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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on March 17, 2004
You may not recignise any of tracks of this album. But beleive me, if your into hard rock and AC/DC then this is a must have album!
Any AC/DC fan will tell you this is there most overlooked and underrated album of them all!
Any freind ive played this album to has loved it and also asked why its not popular? Its because it didnt get any promoting! The album is a definite classic and imo is not just the most underrated AC/DC album, its possibly the worlds most underrated album!
Every song is a great master peice and the rock n roll sound will blow your ears off! The re-issue probably could have done with a few of the songs that did not make the album back in 198somthing when it came out, but trust me, this album is a must listen to!!!!
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on July 22, 2003
From a band who proves that it isn't impossible to have four hit albums in a row, comes the momentous "Flick Of The Switch." With everything an AC/DC album should have in tow, the band aims to please with each song, a task completed one hundred and fifty percent every time. Opening this classic piece of rock is the raw, beefy sound of "Rising Power", with a scorching burn to it. A strong vocal on the chorus as well makes this song a worthy and sensible intro to the album. Following is another burner, "House Is On Fire."
Then comes the in-your-face rock of "Flick Of The Switch." A powerful array of chords, and a noteworthy display of riffage on the low E and A strings help bring this creation to life. Brian's vocal delivery is great
as well. After that is "Nervous Shakedown". Aside from others, it is one of the best songs on this album.
The guitars sound so raw and fresh, nothing showy of special, just the pure joy of rock and roll in it's purest, grandest form: none other than AC/DC. It's obvious that on some albums, after a while the second half seems to fall away, or drone on. But AC/DC? Hell no. Each song, each album, is great. And speaking of great, let's move on to "Landslide". With it's rapid-fire shoot-out of Herculean riffage, supplied by Mr. Angus Young, a steady backbeat, and the salacious voice of Brian Johnson remind you just what rock and roll should be about. "Guns For Hire" is yet again, a great work of art. It's filled with the rapid-paced soloing of Angus, the earth-shattering rhythm guitar of Malcolm Young, the sturdy foundations built by Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams, and as always, Brian howling in the lead. Amazing. Gnarly intro, as well.
"Deep In The Hole" is perhaps the weakest song here. But that doesn't mean it's not good. It holds strong throughout, and is worth a listen. "Bedlam In Belgium" ensues, and is exactly what the title suggests, without the Belgium part. (Unless, of course, you happen to be in Belgium while listening to this.)
It's full-frontal assault attacks you, the earthquake inducing might of the song is just pure rock. The chorus is held up by the perfect interlocking of Cliff, Malcolm, and Brian's voices, giving this piece even more kick and bite. On "Badlands", the band slows down, but doesn't get softer.
A mid-tempo rock number, 'Badlands" supplies you with a maximum dose of swaggering bravado meets slow-burn rock. And closing this album, is the up-tempo "Brain Shake." It's worthy of closing the album, too. And to open or close any live shows, or albums, is one of the highest honors a song can receive.
"Brain Shake", is built around mainly D G and A chords, with a cantering riff that ascends a few frets, and then flows over into the next block of chords.
All in all, "Flick Of The Switch" is a truly amazing album. It's robust equilibrium is no less apparent than the unmistakable impact that AC/DC themselves had upon not only the music world, but the world all together. If you're looking for the perfect album to add to you collection, or the perfect album to give as a gift to your rocker family member or friend, "Flick Of The Switch" is the ideal solution.
(PS: I know I already wrote a review for this, but I consider my second summary to be more well-written, and I'll be re-writing all the reviews I've done so far, just to help out a little.)
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on April 30, 2004
I think this just might be AC/DC's #3 best of all time, next to "Highway To Hell" and "Back In Black," and unlike the latter of those two, hasn't been so overplayed on classic rock radio that it will induce vomiting. The opening track,"Rising Power" immediately sends the listener into a headbanging frenzy with its HUGE opening riff. The title track is also a killer trademark AC/DC song with its lead guitar line ascending to a gut-crunching monster riff. "Guns For Hire" is also a killer track, and other moments of pure hard rock heaven can be found on "Badlands," "Deep In The Hole" and "Bedlam In Belgium." There are some weak moments here, but it is overall an excellent and very underrated disc. Also, if you listen to the work former producer Mutt Lange was doing with Def Leppard at this time, you can tell that he did the Aussie boys a huge favor by not producing this record! It is raw and full of boundless energy that the band hasn't captured on any record since.
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on July 2, 2003
After completing two back to back blockbuster albums, 1980's
"Back In Black", 1981's "For Those About To Rock", they band set out to record another kick-ass album. With their rocking, raunchy tunes, and cannon fire guitar riffs of brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, 1983's "Flick Of The Switch" yet again delivers another dose of high voltage rock and roll.
All the tunes here are great, and in my own opinion, this album surpasses "For Those About To Rock", and might even surpass the almighty "Back In Black". Who could forget a single song from this disc? The scorching opener, "Rising Power" kicks off the album with classic AC/DC rock. "This House Is On Fire" is as well a rocker, and one of the best. The two following songs,
"Flick Of The Switch" and "Nervous Shakedown" are two of the three best songs on here
(number 3 being "Guns For Hire.") And, living up to it's name, "Landslide" is another rocker which moves along jsut like it's title. The riffage of Angus Young on this song is superb, and proves yet again, AC/DC never fail to please. "Deep In The Hole" is good as well, and is a complement to the album. After that, "Bedlam In Belgium." Awesome song. Actually, now, there are four best songs here, being, of course, "Bedlam In Belgium",
"Guns For Hire", "Nervous Shakedown", "Flick Of The Switch".
The closing two songs, "Badlands", and "Brain Shake", are great as well, and helps boost the rocking magnanimity of
"Flick Of The Switch". All in all, I'd say this album is well worth buying. No one will be dissatisfied, and you'll be happy you took my advice, which is... GO OUT AND BUY IT, ALREADY!!!
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on July 14, 2003
Flick of the Switch is a great collection of good songs. Rising Power, Landslide and Flick of The Switch are pure rock and Roll but my favorites from this album are This House Is on Fire, Nervous Shakedown and Guns For Hire. To me Nervous Shakedown has that slow but powerful devastating chords that is typical of AC/DC. This album from 1983 ilustrates once again why AC/DC continues hanging the sold out sign every where they go, even today, in the year 2003. Buy this album and play it LOUD.
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on February 9, 2004
Flick Of The Switch I really think is a great piece of work! It's hard not to love anything that ACDC records! So i'll just say this! I recomend this to every rocker out there!But there are some other ACDC cd that are better than this one!
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on December 1, 2015
AC/DC with a good rock album/CD. Add to your collection or buy and enjoy for what it is.
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on October 27, 2014
seller is fast, efficient, and products are 100 % as described.
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on July 21, 2003
Often forgetten ,due to overplayed Back in black. Good cd.
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on June 26, 2016
Great response. Thank you!
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