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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on July 7, 2004
I am a big sailor moon fan and have seen all the seasons in japanese (including StarS). After all the times ive watched sailor moon since 1995 ive realized that season 1 is its purest form. Lets face it the American dub sucks. But in this version its the japanese uncut which i can say is 100% better than the stupid dubbed way. People are complaining about the sound and what not... live with it and grow up. if your a true sailor moon fan then who cares how they made it whats happening i the show should have your full attention not how the screen is and if its not loud enough turn the volume up its not rocket science. This is a really good season and as i said its sailor moon in its purest form all i can say is dont pay $150 for it when you can get it on ebay for $50-$70 and 99.9% of the time you wont have any problems with ebay ive been on ebay for quite a long time and havent had any problems yet.
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on May 20, 2004
Personally, I would buy this if your just one of the unlucky or unfornate people that never got to see the true last episode, aka, "Day of Destiny" which in reality is two episodes long. It will bring you to tears or VERY close to them.
And yes the sound is lacking, and it does look like someone stood there with a camera and shook it as it was filmed, but trust me, it's easy to get over when you see some of your favorite, classic episodes of Sailor Moon, espically the uncut versions and "lost episodes" such as the one where Sailor Moon goes to a bar, the one where the Mars, Mercury, and Moon go to a haunted house on their vaction, or the one with Sailor Venus past, which episodes never aired in the dubbed English version.
The jokes are funnier, and the episodes are relitivly longer because everything was left in (any nudity or violence), so there won't be that thing where you watch Sailor Moon says and are just like "Hey! That never happened in the show!"
And another thing is all the sexes are finally correct, such as Ziocite or however you spell it being a male instead of a female. Scary but true.
But as I stated, anyone who has always wondered what was the real ending of "Day of Destiny", with each Sailor's death and the true fight behind Serena and Darian (which was awsome) not to mention the Japanese music, (or the orginal Sailor Moon Music) than definatly by this box set...then go for the second season.
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on March 15, 2004
I just got this for christmas last year (and sorta broke the casing...wouldn't reccomend opening two of the things in a case at once, it won't work...*sheepish look* was all my fault, so I don't expect you to have the same problem...) and I love it so much! I've only watched it once all the way through, but that's more because I have lots to do when I'm at home than that I don't like it, because I do.
The audio isn't bad....well, that's a lie, it's bad, but if you crank up the volume on the TV and DVD it comes out just fine(and if you have a stereo hooked up it sounds REALLY cool)and a side note, watch out for the opening and ending songs, they get LOUD if you follow the above suggestion....unless you like that kind of thing. *shrugs* Oh, and in certain places there is a crackling sound in the background, but that goes away as soon as the "camera" view is moved, so no biggie.
The video definately isn't the greatest, but I've seen WAY worse...have any of you only had one version of the Labyrinth, taped off of Disney chanel back when there were no commercials on a very old VCR for several years? Well if not, I can tell you for sure that that is much, much worse. In certain scenes it gets a little blurry, but this was an old anime, what more can you expect?
Yet, in spite of all these faults, this is still a 5 star DVD. Where the Audio and Video is lacking, the episodes are definately worth it. I really love the one where they go to a hotel where the workers dress as monsters (which really freaks Usagi, and sometimes Rei, out, which makes for some super funny moments) I'd tell you the name of the episode, but that would mean moving and I'm just not up to doing that for the moment ^.^ Plus you get all of the cut episodes (including the mentioned one above)
In short, I'd definately reccomend this DVD!
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on March 14, 2004
Like many people, Sailor Moon was one of my first glimpses into the world of anime. We suffered through the horrible chop job of DiC dubbing. Naturally when I heard this boxed set was to be released, I was very excited. But then, I bought it. Fortunately I was able to find the set for only $50, and that is the maximum anyone should pay for the thing. The audio is horrible horrible horrible, and I cannot stress horrible enough. It sounds (and looks) like an 8th generation fansub VHS tape. You have to turn the volume way up to even hear the thing, which, may I mention, often sounds like it's in mono. The picture is dark and fuzzy. I'll be the first to say I enjoy Sailor Moon, but this is just a slap in the face to years of fans trying to get something like this on the market. ADV should be ashamed of this terrible piece of merchandise. Why would they put something this low-quality out for sale, then expect people to pay so much for it? I hate to say it, but don't waste your money on this unless you can find it for under $100. It really is wonderful to have all the episodes of Sailor Moon's first season, but at what price? ADV has let down thousands of fans with this travesty. Please don't buy unless you are a diehard fan.
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on March 5, 2004
It was in 1992 that the Sailor Moon anime series first aired on Japanese television. The series was based on a manga (Japanese comic book) by Nakao Takeuchi, and for the most part it was a faithful recreation of its manga counterpart. Three years later the series arrived in America - well, sort of. The dialogue was butchered, some entire episodes didn't even air, and some characters not name and even sex changes! Fans of the original have wanted the uncut episodes in America for many years - and at long last, their wish has been answered. Read on for my review of this set.
This is the first of five sagas of the Sailor Moon series, and it is often referred to as the "classic" series. It this series, Sailor Moon is awakened, as are the other four "Inner" Senshi - Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. The five are brought together to battle a series of villains led by the evil Queen Beryl - a group of villains who want to conquer the universe.
This was a great way to start a classic series, and at long last, it can be enjoyed in all its uncut glory. This series lacks the polish of, say, the S series, but it's still an excellent beginning of a great series. I can't stress it enough - if you're going to watch this show, watch the uncut original.
The DVD is great because it contains uncut episodes with English subtitiles, but the audio isn't too great, as a number of other reviewers have pointed out. Also, the extras are severely lacking. They should have included some interviews with the series creators or original production art as extras - those would have been nice little extras.
Overall I feel this is an excellent set. If you're new to Sailor Moon, this is the best place to start, being that it's the first part of the series, and that it's now available completely uncensored. I recommend this set to any fan of Japanese animation.
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on February 15, 2004
I'm only giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because of some slight mistakes in the subtitles--once every few episodes there will be an error (incorrect punctuation/sentence structure, that kind of thing). I saw that someone else mentioned being disappointed with the sound, but the sound didn't seem especially bad to me.
The packaging is beautifully designed; the episode guide is cool and useful; the DVDs are set up so layer changes aren't apparent; the chapter breaks occur in logical places; the shows themselves are great. It's wonderful to be able to see everything as it was meant to be seen. I was surprised that Zoicite is not as different from the dubbed [female] Zoicite as I expected him to be, but the season climax/finale is dramatically different from the dubbed version.
Some of the funny lines from the dubbed version (like "Hey there, Sailor Ladies--goin' my way?") are gone, naturally, but there are occasional gems in the subtitles. It's great fun to see Sailor Moon say "D'oh!"
If I could give this 4 3/4 stars, I would, but I can't quite justify giving it 5 because I think the subtitles could use just a bit more proofreading.
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on January 23, 2004
Here we go folks. This is what you can expect from the DVD's and why people are giving such differing ratings, comments for them. The audio isn't that good simply because it requires that you turn your television volume up alot. However I do believe if you have the tv on a higher volume setting then even japanese would understand the words being said. In that case the volume isn't an issue if you think about how impossible it is to get the episodes anyother way. The picture isn't really that bad. Some people have said it is poor or not to grand, but if you take the time to really think about it the pictures very good. In fact one can say the picture alone would've been worth purchasing this BOX SET for. My suggestion would be if you have a computer then use a program like E-Color to adjust your monitors settings so that it will bring out the best possible picture. The differences when using E-Color as compared to just leaving the settings alone is remarkable! I have E-Color and using that made everything so clear, crisp, and fine. I am going to give this 5 out of 5 because if the audio can be dealt with by using headphones and turning the volume up then the sets not so bad that it needs to drop 1 rating. Continue worshipping Sailor Moon, I know I shall!!
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on January 22, 2004
Okay, I'll admit, the audio was a little... terrible. But as long as you've not been spoiled to a surround sound system (as I've not had the money to get good speakers), then it really doesn't matter. I used headphones and was never bothered by the audio. Really, the worst parts are the opening and ending song; the rest is great, just not the make-the-walls-rumble sound people are spoiled to nowadays. The menu is simple to navigate, and there are no corny bells and whistles added on by desperate American companies. It's what Sailor Moon fans have wanted for so long: Sailor Moon! You can watch the entire first season without commercials or pathetic English actors trying to fill a Japanese role while editing everything to make it "child-friendly." This is the best purchase you can possibly make as a Sailor Moon Fan! I'm skipping all those ridiculous DVDs with two to three episodes on them that money-hungry American dubbing companies have put out; I'd like to see the rest of the seasons follow suit to this one!
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on December 27, 2003
Okay guys.. I have been waiting for this for years. YEARS. I watched this show when DiC bought the rights and played it at 6:30 AM and then when Cartoon Network played it on Toonami. Over and over. I've been bleeding and sweating Sailor Moon for years. but despite my love for the series, the corny English-ized version started to pain me. Especially when they came out with the S series. Being beat in the face with the incestuous Amara and Michelle made my innards hurt (to their credit, they managed to find a decent voice actress for Hotaru.) But lo! Now ADV brings us the series uncut and Japanese! Huzzah!
Be warned.. the sound quality is second-rate. No digital-remastering on this set, friends. I would have prefered they put a bit more effort into this. The dvd menus were pretty blase as well. Not what I expected from ADV at all after seeing thier release of Excel Saga. The overall quality is reminiscent of a fan job. But.. it's my favourite series, and if you love Sailor Moon, I would suggest it to you. Wait until you see the episodes DiC left out!
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on October 18, 2003
I don't have the Sailor Moon DVD on all 5 of the seasons but I do have them on video(I bought it on Ebay). I also got the Sailor Moon SuperS specials including "Ami-chan no hatsukoi"("Ami-chan's first love") on DVD (I got that from the fansubbed VKLL, which appears later on in the season or maybe on the DVD you guys purchased). I am giving the whole Sailor Moon series 5 stars instead of the DVD, since I don't have the DVD and I heard that the audio isn't that great. Anyway, I love the Sailor Moon series in Japanese, even though the English version got me started on it. I didn't like the original Sailor Moon at first, when I got the Sailor Moon R movie subtitles on VHS, I picked up the wrong box! But I got used to reading the subtitles and I love the song, "Moon Revenge". Now, I think the English version also sucks, especially the first and second season. On the first season, they totally skipped over about 6 episodes, especially the important episode about Minako's past. I love the Japanese seiyuu (voices), Kotono Mitsuishi's voice (Usagi) and Rica Fukami (Minako) the most. I really wish (in a way) that America could come out with Sailor Stars so I could compare it to the original version. The original is always the best anyway. The original also brings out the best in the characters, unlike the American version. Despite the DVD, every Sailor Moon episode is the best. Just why did it have to take so long to come out with it? Here I am 22 and when it came to America in 1995, I was 13, but the original release, I was about 10. Yes, I am a grown woman, but I still love Sailor Moon to this very day!
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