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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 18, 2004
hands down to alicia keys again.. some artists are fake like britney spears.. actually i can't even rate alicia keys in the same catagory as her because britney spears could never compare to alicia keys.. not only is she beautiful but she has the true talent to back it up... have you heard her sing live?? well i haven't but you can sure as hell believe i would be first one in line to buy her tickets if she ever came to calgary.. listen to her music.. listen to her words and you'll understand why alicia keys has so much hype surrounding her.. like she said.. watch her when she's 31.. 41... and 51 she'll still be around.. this woman is so talented.. writes her own music, own lyrics.. plays the piano and sings at the same time.. unsurpassed.. if you're debating whether or not to buy her album.. you're a fool.. and don't buy it.. because if you have to debate.. you don't have enough love for her talent to buy her cd in the first place
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on December 4, 2004
I heard Alicia Keys's song If I Ain't Got You on the radio and was just amazed. When I found out that she played piano and wrote her own songs in addition to singing well, I just had to go get her CD. It was so worth my money. The best song on the CD is probably If I Ain't Got You but they are all awesome except for So Simple. It has a weird high pitched computer sounding voice on it that is really quite bizarre. But I think that this is an AWESOME CD.
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on July 8, 2004
Grammy Award Winner Alicia Keys is back with a strong sophomore effort. I love the way she phrases the lyrics in her songs. She sings about the different aspects of being in love so well. Her voice is smooth, sexy and soulful. My favorite song on this album is You Don't Know My Name, because I like the idea of a woman making the first move on a man she really likes.
I love the way Alicia sings the track Heartburn. This song has a lot of energy, and it made me want to move around and dance. Diary is another stand out track in my opinion. It is a great song about having someone in your life who you can trust to tell your secrets and is loyal to you.
I also loved the song If I Aint Got You. I think this song is a reminder that material things don't really bring you lasting satisfaction and The only thing that matters in life is having someone to love. Slow Down is an excellent song about trying to slow down in a relationship and getting to know the person you are attracted to. I really enjoyed listening Diary of Alicia Keys. She is a true talent who will be around for many years.
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on July 7, 2004
Without my regular dose of Alicia keys this world becomes a bleaker place. Just trying to pay the bills with a meaningless job and not getting pulled in by the current, with the dehumanizing waves of the masses that reek of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams, life can be a struggle just to stay afloat. Just blink your eyes and a decade passes, and you are that much closer to your own mortality. And nothing has really changed.
So it is exciting when a talent like Keys comes along and shines so bright that she leaves her competition huddled in a quivering mess. I am not going to disparage artists like Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Erykah Badu, who are puting out quality music and far superior to the pop-vomit-cult of Brittany Spears and friends, but they are not on the same level as Alicia Keys. Keys is in a class of her own, perhaps a modern day Sappho.
Listen to one of her greatest creations to date, the soulful ballad "If I Ain't Got You," and feel the pain of this great Soul as she shares her romantic yearnings; the lyrics are simple, certainly no Shakespearean sonnet, but, like the Greek tragedies of Sophocles, simple and potent. When her fingers start tickling the ivories at the beginning you know you're in for a treat. Watch her videos as well; quite simply they are mini-movie masterpieces. (Who is directing/writing these Alicia?) There are nice little details in them that add to the richness of the presentation and make it more cinematic: notice the lady reading "Think and Grow Rich" in the heartfelt song "You Don't Know My Name," a little side comment on the materialism of this world which contrasts nicely with the main love fantasy of Alicia's character.
Everything with the Keys stamp represents high production values and exudes quality. This album is a sensational follow up to her debut effort and showcases her considerable skills (and considerable beauty). Many of her songs are a paragon of compositional brilliance that compare favourably with the structural integrity and virtuosity of some of Bach's fugues. She's that good! Her music inspires me to take my work to the next level and to create stories of real value.
Keys combines classical elements with R&B and Jazz to create truly original and inspiring works of art, and for this I am extremely grateful. Artistry of this calibre is rare and much of the work of her contemporaries is now obsolete. Who would willingly settle for second-rate or an imitation when the real thing is available? Please, buy the album, see her in concert, and don't rip off the songs online. When great artists come along we have to encourage them in every way possible.
My only wish, Alicia, is for you to keep doing what you're doing. I know you're an intelligent lady but please stay away from those that are disingenuous. You're a musical genius and you're helping to make the lives of a great many people more bearable.
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on June 17, 2004
WOW. I went out and brought this c.d. today and I can say that I DEFINATLEY DO NOT REGRET spending 20-some dollars on it. I got it on the strength of two singles: If I Ain't Got You and Diary. The first made me sit up and thank god that rnb is back. This song is amazing. I like the way her voice almost breaks in the chorus thru the anguish she endures "Some people want it all/But i dont want nothing at all/If I ain't got you". The second song, Diary, just blew me away when i first heard it. Its one of those songs that give u goosebumps when you first hear it, like "U Make Me Wanna" by Usher or "Never Let me Down" form Kanye West. The Song is PHENOMINAL! I hope it gets all the success it deserves. And with Tony!Toni!Tone! guesting on it, it makes the second half of the song even better.
The real major difference from Songs In A Minor is that it sounds more fluid. There is far less stop/start piano work than in songs like "Fallin'", and heavy 'duhhhhhh da da duhhh' like in "A Woman's Worth". It has way greater production and her voice, oh, itz unbeliveable. Way richer, way more emotive, it sounds like shes expressing the words rather than jus saying them.
Unlike other rnb c.d.'s that have come out of late, (Beyonce, Ashanti, and whatnot) this is one of those c.d.'s that u have to LISTEN to, not jus HEAR. Go out and buy it, money unregretably spent.
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on June 16, 2004
HARLEM'S NOCTURNE: This is just an interlude, so really it can't be rated like a song but Alicia's piano skills on this track rock, so I'm gonna start with a 9/10
KARMA: This song really rocks, although the main genre of the song is R&B hip hop, it almost has a rock edge to it. One of my favorites songs on the disc, I give this 10/10!
HEARTBURN: One song on this cd I'm not nuts about. The beat is a little weird and the song just doesn't give Alicia's amazing piano skills and strong flawless voice a lot of justice. I give it 7-8/10?
IF I WERE YOUR WOMAN: Awesome song, the first song on this disc I really fell in love with. Her vocals are great, I like this one better than the original song...def' 10/10!
YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME: It's like as the cd plays, you can feel Alicia growing, and this song begins the transformation. It's a song that makes adults feel alright for falling head over heels in love with someone and admiring from afar. Plus her vocals are really stunning, as always. 10/10...
IF I AIN'T GOT YOU: Omg, this song is sooo great it's Alicia all the way! While I was listening to this disc, I kept wishing that a great romantic R&B ballad with breezy but defined vocals, would play, and my wish came true! What a GREAT, beautiful song!!! 10/10.
DIARY: Another great song, you will love this song if you liked Songs In a Minor. 9/10
DRAGON DAYS: I love this song, very funky, and sexy and fun, one of my faves on the album. It also has kind of a rock edge. 10/10
WAKE UP: Great song, but pretty much like everything Alicia has sung. But still, one of my faves. 9/10
SO SIMPLE: Love, love, love this song! Cool, different and funky, and the lyrics are catchy, as is the tune. 10/10
WHEN YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE: I love this song, the vocals are very sultry and the lyrics remind me a classic Motown love song. 10/10, you rock Alicia.
FEELING U, FEELING ME: Although this is just an interlude, it still rocks. Really cool keyboard, and Alicia sounds very sensual. 9/10
SLOW DOWN: All around, good track, but same as Wake Up, nothing really extraordinary, I don't really listen to this one very often. 8 ½-9/10
SAMSONITE MAN: I love this track, it has a great beat and catchy lyrics. 9/10
NOBODY NOT REALLY: Even though it's just an interlude, it's a great way to end a great disc. 9/10
Over all, this CD earns a 10/10, mostly because she doesn't stray from her style, but still explores into different territory, I can't wait for her next disc! It's not like Janet Jackson's JANET, which is so stuffed full of little snippet interludes, and whispers, it just gets annoying quick. This CD has NO filler, it's all raw and fabulous. Alicia didn't slack on her sophomore album, although she's already built herself a fan base. Go buy this CD, if you're not a fan of Alicia already, you will be!
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on May 30, 2004
R&B in 2004 has definitely inproved from R&B in 2003 where Beyonce's "Dangerously In Love" & Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father" were clearly the best R&B albums of that year. Both albums took home no less than 4 Grammys early this year. "The Diary Of Alicia Keys" will definitely do the same. It was released just before 2004 arrived and will definitely take home its number of well-deserved accolades. It is one of the best R&B albums of 2004 and I definitely will give it 5 stars because it is well deserved. This album is one of my favorites this year. My favorite songs are:
1. Karma
2. Heartburn
3. You Don't Know My Name
4. Diary
5. If I Ain't Got You
6. Dragon Days
If you are a fan of R&B, you should definitely have this album in your collection.
Other albums released in late 2003-present that I recommend. The following R&B albums are my predictions for Grammy wins next year:
"Soulful" - by Ruben Studdard
"Confessions" - by Usher
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on May 27, 2004
I read a couple reviews this is crazy. Just like Songs in A minor! I loved both cd's. Every single song on the cd is GREAT! It had to grow on me, but I love it. This cd has sooo many different styles its crazy its like goin back to the good ol days when we could all listen to music and b happy. Maybe the 60's.
No need to mark just a 10-10 for ALL songs
1-Harlems Nocturne-10 Just like the last showing us the great piano tricks.
2-Karma- I love this song fits my ex perfectly!! It's a faster pace song. Her voice is unbelievable!
3-Heartburn-I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. Im feeling the beat. Its edgy and just so crazy!
4-If I was your woman- BOY did she do this song. I love what she did with it
5-You dont know my name-O baby baby baby...great!! what more can I say??
6-If I aint got you-I love this song, and the video matches the cd perfectly. With that ol school view and the camera.
7-Diary- makes me think of my baby! I LOVE this one! Its great..
8-Dragon Days- I like her voice in this one it was a lil different for her.
9-Wake up-LOVE IT!!When are we gonna wake up??
10-So Simple- This was a risk, but it came out perfect I loved how she used her voice here.
11-When you really love someone- Reminds me of A womans worth. A great song!
12-Feeling U, Feeling Me- It sounds like the intro to slow down. If it wasn't it was the perfect song cuz she went from sayin how they feelin eachother from the intellectual point of view. Then it goes to slow down....
13-Slow Down- Slow down baby lets take our time. SOoooo many WOMAN need to hear this one some of us need a reminder of how special we are....Jus SLOW DOWN!!
14-Samsonite man- This reminds me of thesong father was a rollin stone wherever he laid his hat was his home...I love it
15-Nobody Not really- reminds me of caged bird kinda. I love it and its the perfect ending of the cd.
I give the cd 50 thumbs ups REALLY!! just Great cd all together. It mixes sooo much together and its a cd to just chill!!! I would tell everyone to get it if I had a say so!!
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on May 25, 2004
This is my girl. She knows how to make music and doesn't need all the fancy things and gawdy videos to show it. She likes to do what she does, which is MUSIC.
The album is very wonderful. She went across more lines than she did on her first album, Songs in A Minor, but both are great. This album is a must-have in my opinion, and I go by my word. She starts off showing off her skill in playing the piano. I admire her talent greatly.
You can tell she is serious about her music by listening to her, she's brilliant!! I love all of her songs from "Karma" to "If I Ain't Got You" to "Dragon Days", and she is a very good role model for todays youth, who watch obscene videos of rap or rock, and she is a good influence for them. She is mild with her language and on this album she says no cuss words. I've loved her since "Fallin'" first came out, and I wanted to know more about her. She is great and her talent is great. We need someone like her to demonstrate what real music is, because judging by other so-called musicians, some of us forgot and need that reminder.

Check her out! You will NOT be diappointed!!
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on May 9, 2004
She's full of talent,
this is one of my favorite RnB album!
Just Buy it if you STILL haven't get it!
It worth every bucks, no doubt baby just buy it!
Harlem's Nocturne - Just an Intro but sounds nice! 3.5/5
Karma - This Beat is Hot, sounds like Dr. Dre stuff, I guess it's good to rap, but anyway, Alicia Keys is so fine in this Opening track, The Chorus is straong, THis song is kinda Symphonic! Not the best song but good nuff! 4.5/5
Heartburn - Hmm... This song is quite differ with other songs in this album, 70' beats, with some funky guitar loop....
I feel this song background music is kinda thin, not good enough, anyway, good try for some new style! But I don't like it. And the first verse sound as same as Pharrell verse in Jay-Z "I Just Wanna Love you". 3/5
If I was Your Woman/Walk on By - The first time I heard this song, I was thinking "Keys Sample Biggie's beat and sounds quite nice" anyway, this song is produce by Easy Mo Bee [Big's Producer in Ready to Die]
Quite ncie song! But Kinda Short! 4.5/5
You Don't Know My Name - Okay baby, The first thing I gotta tell you is, this song is Fxxkin' classic! You'll love it when the first time you heard it and it seems not so easy to played out! Produce by Kanye West.
This song is so Perfect!
I have long long time haven't heard a love song touching like this one,
This song have The mood of Love, Have a STRONG Love feeling,
And it's so Touching, it Melt my heart!
Keys' Lyrics is SO real and so Touching!!!
I think Keys put many Soul in this song,
I can feel her Sul in this song!
It's one of the seldom song that can nearly Melting my heart.
I'm sure if you play this song for you girl in your home,
she must hug you tight and dance with you,
I'm sure, because I did this before, hahaha!
I sure compare this song to Bread "If", Andy Gibb "Don't throw it all away" and Minnie Riperton "Lovin' you".
One of the best song I heard in this few years! 5/5
If I ain't Got You - The most incredible part of this album is here! Because I think the last song "You don't know my name" is some very rare heart-melting ballad!
I think it ain't easy to make another one, but Keys did it!
If I ain't Got You is as Great as You Don't Know...
Sometime I think This one is even better!
It's touching, it got soul!
Plus the intro piano solo is SO DAMN NICE!
Nuff Say, I beg for more! 5/5
Diary - Very Nice one! Classic Mid-tempo RnB beats, with some Nice Piano, very relax song! 4.5/5
Dragon Days - One of my less favorite song in this album. 3/5
Wake Up - This one is fine, above the average! 4/5
So Simple - An Okay song, not my favorite, sometime I'll skip this one! 3.5/5
When You Really Love Someone - I really love those piano in this song! The chorus is nice! Very Nice song that I listen to it a lot! 4.5/5
Feeling u, Feeling me - a 2 mins Interlude! Sounds really great! Those Piano Sound very mellow, I think it must be better if it's a normal song!
I won't skip this one! 4.5/5
Slow Down - Not the best one but it's aight! 3.5/5
Samsonite Man - Another okay song! 4/5
Nobody not really - Whao~ The Intro of this song is so Fantastic!
This song sounds like from Heaven!
It's sounds like a sweet dream!
I feel this song got some fashion Jazz Feeling,
just an Amazing track to finish this album,
the only complain is it's too short! 5/5
It's a Touching, Full of the mood of Love,
Just simply an incredible album!
If love is all you need, get this album!
If you love RnB, This is a Must Have!
If you like some mellow/beautiful Music, You should get this!
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