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Finding Nemo arrives at blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 1.78:1 encode. This was Pixar’s fifth film. The transfer is simply perfect, and is utterly jaw-dropping. Pastel tropical colours highlight the exotic, and incredibly detailed, locations that seem to go on forever, until the ocean's depth and darkness swallows all visible light. Certain textures, particularly the rusty red metal buoy and the metal pulley on the fishing boat, appear as photo realistic. While Finding Nemo may not have the textural complexities of Pixar's newer work, the look of the underwater world is oh so realistic. The vibrant colours of different corals, sea anemones and fish simply pop off the screen. Blacks are deep and inky. The part from the beginning of the film, seeing about realistic underwater looks like to Nemo going to school showing off various colourful plants and creatures is a first-class demo material. The whole transfer is simply amazing and magnificent. (5/5)


Finding Nemo - 3D premieres on blu ray with a stunning MVC MPEG-4 encode framed in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. In addition to a perfect transfer and conversion, this 3D version gives us a totally immersive, first-class experience. While some of the film's water textures show their technological age when compared to their newer films, overall Finding Nemo remains a boldly realized, intricate, and simply stunning universe. There is so much detail, exotic locations, and tropical colours that make CGI animated films perfect HD showcases. Another thing I love about Pixar films is how certain textures, particularly the rusty red metal buoy and the metal pulley on the fishing boat, appear as photo realistic. If you have a 3D TV, I would strongly recommend that you skip the 2D version and jump right into this immersive 3D experience. Perfect! (5/5)


Both the 2D and 3D versions have the same superb Dolby TrueHD 7.1 track. This soundtrack is so good that you actually stop thinking about what's happening around and simply fall into the Nemo world. Dialog is not only perfect, but the soundstage is so lifelike and wide. The choice of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Alexander Gould as voices for Marlin, Dory and Nemo respectively is spot-on! The various environments are sophisticated and subtle: like you are really underwater. Thomas Newman's emotional score soars from every channel, sucking you into story and character. Finding Nemo features a delicate, discrete, reference quality surround sound mix that beautifully compliments everything on screen and never steps on the action. This spectacular audio complements the outstanding video to bring us a totally immersive experience. (5/5)


Finding Nemo builds its dramatic spine from a parent's greatest fear: losing a child. Marlin (Albert Brooks) is a clown fish who, after losing his wife and all but one single egg, is trying to be a good father to his young son, Nemo. Scarred by his traumatic experiences, Marlin becomes so over-protective that, in a moment of rebellion, Nemo wanders too far away from the coral reef where a human diver captures him. Unable to stop the fish-napping, Marlin embarks on a quest to rescue his son, evading sharks and exploding WWII mines and jellyfish and whales and hungry birds. Along the way, he befriends Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a loyal blue tang fish with hysterical short-term memory problems. Through this journey, Marlin must not only face impossible odds and show more courage than he ever has, but he must grow and change as a father. The only way for him to be a great father is to trust that Nemo must do some things -- even really hard things -- on his own. The Pixar universe is special because of the way they marry the essential visual qualities of fish (or toys or bugs or cars) with universal human emotions. Speaking of toys, I still have the two toy clown fish (from last DVD purchase) snugly seated underneath the computer monitor, starring at me. (movie: 5/5)


Finding Nemo has an estimated budget of $94 million, but its worldwide gross is a staggering $865 million!

It won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature for Andrew Stanton in 2004. It was also nominated for Best Original Score (Thomas Newman), Best Sound Editing (Gary Rydstrom, Michael Silvers) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay. Not bad for an animated feature!


This Ultimate Collector’s Edition truly deserves the title Ultimate, because it features 5 discs: 1 3D blu ray disc, one 2D blu ray disc, one blu ray disc for legacy Special Features, one DVD and one Digital Copy disc. The film's packaging includes a stylish slipcover with a chrome border and lenticular cover art. On the Blu-ray 3D, 3D trailers include 'Monsters, Inc. - 3D', 'Monsters University', and 'Planes'. On the Blu-ray, trailers include a 'Monsters, Inc. - 3D' (not in 3D) and 'Peter Pan' (coming in Spring 2013).

Other editions include the 3-Disc Collector's Edition (2 Blu-rays + DVD), 3D Digital Download, and HD Digital Download.


Finding Nemo is a classic adventure tale about an overbearing clown fish father who travels an entire ocean to rescue his son. Along the way, he meets new friends, survives impossible odds, and learns what it will take to become a better father. Both the video and audio are top-notch. If you have a 3D display, I would strongly recommend that you watch the 3D version: a totally immersive experience. Naturally, this set is very highly recommended.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on July 17, 2004
From the very begining, as every Disney Pixar movie does, Finding Nemo touches your heart. This is a very heart warming wonderful tale of a clown fish boy and his father, who go through two quite magnificent journeys. Along the way they run into some wonderful fun loving characters, who you can really relate to in your own life. This movie is great for the whole family and has something for everyone adventure, action, and plenty of comedy. It has a great all star cast. Finding Nemo will keep you glued to the screen unto the very end. Thank you to Disney and Pixar for another well put together masterpiece!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 7, 2012
To celebrate Easter this weekend with family and friends, we humbly suggest a Pixar movie that makes my wife laugh hysterically every time. If you love fishes, turtles, seagulls, whales, or hearing the awesome Ellen, then Finding Nemo is one for you to find. Ouch!!

What's It About?
Nemo is a little fish with a very overly protective dad. Nemo is fishnapped by some humans, which causes his dad to swim off in hot pursuit. Along the way he befreinds a forgetful fish named Dory who attempts to help him on his quest. Much craziness ensues, while as Nemo is plotting his own escape. What will happen? Will a happy ending be in the offing?

Is Ellen The Greatest?
Why, yes she is. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most amazing voice talents to ever grace the Pixar soundbooth. Every line she utters, every emotions she transmits, brings the laughs and the love right to your heart. How much is scripted and how much she is riffing on, we might never know, but it all is gold.

Can You Speak Whale?
When Dory/Ellen decides to communicate with a Whale in order to secure help for their cause, you will literally convulse with laughter. In fact, let me try to emulate that scene here. "Heeeelllllo!!! Hhhooooowww aaarrrreeee yyyyyouu, haaavvvvvvvviiiiinnggg aaa nnniiiiccceee daaaaayyyy???????" Okay, that sucked big time. Just watch that part of Finding Nemo and ignore my horrid interpretation. Please.

So, this Easter, sometime between all those tasty meals and gobbling down whack-loads of chocolate the Bunny leaves for you, pop Finding Nemo in to your dvd player. And remember to shout "MINE!" a lot.

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on November 5, 2003
I do believe that "Finding Nemo" is by far my new favorite Disney DVD. The film is great, but the extras go above and beyond. Marlin (Albert Brooks) has lost his son Nemo to a diver who lives in Sydney, Australia. Marlin braves jellyfish, sharks, and whales to get his boy back. Along the way he meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a sweet hearted blue fish that suffers from short term memory loss. Still, she can read and knows the address that is in the mask the diver left behind. Each character in this movie is wonderful, and there are plenty of laughs throughout. Be aware, though, that there are some emotionally difficult scenes that may be slightly disturbing for younger viewers. The extras included on this DVD are great:
TURN YOUR T.V. INTO A VIRTUAL AQUARIUM: love fish tanks but hate the work? Pop you FN DVD in and have your own virtual aquarium playing in the background!
STORYTIME FUN FOR THE YOUNG: Children can read themselves, or have a narrator read to them the story "Nemo Goes to School"
MR. RAY'S ENCYCLOPEDIA: Learn about every sea creature featured in the movie.
PLAY "FISHARADES": The school of fish form pictures bit by bit, and you have to guess what it is before they're done.
PIXAR ANIMATION CLASSIC SHORT "KNICK KNACK": The animation short shown in theaters before FN, this 3:50 minute short tells the tale of a snowman in a snowglobe that wants to get out. My son remembered it and asked to watch that first before I'd even popped the DVD in.
EXTRAS FOR ADULTS: Usually, kids aren't interested in the "making of" extras, or "filmaker's visual commentary", so these are pretty much here for grown ups. Oh yeah- there's,also deleted scenes.
EXPLORING THE REEF WITH JEAN-MICHEL COUSTEAU (son of Jacques Cousteau, in case you were wondering): By far the best feature is this tour of the coral reef. As Cousteau narrates, Dory, Marlin and Nemo interrupt him, frustrate him, and upstage him. I laughed all the way through.
Above and beyond that, you get a fabulous movie with amazing animation. Be prepared, though, for a more PG theme than i advertised. The peril these fish go through, along with the "death" of Marlin's wife can be very traumatic for a child who's not expecting it. Be ready to reassure them.
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on September 18, 2010
My great-grandson Devon is at the age where he's entranced by cartoons, so I bought a used version of this movie in order to be able to buy him more.

He lives in another city, but his mother told me he loves it so-ooo much. She said his eyes grew round as beach balls as the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef unfolded before his eyes. His mouth flew open when Nemo was captured by a scuba-diver and got separated from his father, a nervous clownfish named Marlin. Then as the adventure progressed with Nemo meeting a scatter-brained blue fish named Dory and on through all kinds of wondrous, colorful critters--including sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, pelicans and more--Devon fidgeted with pleasure...and anticipation...

I saw this movie years ago and loved it. Since Devon and I are kindred spirits (I'm a big kid at heart), I thought he would enjoy it and am delighted that he does.

Since 1,049 other people reviewed this movie before me, there's not much left to say, but it made Devon happy and kept him entertained (a big help to his mother, I'm sure)...and that's good enough for me!

I'm very impressed with the awesome job Pixar does with all its movies; from animation to voice-overs to graphics, these filmmakers can't be beat! Pixar, as you might know, is the Academy Award-winning creator of "Toy Story 1, 2 and 3," "Monsters, Inc.," "It's a Bug's Life," and more.

Devon and I both recommend this movie to kids of all ages!

Reviewed by Betty Dravis, September 18, 2010
Author of "Dream Reachers" (with Chase Von) and other books
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on July 16, 2007
My daughter and I enjoy watching this movie over and over. Everytime we see it I find something new, that I didn't notice before. The oceanography and marine biology are wonderfully accurate to real life. The movie has inspired us to visit the aquarium and research interesting sea life (like the flapjack octopus and clownfish). The story is funny, sweet, engaging and enjoyable for the whole family.
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on February 19, 2013
J'ai reçu le film dans son emballage d'origine et il est arrivé plus rapidement que prévu.
Tout est en bon état!
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on July 5, 2004
Astonishing animation, standout performances, and a story with plenty of heart make this movie a winner in the best Disney tradition.
Traumatized by the loss of his wife and all but one of his children, an overanxious clownfish named Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) hovers obsessively over his son Nemo, stifling the boy's natural sense of adventure and curiosity and making his son miserable in the name of keeping him safe. When Nemo defies Marlin's wishes and is snatched by divers from before Marlin's eyes, the father sets out on an epic quest to find his son. Along the way, Marlin learns that sometimes the most loving thing a father can do is let go and let children take risks and have the adventures they long for. Nemo, for his part, learns that whatever his father's personal shortcomings, almost everything Marlin does is motivated by a fierce, devoted love for his son. This is the kind of movie that helps parents understand their kids and kids understand their parents--a family movie in the truest and best sense of the word.
Ellen DeGenneres is absolutely hilarious and winning as Dory, the ditzy but loveable blue tang fish ("Yes, I'm a natural blue") who aids Marlin in his search despite being addled by short-term memory problems ("It runs in my family . . . Where are they?"). Brad Garrett ("Everybody Loves Raymond") and Willem Dafoe ("Last Temptation of Christ" and "Mississippi Burning") turn in nice supporting performances as two members of a tankful of fish in which Nemo finds himself.
The computer-generated animation in this film is mesmerizing, but thankfully, unlike so many other movies these days, the visual effects never overwhelm the story or the characters. Instead, the animation supports the story, making Nemo and his friends more real and drawing us deeper into this incredible underwater world.
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on June 6, 2004
I rented this DVD to amuse my 7 year old nephew and 3 year old niece, but ended up not watching it until after they had left.
And maybe missing them helped me really appreciate how incredbily Pixar captured the nuances of children's facial expressions, ways of speaking and interacting, even their gestures-- and when you consider that those gestures are having to be made with fins and not feet, that's amazing!
My niece had a stuffed Nemo doll and now I see why she loves him-- when little Nemo swam off to touch the "butt" because his father embarassed him, his expression was JUST like her "pre-tantrum mad" face. The way the baby turtles cuddled up to Dory when she got Marlin to tell the story of his journy was JUST like her "paying attention, settling in" stance. And Nemo also reminded me of my nephew too, especially when he was being brave and resourceful... and when he was figuring out how things worked, ahead of the adults.
Lots of people have raved about the animation, and it is unbelievable-- and after watching one of the "extras"-- a 25-minute documentary about how this was made-- I realize just HOW much work it was. Is it any wonder Nemo was better than most live-action films, when you consider how carefully, and over how much time, it was constructed? Yes, it's a work of genius.
But what I loved about it the most was its storytelling which was funny and always touching. Even the little prologue in which Marlin and Coral his wife discuss their new home-- the way she discussed the neighborhood and her glee at their ensuing parenthood was in every respect a new mother having moved way out into the 'burbs (she discusses the schools, the neighborhood)... and so her death was very sad (in my opinion, this is the part that would be the hardest to take for little ones, but it goes by very quickly and is not so brutal as Bambi).
You don't have to have kids to love this DVD-- but if you've been around any lately, you'll appreciate it even more. (and it may come in handy to distract the kids you know from Spongebob, who also lives under the sea....) Sweet without being treacly, this is an out-and-out delight.
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on June 1, 2004
*****5 stars for the film
Clown fish Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and Coral (Elizabeth Perkins) live in the perfect anemone suburbia - and they're about to become proud parents of more than 400 kids. But then tragedy strikes, leaving Marlin a single parent of the lone egg that survives.
He names his son Nemo.
Given the circumstances, it's easy to understand why Marlin becomes a devoted (if neurotic) dad who is afraid to let his son out of his sight - not to mention a super-worrier about all the dangers of ocean. But when the free spirited Nemo (Alexander Gould) is taken by divers and held hostage in a dentist's aquarium, Marlin will have to swim the ocean to save his son. He is aided by Dory (Ellen DeGeneres in a hilarious performance), a zany blue tang fish who - memorably - happens to have short-term memory loss.
Along the way they meet surfer dude turtles, sharks who've taken a pledge not to eat other fish ("Fish are friends, NOT food!") and a host of other original characters.
It's true that the technical wizards at Pixar have captured every nuance of light and water - you feel as though you *are* underwater. And more to the point, you feel like you're swimming through a rainbow. Finding Nemo is among the most brilliantly colorful movies ever made.
Finding Nemo doesn't have quite as many clever lines aimed to sail over kids' heads and at adults' as Monster's Inc. or Toy Story. But it does have heart, and it sticks to its story -Marlin as the overprotective parent who doesn't know how to let go; Nemo as the youngster eager to test his wings (that is, fins!) - and it hits all the right notes.
The kids will love it, and even adults who've sworn off Disney will be laughing despite themselves. Just make sure the kids know that in real life, all drains don't lead to the ocean (you'll understand when you see the film).
This one's a keeper.
"P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered!"
*****5 stars for the DVD
Picture & sound quality are excellent.
2 discs. EXTRAS BONANZA ALERT! Lots of fun games & activities for the kids, a "Making Nemo" documentary, a Behind-the-Scenes tour of Pixar Animation Studios & lots more. Fullscreen & Widescreen viewing options.
Comes in a sturdy DVD snap case with artwork as pictured, inside of a protective slipcase with identical artwork.
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