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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 17, 2000
I can remember my dad tqaking me to this when I was 4 of 5. I loved it! My brother had to buy me the video the day it came out. Since then I have watched the video so much that the tape is worn (thank God for the DVD). It's a touching story about friendship and teamwork. I feel like I'm going to cry when I watch it now. It's not because it's sad, it's just that it gets to me. One small thing that I don't like is not the movie itself, but the DVD release. No special features (unless extra languages are considered to be features). The picture is slightly grainy but that's OK. It's not TOO bad. Also, it isn't widescreen, which is a shame.
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on April 28, 2000
I consider "The Land Before Time" to be one of the greatest non-musical animated films of all time. I was 10 when I first saw it, and was enthralled. It has, by far, the most emotional and perfect ending of any animated film. However, I find it a travesty that it's not being released to DVD in its proper Widescreen format ("The Secret of NIMH," another great Bluth film, is also not Widescreen on its DVD.) The viewing public has been educated. They now know the value of widescreen formatting. So why release great films in their evil, full-screen versions? I do hope that Universal corrects this problem.
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on January 9, 2003
I got this movie about 8 years ago through a McDonald's promotion. I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the animation and story. My son, 4 at the time, loved it and my daughter did also when she was old enough to watch it. My daughter has seen all of the sequels (many times) and, through watching these movies, has developed an interest in dinosuars and evolutionary and environmental science, albeit at a level suitable for an eight year old. It's a rare but good movie that has a lasting, positive affect on a child. The Land Before TIme is one of those rare movies.
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on September 27, 2001
I first saw this movie about 1 year after it came out, i was three. Until I was 10 I watched this movie at my grannys house which was in the country side. Living in London in the city i would look forward to Grannys house and Little Foot. I loved Little foot and thought Petrie was the cutest. Now I am 15 and both Little Foot and my Grandparents have moved on i will never forget the smile that i had when I watched the movie time and time again. Any one who wants a movie to last a long time in both your mind and your childrens hearts then this is the one.
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on January 3, 2002
'The Land Before Time' craze started with this unforgettable animated movie from the 'Sorcerer' Don Bluth, that created this outstanding masterpiece, with outstanding music and unforgettable characters, but the only backdraw is the colouring, that could be much better.
Littlefoot, who looses his parents, and his pals is going out on a dramatic journey to The Great Valley, where Littlefoot must be reunited with his grandparents, while the others must be reunited with their own parents.
Dino lovers of all ages will love this animated movie!
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on March 4, 2003
We just rented this movie from the library and my 3 year old son loved it so much that I purchased it for him immediately! He finds Petrie very amusing and laughs(those really nice belly laughs) during each of Petrie's antics. Recently we were driving around and he started laughing out loud all of a sudden. When I asked what he was laughing about he said "Petrie was whistling. It was funny!" It's a great story about friendship and perseverance. This is one story I don't mind letting him watch again and again!
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on December 1, 2003
This is it, folks. The original. It has love, suffering, death, and different characters to match different personalities, and no songs breaking out every five minutes. It also sports good animation for the time and some neat dinosaur character designs, especially for Sharptooth (who indeed was quite scary when I saw this as a young'n).
Of course, I think the moment every one remembers is the beginning when Little Foot loses his mother. Its a painful scene that still brings tears to my eyes, and the scene later where Little Foot thinks his big shadow against a rock is his mother is a sad addition, especially when he licks it and realizes what it is. Few other animated features have touched me so deeply for a character like that: even as a dinosaur they characterize love, depression, and hope into each of the characters, especially Little Foot. He essentially has to mature after the loss of his mother and lead his new friends, who haven't gone through such trauma, to the Great Valley with mean ol' Sharptooth at his heels. Sharptooth is kind of like the tank in "The Beast" in the sense that he's an enemy with one option but to kill, with no personality or voice actor to clue him in. He's just a killing machine - and that's probably what makes him so frightening.
I must also add there is some wonderful music in this picture, and fits in well with each of the individual scenes. Overall, I think this was a wonderful animated film and proved animation, even with child-like appeal, could discuss serious topics such as death and destruction. Overall, its really a milestone for American animation.
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on March 30, 2003
I just recently pulled this video out to watch with my three year old daughter and a flood of emotions surged through my veins. What a masterpiece this truly is! Dinosaurs are a species of animals that have always had a dramatic allure and fascination in regard to younger individuals, and what better way to instruct children in the many aspects of life via a movie of this description? Although some scenes are a bit heavy (i.e. the extremely tragic death of Littlefoot's mother-- a scene that still brings tears to my eyes) there are many others that completely compensate. This movie is heart-warming. Children will definitely become attached to the five main characters in this story and identify with them-- the courageous leader Littlefoot, the tempestuous and firey Cera, the innocent and meek Ducky, the comedic and playful Petrie, and the silent and cute Spike. Complete with a gorgeous soundtrack, primarily the beautiful ballad performed by Diana Ross, this is a definitive film pertaining to all aspects of life, one to be enjoyed for eons.
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on February 27, 2003
My 5-year-old daughter loves dinosaurs. She has learned their names, and it's not uncommon to hear her talk about what the diplodocus or dinonychus in her collection is doing, usually using those names (and those like them) in her play.
Part of that is thanks to this film and its sequels. This Spielberg-produced animated film introduces us to the characters, a mixed bag of young vegetarian dinos and their search for "The Great Valley," a place where "sharptooth" dinosaurs won't hunt them; a place where vegetation for their kind is plentiful.
The whole series is certainly recommended, due to its quality and its execution. Children can certainly identify with the varied personalities of the friends; the curious Littlefoot, the headstrong Cera, the timid Ducky, the less eloquent Petrie, and the mellow but large Spike. The films teach the value of friendship, accepting each other's differences, working together, and respecting your elders while still testing what they have to say.
All of that is a difficult tightrope to walk, and those in charge do it consistently well throughout the series. A new edition is apparently issued near the beginning of each Christmas season (imagine that) so if your little one is approaching preschool age you should let them view this one to see if it's a series they'll enjoy.....and if it's one you'll approve of as much as we do at our house. There are some fairly intense scenes in each film, but only the most fearful little ones will have a problem with them.
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on November 9, 2001
The first Land Before Time will always be the best. To me, Part 4 was the best sequel.(I only saw Parts 1-5). This movie descends from being a "family dinosaur" movie. First of all, it tells the simple story of a baby dinosaur being left alone in a touching and vulnerable way. The hatching scene is still memorable. Then, it transits into a whole different thing. Different dinosaurs of different species come together to make the track to the Great Valley. They all had different personalites: a likable pterdactyl trying to learn to fly, a happy-go-lucky water dinosaur, a dominating triceratops, a simple spiked dinosaur, and a brontasaurus who brought out the best in everyone. Also, it seemed to be interesting of how they would trap Sharp-Tooth, and how they had names for all the dinosaurs like"long neck". It's so, how do I say, cute? They have all different kinds of adventures, and a great lesson in friendship.
I still can't understand how so many sequels were made. What's so different about them? Sequels 2-4 were good, but after that the plots were all just deja vu. It's always about dinosaurs, or change, or metoers, or whatever. It sounds like they just teach the same lessons over and over: the benefits of friendship. If you liked this movie, you might want to see Parts 2,3,and 4. See, the sequels just ignore the plots of the last, and start a big cliche all over agian. I hear they'll be a part 8. It should be called The Land Before Time: Enough Already!
So, please see the land before time,one of the most decent animated films I've ever seen. It'll be worthwhile. I guarentee.
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