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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on July 6, 2003
This sequel to .hack Infection picks up where the first game left off - and even lets you import your character to continue the adventure! For new players, the game nicely provides you with all the mail messages, board posts and other content from the first game, so you can at least try to catch up a bit with the story. It provides you with a character up to the challenge of this next level.
In graphics, gameplay, user experience and interface, .mutation is exactly the same as .infection was. This game is a 'storyline expansion' to the first game, using the same engine.
People unhappy with the first game probably won't buy the second game, so the audience for game 2 is pretty much self selecting. People who loved the first game and didn't want the experience to end will be thrilled. Instead of most games where you put hours of time and energy into a character, only to have the game stop, you can keep playing for weeks more. And of course, when you're through with this one, there'll be another one out in the fall!
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on June 12, 2003
My first reaction to this segment of the game was disappointment that they hadn't made any changes from .hack//infection. And a bit of irritation, since the first fight sequence is quite dark and I had some close moments. Then I found myself settling into the pattern again and enjoying the game as much as the original. In a sense, .hack is a game for RPG traditionalists, even though its premise is a self-aware model of a virtual reality game gone awry.
For those of you who are come lately, this game is a game about playing a virtual role game called 'The World.' This is much like the online games currently available, but with better immersion. Something has gone awry in the game and players are being attacked by mutated monsters that can leave them permanently comatose. Kite, BlackRose, and a host of other player characters form a team that undertake both the central game quests, and get to play in randomly generated dungeons as well for leveling up. There is also a set of side quests that provide a distraction from the occasionally tedious character development.
Story is managed by cut scenes. One of the very positive things about this series is that the developers did not give in to the current fascination with long running cut scenes that overwhelm the action. Essentially this a hack/slash/magic game with a novel plot within a plot, solid graphics, and interesting characters. It is part of an entire marketing approach that includes the game, an included OVA, a TV series, and a set of music CD's. While the game is not the best component (I like the series and the OVA better) it provides strong, interesting play.
The included segment of the OVA ("The Case of Yuki Aihara") is an extension of the first segment and takes place in the 'real' world, where a group of people are trying to find out why their friends are going into comas. This provides a nice balance to the fantasy environment of the game and the TV series. The DVD also includes some interesting interviews, but they come dangerously close to giving away too much of the plot, which will become more and more focused on the players and the conflict between their roles in both the game and the real world as .hack moves along. But, there promises to be plenty of monster slayage as well. And at the end of a long day, nothing satisfies like chopping up a giant glowing lizard with a whirling combination of knife thrusts.
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on March 18, 2004
While .hack// is quite a phenomenon, a review of the enjoyment of this game has nothing to do with the anime series (although fans of the series can find little easter eggs in the game series).
The strengths of .hack//mutation are the same as the first in the series (.hack//infection): it has a great plot line, interesting new skill system, easy to use interface, and you can continue on your character into the next of the series. This is as expected, there were no changes to the game design. Despite this, I found this game to be more exciting and fun to play than the first in the series. The plot in mutation thickens and becomes more interesting and fulfilling.
Like the previous game, if I were to say this game has a weakness, it would be that it is quite a bit shorter than many comparable games. With completion of the story line (in this installment), the extras, and just having a little fun, I completed the game in about 40 hours.
Overall, the .hack//mutation is a must have if you wish to play the series. I don't think that the series would have been as much fun if I did not play all of the installments. Having finished the first three game, .hack//mutation is my favorite of the series so far.
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on January 29, 2004
While I was loving .hack(vol. 1)//infection,
.hack//mutation blew me out of the water.
A shipload of new chracters, grunties, levels, skills, epuipment, items, magic, and more arrive in full speed in .hack//mutation.
Towering above the ranks of .hack//infection, this is reason why .hack is so popular. First off, now that you've played threw vol. 1 , you get to carry over your chracter data to vol. 2. All your items, skills, money, equipment, everything is there.
The second reason is that this one has more boss fights, which are quite marvously designed. The'rye fun, strong, fast, and are the best Ive ever been in. The graphics have also recived a slight polish from vol. 1, which seem to fit the chracteristics of an actual MMORPG (massively multiplayer online rpg.)
And with the apperance of the .hack//sign chracters, youll be excited each time you go look for them.
So its the same as before. CLick that button and buy this game, but only if youve beat vol. 1. So go to it, and be excited, cause your about to buy one of the best games on the market today.
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on October 31, 2003
Ok. So you are planning to buy . hack mutation. well... dont plan buy it now. The storyline is pretty much the same as the 1st one (trying to save Orca of the Azure Sea). If you havent bought .hack// infection and dont know about .hack, you should really start off with this game. This game can get rough in the beggining, but further along the road you will understand it better and it will become vcery challenging.
Leo and his cyber buddies are out to try to bust you again and are also trying to delete your character!!!!!!! Luckily Helba comes to the rescue and completely outsmarts Leo and convinces him to leave him alone.
You will meet new characters like: Nuke Usagimaru (long arm), Sanjuro (heavy blade), Wiseman (wavemaster) And Natsume (twin blade). Afetr meeting up with some of these characters you will fight a MAJOR boss cubia.(as seen at the end of infection). This the hardest boss so dont think your going to beat him in just one fight, (I suggest you level up to 39 or 45).
The really, really, really cool part starts when you arive at net slum. I wont tell you what happens because it will ruin the surprise for most of you buyers out there :). All I can tell you is that Net Slum is where Deleted, Unused or just characters that are messed up live in. Very freaky place but lots of battles will happen here so be prepared.
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on May 17, 2003
If you've played Infection you've play this one. If you liked Infection, you'll probably like this one. Though you'll have to decide for yourself if it's worth another $...for a game you already have and a mediocre anime.
There is really nothing new about this characters who do the same things, new weapons, a measley one new server.
The game play is fun enough, if repetitive, and it can be addicting. The story is still interesting. We get to see some of the characters from hack//SIGN. The anime included gets a little more interesting. But they kept in a lot of the bad things (like only being able to carry 40 items at once, and with the way you get abilities you'll probably be full almost all the time).
Personally I don't see why this was a separate game, the 1st two installments would have easily been put into one long (and much better) game. As it is I would advise you to rent the games, or at least wait until there are more used copies avaliable so you can get it cheap.
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on May 14, 2003
.hack//mutation is another wonderous game for Play Station Two. The series starts out with .hack//infection, and continues on for another two games, which have not been released in America yet. As I beleive they have only been released in Japan, the birthplace of .hack and anime.
The game starts out right after the storyline ends with .hack//infection. The .hack story is about a mysterious item called the Key of the Twilight which co-exists in "The World" an online game RPG, or more commenly referred to as MMORPG. The game itself in real life is a simulated MMORPG. Let me take this time to explain a little but about the real world in 2007+ [when this game takes place]. A deadly computer virius called "Pluto's Kiss" ravaged the online world, resulting in sudden ultra-violet flares from computer screens. This resulted in millions of cases of blindness, and 7 deaths. All internet usage is unspeakable. In 2007, CC Corporation makes a game called "Fragment". By 2009 over 10,000,000 copies are sold, and the game is re-titled "The World" Through the shows, games, and Manga a select group of players slowly uncoveres the mystery of the key of the twilight, and Aura.
Now for the game, it has an excellent storyline, with excellent music, and excellent graphics. The main characters Kite, and Blackrose have the same features as the previous game, which is good in my opinion.
I would write more but the review space dosnt let me, and I would be spoiling it. The great thing about the series is, if you beat .hack//infection you can transfer the data to .hack//mutation and continue where you left off.
Thats all, regards, Oriellien Calvert.
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on December 31, 2003
I've loved this game ever since the first installment (Infection) and I've been collecting the TV Show and Comic as well. This game has a long re-playability, indepth story, a wonderful amount of options and so forth. I can hardly wait for this one to come out.
For those who complain about the fact that the game doesn't change much between the four volumn are probably the same that complained that "Fellowship of the Rings" was a clifthanger--it's a standard 4-part series! A *story* in the normal tradition like 2001, Tolkien and the rest. That alone means that they got the whole idea of an RPG right! A true RPG is one that is a story that gives you a chance to play along. I recommend this game to anyone.
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on August 28, 2003
This is a great game even though it could have been slightly better. For starters the fields look as if they were rushed, The sound crackles when engaged in heavy combat. Now for the pros. The enemys can be like 20x bigger than you and you can be fighting up to 8 enemies at once and defeat them all at once, so it gives you a sense of collosal power. Some of the combat gets so heavy with tornado attacks that it is almost impossible to see what you are attacking. The dark tones and dim lighting in the game gives you a sense of mystery and danger. No matter how strong you get enemies from this versions feilds and dungeons can't be beaten with just on hit. For those you have played the first one the magic goes up to level 3.
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on August 14, 2003
Alright, I played and finished .Hack//Infection, and instantly, it got me hooked, so luckily, .hack//Mutation was out, and so I got that. Completely amazing, nothing short of awsome. Trust me on this, it just gets better from .Hack//infection, and not many games are able to be better than their first ones, almost like movies. But still, it is awsome the way that your playing a game thats inside of a game, and also how your able to see charecters from the TV series .Hack//sign. I completely recommend this game to anyone who has played .Hack//infection. Its just too bad that I finished the game, and I have to wait for .Hack//Outbreak to come out. Other than that, get this game!!
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