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on May 27, 2015
love that you can find ps ports of these classic games that stay true to the originals but don't cost 300 dollars just to own the retro cart.
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on October 17, 2014
It s like on the nintendo but better!
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on February 11, 2014
to me I like remastered edition is art gallery bestiary Love it! monsters just like it the one from game boy advance
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on January 2, 2013
What can be said about Final fantasy 1 and 2?
If you don't know those games, you're probably from another planet.

It's totally different from those boring FFX13, FF12, FFX-2. So if you tried them and didn't like it, try the original. It will suprize you.

Pure RPG.
The godfather of RPG!!!
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on June 20, 2003
Kudos to Squaresoft for the re-release of these titles. I remember playing the first Final Fantasy many years ago and being blown away by it. Now, an entirely new generation of gamers have a chance to experience the birth of the story driven RPG. It may not have the look of Final Fantasy X, or the drive and emotion of Final Fantasy VII...but the original game still ranks as the first and best of the series. Highly recommended.
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on June 20, 2003
I am another of those who remembers when the original Final Fantasy was released for the original NES back in 1990. I played it and thought that it was a great game, though there were a few aspects of the game mechanics that were annoying, such as the fact that you could only buy one item at a time from various shops, so if you wanted to buy, for example, 99 potions, you had to sit there and buy them one at a time. This has been fixed now to where you can specify the number of items you wish to purchase, so only one transaction is necessary. Other enhancements to the game include a bestiary, item list, an improved world map, an artwork gallery, and much improved graphics and music, with some fairly nice spell effects. The item storage system is also improved, allowing you to hold on to more items than could be previously carried. Anyone who has played the old version of Final Fantasy doubtless remembers having to dump some fairly good weapons and armor just to make room for other items found in dungeons. That is a thing of the past now, and the game is much better for it. The new version also does a good job of informing the player when a weapon or piece of armor has special properties, such as magic spells, allowing the player to make the best use of the weapons available to them.
Of course, all the graphical and mechanical improvements in the world won't save a boring game. The translation from the original Japanese is improved, so some of the things various characters say make more sense than they did before. Many of the place names in the game have been changed, and a lot of the monsters have been renamed.
The storyline of the game is passable, although certainly nowhere near as rich or complex as the later Final Fantasy installments. That's to be expected, considering that this was originally an 8-bit cartridge game. You start out with four characters, and you assign them names and job classes at the start of the game, and that will be your party throughout the game. Again, it was fine for its time, though someone who has played the newer Final Fantasies and not this one may find this somewhat of a disappointment.
As for Final Fantasy 2, I had never played this one before, since it was never domestically released in the USA. So, I really can't comment on its improvements from the original version. However, it is on a par graphically and soundwise with the updated Final Fantasy 1, so I imagine that is is also much improved from the old NES version. The system for character improvement and magic improvement is much different from the first game. Essentially, it is a system whereby the more a character uses a certain weapon or magic type, the better that character gets at that action. So, your characters specialize over time. A very interesting system, and one which allows for a greater amount of freedom in character creation and growth than in the original Final Fantasy.
All in all, I would say that these games are very well-done remakes of some classic NES titles. If you have fond memories of the original versions, I guarantee you will enjoy these updates. If you are interested in seeing where the Final Fantasy series got its start, I highly recommend this collection. Happy gaming!
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on June 15, 2003
This is by far one of the best RPG's to come out in the past few years - the only one I've had more outright fun with was the American version of FFIII way back in '93. This one captures the age-old feel of the series with the revamped look and tight storyline, without the over-the-top graphics. A bit random at ties, and a little tougher than one might expect (especially if you pick a crappy lineup of characters in FF1 - you're in for a rough time!) A good time at a great price.
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on June 13, 2003
Final Fantasy Origins contains the first two Final Fantasy games on one disk. Although graphics have been updated significantly, they still retain their old look, so unless you don't mind bad graphics, you might want to leave this page now. If the bad graphics don't bother you, then this compilation is a great addition to your collection, since, if you have bought every Final Fantasy game released for PS2 and PS1, you will have all but three, which tells us what will be next in all likelyhood. Anyway, in addition to improved graphics, there are also new features, such as an ingame monster guide, updated with every battle, an item guide, updated with every found item, and an art gallery, updated when you get a certain amount of monsters and/or items. I have completed Final Fantasy I and am working on Final Fantasy II off and on, and find them both fun. Although Final Fantasy I doesn't have much of a system, just EXP and purchaseable spells, it is somehow addictive, and Final Fantasy II is interesting due to its plot and system similar to that in Chrono Cross. While the games aren't the best in the series, not even close in fact, Square has dusted them off and improved them so that they are the best they can be, while still fitting on one disc, of course. Also the release price was wonderfully reasonable, $...P>I think if you had [the money] and wanted to buy a game, go for Final Fantasy VIII or other greatest hit Final Fantasy titles, but if you have those, and want to see where everything started, get Final Fantasy Origins, it's worth the money.
An additional note: if I remember correctly Final Fantasy was to be Squaresoft's last game. It was supposed to be a goodbye present to the company's few fans. Squaresoft was going bankrupt, or something like that at the time, so they decided to put everything into Final Fantasy. On the days following its release, it sold so well that the dying company came back to life, continuing to make Final Fantasy sequals, along with other RPGs, always keeping that which revived them alive, with the title that was supposed to tell which of their games it was, the last (it has been a while since I heard that story, so some facts may be off, but if you are interested, you can always look online for the story)
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on June 11, 2003
Final Fantasy Origins not only changed graphics and gameplay, but made the games more enjoyable. Both games; Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II are even better recreated. Kudos to Squaresoft.
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