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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on February 23, 1999
The songs and musical numbers are brilliant, among the very finest ever put on film. Unfortunately, the movie has nothing to say. The filmmakers want me to see some connection between the alleged "decadence" and the rise of the Nazis. Is there one? What do the Nazis have to do with the game of musical beds that makes up the plot? The answer: Not much. But Nazis are a potent visual symbol, and they add SIGNIFICANCE to any artistic endeavor. Just add Nazis, and suddenly your work has MEANING, right? Not quite. There is more going on here than that. When you think about it, the film has a remarkably prissy attitude towards sex. All of the so-called decadence of the film centers around the fact that characters actually (gasp!) sleep with each other. And we are intended to see this decadence as having something to do with Nazism, so are Fosse & Co. saying that sex = Nazism? I sincerely hope not.
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on October 27, 2001
This film is possibly the best musical i have seen. The film is almost the antithesis of the pathetic no-brainer musicals of the 1950s and60s. This was not a choice viewing, but one for a uni course so i didn't watch it because i wanted to!! But I was surprised at the quality of the actors involved and the overall directing of the film. All of the issues dealt with were done with sensitivity, such as the homosexuality, the Nazi opposition to the Jewish population and the identity changing of some people to hide their family and past. The direction of the film by Fosse is brilliant and the work done on interweaving the Nazi uprising with the Caberet performances done by Sally Bowles and the MC are superb. If I were to pick out a scene that captivated me it would have to be when the young boy is singing and it scrolls down to reveal the Nazi uniform... chilling. I now understand why this movie is a cult.
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on February 20, 2014
After witnessing a local amatuer production)one of several seen over 20 years) the idea that re-visiting this Academy Award film version seemed appropriate. But the notion changed to distain as the film revolked the delight of the "cabaret" s entertainment even with the shadow of National Socialism looming large. This film destroys the intimicy of the stage replacing it with a story. So the film lost the stage and the play lost its heart. And its age showed and everything was wrong. Now I have more reasons to visit the theatre.
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on February 18, 2002
Tailor and Oscar made for Liza Minnelli [better in "Sterile Cuckoo"]this work although dated aptly reflects some of that period.
BUT what happened to the sub-plot? The Landlady and her romance????? This one's kinda 'gorgeous people' circa Nazi Berlin, and was the rage when it opened, but it has dated even more than the previous excursion into this territory - the earlier "I Am A Camera" with Julie Harris. Joel Grey seems one beat away from a musical Freddy Kruger in this one although a deserved Oscar, at that time, went to him. An unusual part - possible homage to Visconti here, and unique, no dialogue for the MC - just song after successful song, Brechtian!
Milquetoast Michael York [very 1970] stars as the sexually confused Brian [Isherwood - a little more glam that Laurence Harvey is that's possible, but Harvey did play "Christopher" in the earlier version]. AND it's sexually very open for 1970 too [bisexuality, confusion, abortion, confusion, etc. and the "f" word too!]
Favourites? The Chorus Girls of course, and the band, now THAT's close to the original earlier somewhat lumpy, but still glam 'Blue Angel' gals, but didn't DIETRICH do this so much better???
Would be nice to see a re-imagining of this work - as written by Mr. Isherwood, page by page.
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on February 14, 2003
When I originally saw the film many years ago, I felt it was an extremely remarkable piece of "History" which had occurred in a time when the rest of the world was in deep depression prior to the second world war. Now having recently seen it again and being able to compare it to Sam Mendes stage interpretation of the same story, i feel that the original film leaves a lot to be desired. Liza Minelli's portrayal of a wide eyed innocent American dancer is historically wrong. The story is better told when the character reverts to an English girl whose suitor is an American visiting Berlin. It would apprear that the film producers believed they needed Liza to pull off the film and reversed the nationalities of the main characters.
I still enjoy watching Caberet, however, my personal memories of the recent staging of Caberet as previously mentioned hold a truer belief in accuracy of history.
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on November 12, 2015
Pretty good musical. Great cast.
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