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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 30, 2003
This album is a superb compilation! Eighteen of Bonnie's best from 1989 to 2003 are crafted into a powerful collection that showcases her brilliant talent. I distinctly remember the first time I heard Bonnie Raitt's superb voice blending seamlessly with a blistering guitar soaring over a shuffle groove. The year was 1989, and the song was "Thing Called Love." Every track on the Grammy-winning "Nick of Time" was a tapestry woven from heartache, passion, and soul-wrenching honesty. The phenomental "Nick of Time" album became my introduction to the lady and her music, and I eagerly added her subsequent releases to my collection. A Bonnie Raitt album is more than a song list, it's a journey into human emotion, and the songs are chosen to complement each other. "Nick of Time" shares a feeling about growing older, with heart-felt intensity. Both "Love Letter" and "Have a Heart" are gut-wrenching reflections, penned by songwriter Bonnie Hayes. "Something to Talk About" is pure tongue-in-cheek humor of turning the tables on the busybodies, and you can almost hear a smile in Bonnie's voice, as she tears through this tune and the grooving "Love Sneakin' Up on You." The sadness pervading lost love in "I Can't Make You Love Me" is underscored by the passionate keyboardist Bruce Hornsby. Bonnie displays so much depth and feeling into such tunes as "You" and "Not the Only One." The equally blistering guitar and vocals sizzle on Bonnie's self-written "Spit of Love," a superb showcase of the songwriter's talent at work. It's a great complement to her other self-written tunes on this album. Bonnie sings about every emotion, and pours her heart and talent into every song. To hear her in concert is a wonderful experience, because you truly feel that she is singing to each person in the room, and sincerely wants her listeners to be pleased. Her passion for the blues inspired me to explore this music and its rich history, because she pays tribute to those who've paved the way. If you're a Bonnie Raitt fan, you'll enjoy this compilation of some of her best. If you're a new fan, this CD is a wonderful introduction to the lady and her phenomental talent.
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on October 6, 2003
There aren't many influences out there that are still making it happen in the industry, when it comes to performing the Blues. Ironically, there aren't that many singers who can feel the Blues these days, either. For Bonnie Raitt, the Blues have been an unbelieveable part of her life, that helped earn her so many new fans, when everybody thought she was washed up in the early 80's.
The Best Of Bonnie Raitt, is a collection of some of her biggest songs, from her Capitol Records era. Every single song here is truly measured, from her Grammy-Winning albums Nick Of Time, and Luck Of The Draw, all the way to her lesser known albums, Fundamental and Silver Lining. There are so many good songs here that still, continue to show the trends like Something To Talk About, Thing Called Love, and Love Sneakin' Up On You, and I Can't Make You Love Me. Still, like most Greatest Hits Records, there seems to have flaws, and this one is no acception. There are a few good songs Bonnie recorded that weren't highlighted here, including her cover of Roy Orbison's You Got It, from the Whoopi Goldberg movie Boys On The Side, and her performances from her 1995 live record Road Tested, including Rock Steady with Bryan Adams. That was released on a similar Greatest Hits package across the Atlantic, and in Europe.
It is still just a shame that many people don't seem to know how to make quality Greatest Hits collections. Even though Bonnie Raitt, has truly made an impact on the Blues, they just aren't filled with them right here. Hopefully, the next Greatest Hits collection will be better. If You're a True Blue fan of Bonnie Raitt, I suggest you still get this collection.
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This CD is really good, from beginning to end. There is a consistency in the quality of performance, song writing, and the recording quality. It's a very good sounding CD, very balanced. Yes, it's true that "I Can't Make You Love Me" sounds like it could have been a Phil Collins hit ballad, but it's a well crafted song and it's well performed, and well captured, and Bonnie sounds great singing it. The reason I deducted 1 star from the rating is that, for me, it would have been perfect if it included a few more of her live tracks from "Road Tested, esecially "Rock Steady" and "Burning Down the House".

There seems to be mixed reviews about this CD, which is misleading because the negatives reviews are not really about this CD. Those people who gave a low rating to this CD simply don't like the more pop oriented songs found here (as mentioned above). They prefer her earlier, more purely blues repertoire and are criticizing her for "selling out". Personally, I think they're all full of s***! and here's why:

* Raitt already has other hits CD's of her earlier, bluesier material. If you prefer that music, buy one of those CD's instead (and rate it higher). Her truest fans probably own both.

* The mainstream public didn't really know much about Raitt until she had some big hits like "Something to Talk About". She had been around for many years and was highly regarded by musicians and other people "in-the-know" but wasn't well known outside the cricle and didn't sell nearly as many recordings. Having some "commercial" hits does not make her any less talented and should not make any of her previous releases any less viable. She expanded into some new areas here, reaped some rewards from it and more people got to know her (and many would also discover her bluesier music as well).

* There is a lot of bluesy playing in these hits, just as Eric Clapton's more pop-sounding hits always have some blues-i-ness in the playing. The musicians are all top notch and the playing level is just as high as ever, even for Raitt. It's just different music. She isn't any less real or talanted for doing it. I'm sure if you saw her in concert you'd still get to see and hear a lot of blues too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 8, 2009
As someone who knew a bit about Bonnie Raitt but didn't own any of her albums, this compilation seemed like a good purchase - and it was. Although it only covers her years with Warner Brothers and avoids her earlier material, it's a good overlook of the most commercially successful period of her career. The hits that I knew about ("Something to talk about", "Not the only one", "Love sneaking up on you", "Nick of time" and the gorgeous, timeless "I can't make you love me") are all on this CD. The songs culled on this compilation feature Raitt's warm, bluesy and effortless vocals, whether she's singing a ballad or getting down to business on rockers. These songs also provide a more diverse range of music than I would have expected, going from world beat ("Help me Lord") to reggae ("Have a heart") all the while remaining true to her musical identity. There are some lesser known songs here, but every one of them is a keeper. The liner notes are quite arresting, as Bonnie herself comments each song individually and reveals inner thoughts and anecdotes about these recordings. This compilation may be incomplete, but it has made me want to explore her repertoire more fully. It represents a good deal for anyone interested in getting acquainted with Bonnie Raitt's music.
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on January 17, 2004
Heart-felt, visceral country-accented vocals, the slide guitar, & phenomenal lyrics - *plus* rock and roll, country, the blues, and some reggae beats in at least three tracks ... she can play with the best of them and come out the "winner". Her voice is unique, her style of playing original - she sets the standards for modern blues and country female vocals. Only one other female vocalist achieved such fame and recognition -- Patsy Cline who is in a different category altogether ...
If you like 'feel good', 'tell it like it is' lyrics with an upbeat sound, at times gripping gut-wrenching vocals - it is here! This compilation has some classics like, "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me" but also unexpected slower, quieter tunes, such as "Dimming of the Day", "One Belief Away", and "Hear Me Lord". I hear a Caribbean reggae style beat in the last one ... it is also present at the beginning of "Have a Heart" and at least one other track. The bluesy style in many tracks are balanced off by other styles to create a well rounded complete collection.
I loved seeing Bonnie Raitt on TV specials but never bought her music. I am pleased to have found this compilation. Someone carefully sorted out 'the best' plus added a good sample of her different styles so that an uninitiated fan, like me, can have it all, in one CD. Anyone faintly attracted to 'cross-over' styles of country, blues, and rock and roll would love this CD. Once hearing this CD there will be no doubt about purchasing it. This lady is in a class by herself!
Erika Borsos (erikab93)
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on October 20, 2003
Bonnie's career was resurrected with the 1989 Grammy winning LP "Nick of Time," her first for Capitol. The LP's "Luck of the Draw," "Longing in their Hearts," "Fundamental" and last year's "Silver Lining" are also represented here, but that's all--more recent fans should be aware that she has been recording for over 30 years and that her seminal 1970's work is on a different label. It's mighty good, too.
You know and love the big hit singles, but album cuts like "Love Letter" and "Thing Called Love" from "Nick of Time" would have been excellent singles. "Dimming of the Day" is a very strong track from "Longing in their Hearts," as is the ballad "You." Taken in chronological order with 3-4 tracks from each of these albums, this is a very good sampling of Raitt's last 15 years. She's an excellent slide guitarist, and a tremendous vocalist--she wears her heart on her sleeve and makes beautifully honest and rewarding music each time out.
Although her pop star moment came and went between 1989-1995 or so, the best compliment I can give this woman is that her music was good before during and after the hit-making phase. There's no dropoff in quality throughout this disc as you reach the recently recorded songs, and that's also true of the albums from this period. If you're new to Bonnie, certainly get this disc--just know that buying all five of the albums mentioned is worth your money. And when you want to go farther back, pick up "Bonnie Raitt" (her bluesy 1971 debut), "Takin' My Time" and "Give It Up" (these two are from 1972-1975). Great stuff.
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on October 10, 2003
I have enjoyed Bonnie Raitt's work since I first heard her on the radio in 1990, but I have never been a HUGE fan. And I think this is a great CD for anyone who has even mildly enjoyed Raitt's music. It has all the great hits ("I Can't Make You Love Me," "Have A Heart," etc.), and it omits the ones of questionable integrity ("Rock Steady" and "You Got It").
The CD blends her best hits with some great lesser-known material, like the shocking but great "Spit Of Love" and the gorgeous, tear-jerking ballad "You." (My only complaint with this CD is that it left off "I Ain't Gonna Let you Break My Heart Again," which is my favorite Bonnie Raitt song. But the CD is still an extraordinary listening experience without taht song.)
I don't know what hardcore fans think about this collection, but I think it's one of the best "hits" albums I have heard in a long time. So if you've had a passing flirtation with Bonnie Raitt's infectous blend of blues and rock, pick this CD up. You won't be sorry. It's terrific!
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on October 4, 2003
This is one great BIG eclectic mix of some of Bonnie's finest
moments on Capitol Records since coming onboard back in 1989,
and boy did she come out of the stall and ride em' for awhile.
Although the tail end of the 90's up through this year has seen
Bonnie's music take a back seat to young upstarts looking for
the fast buck and 15 mins of fame,(Radio sadly, is not playing women
musicians of quality, Rock stations have all but abandoned the likes of Bonnie Raitt,) Bonnie still has been putting
excellent Adult Rock/Pop/Blues and this collection is just a
teaser to buy her cd's as they are filled with some of the best
music thats out there. Never one to hog the spotlight or throw
herself at the media for exposure these songs stand well on their feet as prime examples of a career singing the blues tinged rock/pop/soul/R&B/funk arena and is a true American treasure
for those music genres radio just won't give a chance to. So
much is represented here(ballads to blues rockers, african textures, even Celtic touches) so much ground to cover. From beginning to end THE BEST OF BONNIE RAITT ON CAPITOL 1989-2003
should be in everyones collection! One big 5 STAR MUST HAVE!Like
I've said in the past, Bonnie ain't about to slow down anytime
soon. A true musical pioneer. All these great songs now on ONE
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on October 9, 2003
I picked this collection up when I saw it in the store, I have always been a 'kinda' Bonnie Raitt fan and this is a good way to get all the songs I like in one place, along with some I didn't know before. My favorites include the almost island vibe of "Have a Heart", the sassy "Something to Talk About" and the melancholy "I can't Make You Love Me". I have been playing this in my car non-stop and love it, love it!! There are so many emotions displayed throughout and Miss Raitt's longevity is nothing to sneeze at either. If you are a 'kinda' fan like I was, pick up this CD!!
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on May 9, 2004
Overall this is a pretty good collection from "Bonnie Raitt". It's missing a few tracks of course, but most of the good stuff is here. The first 4 songs are off her huge "Nick Of Time" album, and are some of her best known. Plus this also includes "Something To Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me", which is one of my favorites, as well as many other great, but lesser known songs. I really wish this also had "Cry On My Shoulder", but with 18 tracks it's hard to complain. This should please most casual fans of this redhead, and of soft rock/blues.
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