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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 13, 2004
Space Ghost has been one of my favorite shows since the Cartoon Network began airing it. It's great how he "goes for the neck" of every guest and the interaction between Space Ghost, Zorack, and Moltar is hilarious. Although this DVD is a little light on special features, the five episodes with commentaries are great. It is like there are two episodes: the original and the producers doing a mystery science theatre on them. This is an excellent DVD. One word of caution: if you buy this without having seen Space Ghost before skip the first episode, it sucks.
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on January 10, 2004
Brak was primarily on another show, not Space Ghost Coast to Coast. They run back to back so it is easy to confuse them.
The thing that I love about these discs is--and I hate to say this--the disrespect Space Ghost shows to all of his guests, and how very uncomfortable many of the guests obviously feel. Even Donnie Osmond, who clearly knows what to expect and has seemingly come prepared for it, gets a little rattled (but to his credit, he really, really hung in there!). Slash is so uneasy that he explicitly requests to someone offscreen that he be allowed to leave the interview. Some get along great with the whole stupid idea, like the Professor from GILLIGAN'S ISLE. Hulk Hogan seems pretty much at ease with things, and Bobcat Golthwait is fine.
Space Ghost is the worst talk show host in history, and that is pretty much the point. He was the star of an absolutely dreadful cartoon show, and now he gets to be the host of his show where he becomes a master of the non sequitur, as when he stands up suddenly, with no warning, and asks his guest, "What do you find to admire about me?" while flexing his muscles. I think my favorite question might be when he asks one of his ghosts, "Are you getting enough oxygen?"
Great show. Also, I'm glad there isn't much Brak. Lord, that guy was annoying!
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on January 4, 2004
Virtually Brakless. Brak fans will want to wait for future volumes.
Still hilarious, though.
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on January 3, 2004
I was so excited when it was annouced that the entire first season of SGC2C was coming to DVD, so I pre-ordered it (which I pretty much had to order it anyway, because I live in a town that is very much secluded from actual civilization). This DVD is great, it contains limited bonus materials, but it has plenty moments of awkward silence to make up for it. This DVD is a must have for any Space Ghost fan. You will be yelling "banjo" before the end of night...well I was at least.
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on December 30, 2003
Given as a Xmas gift thinking it would contain cartoons of Space Ghost aside from SG being a night talk host. I saw the disapointment on the face of the gift receiver.
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on December 30, 2003
First of all, I love the episodes on this DVD. Some of the guests are game and hilarious (Wierd Al, Terry Jones), others appear confused by the whole experience (David Byrne, Adam West), while others seem just plain aggravated (Alice Cooper, Donnie Osmond). Oddly enough, the show works on all these levels. My favorite episodes have to be the Batman and Gilligan episodes, which feature stars of the respective TV shows. It's a lot of fun watching their reactions to SG's inane questions. The animosity between Space Ghost, Moltar, and Zorak is hilarious as well.
The absence of six episodes does hurt the DVD a bit. The whole thing seemed a little light for a two-disc set. I also found the commentaries somewhat awful. It sounds like six people all trying to talk at the same time. Aside from some artwork, there are really no extras here (a Zorak music video is from an episode that should have been included anyway). I would have liked to see more about how the show is actually created and how the interviews actually work.
But the real meat here is the show itself, and what is here is top-notch. Both fans and the uninitiated will enjoy this disk.
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on December 26, 2003
While Space Ghost Coast to Coast is a great show, this DVD is just plain disappointing. Missing are 6 episodes from the first two seasons. In my opinion, all of these ridiculous "Volume" DVDs should be boycotted by all fans. When you are a diehard fan of a show, you want all the episodes, not just some of them. Hold out on this DVD, perhaps Cartoon Network will release "Season" DVDs (the same thing happened with the "Friends" DVDs: came out with a volume, then seasons). This DVD is a waste of money.
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on December 25, 2003
Based on some good reviews, recommendations, and what I think is a good premise, I purchased this DVD set without having seen much of it on TV. It's a good idea, but I guess you have to be on drugs to enjoy it as it's not that funny. If you want to buy an adult-oriented cartoon DVD set that is hilarious and has lots of replay value, buy The Family Guy DVDs instead.
Bottom line -- it's best to catch this show while it's playing on the Cartoon Network when you need to kill some time, otherwise it's not worth owning whatsoever.
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on December 2, 2003
Space Ghost Coast to Coast..... What else is there to say? This show is one of the best on television. It began in 1997, and wasn't aired for a couple of years, until Cartoon Network began Adult Swim. Space Ghost is the footstone of that block of shows, and is a classic comedy. It's a washed superhero who was given one more chance, a talk showw in space. Along with Zorak and Moltar, Space ghost interviews his guests who are viewed through a T.V. screen. He is totally unaware, and many times does't even know who his guests are (which causes him to improvise, like asking, "Are you a leprechan?") The entire show is made of old clips of the '60's cartoon, which means you will see the same animation of the characters over and over, but that doesn't slow the show down. If you are asking yourself if this is worth buying, let me tell you, you will fall in love with this show after the first episode.
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on December 2, 2003
This show rocks.
A talkshow hosted by a washed up superhero, Space Ghost, with his arch-enemy Zorak on keyboards, and his other arch-enemy Moltar as director. And needless to say, hilarity ensues when they bring in their "guests" (who are usually real but sometimes stock interview footage is used--these are even funnier!) I don't laugh until it hurts much, but Space Ghost often brings me to that point.
The "jokes" in this cartoon are not exactly punchline-jokes, it's just about the absurdity of it all. Space Ghost is totally clueless and always treats his guests disrespectfully.
Don't be fooled by all those imitators on Adult Swim. Like Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, Space Ghost Coast to Coast is "The Original And Best!"
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