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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a Transformers DVD set worth buying!
Well Rhino finally made a Transformers DVD set where you can listen to the original audio instead of there 5.1 dolby digital! You should buy this Transformers season 3 part 1 DVD set just for that! I personally am not a big fan of Rhino's work on these Transformers DVD Sets with there digital remastering making the colors very bright and transformers painted wrong colors...
Published on Nov. 25 2003

3.0 out of 5 stars The series as a whole
Personally I was disapointed that season 4 was so short. Japans was longer. Yet in the interview you see there were origonally 5 episodes instead of three. This show was really great, while being made for kids it had an apeal to adults. But, The movie came out and everything changed. These were not your fathers transformers. There were things I liked and dislliked...
Published on March 21 2004 by meisterjazz

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4.0 out of 5 stars Out with the old..., Aug. 21 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
I remember being confused by the changes when season 3 first aired back in 1986 (the movie hadn't been shown in my town yet). Then the movie came out and I was finally properly introduced to the series new characters, and found out that some old ones had snuffed it.
Indeed, the Transformers would never be the same again. And to my surprise, I got used to the new characters and setting of season 3 and it became my favorite season since.
First of all, I love the whole sci-fi space age setting of season 3 (earth was getting pretty dull). The tone is much darker and more in sync with that of the Movie.
Then there's the characters. Don't get me wrong, I liked Optimus Prime in the earlier seasons, but Rodimus Prime's uneasiness as a leader made for a more interesting, relatable character. On the other hand, Optimus Prime was basically a robot version of Papa Smurf.
Then there's Galvatron. Besides looking way cooler than Megatron, there was his madness. I found Galvatron and the whole decepticon predicament more believable than in earlier seasons. Before Season 3, the Decepticon's army always had the upper hand. They ruled Cybertron, had more energon and more firepower than the Autobots. Megatron came up with clever plans that should have succeeded, but spent 10 minutes gloating about his impending victory instead of blasting the Autobots away. Then say, Bumblebee, would come up from behind Megatron, give him a wedgee and it was retreating time. Please! At least in Season 3 the Cons army is crippled and their leader is insane. They strike out of desperation rather than with strategy, which makes there failure to retake Cybertron much more believable. Galvatron's desperation and broken psyche makes him a much more dangerous Decepticon than Megatron.
Finally, there's the Quintessons. They make interesting vilains and add some freshness the old Decepticon/Autobot conflict.
I'm only giving this box 4 stars, because the remastering on the first 5 episodes (Five Faces of Darkness) doesn't look that great (Maybe they lost the master tapes?).
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4.0 out of 5 stars TF Season 3 "THE SPACEAGE", July 7 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
As a child and as an adult, I remember seeing both season 1 and season 2. To be perfectly honest, I, as well as many other transformers fans was alienated from the season 3 series, due to the killings and replacements of many autobots and decepticons, don't get me wrong, this whole new spaceage era in cybertron, despite how boring that may sound, wasn't bad at all, it was good, since if there's no change in a series, it will eventually get boring anyway. I missed starscream and his naive plots against megatron, ironhide, optimus, etc, but the birth of many new robots wasn't bad at all either. The season three series, unlike the former episodes, doesn't take place on earth, it's primarily based on the planet cybertron about 25 or so years in the future. At first, i thought that they ruined the series, but if you actually see them all, you'll love it like i did in the end. The animation did not have the good quality that season 1 and 2 had though. Another thing that really annoyed me was that galvatron(which was a morphed megatron) seemed strong and powerfull in the movie, just like his former self (megatron) was, but in the series, galvatron was like a spoiled, tempered, immature little brat that simply liked to shoot at his fellow decepticons. The excuse that was used in the series was that his brain was dammaged due to the battle suffered in the movie (completely ridiculous reason to give him an uncharismatic character). Also, Rodimus Prime, the replacement for Optimus prime was immature and is an obvious reason why fans wanted an episode in this season which consisted of optimus prime being revived. Well, beside this criticism, i recommend people to buy this as a good completion for the transformers collection, it's well worth it. Till all are one!
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2.0 out of 5 stars Good for completists only, May 10 2004
D. Good "dlgood" (San Francisco, CA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
I bought this just because, back when they originally aired, the cartoon was moved to a time I couldn't watch it -- so I wanted to see them.
They're not good. Good from a nostalgia standpoint, but pretty bad otherwise. I'm somewhat ok with the Quintessons as a manipulative third party, but it's tough to swallow that they didn't attack, say, right after Megatron and Optimus and everyone else left because the planet was dry of energy.
Carnage in C Minor? Yegods -- Cop Rock. . . in a cartoon. . . with robots. . .
The animation is almost laughably bad and stilted in parts, and they clearly cut corners with stuff like cutting episodes to 20 minutes and adding recycled "primer" shorts. Lots of goofs, too -- combiners alongside their components, incorrect coloring, etc. It makes the animation in the second season look like Disney masterpieces.
The plotlines are gimmicky. Galvatron is one-note. One saving grace is Cyclonus, who has a great voice and carries himself as the dignified warrior. The idea that Rodimus is still learning the ropes is a decent enough premise, but they wrote him with zero charisma or natural leadership qualities.
Great for a single viewing for a hardcore Transfan, but I'll be selling mine used, I doubt I'll rewatch them.
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3.0 out of 5 stars The series as a whole, March 21 2004
meisterjazz "Megatron" (Denver, Co. United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
Personally I was disapointed that season 4 was so short. Japans was longer. Yet in the interview you see there were origonally 5 episodes instead of three. This show was really great, while being made for kids it had an apeal to adults. But, The movie came out and everything changed. These were not your fathers transformers. There were things I liked and dislliked about the series after the movie. I loved the new charecters. Galvatron had a serious tone to him. But if megatron was so indestructable in the show why was he so easily beaten? It was too bad the writers never followed the stories on the toys they were promoting. That was my major problem story comntinuity. One minute they were built by Alpha trion, the next some giant computer gave them life, then the quints were responsible. They should have stuck with one and let it ride. Now I will recomend you start reading the new books and rthe comic series by dreamwave. It is wonderfully done, and unlike this Armada and Energon crud It brings the series to where it should be with the originals and not some wannabes who share the same name. God what I wouldn't do to write and produce a new cartooon with the G1 Transformers the way they should be
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4.0 out of 5 stars season 3 part 1 review, March 11 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
Season 3, Season 3
I have just finished watching season 3. I really love it. It's a shame that it's criticized for being original, taking chances, being epic and having continuity.
I think it's great having explanations of where the transformers come from and devlving into their history and their past. The quintessons are really cool and have an interesting spin on the series having another race of bad guys that created the transformers.
Season 3 is darker, more serious and more sci fi. Rodimus Prime is very entertaining. He may not be as likable as Optimus but his "I don't care" "let's just do it" attitude is entertaining. Galvatron is in my opinion the greatest bad guy of all time. I mean common, a complete lunatic who shoots his own teammates. He makes me crack up. This seasons really took a risk and even having galvatron in an episode for himself with no autobots was intriguing.
The concepts are really cool. "Carnage in C-minor" is a concept I have never seen done before. "Webworld" "the galvatron episode" where they try to fix Galvatron (tell me cyclonus isn't mad cool)
is a planet that is a computer and the creatures are living extensions of the planet. Whatever happened to the other runaway autobots from cybertron? We find out in "Fight or Flee". Starscream returning as a ghost is more entertaining than ever for his character and being able to posess others? That is just great.
The "Chaos" episode which is my personal favorite lineup of characters for an episode. I've always loved Kup. He is very entertaining and likable. This episode has it all. Story, concept, and fun characters (oh and action with Predaking!). We get into Kup's past and even have grimlock around who is so much fun. Sky lynx, blurr, and wheelie come along for the ride.
Grimlock is more fun in season 3 than ever before (madman's paradise is a Grimlock episode). In "Madman's Paradise" they go to another dimension that resembles "lord of the rings". How cool is that? A rejected qunitesson has the power to shapeshift into a wizard. And the trees turn into centaur creatures.
It's also always a pleasure to have A3 or alpha trion the father of the autobots and the braveheart of the cybertronian wars show up. Time travel concepts abound in "Forever is a long time coming" (growing younger? how cool is that?)
Going into a black hole is an interesting premise for "the Killing Jar" where a Quintesson sees autobots, decepticons and humans as toys to experiment and study. What happens when you go into a black hole? And how would you get out? I love sci fi.
Maybe I'm biased but I think the new Decepticons are really cool.
Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge are really cool on their burned up planet of Char. It's cool seeing the storyline go in a direction you never would have guessed it would go. Who wants the same old same old? New autobots like Kup,blurr and Sky Lynx are great.
Rodimus is a very original character. It's like having Darth Maul, you can't expect him to live up to Darth Vader; you just have to appreciate him for what he is. This new direction in storyline is entertaining. Optimus has the passion, the respect, the regalness.(and bringing him back as a zombie was quite creepy and cool in Dark awakening). Rodimus is different, matter of fact, does what needs to get done and that's it.(in season 3 part 2 he begins complaining that he's not as good as Optimus which is original. It's interesting seeing a leader who has to fill these big shoes and have doubts.)
By the way Dark Awakening orginally did have a different ending.
It later on became the precursor to "The return of Optimus Prime" but originally was not. It's confusing because Rhino has the altered ending, yet placed in the original air date order.
All in all I recommend this season. I wish there was more of it. Oh yeah part 2 is coming out.
The quality of the art in the episodes seems to fluctuate. (I'm not talking about how cool the action is but the actual art). I really like the art in "Chaos" and tolerate in the "Five Faces of Darkness". Each episode and sometimes within an episode the art quality has a range. "Killing Jar" and "Madman's Paradise" are pretty good. Webworld is great and Fight or flee parts are good. The rest are okay or tolerable, if I remember correctly (maybe I missed other good ones it's tough to keep it straight).
I love the original audio. Cooler and weirder sound effects than tsuit sci fi. More varity in sounds than the updated version and you can still hear the characters talk when you have them. (Plus the nostalgia factor kicking in).
I would have liked an interview but I content with the package.
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4.0 out of 5 stars It's All True. Get it Anyway, Jan. 11 2004
Keyglow (New York,, NY United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
Transformers Season 3 Part 1... what is there to say? Everyone has mentioned already the incredibly inconsistent animation from episode to episode, the continuity errors of various characters e.g., how can the Constructicons have built Megatron when they themselves were introduced as Earth creations etc.,
Galvatron is totally insane... it's all true.
But get this DVD anyway. Why? Several reasons.
Firstly, there are some really great episodes that now, as an "adult" I see are very original story ideas- the relationship between Cyclonus and Galvatron, for example, in the episode Web World is increidbly rich and subtle. How does one measure loyalty? What is betrayal? What is the Decepticon Cause without the leader of the Decepticons? The balance between sanity and lunacy that Galvatron perpetually walks is also, in retrospect, far more interesting now than when I was a boy. The Killing Jar is another great example (albeit a heavy handed one) of modern day relevance as it examines the warrior mentality and the thin line between [homeland] security and conquest.
Another great reason to get this box set is that the famous episode Carnage in C Minor is on it, and that's gotta be the most ridiculous script ever written. And to see it so poorly executed is (on a completely different scale) as entertaining as it is painful.
But my most favorite part about this box set has got to be in the bonus materials. The segment they do on A Taste of Botcon/OTFCC has a little tiny interview called "The Girl from Botcon" which in itself is a short and sweet interview about a now infamous question asked at the 2002 Botcon, but on a larger scale also demystifyies the stigma attached to "Convention heads". I got a genuine sense of family and friendship from the documentary that kind of made me proud to share in such a rich culture and history. It really is very sweet. And the girl's cute too ;)
So yes. It's all true. Get it anyway.
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3.0 out of 5 stars G1's Darkest Hour, Jan. 4 2004
Mark Moore (Homosassa, Florida, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
These episodes of "The Transformers" ran from 1986 to 1987. I'm not too familiar with all of the aspects of the series. There are some white spots on the picture, but this is understandable considering the age of the original master tapes. An original audio track is finally provided, so we can listen to the audio in its original mono instead of the stereo tracks with the added sound effects that Rhino created for the Seasons 1 and 2 sets. The extras are nice (including 5 "...and knowing is half the battle" PSAs done by the TFs made for air during Season 2 but which went unaired and unseen until now), but there aren't enough. Even though they include all of the character profile segments at the end of the episodes, they also have them for view separately - but not all of them, which makes no sense. I wanted more interviews. I wanted the scripts. I wanted Year 3 toy commercials. Now onto the actual story. The first 16 of the 30 episodes of Season 3 are in this set. They're presented in original air order, not production order. Most of the characters aren't developed beyond stereotypes. Season 3 is generally considered to be the weakest season of the G1 series by Transformers fans, though some fans disagree and consider Season 3 to be their favorite. The animation quality is worse than Seasons 1 and 2. A lot of characters were killed off in the Movie and were replaced by generally unlikeable characters. Rodimus Prime is a poor substitute for Optimus Prime, though some fans prefer a flawed Autobot leader. Galvatron, despite being cool in the Movie, is a wimp in Season 3. His thought circuits must have been fried, because he's deranged in Season 3. Megatron was a far cooler villain than this poser. With the Autobots finally in control of Cybertron (which the Movie failed to explain), Season 3 is more space-oriented with less episodes taking place on Earth than in Seasons 1 and 2. While this makes the series more epic, it loses the human touch, which makes it seem cold and distant. There's a greater female presence in Season 3 with the additions of Arcee and Marissa Fairbourne to the series, but it's a shame that Carly turned into a wimp. Grimlock's back, unfortunately. I hate him. Wheelie is annoying, too, but Spike's son, Daniel, isn't. Robots are finally able to be destroyed in Season 3. "Dark Awakening" features a brief return of Optimus Prime before his final return at the end of Season 3, but they put the later airing on this set - with the narrator's voice-over instead of Rodimus Prime, which not only ruins the mood but references an episode that isn't even on this set. Still, this is an entertaining cartoon series and worth the purchase, even though it'll probably be cheesier than you remember from childhood. For those of you that missed it when it was on TV, this is your chance to see it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars THE classic 80s cartoon series! ...Rhino has learned!, Jan. 2 2004
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
The overall image quality has definetly been improved: brighter colours and very sharp images. Nearly no mistakes, at least this counts for the remastering process... some intro sequences and a few scenes within the episodes are unsharp, simply not remastered but most of the work is done great.
They have learned!! At last an option for the "Original Broadcast Soundtrack". Everything is done good so far I can see, additional soundeffects only in the 5.1 and 2.0 mixes.
They really could have included so much more! What about the toy commecial spots? They are hardly to find and in bad shape if you find them. Scanned images of the toy catalogs is great but findable all over the Internet. They really used up everything in the first boxset it seems!
- all new transfer from the original 35mm negative
- Dolby Digital 5.1 remix & Dolby Stereo & Original Broadcast Soundtrack
- 2 limited-edition cels of Transformers characters (limited?? just to the availability of this boxset LOL!)
One reviewer mentioned that the episodes are not in order, actually THEY ARE IN ORDER in terms of their air date. This boxset has 3 discs, not 4 (Amazon made an error here). Rhino has bungled the episode listing on their homepage. HERE IS THE CORRECT EPISODE LISTING FOR THIS BOXSET:
D i s c 1 :
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5
The Killing Jar
D i s c 2 :
Dark Awakening
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Carnage In C-Minor
Forever Is a Long Time Coming
Fight or Flee
D i s c 3 :
Thief In the Night
Starscream's Ghost
The only additional thing I can write about here is season 3 itself. It is still G1 and for fans a must-have! But there are so many errors in the scripts/voices/animation that most of the episodes are just bad. At least episodes like "Fight or Flee" and "Webworld" are actually worth buying the boxset!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Mixed feelings as the series takes a turn, Dec 28 2003
"hardcorekingpin" (Garland, Texas United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
This boxed set hits me with a mixed feeling. On one hand, it's Transformers the way I remember it. On the other hand, it was the downswing of the series.
Season 3 starts out with a 5 part mini-series that takes place right after the movie. The Decepticons are in very poor shape after losing the war, and the Quintessons, (the 5-faced robots introduced in the movie) are revealed to be the creators of all Transformers. They try to play both sides against the middle to take back over for themselves.
The animation in Season 3 is more riddled with mistakes than the first two. The wrong person is talking a great deal of the time, characters killed in the movie keep showing up in the background, and characters often appear out of place. These problems were present in the original series, but I thought I'd point them out.
The opening 5 part mini-series had it's own opening sequence that was different from the rest of series 3. For some reason, only parts 3 and 5 in the mini-series have this opening. The episode Dark Awakening is also the later edited version that set up for "tomorrows episode" of the Return of Optimus Prime. Prett silly to include this instead of the original version, since this episode won't appear until toward the end of the next boxed set.
This could have been a two disc set and saved us money. The third disc is mostly a waste...containing only two episodes and several "special features". Most of the special features are more Botcon convention garbage that I complained about in the earlier boxed sets. Big waste of time. Why not include original commercials for the toys and/or series or outtakes or something? We don't care to see this stuff.
The story isn't what it used to be, but isn't really all that bad. It's just not what the first two seasons were, and seems way too rushed. Galvatron's battle at the end of the movie left him a little messed up in the head, so he has periodic bouts of insanity. Rodimus Prime is nowhere near the leader Optimus Prime was, and he and the other Autobots seem to know it. Neither of these interesting plotlines, however, is really ever explored like it should have been.
The only reason I got this set was to help complete my collection. Overall the episodes, though rushed and full of mistakes, aren't all that bad, they lack the personality of the original two seasons. Rhino's special features still lack anything interesting, and I really hope the final boxed set will contain some bonus features that are actually worth watching.
Overall, worth getting for completist purposes, but keep in mind that this was where the series began to fall from grace...and it does show through at times.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Season 4 has been out for a while., Dec 10 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Transformers: Season 3, Part 1 (DVD)
Those of you are waiting for the season 4 box set to be released are in for a dissapointment. It was only 3 episodes and was released before the season 1 box set was. It is called transformers heros rebirth. It was made to promote the head masters toy line. It left all of us transformers fans without any closure. In japan the 4th season had many more episodes and a different story line. More transformers died like galvitron, sound wave and blaster killed each other, were rebuilt and renamed. I've never seen them and hear the animation is not very good, but the american cartoon wasn't the best animation either.
If rhino does relese the japan version over here it will have to either have subtitles or new voice dubs which will sound different than the originals. Rhino may re-release the season 4 disk with extras, but considering the weak extras in the box sets now it may not be worth another purchase. I'm saving my money for the awsome reissue toys takara has been putting out for the past couple years. The best thing that could happen but never will, is a new cartoon that takes off where the american version ended. All transformers cartoons after the first generation suck bad and have no real nostolgic effect that the originals do.
Update: The 3 head masters episodes will be included in season 3 part 2,season 4.
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