levigne, Christina Aguilera).
The Sims Superstar expanision can really slow down your computer. I don't have a ton of money for a really fast processor so the addition of this expanison has slowed down my game play and how fast the computer responds. Just something to keep in mind if you have an older or slower computer. Additionally, while the "Fame" career track is awesome it does require a lot of work - this is not a career you take a laid back approach to. Your sim has to be working toward getting famous all the time. There is no rest. The new items that Superstar offers for the home are awesome, however, it would have been nice if they had offered some new beds - its been a couple expansions since our Sims got anything new to sleep on.
Aside from those relatively minor drawbacks the Sims Superstar is a must have. I was all but ready to pack my Sims away prior to Superstar coming out. This expanison is awesome and the first time you load it you will not be able to tear yourself away for several hours later.
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on May 17, 2003
I was waiting along time for this game which I thought would be the best thing since the Sims itself.....big mistake. Oh sure, it does what the other expansions do: adds new items, new interactions, so on and so forth. But the superstar part of it...the very essence of the expansion, was, in my opinion, not a success. I mean, it's fun, but the thing that really dissapointed me was that, unlike how they advertised it, you don't actually pick your carrer!!! Instead of getting to CHOSE wheter you are an actor, model, or rock star, you have to do a little bit of each to attain ultimate fame. It does give you a taste of each field, but I would have given it 4 stars if you would be allowed to chose which field you want. The fame rating is pretty cool, though, and it is neat to have Sims you don't even know recognize you on the street, and give you an admiring "I'm your biggest fan" speech. The real celebrities in the game, such as Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera, don't do much than give out autographs. The objects, also, were not as great as advertised. The spa items are okay, although many of them, such as the steam bath, are a waste of time and money, and don't really boost your comfort motive. The only really worthwile one was the hot tub, which we had already before "Superstar". The sky-diving simulator and scuba tank give huge boosts to the fun motive, but are insanely expensive, and huge. The new floors and wall paper, however, were pleasing. The one thing that really got me excited was the fact that finally, after seven expansions, we get a new TV!!! No new beds, though (darn!). Personally, I think that Unleashed and Vacation added the most to the game, and that unless you are a diehard Sims fan, you can do without this one.
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on May 17, 2003
This game expansion pack to me is better than any other expansion pack I got. However it has several problems on the game: First, once you install SuperStar all of your existing adult sims from your previous expansion pack will change all of their interests with almost no interests at all and for the sims'kids will lost all their interests they have. Second, The teleport didn't work so well. I tried to use then the game crush. Third, at the studio place sometimes one of the sims star stand on the road and didn't move away when the car come by. Therefore it told you longer to get home if your sim want to leave. All of these problems was bothering a lot in the game for me. Especially once the sims'interests was lost, the sims are very diffcult to make friend with the other sims. Other problems later might have a new patch to fix those problems but interest can not be fix unless they could restore the sims back to the previous version then it might work but this is not possible. This game will be a five stars game if it didn't have this kind of problems I just refer. Right now I have to get all my sims to read magazine to their interests back but the kids can't get interests from magazine. Anyway this is going to pain...On second thought I might as well give up forget about this game. Maybe when The Sims 2 relase I might play it again.
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on May 17, 2003
Why did I not give this game 5 stars if I love it so much? The answer is simple: a five star game has everything that a good game needs, plus much, much more. The adverge game would be 3 stars. So, by rating this game 4 stars, I am saying that this game is very very good.
If you are thinking of buying this game, but you are not an experenced sims player, I wouldn't recomend it unless you want to spend hours figuring out what to do. But, if you are already a sims-lover and you want a little bit of a challange, this game is for you!
This game is truly a simulation of real-life celeberties. To become a sims superstar, first you must go through 10 levels of fame, filling up a half a star at a time (Total of 5 stars). Be sure to pay close attention to ALL of your fans and always be friendly, or you may end up with an obsessed fan who follows you everywhere and even digs through your garbage! If you don't want to drop out of your current career track, you can always just live like a star! New items include a satalite dish, new tv, skydiving simulator, new pool table and piano keyboad. There are plenty of new social interactions that will keep you entertained for hours and even some animated versions of some real celebrities. This includes Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Avril Lavigne, and Christina Aguilera.
So buy the Sims Superstar today!
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on May 15, 2003
I bought this game three days ago, and I expected this pack to be better than any of the others. I wasn't disappointed, and this pack IS the best except for possibly Hot Date. the new objects are awesome, with everything from music video shots to a karaoke stand. There are featured celebs in the game. they are Avril lavigne, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and Christina Aguilera. Most of the music in the original Sims games have benn awesome, and Superstar even broadens that music style to new limits. For one thing, now there are techno themes within the game, and they sound GREAT! There is also the classic music that you would expect from Hollywood, and that's cool too. There are awesome new build tools, with new fencing, walls, and floors. As you'd expect, they are stuff like blue screens, red carpet, and Hollywood-style star floors. In Superstar, you must contact an agent, and then you are on your way. There are 10 rankings of fame, and with each step you gain access to more objects. For example, you don't even have to be ranked to do karaoke, but you must be at least a 4.5 rank to access the movie set. It should also be noted that it is MUCH harder to gain levels than that in just normal jobs, but the hours spent advancing are worth it. You will gain obsessive fans, press, and even a wide range of awards for being famous. Something I find fun to do is give out autographs and kisses to loyal fans, and just generally draw a large crowd. Another cool feature is the fact that once you are a big shot, you get a snazzy new limo to ride in to and from Studio Town. It is much cooler than that black thing, also! Superstar is everything you would expect on a sim's road to fame, and it is definitely a must-buy for any fan. Oh, one more thing, there are three career choices. They are music, fashion, and acting. The good thing is, you can do any of the three whenever you want once you are famous enough!The new objects and animations are worth the price of admission alone, especially for only 30 bucks. Superstar will find a place in your sim's heart, and you should buy it right now if you are interested in the wonderful game, The Sims! My Rating-10!!
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on May 15, 2003
Only two minutes into The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack, I had become a karaoke singing sensation. I could do country, dance, rock, ballad and big band, and the audience was loving it! Of course, that's just one of the many things you can do in the new Studio Town (and trust me, that's where you have to begin - at the bottom). After a few hours, I was able to record jingles, and pose for a photo shoot (I can't help but notice that my acting and modeling skills bite; my sim can only seem to carry a tune). Of course, there is so much more to do (including acting in a soap opera), but it's a long hard road to fame and you have to schmooze your way to the top.
Besides the working aspect of Studio Town, I have also met some interesting people: I was able to get autographs from Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe (that last one is a head-scratcher - I mean, isn't she dead?), AND get photographed from Andy Warhol himself (although he seems to hate me right now). And, I have an obsessed fan. Trust me, obsessed fans are not all they are cracked up to be - in fact, I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of him. He's a creepy-looking guy that hangs around outside of my house, looking through my trash and taking pictures of everything. He even follows me when I go down to Studio Town. Even though these are just sims, I actually found myself creeped out by the idea of a sicko stalking me, and it made me glad I'm not famous.
As for new features, there are tons. To make your sims happy and relaxed, there are pure oxygen tanks, mud baths, spas and massages galore. To help you out around the house, you can now hire a butler. To spiff up your joint, there are new floors, wallpapers, doors and windows, plus tons of decorative stuff like more paintings and rugs, plus new furniture and other assorted gadgets. You can even buy your own karaoke machine to display and use in the comfort of your own home, but it costs a pretty penny.
When you decide you want to become famous, you quit your job and find an agent. Your sims can now choose to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to. At first, this seemed great - no more getting up at 5:00 every morning to get ready for work, then watch the house sit empty for hours until my sim gets home. Like with the regular job, if you go two days in a row without visiting Studio Town and putting yourself out there, you lose half of one fame star (you only need five in all, but trust me, it's not easy to get them). While at first I liked this system better, I should point out that your sim does not make much money doing these gigs (at least, at first they don't). So I suggest choosing a character that already has a fair amount of money.
And now for the one complaint - the same complaint I have used for every one of the expansion packs: Studio Town runs extremely slow and choppy. Now, I don't have all of the expansion packs installed - just Unleashed and Hot Date, which makes me wonder if it runs worse for someone who has all of the expansion packs installed. However, for as entertaining as the game is, you tend to overlook the choppiness. Trust me, it's worth a little aggravation.
Now, I know I don't even have to say this, but I will anyway: if you are a fan of The Sims, you HAVE to get this expansion pack. I'd say it's the best one yet (although Unleashed runs a close second). And for anyone who may have gotten bored with The Sims since the last expansion pack came out, this one will surely re-spark your interest. Before you know it, your sims will be huge stars, and they'll have you to thank.
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on May 12, 2003
This game is gonna rock!!! You can now become famous and live in style. PLayers can now travel to the new Studio Town where they become "discovered" at an open mic, or karaoke bar. After that they move on to bigger items such as run-ways, music recording studios, music video sets, soap operas, or a movie studio to gain fame points and become a superstar. The fame score has 5 stars in it. Every so often sims will gain half a star for doing various things to help their job (acting, modleling, or singing). As you fill up the stars you go from a "nobody" to a "superstar". As you become famous you need famous friends to become even more famous. You also need to be kind to your fans. Sign autographs and let the photographer take pictures and watch your fame rise. If you arn't kind to your fans you will pick up a obsessed fan who will follow you around. A cool thing about the SUPERSTAR expansion pack is that you can will awards like the simmy award or the sims choice award. This really adds on to the fun.
What im looking foward to in this game though is the new objects. From various screenshots and reviews i have seen some and they are really cool. Theres a satilite dish, a new flat screen TV, the hugh scuba tank, the sky-diving simulator, tons of art, wallpaper, flooring, a new high-fashion section or clothes, the karaoke bar, the open mic, a butler, sushi and smothie stands for Studio town, and new pets for your sims.
In the end this looks like the best expansion pack yet. With tons of objects and the chance to become a superstar, the sims SUPERSTAR gets 5 stars.
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on February 6, 2004
What's inside the game:
You of course get a new place to visit: Studio Town, a new career to chose from: become a singer, actor, or model (I refer to it as a career since you get paid for it), new objects like a skydiving simulator, a skuba diving tank, or a satellite dish, hire a butler to handle EVERYTHING in your household, and you have new celebrity social interactions.
What you can do in Studio Town:
There are many things to do in Studio town, but the most fun things you can do are interacting with famous stars, the paparazzo (aka paparazzi) and devoted (and sometimes, obsessed!) fans of yours. You can preform on stage (singing/acting), and as your fame increases, you can pose for professional pictures, model on the runway, make albums, star in a soap opera, or even star in a movie.
Playing the game:
Your fame is rated from zero to five stars. You must preform often to increase your fame, but also to keep it from falling (just like relationships). Skills in the body, charisma, and creativity area are a must if your sim doesn't want to get boo'd off the stage, so I suggest working on these BEFORE trying to become famous. Your success also depends on who you know famous wise; if you're talking to a has-been, stop befriending them and start rubbing elbows with the top ten list! The top ten list fluctuates daily, but mainly, most of the people on the list stay there only in different positions (*Note: You can find out who's hot and who's not by reading the new news paper that will be delivered to you daily along with your regular paper). Increasing your fame through stars isn't as hard as it sounds; a 3 star top ten friend will count as 3 stars, not one!
As other reviewers have said, it is a bit hard to become a superstar but not impossible, and it's fun becoming one too! Even if you don't make it to becoming a superstar, it's still fun being at other levels of fame; people treat you differently, and you get obsessed fans! Now who could pass that up? The game is fun to play no matter what level of fame your at. I give it 5 well deserved stars!
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