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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on January 2, 2004
In an obvious attempt to create a new horror icon, we now have the "creeper". If you saw the first film then you know it was typical teen horror crap.
But quite to my suprise, the sequel had scary moments. It was also very stylishly filmed. I am sure credit went to Francis Ford Coppolla for such atmospheric photography.
There were some genuine frights in this sequel as the creeper attacks a bus full of shirtless high school jocks (obvious marketing gratuity)..Even if you thought the first film was awful, give this one a chance, even if you just rent it, it is pretty fun!
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on December 31, 2003
All the places the first "Jeepers Creepers" succeded the 2nd Jeepers Creepers fails, First off what happended to the Creeper's truck, that's what gave off a creepy feeling about the first movie, the Creeper flies entirely to much, how come in the first movie he actually walked, and not in this one? They showed his face too much. And the teens just became annoying babbling and fighting through the whole movie that you could care less if they died i was actually rooting for the Creeper. Stay away from this bad sequel atleast rent it before buying.
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on December 4, 2003
Victor Silva brings up another does of the creeper as a bus load of students is abandoned on a highway with the creeper. some good stuff but the actors handle their parts and the suspense and the horror just doesnt give you that feeling like the first movie did. if they make a # 3 it better be better then this drainer. some fun on a no-brainer level
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on March 15, 2004
The first had a comic book,larger than life feel to it, this one was flat and was creepy in another way.(the bus load of half naked boys,lets all go to the bathroom in a circle creepy)The kids are all idiots and there are no good gore effects to be found.the effects should have been better since the first was a hit.Go watch the original instead.
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on December 28, 2003
Ehh it was ok and fun to watch, though not as original or well executed as the original. Nice collection of jock & cheerleader hotties, but the monster concept played its way out in the first film.
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on April 12, 2008
Basically two things happen. There's kids on a bus and they keep trying to kill the Creeper but he won't stay dead. I was waiting for something more to happen but that's pretty much the story... The acting was decent and the movie looked good... The special effects on the Creeper were well done. It just lacked in plot enough that I couldn't get into it.
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I'm afraid I'm going to be rather harsh in my assessment of this extremely needless sequel. Writer/director Victor Salva obviously does not agree with one of my central tenets of effective horror: once you show us the monster, the monster can no longer frighten us. The original Jeepers Creepers started out extremely creepy then went downhill midway through - once we saw the true face of the Creeper. This sequel's opening scene is a good one, featuring the Creeper in his black trench coat and hat posing as a scarecrow, but there is not one remotely unsettling scene that takes place after that. Salva concentrated on making the monster uglier and slimier, obviously counting on that to scare us - but it doesn't. We've already seen all this before.

Supposedly, there was not going to be a sequel to Jeepers Creepers; admittedly, it's hard to make a follow-up to a film featuring a creature that only appears every 23 years. Here, though, we are told that events follow immediately those of the first movie - it's the end of the same 23-day period. Of course, the premise here is very different (and I am still very disappointed that the ultra-gorgeous Gina Philips did not have a part in this film). You've got a school bus full of very annoying teenagers returning home from their state basketball championship win (and why there are only three cheerleaders, I have no idea); they break down in the middle of nowhere and soon find themselves harassed and attacked by this terrifying creature with huge wings, sharp claws, and a pretty nasty appetite. Of course, there's no way they can figure out just what the monster is - unless, of course, some girl falls into a temporary fugue state and learns all about him in a dream. We see this dream, and it doesn't include half of the information the girl imparts to her classmates. There's no explanation as to how this girl learns all of this, and that really annoys me.

The film quickly becomes an exercise in tedium as the Creeper attacks, pauses, and attacks again while the teenagers try to stay alive, argue whether or not to try and leave the bus, and fight among themselves. These trivial teenaged arguments are supposed to make these characters seem "real" and thereby make us feel connected to them. Personally, it just made me hate the whole lot of them and yearn desperately for their deaths. Unfortunately, I really couldn't even pull for the Creeper, as he really just doesn't appeal to me as a monster. All of the close-up shots of him tend to make me feel as if Salva is trying to force me into really being horrified by him, but the fact is I really have little feeling for the Creeper one way or the other. To me, the storyline of Jeepers Creepers 2 was really just an excuse for creating tons of special effects - much, much more than we saw in the original film. The visual effects are pretty good for the most part (except for the one decapitation scene, which Salva managed to turn into something just plain silly), but special effects should serve to augment the story, not take its place.

It's true that there are a bunch of special features included on the DVD - some fifteen minutes of deleted or edited scenes, two commentaries, and a whole host of making-of and behind-the-scenes featurettes, but no amount of special features can make up for a weak and disappointing film.
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on July 2, 2004
This movie is pretty difficult to rate, because the value depends on how you watch it. So lets divide into two possibilities:
1. AS A SEQUEL As a sequel, i don't like this movie one bit. Afters the first jeepers creepers, i was expecting another suspencefull movie where a few characters would be chased all across the country until the creepers has it his way. Instead, we get an entire bus full of incredibly uninteresting and unsympathetic characters, standing still along the road, trying to fight off the creeper whoms looks had totally changed and suddenly looks like a giant bird of prey. And what's with the psychics? It has nothing in common with the first movie except for the annoying stuff.
2. AS AN INDEPENDENT MOVIE if you watch this without knowing the first one, it's a pretty entertaing monster movie. It's just another slaher-movie really, but this time the pretty standard victims are fightinh off a giant bat in stead of your average demon or zombie. The setting with the bus is pretty original, and you will be entertained if Friday the 13th is the only standard it has to live up to.
If you still can, i recommend watching this movie before the prequel! This one is just an entertaining horror story, you'll be amused. Then watch the first one, just to see that this monster could also actually be scary.
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on July 1, 2004
Eh this movie was fair i guess. Nothing worth watching a 2nd time I hated the first one with a passion so I wasnt really going into this one with a real positive outlook, sometimes movies suprise you like this. But again this one wsnt very good either but definatley better then the first one, that was nothing but a laugh fest. Sorry but watching stupid kids die a pretty painful death is usually pretty amusing to me. I think they could have made the "Creeper" a lil more scarier to look at. He totally lacked a scary look..
but anyway Some people liked it i guess, i just guess im not one of the Creeper fans..
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on May 3, 2004
I caught the original Jeepers Creepers on a premier movie channel late one night, and it scared the Holy Horse Feathers out of me... I LOVED IT! After that, I waited rather impatiently for part 2 to come along... needless to say, they should have waited for "once every 23 years" before they did the sequal. There was really no story line, it was a typical teen movie... "HUG, KISS, GROPE, SCREAM, RUN, DIE. I think that pretty much sums up part 2 in 6 words. For the sake of movie goers everywhere, and man kind for that matter... wait 23 years before you bring out another!
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